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  1. We begin the 12th week of the contest with "Miney Mo", created by Aimee, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. "Piece of You" by Paula, also a member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. "Three Blind Mice" By Linda
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    Food Fight

  3. My updates just don't do it justice. You have to hear it to truly appreciate it. https://youtu.be/7atiWS06tmQ 3:50 PM BBT JC is still singing his unique song. Tyler and Angela have abandoned the others to go upstairs and cuddle. 4:14 PM BBT JC and Kaycee have gone up to the HoH to show Angela and Tyler their new verses to the song. When they finish BB says "You have got to be kidding me." So they decide to do it again, in honor or "Bob". 4:21 PM BBT Kaycee and JC have just shown Angela and Tyler all 5 verses of "The Real Tyler" Angela "From the top guys." Tyler "NO!" In case you didn't get enough:
  4. An example of what happens when boredom takes over.
  5. 3:03 PM BBT JC is singing in the KT, something about poopy shower. Sam is singing in the shower. BB "Please stop singing." 3:05 PM BBT Kaycee is drumming on the island in the KT. JC sings to her drumming about the HGs. He is making up the song as he goes along. He sings about Tyler being the girl of his dreams. 3:12 PM BBT JC is still singing about poopy children and someone's sexy legs. Tyler gets called to the DR. He says "Thank God". While he is gone JC and Kaycee add to the song verses about someone wearing so much cologne that he can't breathe. 3:24 PM BBT JC, Angela and Kaycee are hanging out in the Kitchen making up a song. BB is not telling them to stop singing. Probably because it is painfully obvious that the words coming out of their mouths have not nor ever will be copyrighted by anyone...except maybe a 5 year old with a jump rope. 3:32 PM BBT The next verse in JC's songs involves someone who wears dirty Chacos and only eats Chex Mix. 3:34 PM BBT This song about a girl with weaves, dirty Chacos, too much perfume, and more has a name now. "The Real Tyler".
  6. 2:39 PM BBT The feeds switch to highlight reels. Must be the POV competition. 3:41 PM BBT We have reached the 1 hour mark since the feeds went down for the POV.
  7. 2:09 PM BBT Sam is still grooming in the WA. Tyler has finished his lunch and taken a banana with him to the BBR. He looks at his photos while eating his banana. When he finishes, he lays in bed while he reads his HoH letter. 2:18 PM BBT It is very quiet in the house. Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam standing in front of the mirror in the WA and putting on make up. Feeds 3 and 4 show Angela alone in the HoH listening to music. Occasionally Sam gives some commentary as to what she is doing.
  8. 1:35 PM BBT Sam is out of the shower and getting dressed. Kaycee is up and visits the WC before going to lay back down. Angela and Tyler are still alone in the HoH. Angela says that she gets real nervous when Tyler is not competing with her, like this last HoH. 1:45 PM BBT Quiet day in the BB house. We are anticipating a POV today but there has not been a single hint as to when we can expect it. Sam is in the WC to get dressed. Kaycee and JC are resting. Tyler has come down from the HoH to make some eggs. Angela is now alone in the HoH, where she has been all day long. She has only emerged from the HoH once today and that was to get some breakfast, which she took back upstairs to eat. 2:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Sam who is grooming after her shower. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Tyler at the KT table. Tyler made 6 scrambled eggs. He threw in the remainder of JC's chicken and then added salsa. He mixes it up and is now eating it.
  9. 1:05 PM BBT Tyler and Angela are alone in the HoH. Tyler proves that Angela is a creature of habit by telling her step by step what she does every single day. All the way down to her post work out banana or oats. Angela is trying the same with Tyler but he is not nearly as predictable. Meanwhile, JC is in the WC and Sam is about to get in the shower. 1:15 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam taking a shower. Feeds 3 and 4 are Angela and Tyler. They are discussing what their typical day looks like on Hilton Head. 1:26 PM BBT Sam is still in the shower. Kaycee is sitting at the dining room table looking at the memory wall. She appears to be studying their faces. Tyler and Angela remain alone in the HoH while they discuss their lives outside the house. Anyone want to take over for a bit? I could use a break.
