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  1. 3:59 bbt Feeds back Victoria is wearing POV zach won a trip zach says he's giving the trip to his parents Caleb got 5k and Nicole has a unitard (germ a tard) it was some kind of shooting game frankie hosted and everyone is saying he did a great job Amber telling Brit she will have to make deals now and Brit saying she would have taken 5k and tried for votes Amber, Brit and Jocasta dissing Cody Jocasta told Brit and Amber that Caleb, Cody and Derrick are up in HOH trying to figure something out. Brit talking about being in back yard for 24 hours and something about a ball and kicking it 24 times every hour... not sure exactly Cody has to blow a whistle in the back yard? Brit has 24 hours to score 2400 goals every time BB blows a whistle Cody has to get up and go outside and kick himself in the butt 10 times Hayden and Derrick talking in SR...apparently Caleb took 5k instead of veto and Donny said during comp that if he doesn't take the veto he has to go up. I'm out hope someone takes over
  2. txcyclone

    Early Bird Offer Available for Live Feeds

    got the email, came here and followed your link
  3. txcyclone

    Friday, August 30 Live Feed Updates

    12:05 BBT feeds back and they are talking about balloons and them being all over and having to pop them popped balloons are all over the house!!! everyone has brooms and are sweeping sounds like there were prizes in the balloons there has to be thousands of balloons and confetti every where! people are congratulating Spencer so he must have won something. Judd said it took under 4 minutes all complaining saying they need a shovel or a shop vac... sounds like there were letters in the balloons sounds like spencer won $10,000 all are cleaning but GM who is inspecting her toes Judd said their goal was to make them clean the whole house... Amanda said she's done cleaning her back hurts
  4. txcyclone

    Friday, August 23 Live Feed Updates

    4:02 pm Elissa and Judd talking at hot tub... Aaryn bashing and Amanda bashing, how Aaryn lies to Elissa all the time... rehashing Kaitlin being evicted and talking about Mc/Amanda and the stories they tell... how McCrae is throwing GM under the bus... GM joined them and said something about upset stomach and Elissa told her there was pepto inside... GM joins them instead of getting pepto GM said she learned how to put make up on from YouTube and how to cook a turkey too now talking about flat tires Elissa said she's really pumped up and her heart is racing says when she feels like this in real life she is on a mission and gets stuff accomplished Elissa says she zones out with yoga and her bible, GM says dancing does it for her GM asks Elissa how to get more bangs and Elissa tells her how to blow dry her hair now talking about roots and GM talking about how hard it is to be a blond... i'm out
  5. txcyclone

    BB15 Live Feeds

    I'm glad they aren't on showtime any longer...I have the other channel for free
  6. txcyclone

    9/14 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Dani and Ian keep talking about DRs so all cameras on Dan sleeping so i'm out for now
  7. txcyclone

    9/14 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    3:57 BBT Ian and Dani sitting at table having random convos... Dani asked Ian if he still thinks it's face morph and Ian said no taking too long... Dani says 3 girls, 3 guys in jury... Dani wonders if another picture goes gray on memory wall dani says all first round picks and all last round picks are gone Ian says they went from 7 to 3 in a one week span Dani wonders if they got bad ratings last night because of what Dan did Dani telling Ian that Dan swore on everything to keep Shane... (she is admitting to Ian that she wanted him out in a round about way) Ian says Jenn won't vote for him because he has a penis and Frank hates him dani says Joe won't vote for a girl Dani telling Ian that she wouldn't win against him in final 2 Dani asks Ian if he will take her if he wins because he thinks Dani has the votes and Ian wiggles out saying he's not saying that... they discuss Dan in final 2 Dani keeps talking about beating Dan in final comp (not sure if she is doing what Dan wants by trying to get Ian to throw it or if she means it now) Dani says if Dan wins it and votes her out that she won't ever give him her vote part of the power went out in kitchen Ian still knocking on door before going to bathroom Dani wonders how they will survive until Wednesday with nothing to do Dani crunching on something... says that jury is filming their questions today then go to sequester right after and we get fish Ian says it would suck to be in jury for one day and go back to that Mariott... ugh... fish and now Dan sleeping Dani asking if Ian if Julie asked Shane about him and Dani... Ian thinks so Dani said what makes her the maddest about Dan is she carried him the whole way
  8. txcyclone

    8/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    britney, danielle, boogie and dan still on back porch with the girls still talking sororities
  9. txcyclone

    8/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    shane is making a shake, Joe is cooking
  10. txcyclone

    8/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Britney has been talking rush week for about a half hour.
  11. txcyclone

    7/21 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Boogie said he went to DR at 6:15 and FOTH feeds back and Boogie says Mike and we get FOTH again
  12. txcyclone

    7/21 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    House guests are up and still on lockdown boogie at kitchen table and joe in the shower other houseguests up and moving about... I think Boogie is reading Bible at kitchen table
  13. txcyclone

    7/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    All are sitting down for dinner
  14. txcyclone

    7/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Willie told Brit that they put the computer in his room so he could blog and he now has a camera for pics
  15. txcyclone

    The Bachelor- Ben Flajnik

    Casey S slept with a married producer so the rest was fluff to get her off the show.