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    Just outside Sudbury, Ontario CANADA
  1. Cdn viper

    Episode 3.01: A Tale of Two Cities

    Just watched the first episode of season 3. What is it all about???
  2. Cdn viper

    Biggest "game changing" mistake so far?

    ditto what you said!!!
  3. Cdn viper

    Sequester House

    And we the fans aren't being played too
  4. Cdn viper

    For literati:

    Damn - google is opening way too many windows for me to get the lyrics for this one. Little Willie willie won't go home But you can't push Willie round, willie won't go Start telling everybody ??? Oh no Little willie willie won't go home Best guess anyway
  5. TAR takes guests from other shows - maybe we should send some suggestions to their inbox?
  6. Cdn viper

    Sequester House

    Nice shirt - can just anyone buy one
  7. Cdn viper

    Wrap Party

    I don't care about the party - but would love to see a "reunion" type show similiar to Survivor to discuss the things that happened during the whole time.
  8. Cdn viper

    Sequester House

    don't know exactly where hurrican John will hit - but will be interesting to see scenes and hear the hg talk about it!
  9. Cdn viper

    For literati:

    gotta love cut and paste::: Out here in the fields I fought for my meals I get my back into my living I don't need to fight To prove I'm right I don't need to be forgiven Don't cry Don't raise your eye It's only teenage wasteland Sally ,take my hand We'll travel south crossland Put out the fire Don't look past my shoulder The exodus is here The happy ones are near So let's get together Before we get much older Teenage wasteland It's only teenage wasteland Teenage wasteland Oh..yeah Teenage wasteland They're all wasted
  10. Cdn viper

    Final Four

    Will will somehow manage to make to final 2 and then he deserves to win all the marbles!
  11. Cdn viper

    Big Brother All Star Scrapbook

    Will making out with all of America in the backyard through the camera!
  12. Cdn viper

    HOH - Week 10

    thank you to those with live feeds! explains why I have been posting and no one else is
  13. Cdn viper

    For literati:

    Having some time to think more about this topic.... Love the idea of certain songs connecting you with situations in the house. As a fan of Rockstar Supernova - all that is going thru my head right now is "Teenage Wasteland" - anyone see that connection??
  14. Cdn viper


    They fear what he can do - yet they still keep him around, because he is a funny guy and he knows how to say what each person wants to hear
  15. You are way too fun oldguy - love your sense of humor