  10. 12:29 PM BBT For the past 30 minutes Tyler, Angela and Kaycee have been drilling each other on the dates. Meanwhile JC and Sam have been talking in the WA. JC tells her that the house sees the 2 of them as the weak links. They are going to keep getting put up over and over as long as they are there. The only thing they can do is if one of them wins the veto and comes down, they have to promise to keep each other. Sam agrees to that. JC apologizes to her about Brett and said that he had no idea that was going to happen. Sam says she had always thought that Tyler had her back. JC says that for the most part, he has. However Angela has a lot of control over him now. 12:35 PM BBT JC and Sam have spoken privately in the WA. JC tells her to keep her calm and she should be okay. He tells her to go and act normal. Go clean the KT. Sam says she already did. JC starts to cook in the KT. Angela, Tyler and Kaycee see him through the spy screen. Angela says that JC is lost without his Brett and he doesn't know what to do with himself. 12:39 JC and Sam are yelling to each other from across the house. JC says BB watches them take a sh*t. Sam "If you had the choice to watch someone take a sh*t or not to take a sh*t, which would you pick." JC says he would pick to watch someone take a sh*t. Sam "That's because you are a freak." JC says that he is going to start repeating everything BB says in Spanish. BB tells Sam and JC to reattach their microphones. JC repeats it in Spanish and then does it again slowly for Sam to learn how to say it too. 12:44 PM BBT In the HoH, Tyler, Kaycee and Angela are talking. Angela says the only thing that makes her nervous is the final 4 POV. If one of the others wins it, that is the only thing that can mess them up. Kaycee says it will never happen. 12:46 PM BBT JC pulls the Italian dressing out of the fridge to season his meat on the stove. He struggles trying to open the bottle. "Who the F closes the lids in this house?" Meanwhile Angela, Tyler and Kaycee hear him from upstairs. They joke that for such a little man, his voice sure does fill the house. BB calls for JC to put on his microphone for the 5th time. 12:51 PM BBT Tyler and Kaycee are talking in the HoH alone. Kaycee says that it speaks volumes that they have been loyal since Day 2. Tyler says that JC is going to be bitter about it though. Kaycee says that JC has to respect the game. Tyler says that even Angela will be surprised that they have been playing together for so long. Kaycee says that Angela probably thinks that both of them will take her to the final 2. She is comfortable with that idea. Kaycee says that she would never suspect otherwise. 12:55 PM BBT Angela has rejoined Kaycee and Tyler in the HoH. Tyler talks about how Sam has so many different stories. Angela said that Sam probably makes it all up and none of it is true. Because she doesn't know what she did a month ago. So, she questions that Sam can remember so much.
  11. 11:44 AM BBT Tyler apologizes to JC. He wished he could have brought JC into the plan to get rid of Brett but he never would have been okay with it. It is the reason he feels like JC is questioning him now. 11:49 AM BBT JC tells Tyler that they can see how to present this to Angela after the veto. It doesn't matter if they don't win the veto. JC says he wanted to talk to Tyler about all this last night but he didn't know where Tyler was. Tyler says he was in the DR and went to bed downstairs immediately after. Tyler says that JC is driving him crazy and he needs to take a nap. 11:57 AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler are talking up in the HoH. Kaycee tells him she thinks the veto is going to be the faces. Tyler says they still haven't had the numbers one either. However the noises they keep hearing in the BY are the different sounds when you hit the buzzer. If it is wrong it makes one sound and if it is right it makes another. They think BB is testing the buzzers sounds in the BY. 11:59 AM BBT Angela, Kaycee and Tyler go over the dates in the HoH in preparation for the POV.
  12. 11:10 AM BBT Sam goes to eat breakfast on the stairs. Kaycee has gone upstairs to listen to music and Angela heads downstairs to rinse out her bowl from her breakfast. It's been a quiet morning. 11:13 AM BBT Angela goes upstairs and tells Kaycee that she almost fell down the stairs trying to get past Sam who was eating on the stairs. She says "that's the inconsiderate sh*t that drives me nuts. Try being a normal person." 11:16 AM BBT JC and Tyler are in the BBR. JC tells him that he is completely alone now. Tyler has Angela and the others. JC tells him that he didn't want blood on his hands and that is the only reason Tyler hasn't gone after him yet. Tyler denies it and says that isn't true. He has known the plan along alone. JC says that he is a friend for Tyler, not a pawn. 11:20 AM BBT JC tells Tyler that because of the move he made last week, he is starting to doubt Tyler's true intentions with him. Tyler tries to tell him that JC would have never believed him about Brett and that's why he was kept in the dark. JC says the fact that he feels that way means he doesn't trust him. The fact that Tyler thinks Brett tricked him speaks volumes. 11:26 AM BBT JC makes his plea to Tyler that he needs to start looking closer at the girls. He can't beat her in a F2. Kaycee is winning a lot. She will more. If Sam goes home this week and Kaycee wins HoH, Tyler and JC are the next on the block. Not Angela. JC says the only way to prevent that is to get Kaycee out this week. Tyler says that he is sorry that Tyler kept in him in the dark last week and that is making him question everything about him. But there is no way JC would have been down with the plan. No way. 11:31 JC tells Tyler that he is not going after Kaycee because of the blood he will get on his hands. However, he needs to make the move now. Tyler "That's not me." JC tells him that Kaycee will understand afterwards. He and JC will be the only votes. 11:34 AM BBT JC and Tyler are in the BBR. JC is trying to convince Tyler that they need to work on getting Kaycee out now instead of later. Kaycee is too smart and she will go after Tyler the first shot she has. If JC comes down, he and Tyler will control the vote. And Kaycee will respect the game play. 11:40 AM BBT JC tells Tyler that if Kaycee ends up top 3, she wins the 2 part HoH. And neither JC nor Tyler can beat her in the end. If they go after Kaycee now, and they pull this off, the fans are going to go crazy. Tyler needs to start thinking about what happens outside the house. What are they going to get offered afterwards. A big move now means more opportunities later in life.
