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  1. 1.Which hg's will leave Candice the nastiest goodbye message? Aaryn 2.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the show tonight ..... Julie will ask Andy how nice it was to not be a have-not this past week. 3.Which hg's do you want to be the first hoh during the double evictions and who do you want evicted during double evictions? I want Jessie to be the first HOH because she has the balls to put up Amanda and McCrae. I would love to see Amanda evicted but Candice will be the first evictee. Hopefully Amanda gets to follow her right out the door!
  2. I consider myself a huge BB fan. I watch every single episode, the live feeds (when I can) and every BBAD...yet two months after the show finishes, I couldn't name half of the HGs. Reality show stars are forgettable like that.
  3. Did anyone else hear Jani whispering to Brit yesterday about how she was just going to point to the contract and the fact that she is supposed to get to go home when she is done instead of jury? Then FOTH. This was sometime during the afternoon. I had my feeds on in the background while multi-tasking at work, but it sounded like she was coming up with ways to dispute entering the game in her next DR session. Personally, I don't want the coaches to have the option to enter as players...but America's Choice always seems rigged and there aren't enough HGs to last the rest of the season.
  4. lena

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    I figured they threw in this twist to get the show back on track (# of HGs and #of weeks left) with the unexpected loss of Evel Dick in week one.
  5. lena

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    Do the-powers-that-be read these boards? This show is soooooooooo rigged! I refuse to believe that America chose Brendan to have the chance to come back today.
  6. lena

    Porshe - Week 5

    I have thought the exact same thing. Dani takes great pleasure in Rachel getting emotionally hurt. Watch her closely and you'll catch the evil grins she makes.
  7. lena

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    While I'd hate to see Brenchal get their way being reunited like that...it would make for some interesting TV.
  8. lena

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    There was a big bruhaha yesterday where Daniele told Shelly she gave a shout out to her daughter and husband in her HOH blog. This got Shelly teary eyed because she thought it was touching/thoughtful of Daniele. Well Brenda supposedly saw her crying and stormed up to the HOH claiming you cannot do shoutouts in your HOH blog to manipulate other HGs and how dare you make Shelly cry?! Daniele's response was pretty much "none of your business, get the hell out of my room." FF a little later to Jeff and Brendan asking Rachel WTH just happened and it's revealed (with some WBRB in between) that Production told her to ask Daniele directly about it. Brendan even said "don't do what they tell you, they're just trying to make you look bad" (I'm paraphrasing there). Then Rachel just kept saying it's not fair that she can use her blog to manipulate other HGs. Jeff's like, "I was just out there, this doesn't bother Shelly at all." Flip over to the backyard cam and sure enough, Shelly herself is trying to figure out why Rachel would confront Daniele about it. They were all confused except for the person making excuses who was just directed by Production in the DR. So many mentions about DR and Production and WBRBs this year. It gets more and more rigged every season.
  9. It was nice to have something entertaining to watch on BBAD, that's for sure!
  10. lena

    Live Show - July 21

    It sounds like if Adam or Dominic win HOH they are putting up Lawon and Kalia. They will simply tell them "you haven't proven that you deserve to be in the house and now you have the chance to prove that you do." Guess that's the nice way to call someone a floater to their face?
  11. Are you talking about the updates on Morty's page or are there BBAD updates somewhere else I'm missing out on? I appreciate all the live updaters who contribute on Morty's and I don't think anyone puts too much information in their updates.
  12. lena

    Live Show - July 21

    I'll settle for that, but in an ideal world Rachel would get back doored. Even sweeter if the HG lied and had her convinced that Brendon was the one who was going. The look on her face would be PRICELESS!
  13. lena

    Live Show - July 21

    I read that a few of the HG were going to talk in weird voices at the beginning of the show. If they do that, methinks they'll come off looking dorky, not funny. I want the new HOH to be anybody who will put up Brenchel or have the balls to back door them.
  14. lena

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    I've never read about Dick being a homophobe and I've been a fan and avid reader online about the show since long before season 8. Where are this "majority" posting their opinions?
  15. Glad I didn't buy the feeds yet but sorry you guys are suffering through the FOTH. I probably won't even get them now with Evel Dick gone. BBAD will have to suffice...until that bores me away.