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    having fun

    HELL YEAH!!!
  2. Hi Marcellas, it's really cool that you post here. You know you're the best. It's cool to talk to you.
  3. Big Brother 2 is on DVD? I've never found it, where can I find it?
  4. I kinda think it would be cool to see an All Stars BB vs. All Stars Survivor. Kinda like the RR vs. RW challenges.
  5. New and Old Members

    Welcome baby loops. Happy posting!
  6. Real World/Road Rules Inferno II

    By personalities I mean fun to watch. Jaime is so sweet, and Landon is a lot funnier than he was on RW. I love Mike, don't really know why, but I always have, and Darrell is really funny too. I got so tired of all the fighting. It's funny to watch, but it gets old. At the same time I love Abe and Tina too. I like their strong personalities, I don't feel like they're fake.
  7. Real World the Good Old Days

    One of my faves was Melissa from New Orleans. I love watching her on Girls Behaving Badly. She's so funny. I also love Genesis from Boston. But the hottest guy would have to be either Eric or Ace. Hated, actually, despised Trishelle. Vegas was my least fave season.
  8. New and Old Members

    Welcome houstonhottie. I'm from Ft. Worth so it's nice to see a fellow Texan on here.
  9. Real World/Road Rules Inferno II

    Yay Good Guys! I am so happy that for ONCE the group of egotistical, greedy, bullies with no personality didn't win. This was the best challenge IMO. I can't wait for the reunion. It was great to see Veronica lose. But I do really like Tina. Too bad she wasn't on the winning team.
  10. New and Old Members

    Welcome rubthorn and cutestsmile! You'll love it here!
  11. Real World/Road Rules Inferno II

    In the commercials for tonights show, you heard Dave Mirra saying, you have won the Inferno 2. I hope it's one eppy...I hate when they drag it out. Go Good Guys!!
  12. Real World/Road Rules Inferno II

    Yeah, it's the finale.
  13. Rumours

    Yes, I did watch Alison on the live feeds, but only when I had to. She totally ruined my BB experience that year and I never want to go through that again. But I am ready for the new houseguests!
  14. Rumours

    Alison is a disgusting excuse for a human being. The ONLY thing that would ever keep me from watching BB is her being on there again, she makes me that sick. I would be sorely disappointed in CBS for casting her again.
  15. Reality Show line up for Summer/Fall 2005

    Man, they got rid of all the spicy shows. Paradise Hotel, Forever Eden, Temptation Island, High School Reunion, Meet My Folks...reality tv isn't the same for me.