  13. 10:32 AM BBT Sam is now educating Kaycee on coyotes. They hunt in packs and actively communicate with each other. They want nothing to do with humans so you could be right next to one and not even know it. However, you never want to corner one. She had one in a foot trap once and it could have taken her arm off her body. However, the most terrifying things she has heard is the sound of a bobcat in a foot trap. It makes nightmarish terrible sounds. 10:46 AM BBT Sam, Tyler and Kaycee are hanging out in the KT telling stories while Sam cooks pancakes. Tyler jokes that he is actually a twin named Travis. He jokes about how everyone in the house was so paranoid, Rockstar actually believed him. 10:49 AM BBT Sam talks about how she used to work at Cracker Barrel. They didn't have chocolate chips or anything and the kids always wanted to that. So she would get chocolate from the country store and make it for them. Tyler says "speaking of which you should make some now." She says fie, and tells him to hand her the M&Ms. 10:55 AM BBT Sam has made Kaycee a Mickie Mouse pancake. She is now cooking Tyler a rainbow pancake by adding M&M's to it. She says she is going to be the most fun mom. 11:02 AM BBT JC has joined Sam, Tyler and Kaycee in the KT. He starts talking about production so all 4 cameras switch to the HoH where Angela is in bed with the covers all the way over hear head to block out the bedroom lights.
  14. 9:10 AM BBT JC wakes up and heads to the KT. He makes a protein shake and refills his water glass. He heads to the WC. Afterwards, he goes back to the KT for his water glass and then climbs back in the bed. The protein shake must be for later. 9:40 AM BBT Wake up call. 9:54 AM BBT The feeds return with Sam exiting the WC and Kaycee going in. We can hear Sam rummaging around in the KT but Feeds 1 and 2 are still showing the WA where Kaycee is in the WC. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Tyler in bed the BBR. 9:58 AM BBT Sam and Kaycee say good morning to each other as they begin their ADLs. 10:02 AM BBT Sam and Kaycee are talking in the KT. They hope they get to play the veto early. Kaycee thinks they will have a guest for the veto. Sam jokes that maybe it will be Bebe Rexha again. 10:04 AM BBT Sam is in the KT with Kaycee. She is laughing and talking about how Bebe Rexha got in her saucer and Sam had to help her get back out of it. Sam thinks there will be a video of just Sam crashing into things in the HN Room. She bounces around all those saucers like a pinball. 10:07 AM BBT Sam is telling Kaycee about a geriatric season of BB: Where all the HGs walk around in sliders and have Life Alert Buttons. 10:12 AM BBT Kaycee and Sam are just talking in the KT about how good yesterday was. Kaycee says she has a dog named Ten Ten. He was 10/10/2010. WBRB. 10:14 AM BBT Angela, who is in the HoH and listening to music, is called to the SR. Almost immediately she is called to the DR. Sam "Wrong button." 10:19 AM BBT Kaycee and Sam are hanging out in the KT talking about their animals at home. Sam then talks about an incident where they had trapped a "real cute raccoon". While she was talking about how cute the raccoon was, the raccoon bit her. It ripped the false nail off her finger and her real name out of the nail bed underneath it. One of Sam's dogs then proceeded to rip that raccoon apart. This dog never went after other animals, but this one hurt Sam. 10:26 AM BBT Sam has told Kaycee raccoon stories and then talks to her about possums. She tells her that possums are bad to have around horses. They like to crap in horse hay. If the horse eats the hay, they can get an illness called EPM which can be fatal.
