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  1. GO-DANI

    I am no Erika fan buuuuuut,

    Speaking of dillusion... did anyone catch the body language between Will and Janelle? She's leaning into him every chance she got and almost lying across his lap (both the live part and the Q/A in the sequester house) while Will has his leg crossed away from her, his body leaning away and his head cocked away from her.. the only thing moved toward her was his arm on the back of the couch in true Puppet Master style assuring J's vote for Boogie... Not that Erika deserved to win... nor did Boogie... just a relation of "faded romance"
  2. Also to add to the discussion about graveyard POV Erika pointed out to Dani that Marc got the trip to Aruba and the $5000 (when infact Boogie and Will got those...does the house still believe the lies?)
  3. 12:15 came in for lunch.. found Will Boogie telling Dani in WR that they are voting James out (I think) because of the danger to them. Dani is responding with OK OK OK.... Now all on outside lockdown W/B in corner in yard whispering strategy... continuing to go over what ifs. BB comes on says: This is a warning, it is against the rules of the competition to discuss your votes. Boogie calls out "is that you guys?" (James, Janelle, Erika, Dani on couches call back.. no) Boogie makes light saying... "how many ducks on the wall is not votes...."
  4. GO-DANI

    August 23/24/25 Picture Thread

    From Weds night... Will, "Tell me a secret".... Janelle, "No we're only friends."
  5. its 10:20 For the last hour all HGs in the backyard playing cards, drinking wine, and singing so often we get more flames than anything. At this moment Dani, Boogie, Erika are on Will to STOP singing or BB will withold alcohol. He continues to sing/speak lyrics from Garth Brooks among others. CG is in HT by himself and several of the HGs have been called to the DR in succession... (CG, Dani, James, Boogie...) Boogie not drinking says the wine made him sick last night says, this is good night not to drink it leaves more for you guys. Most just sitting and yawning now.. maybe an early night? Will has asked Janelle to do the HT several times, she keeps declining. 10:30 people have scattered.. Erika and Dani playing pool, Will inside, CG and James in HT... leaves Will flirting with Janelle on the couch. Still not much going on.
  6. 9:25 lots of on and off flames. Everyone out on the patio playing cards, CG talking about mixed drinks he likes.... gets to talking about hunger/food/energy. Everyone gives CG permission for cheeseburger and beer and he goes off to "ask BB". The HGs say, you're on the block already what can it hurt. He comes back fairly quickly (2mins) saying "usual answer... we'll put your request in" Really not much happening.. just lazing around playing cards quite quietly. George brings out 3 bottles of wine and asks if he can make a toast (He's doing water, Boogie opts for water also). Toast is general,... (not word for word) since James or I will be gone tomorrow I just wanted to take the time to say thanks,..... etc. We're all All Stars.. I'm glad I met each of you.... Suggestion made to continue with others toasting but its joked off and no one really followed through.
  7. 7:35.. came into Will and Boogie discussing strategy in HOH... Will coaching Boogie on what to say to Daniel to get her on their count for voting out James. Saying, "do what you think is right for you but we might have to make a decision that is different from that." Talking about putting out the idea that the tie-breaker will different than she expects. Will thinks Janelle will vote out James, says he has her convinced in conversations. Will saying Janelle is "Seabiscuit, and I'm riding Seabiscuit as far as I can but you gotta f*in feed the horse." topic is he's playing her . doing what he "does best". Continue with the "Double dipped" angle to present to Dani. Discussion is to say if B or W have to play for POV next week to save themselves they'd rather play it against CG than James. Boogie asks who would you rather sit next to in the final two Dani or Erika.. Will's answer. Erika. Boogie worries about sympathy vote for Erika. Says no chance with popular Janelle, CG would get it over them because no one is going to give it to the rich guy over the 47yr old daddy... Will really thinks Erika is the least likely to win the jury in the final 2. Get rid of James, Will wins HOH, we're good..... wants to converse with CG saying realize the efforts they're making to keep you safe (to avoid being put up by CG later) Goals for Boogie is to bang Erika tonight.. Per Will. Will exits to Kitchen invites Janelle to HT and J says no HT I just want to hang out with you.. he says "Ok twist my arm".... from earlier.... Erika asking to play the HT game (strip?) everyone declines (will boogie) she says, "this house isn't fun anymore. You told me to play my role, I'm playing my role, but this place isn't fun" (complaining that no one wants to get in the HT)
  8. 6:25 Janelle, George in kitchen... just eating and chatting. George says James can cook gooooooooood. :::sound is very low for some reason::::: J,G quizzing/studying while munching in the kitchen.... George not holding onto too much info.. keeps asking for answers. Cardgame continues in the BY.. Boogie running laps. Not much else happening. Dani, Erika, James come into kitchen.. James cuts off his head (Baked James)... George decides to cut up body parts. James warns.. don't put it in my bed....
  9. GO-DANI

    August 20/21/22 Picture Thread

    Small Table Lazy afternoon
  10. 9:00 James and Dani in WR discussing what James should tell whom if he gets HOH. James said he's not scared of Erika, "she's the one person I'm not scared of" Dani to James: People are thinking that you're playing both sides, if you win HOH you GOTTA deal with Janelle..... right now they don't know if you're 100% committed to LOD.... they need you to do something..... they know I'm the voice of reason with you..... James to Dani: I know, OK.. makes sense.... why don't they say these things to me.... Gotcha.... so did they lie to me when they said Janelle was going to backdoor me? Dani: No D: We'll be fine, just be calm and relaxed. J: I am calm I am relaxed..... [ummm OK] J: about Erika, she has to know she doens't have one vote in this house if she makes it to the end.. does she know? D--shakes head no Dani gives good advice... never tell who you're going to vote for.. people change their strategy when the know, you never know who's going to the end...
  11. GO-DANI

    August 20/21/22 Picture Thread

    Will doing his monolog to the Intenet Audience... quite entertaining..
  12. 6:00 BBT All quiet in the house. Will putzing around in the ktichen while James and Dani are out back talking about Jame's time in sequester last season. Will asks George if he's worried at all this week. George mumbles something.. talk turns to George's weight loss and Will offers for him to walk with Janelle and hisself in the evenings. Will doing some silly thing in the backyard. Calling out to internet viewers and doing a fake song (no voice). He is also begging BB to send him something to cut his hair. Sings... and Roll Flames....
  13. I am new... but I have live feeds and have been keeping up. I happen to have Thursday off this week so I can do late night Weds and early Thursday. I'll probably break between ~2-3am and 8am. Then Thursday aftternoon I'll be AFK.