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  1. Update -- Libra gone to jury house & Renny is new HOH!!
  2. Oh no!!!!! Michelle won HOH!!!!! (Jessie gone, btw)
  3. 8:40PM BBT Renny,Keesha,April,Libra in kit. Someone mentioned they may not get alcohol the night b/f an eviction, so apparently they still think eviction's tomorrow.
  4. Sorry folks...just checked each cam shot & two are on Jessie/Renney and two on Memphis/Angie in their usual BY couch positions. I'll stick around for a bit to see if anything good happens. (Don't hold yer breath!)
  5. 8:25PM BBT Jessie says he doesn't know what lable Jerry's gonna give them for working out, since he called Memphis & him the "Brawny Boys". Renny say she doesn't care. Nothing else going on between them.
  6. (I'll jump in for a little bit b/f bed) 8:13pm BBT -- Libra, Keesha, April in kit, just gen. chit chat, but say they feel bad Renny cooked for everyone, but she didn't eat w/ them. They're wondering if she's bummed out that she didn't get any celebrations for her bday. They decide they might be able to make a choc. chip cake. April says she'll do it & might be able to make some icing too. Switched feeds -- Jessie & Renny in BY, he's helping her work out w/ what looks to be 5 lb. weights. Yes, Jessie just confirmed 5 lbs. each. They're working well together, seeming like old pals. I'll stay w/ them for a little bit to see if any game talk evolves.
  7. I didn't see this posted, so thought I would... 8:52BBT After return from FOTH, HGs are talking about several of them seeing "aliens" in mirrors (sounds similar to what happened in All-Stars) Not sure what's going on, but BB didn't let us see any of it this time.
  8. 3:20bbt -- all HGs are in BR in various stages of showering/dressing/shaving, etc.
  9. 8:30pmBBT -- feeds back, Sheila/Adam talking in BR ... UNCHAINED... she's freaking because she's on the block & Adam's not. Adam convincing her she's fine, she shouldn't worry.
  10. Sheila said, "You did great, Adam!"
  11. 4:34am BBT Feeds back, sounding like a morph type puzzle POV. Everyone yelling excitedly, hard to determine who won, I think I heard a male voice say, I can't believe I won, but can't tell who said it.
  12. 1:00pmBBT Absolute dead silence on feeds. Quads show Sheila applying tanning lotion, Sharon & Nat on double lounger tanning, James asleep & Josh's empty bed. (*wish there were more excitement to share w/ everyone, but none to be found -- I'll be back hopefully to report more exciting events after I watch my grass come up!!*)
  13. Sheila/Sharon talking about James thinking Adam is more of a physical/mental threat than Ryan. Talking about how Ryan told Sharon he's getting Josh out. Sharon says, sure why would he keep guys here, they're more of a threat. Adam walks into BY & says loudly, "Good morning, ladies!" All girls in unison, "Good morning, Adam!" They say they were just talking about how much they love him & his sexy body. Adam's sure he's just their entertainment. Sheila reminding everyone for the hundredth time this morning that she's going to be 46 in 11 days. She's now telling Sharon she (Sheila) will be at Nat's wedding & the birth of her child. She sees Nat getting married & having kids in 5 yrs. She says Sharon will hold off for a little bit, but will wind up having a house like the Brady Bunch, filled w/ kids. Sharon agrees. They talk about Allison marrying "John" (don't know who that is), but when they start talking about him in detail, we get FOTH (maybe he didn't sign releases). Come back from FOTH & still talking about John & hoping he'll be a wrap party w/ Allison. Sharon says Adam will have girls lined up for him when he gets out of house. Sheila says, I don't know, the baby food may have turned some of them off.
  14. 12:46PM BBT Boys all went outside for lockdown & found place to sleep. Then just as quickly, LD was over. Boys got up & Josh/James back to bed. Ryan still on couch in BY, but talking to girls & Adam. Adam walking around BY. BB voice says.."James...." then nothing... they all wonder what that was for, but James just slept through it. Nat now in pool talking to girls tanning. Sharon complaining about hunger. Nat/Sheila complaining of being bored.