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  1. For those who haven't seen or heard yet... The outdoor area is actually still inside the building however there is a secret door from there that goes to the true outdoors where there is the hot tub and a great hidden area to scheme!
  2. 6red6diablo6

    Rachel - Week 2 (HoH)

    Rachel quote of the day.... "they are going to put all their cards on the deck" refering to the other houseguests having to step up...lol Rachel quote of the day.... "they are going to put all their cards on the deck" refering to the other houseguests having to step up...lol
  3. 6red6diablo6

    Rachel - Week 1

    I think that if Rachel stays (and I am sure she will) she will be another houseguest that we all change our minds about. Yes her little showmance is nauseating and sure she has an annoying laugh... but all in all I think she will become a likable character and a lot of us will change our opinions of her. You all know it's happened before, I think this will be another one!
  4. 6red6diablo6

    Jumanji Room

    Better yet, instead of just sounds, add some real wildlife to the room for them to contend with. Sticking to the jungle theme... a lion or tiger roaming free in the room would be great "feed" watching if you ask me
  5. 6red6diablo6

    Live Feed and BBAD 7/14

    Might cause more interaction if all bedroom doors are locked at noon except the HOH room. Force them out of bed and to deal with each other. I know they need secluded spots for scheming but there are still plenty places to hide away for a minute or two to plot. Just my thought on how to make the feeds more interesting to watch... I too am tired of seeing them sleep 24 hours a day!
  6. 6red6diablo6


    I don't know if this has already been confirmed but Julie Chen was interviewed on the radio in Detroit this morning and she confirmed that BB turned the lights out to assist the SAB. She said that the SAB did the locking of the door by themselves and that BB would assist from behind the scenes but not interfere directly inside the house. Detroit Radio, 101.1 WRIF I'm going to see if they have a sound clip of it available and will post a link if there is!
  7. 6red6diablo6

    Thursday 8/20 Live Show

    Thanks Yana!
  8. 6red6diablo6

    Thursday 8/20 Live Show

    how can I switch cameras when I can't access the regular page here on Mortys?
  9. 6red6diablo6

    Letters From Inanimate Objects To Bb10 Houseguests

    Jesse, You are the best BB player ever. You are the best looking BB player ever. Everyone in the house and outside the house loves you. You will win this game and be the most famous person on earth! Jesse's reflection in the mirror