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  1. Lamest. Twist. Ever. Good bye Big Brother. This season has sealed the fate of Big Brother. There will be no future seasons. The end.
  2. Thursday 7/29 Live Show

    I'm also wondering if the noms will be screwed by POV again this week. I'm tired of POV.
  3. Thursday 7/29 Live Show

    I'm wondering what the point of sequestoring the previous evicted HGs. Will they collectively vote for the winner at the end? What else could it be?
  4. Thursday 7/29 Live Show

    I'm hoping that the person America hates mosts gets it so that they can be voted out. SAB is a lame twist.
  5. Andrew - Week 3 (Nominee)

    Stirring things up or not, I used to like him. Now I don't. He's a coward. Why didn't he say something sooner? Oh....because he's a coward.
  6. Andrew - Week 3 (Nominee)

    ew...Andrew, bitter much?
  7. 7/24 - Live Feed Updates

    brit says she'd put bren and Rach up next week if she won HOH. Lane and Matt seem surprised and say "Good for you." She doesn't want the house after her. Brit asks what Lane would do. Lane says he'd back door them. They say that's a good way to get rid of Rach but how to get Bren out. He (Bren) is good at POV. Matt says it's a "load of shit' when they are asked what the HG say on their application during competitions. Now they are talking about dinner. They are making chicken burgers and Brit wants Nachos. She asks how they make refried beans. Swithched to Bren and Rach in hammock. They do not trust Matt as he could flip. They trust Ragan. He saved them.
  8. 7/24 - Live Feed Updates

    Matt and Brit wish that they had the coup d etat. Matt asks Lane if he'd be America's Player. He says yeah. They all say they would if they could do the funny stuff but not vote they way America wanted. They talk about how they could refuse it if they were offered. They want America to vote Bren to be America's Player and then vote to put Rachel up.
  9. 7/24 - Live Feed Updates

    Lane says that Andrew may be targeting him (Matt) but he doesn't know. Matt then explains how he doesn't know and needs to talk to him (Andrew). Matt says that if Andrew really wants Bren and Rach out then they should keep Andrew. He's a great competitor. Lane says the POV comps are "horse shit" and they laugh. Now talking about the POV comp (why are Matt's hands down his pants? eek.) They say that they have to win HOH to get them (Bren and Rach) out. (Then why didn't he do that this week?) More POV talk.
  10. 7/24 - Live Feed Updates

    Matt and Brit in HOH talking about how Hayden and Kristin are twins. They want to call them out. Talking about how they want Bren and Rach out. How they should keep Andrew. Then wonder what would happen once B&R are out if Andrew would take them (Brit and Matt) out. They are questioning Andrew and Brendan. Seems Matt and Brit are really having a strategic talk. One second he wants Bren out, the next Andrew. Matt says it's such a weird week to pick someone. He doesn't want either of the noms out. He says he's the worst HOH. Brit says she should win HOH. Matt says that is F'ing awesome. He asks who she would put up. They dance around the question. Brit says it's hard because there are certain people that would target her. Then, the people they are aligned with would they come after her. Matt agrees and says that it's hard. matt and brit are talking about how Ragan might vote. Brit said that he's torn. They both agree that they need people on their side that are against Brendan. Matt says "This should have been an easy week to be HOH and I blew it." Brit agrees. Matt asks who she would not want to win HOH. He mentions Andrew. She says that he is not in his saftey block but also is his safety block. They think next HOH no one would have and advantage over anyone else. Brit asks what if Bren and Rach win. Matt doesn't know. Bren is angry about those who dropped early in the surf board comp. He whines a lot anyway. He thinks America loves him. Brit thinks America hates him. Talking about Chilltown vs. Nerd herd. Brit says NH would not die. You could not shake them. Matt says that would not happen again.
  11. 7/24 - Live Feed Updates

    Ragan, Brit and Hayden in HOH talking about who would be better to vote out. They say that the vote could be split like Monet. Ragan asks who those are to vote one way and emphasizes "not specifically" and both Hayden and Brit think Kathy might stay. They agree that either person staying would be fine, they like both of them.
  12. Who do you want to win HOH tonight?

    I'm hoping for Matt on the sole reason he was on the block and survived. Maybe the "theme" so far this season will continue. If I vote for my real desire then I want Andrew so he stirs things up. Who knows what that guy is thinking.
  13. Live Show 7/22

    They need a BB earthquake, lol
  14. Live Show 7/22

    Longest on surf board is HOH. First to fall off are haves for week.
  15. Live Show 7/22

    Wait Matt said he was instrumental in her going.