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    For some excitement, good and hot,<br />These lads were fairly spoiling,<br />When through the bee-hive plunked the shot,<br />And set the pot a-boiling!<br />The startled swarm came streaming out<br />In temper hot and baneful,<br />And drove the foe in awful rout,<br />With volleys sharp and painful!<br /><br />--The Hole Book, Peter Newell
  1. abbeynormal23

    Jen - Evicted Day 55

    Do you have any of yourself that you would like to post for us to critique? I think that Jen looks great in the pics. I'm glad to see that she's at least getting to do what she wanted to do -- modeling. Fizzle -- I don't know if she knows about the advertisements on the site... but it's not like she's the girl being advertised in them!
  2. abbeynormal23

    Amber - Evicted Day 62

    Oh, I hope not. I mean... I'm sure that she's nice enough outside of the house and didn't mean a lot of the stuff she said... but the BB house really isn't for her. With that much pressure and being away from her family... it was too hard for her to deal with. Besides, I don't think I could take another season of her. She's was too damn annoying the first time. Though, since BB did that press release about her anti-semitic comments and got a lot of negative media attention because of Amber, I don't think that they would want her back. Also, if they do an America's choice thing like last time they did All-Stars, she probably won't make the cut because she was America's least favorite HG all season.
  3. abbeynormal23

    Daniele - Runner-up

    Can we please get back to the topic at hand? Can we try to have an intelligent discussion about Daniele, what she is up to now, new information we find, etc. instead of the same old "I love her"/"I hate her" dribble that clutter up pages and pages of the thread?
  4. abbeynormal23

    Jen - Evicted Day 55

    I see what you're talking about re: being uneven... but you all seem to be ignoring the fact that she is walking through the shot at a weird angle. If you look at other screenshots from the show, she doesn't appear to be uneven in those... and surprise --- she is not being shot from the same awkward angle in those. Also, until you've flat out heard it from Jen's mouth that she had breast augmentation, I don't think it's fair to assert surgery as fact. I'm not Jen's biggest fan, but I do believe that she is innocent until proven guilty.
  5. No prob, uvp... you always entertain me here!

  6. abbeynormal23

    Is Big Brother Rigged?

    I remember something like this as well. As I recall it, Eric and Dick were having a conversation whereby they were talking about how you could hear the person next to you and if you turned the thing once it was one answer and if you turned it twice it was the other. Dick said that Jen was next to him and he didn't want her copying him so he would spin his around a few times so that she wouldn't be able to figure out what his answer was. Not that I'm saying that this is an example of Dick cheating... but everyone could have listened to what the person next to them was putting for an answer. I think that if nothing else, everyone should be able to agree that there are AT LEAST ways that people in the game could have cheated in certain situations. Whether or not they used them to their advantage is up for debate.
  7. thanks for friends add

  8. D to the U to the C to the K!

  9. Shall we make s'mores? I think that there are some crusty old graham crackers in the open Tupperware!

  10. Did you remember to get all the walls? I'm happy to help with yours!

  11. Flaming marshmallows, Robin! To the HFZ!

  12. A bottle of bleach: $3

    Rubber gloves: $2.25

    Scrub brush: $1.50

    The result: Priceless.