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  1. montez3496

    Real Player Live Feeds Q & A

    I have subscribed to the feeds for just about all seasons. THis year Im having the worst problems ever. It keeps loading and will play for a few secs then start loading again. Is there anything I can adjust on my comp to help it load. I hate the new feeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. montez3496


    Still borrrrrrring and doesnt add anything to the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. montez3496

    * Jessie *

    Why in the heck do they keep bringing past houseguest back. Dont they get it we the viewers dont like it when they do that, it sucks Expsecially when their name is Jesse.. Why dont CBS just hand him the $500,000 check right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. montez3496

    * Kevin *

    He's borrrrrrrrring
  5. montez3496

    Evicted Week 1

    Chima gots to go. She laughs at anything thats said and its very annoying
  6. montez3496

    Mystery Houseguest

    How can you say Brians potentialy the best player next to Will. I dont think so!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I can't stand Jessie either
  7. montez3496

    Renny - Week 7

    Does anyone think BB will let Renny know that a hurricane is headed right for her home town and it could be much worse than Katrina. I'll be paraying for NOLA
  8. montez3496

    Wrap Party

    What in the heck was Chi Chi LaRue doing there at the rap party. Thats the drag queen in a couple of the photos, She's a big time gay porn producer. I wonder if she was there scoutin out Crazy James hmmmm.
  9. montez3496

    Realplayer - Help/Discussion Thread

    I signed up for Super pass this morning and can't get the cams to come up with the fire screen like some of you mention seeing. How do i get them to come up? Thanks