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  1. If it wasn't for Paul running the inside script of this scripted show, there would be no show. The houseguests this year are milk toast. I'm not sure that left to their own devices, this crew would be able to bring the drama . . .
  2. MrsDunn

    Big Brother Anticipation Levels

    Guaranteed there has been eye-rollin' and finger-pointin' this week! I agree that the drama should be all about the game . . .
  3. MrsDunn

    Big Brother Anticipation Levels

    Damn! Has it really been 2 years since I last commented?! I am looking forward to this 2015 crew. I like the idea that there is no big age disparity and the weekly "visits" intrigue me. Let the games begin!
  4. Shall we dance?

  5. MrsDunn

    Elissa - Week 2 (Nominated)

    Interesting. I WAS going to feel sorry for her and the burden she has, being Rachel's sis and not being able to play her own game, i.e., MVP. Apparently, she didn't go into the house with that individualistic attitude anyway, playing off of Rachel's fan base and hoping for the best. I wished she could have separated herself from Rachel and the stigma. MVP has NOT helped her in any way to be able to play a straight game. Kinda wished she had the opportunity to play her own game. I think she has a better head than her sis . . .
  6. MrsDunn

    Aaryn - Week 2 (HoH)

    This poor girl really needs to gear up when the music begins to play in her head (re. public reaction, personal choices, etc.) Her noms were predictable based on her obvious predjudices. Though she is a 20-something, you kinda have to think about where her attitudes came from. Sad.
  7. MrsDunn

    HOH Cheating - Week 2

    I may be late to the party, but I have been following the dumbass characters this season. Niteslaker . . . cudos to you for trying to be the voice of reason. I believe that Big Brother's status as a pop culture phenomenon has attracted too many brain-dead wanna-bes and casting is purposely filling characature roles. These housemates are out of their league when it comes to game play, let alone basic social common sense. How in bloody hell do they function in the real world?
  8. I kinda agree with you, darlin' . . . without going into lengthy commentary, is it production or is it the general viewership that has directed the vision of the show?
  9. MrsDunn

    Ian Terry, Week 3

    Ian is special . . . he has idiosyncrasies that may or may not effect his game . . .
  10. MrsDunn

    Willie Hantz, Week 2 (Out - July 20)

    I am kinda blown away about some of the comments that I have read re. Willie's attitude, team dynamic, etc. Seriously, people?! Braddah was a ticking time bomb (for no reason) during his own HOH. He just carried his own anxiety forward WITHOUT regard to his team. Let's be real . . . his spouting about the "individual game" is all fine and good, but at this early stage, you do not want to alienate your potential supporters who could get you through further in the game . . . Willy was an egotistical dumbass . . .
  11. MrsDunn

    BB 14 excitement level, 1-10

    The fact that Rachel was part of the Media Day in the BB house and the new gig she and Hatch are promoting (I'm On A Boat!), it really doesn't seem likely that she will be part of the season, right . . .?
  12. MrsDunn

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 8/27 & 8/28

    It kinda irks me that when anyone in the BB house remotely speaks about "production", all feeds go to BB music blank-out. Really!?? After 13 seasons and all the "behind the scene" promos, don't the producers realize they are alienating their dedicated fans who watch the feeds . . . paid feeds, at that? But, then again, perhaps the percentage of feed watchers is totally over-ridden by the network watchers three times a week . . .
  13. Look . . . Shelly asked about the final 3, but was there a commitment? Rachel portrayed it as if they "had" an agreement, but, in reality, there was no agreement. The Shelly bashing really has put me off . . . sure, she has been "got" by the BB house, but please . . . I am really upset about the low blows that are being thrown out on the board(s). Back injuries/surgeries are serious . . . just sayin' . . .
  14. MrsDunn

    Live TV Show 8/11 & Twist Eviction

    Here's the deal . . . how is BB going to bring in one of the prior evicted house guests? Will there be a separate competion between the latest/prior evictee? Will the latest/prior evictee automatically have a play in the next HOH? Assuming Rachel is evicted this week, who better to "compete" with her? The current evictees have been out of the house for a while and have no knowledge of the dynamics that currently exist in the house. Any competition would have to be physical rather than T/F, etc. I think Dominic has learned his lesson about throwing competions. He would come back with a whole new game (based on his exit interview with Julie). Cassie, in my opinion would just as well walk away from this gig . . . but if given the opportunity to return, does she really have a chance against Rachel? . . . . just askin'
  15. MrsDunn

    POV - Week 4 Discussion

    I've been contenplating Dani's choices after the POV ceremony . . . If Brendon saves himself, I believe her best choice would be Porsche; this will get the girl in the game in a heartbeat, and will reveal what the "others" really think of her. If either of them go, IMHO, there is no loss. If Rachel is saved, Shelly would be the ultimate choice; Shelly would need to campaign for her life in the house. Shelly would certainly have to convince Dani and her supporters that she is worth keeping. Would be interesting to see how she plays her cards. caveat: as much as I love Dani and her gameplay, Shelly could be a contender!! ETA: I see why Jordon would be a posibility, but, the Brenchel gang could send her packing and the house would still be under the Brenchel torture . . .