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    7/20 - Live Feed Updates

    i think it was around 8:45 BBT - jordan & laura were getting dressed for the day in their room, laura left, and jordan flashed us again as she was putting on her striped dress.
  2. lisasf

    Thursday's Live Show 8/30

    dick has 3 cups also
  3. lisasf

    Thursday's Live Show 8/30

    i think the others have 2 - but d&d each put their cups down on top of their bowl before dumping them 1 by 1 & z dumps both at once
  4. lisasf

    Thursday's Live Show 8/30

    still foth - anybody having serious issues with the feeds when they *do* have live action? mine cut in & out constantly until they go to foth anyone know about the beakers? i'm in ohio so we dont get the show on tv until after 1am
  5. lisasf

    Realplayer help

    hi all - i have the feeds at home, but at work i am not allowed to install anything that changes the registry. does anyone know of a way to watch the feeds via the web or a web-launching realplayer instead of having to actually install it? thanks, lisa
  6. lisasf

    Thursday's LIVE Eviction Show - 8/31

    Is there going to be a veto competition? From what I could tell (I'm on the west coast) Julie only said that there will be an hoh competition shown on Sunday and a live eviction on Tuesday... did she say anything about a veto specifically? I know Erika was complaining that the veto winner in the final four basically took away the power of the hoh since they can decide between the two non-winners themselves and the HOH has no power at all at that point. I wonder if that thinking made it into the minds of bb and they changed something this year...
  7. lisasf

    Thursday Live Show

    Thanks for doing this every Thursday, Fuskie! At the end of this show, Julie also said (about next thursday) "it's a week's worth of big brother all in one action packed live hour"
  8. 12:30ish:will said that someone told him in the DR that they have a lot of work to do tonight & then are waking them up at 9:30. he told dani & james they need to try to have a talk with boogie before 9:30
  9. I can't keep track of times, but after the veto ceremony, Danielle and Janelle were in the gym and Danielle asked "so would both people go to Mexico together?"... and now they are in indoor lockdown... will is assuming they are building the HOH competition outside... [could this be two evictions this weekend?] howie says vote is at 4 bbt
  10. lisasf

    August 15 Live Feed Updates

    I'll try to fill in some of the blanks from this morning... The LOD found themselves outside alone together a couple of times between 10-11 when Erika was in the gym and the rest were sleeping or otherwise occupied inside. They brainstormed a lot about how to take M out. It seems that it is already decided that he needs to go, since he told Dani that he couldn't put Janelle up even though he is mad at her. They at first thought it would be great to pull a kamakazi mission and just let Janelle and Howie be stunned on Thursday, which of course made them all giddy for a little bit. But then they thought it might be safer if they could figure out a way to get Janelle and Howie on board with the idea of voting M. out and not make the split just yet. They go through a lot of talking out loud, thinking about how they can get Janelle and Howie to feel threatened by M. so that they both feel motivated to get him out as well. They ended up with a loose plan of Dani telling M. that he is not safe even though Janelle tells him he is (she is going to bring up Jase and Diane because Janelle told both of them that they were safe and of course they weren't), James is going to poke Howie with a stick and tried to get him riled up and targeted at M. because he (Howie) is already ready to blow; boogie is going to wait until everyone is locked down outside and then get M in to a defensive argument about why M is threatening CT and blaming them for him being on the block. Then the rest of them will join in the argument at different levels and tried to get it to the huge scene that we know M is capable of. That's as far as they got before they were interrupted... although maybe they changed their plans because they are all on outdoor lockdown and, although M looks really grumpy, and I might have missed it, no one is instigating a fight. Also, last night, while Howie, Janelle, and Will were in the HOH room doing Jedi training, Will stepped out to go to the diary room and Janelle and Howie questioned whether they should maybe save some of their Jedi training for a time when Will was not with them. I have heard Howie say that he thinks they may be being played by CT, but Will has Janelle sucked in enough that she dismisses Howie's comments about that every time he brings it up. But she did seem concerned about keeping some of their Jedi training questions to themselves... although when Will rejoined them, she ended up going over all of the questions that she had told Howie they should probably keep to themselves anyway.
  11. lisasf

    Spreadsheet summary

    this is amazing! it answered every liittle question i had and made it all so clear. thank you!!
  12. lisasf

    Realplayer - Help/Discussion Thread

    Thanks, Trish -- I tried it on my other computer and it seems to work just the way you said -- it must be the difference between windows XP and Windows 2000, which I was using before on my laptop. Thanks for moving my post, too Thanks, Trish -- I tried it on my other computer and it seems to work just the way you said -- it must be the difference between windows XP and Windows 2000, which I was using before on my laptop. Thanks for moving my post, too
  13. 5ish BBT: Erica really thinks that since Janelle can't participate in the POV competition, then she's not able to pick someone to "play for her", meaning that there would only be 4 participants in the POV competition. Dani (earlier) and boogie both think she could be right, but they aren't really sure. James thinks it will be six players, just not including Janelle, since all of the competitions are set up for six players. Boogie said he is going to ask BB. James in the kitchen said "we're going to be in a long LD outside while they clean all of this up" so it sounds like BB is going to clean the kitchen for them. Also, the beds are back! In case no one mentioned that already...
  14. 2:50pm BBT Will, James, Boogie talking a lot about strategy and how they can keep Janelle and Dani happy at the same time and still protect themselves. They really want to get M or Erika out instead of Dani. Janelle told will that she expects him and Boogie to not use the POV if they win it, and Will is afraid that if they do they will show their cards too early. They think Dani probably won the coup d'
  15. will boog jms erika talking about points won one dish got 8 pts - i think dani's slop cakes (crab cakes but with slop) 2 got 11 pts - I think will's cupcakes & erika's pasta alfredo 1 got 15 pts sounds like the judges were all past BB - Nicole was one & she crossed her fingers for james like he does to tell sarah he loves her neil patrick harris stops by the house on his way to work & yells into the speaker (?)