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  1. Big Brother 14 LFU/TFU

    I will gladly help out with the LFU. I can do mostly late evening but will jump in every chance I get to help.
  2. Helllllloooooo fellow BB lovers! Smooches reporting for duty for yet another great BB season! I am super excited for this season to begin!
  3. Live Feed Updaters!

    I will help as much as possible
  4. Premiere Show - July 7

    Hello everyone! So excited for BB. Now just trying to decide on the feeds. I typically get them, but can't decide this year. I will have BBAD. Either way, so ready for tonight!!
  5. Fantasy Survivor

    Hi Sharonda! I found Mortys Marvels on the Fantasy.Net. Can you tell me what the password is so that I can join. Thanks! Can't wait for this season!
  6. Lurkers Come On Out...Big Brother 12 Is Here!

    Hi everyone! Good advice uvp! now wicked, don't be circling the newbies on your tricycle......
  7. Kevin - HoH

    I agree with you 100% Monk. I like Kevin and think he is a smart guy, but I don't think he is smart enough to see this. (Of course, I like Kevin now, but if/when he puts Jeff up, I will not like him at all...lol)
  8. 8/21 - Live Feed Updates

    1:40pm Jeff, Michelle floating in the pool Jordan, Kevin, Nat laying by the pool. Russ on a lounge chair laying out. Jordan is asking if you can live without some of your intestine, Michelle says yes. Kevin ask if they heard about the guy who tried to kill himself with Drano, they had to cut his intestine out. Michelle says they have "fake intestines" they can put in. Nat starts talking about being scared of bugs. Bug talk ensues... Talk changes to different shows they could do. Jordan says she thinks she could do Survivor, Nats says she couldn't. Talking about fear factor..etc. They are playing arguing about whether a dragon fly bites. Jeff says no way, they keep mosquitos away, Jordan says I think they bite. Nat thinks they lay eggs in your skin after they bite you. Kevin sccops a bug in the pool net and pretends to put it on Nat, she FREAKS out, everyone is laughing at her. (they all seem to be having alot of fun-minus russ-who is being quiet) 1:47 pm brief FOTH.. Feeds back, they are still just talking about random nothings (no game talk)
  9. Jessie

    It will be the Jesse posse VS the Crappy posse....lol (I just threw up in my mouth thinking about it)
  10. Jeff

    I LOVE Jeff!! And it doesn't take a scratch and sniff TV for him to get my love senses going......just sayin
  11. Folks in the SouthEast ...

    Joy, you wouldn't have to fly, you could drive. I lived in MA for 6 years ( I went to UMass ), and drove home (S.Carolina) alot. It's really not a bad drive. If you take the back way instead of 95, it's much quicker too.
  12. Chima - Part 2

    Well said myss. CBS didn't force in in there, she signed up for it......enough said
  13. Folks in the SouthEast ...

    Count me in! I am in South Cackalacka, so TN is not too far. Course, I love to travel, so I'll go anywhere
  14. Friday, August 14th

    That would be funny Sue...lol *and now I have that dang song in my head*
  15. Natalie

    I did joy, she is truly disgusting!!