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  1. 11:15AM BBT: Jerry sitting at the counter eating breakfast. Dan is at the stove cooking something. Don't see Memphis or Keesha, probably out side.
  2. Jerry finishes getting dressed, Keesha, Memphis and Dan in BY talking about Hooters
  3. 11:20BBT Dan sleeping in HOH, Memphis and Keesha are both sleeping, Jerry went to bed but was called to DR. Jerry out of DR now in spa room sitting in massage chair. Dan now called to DR, but not up yet. Real exciting night. 11:35BBT Jerry is the only action going on and he's jogging around the back yard. Dan never did get up to go to the DR, and they didn't called him again, they must figure he's called it a day. (I think I'll call it a day too. Good night.)
  4. 9:35BBT We have bubbles...maybe wake up time for them
  5. 2:30PM BBT: Dan and Memphis are playing Chess
  6. Dan and Memphis sitting in livingroom talking about movies and going to the movies and how both their girlfriends will fall asleep at the theater.
  7. 1:25PM BBT: Dan is putting juice or something in the frig. Memphis went in sauna and back out. They are talking about 1st BB season, now Dan is doing dishes. No sign of Keesha or Jerry, both are probably sleeping.
  8. They are really letting them sleep late today.
  9. 8:25BBT Final 4 still sleeping.
  10. Keesha still primping, and Dan is read the Bible....oops, now trivia
  11. 2:15BBT Trivia began (again)
  12. 12:40PM BBT: Dan and Renny in bathroom, Renny doing her hair. Dan cleaning, yellow gloves on, Memphis runny vacuum.
  13. Keesha and Memphis in bedroom, just light chitchat. Renny and Jerry in kitchen.
  14. Jerry sitting alone at the table, Keesha fiddleing with her packing.