  15. 12:00 AM BBT Sam looks at the cameras, says Thank you and then Love you. She then rolls over in her saucer to try to go to sleep. She then laughs and says "Bebe Rexha was in my saucer". She is clearly too excited to sleep just yet. 12:05 AM BBT All the lights are out. Sam is on Feeds 1 and 2. Angela and Tyler on Feeds 3 and 4. Sam, who has been too excited to sleep, hears some thumping going on behind the walls of the HN Room. She sits up in her saucer and looks around the room, like she is trying to figure out where the noise is coming from. 12:10 AM BBT Tyler and Angela are in the HoH. Tyler is called to the DR. He replies "Call Swaggy, I don't want to go." He gives Angela some good bye kisses before heading to the DR. 12:30 AM BBT All the HGs are in bed with the exception of Tyler who is still in the DR. 12:37 AM BBT It appears that the idea of sleeping is more prevalent than actual sleeping. Angela has been restless in the HoH. Sam has been having a hard time going to sleep in the HN room. And now feed 1 is zoomed in on JC who is laying in bed in the dark room, but very much awake still. 12:49 AM BBT Tyler is finally done with his DR session. He visits the WC and then climbs in bed and reads one of his HoHs. Feed 1 is still zoomed in on JC who is in bed but looking straight up into the camera that is zoomed in on his face in the dark. 1:00 AM BBT All the HGs are in bed. The lights are out. Tyler is no longer reading letter and has covered his eyes with a shirt so that he can go to sleep. JC has finally stopped staring off into the distance and has rolled over to go to sleep as well. 1:22 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 switch and we see Angela coming out of the DR. She heads up to the HoH where she rummages through her basket for a snack. She then heads to the bathroom to wash her face and then turns out the light to crawl back in bed. 1:27 AM BBT After washing her face, Angela turns out the HoH room lights and takes her snack to bed with her where she eats in the dark while looking at the spy screen. 1:45 AM BBT Everyone is in bed. Lights are all out. Feed 1 is zoomed in on JC, Feed 2 is on Angela, Feed 3 is for Sam and Feed 4 shows Kaycee and Tyler. 4:30 AM BBT Everyone is in bed, but everyone has been rolling around a lot. 6:57 AM BBT JC wakes up and heads to the WC. The feeds that were focused on him change to WBRB however, we can hear JC go to the SR to change his battery. When he exits the SR, the feeds return to him. He goes back to bed.
  16. 11:07 PM BBT Sam comes out of the DR. Kaycee jokes that she thought someone took her, she was in there so long. Kaycee, JC and Tyler are hanging out in the KT and eating s'more flavored goldfish crackers. 11:10 PM BBT JC comes out of the WC and shows Kaycee that his finger is swelling and it is really starting to hurt. He noticed it was sore earlier but now it really hurts. He wonders if he broke it without knowing. Kaycee describes it as having a big bruise on it and swelling. Sam comes in there and is looking it over real good. She says it is not a bite or anything. It looks more like a pinch. 11:15 PM BBT Kaycee says she is going to bed. Sam says she is going to eat ice cream and go to bed too. Because she got to see BeBe Rexha today and she is on the block. It was a big day. 11:20 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are showing the KT where Tyler is doing dishes while Sam eats ice cream from her perch on the stairs. Feeds 3 and 4 show Angela up in the HoH. 11:28 PM BBT Tyler is still cleaning up the KT. Sam is eating ice cream on the stairs. Angela has gone to bed in the HoH. She has the lights out and is watching Tyler through the spy TV. 11:30 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam sitting alone on the stairs. She says to herself that she never had dinner today. But "this is better, ice cream and beer". She then notices the cameras zooming in on her. She plays a little game with the camera where she hides her face behind the steps. She smiles, says that her cheeks her, and heads to the WA where Tyler is. They briefly discuss that today was a really good day. 11:37 PM BBT JC and Kaycee are in bed downstairs. Tyler has gone to bed up in the HoH with Angela. Sam is the only one up at the moment. She says to herself that she is going to bed and that her back hurts. 11:40 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam in the WA getting ready for bed. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tyler and Angela in bed in the HoH with the lights out. They are discussing that they got their old JC back. He has been weird the last couple weeks. They wonder if it was because Brett was in his ears recently. 11:43 PM BBT Tyler and Angela kiss and then go all the way under the covers for some heavy petting while making out. 11:49 Tyler and Angela finally come up for some air. Tyler "Nothing going on in here." Angela "Not a thing, nothing to see." 11:54 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam smiling from her saucer. She talks to BB. "How can I ever thank you enough? I don't know." Feeds 3 and 4 are on Angela and Tyler in bed in the dark HoH. 11:57 PM Sam is talking to the camera from her saucer. She says that sometimes she pretends that her and BB are the only ones there.
  17. 10:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show JC in front of the mirrors in the LR. He is bouncing a ball from one hand to the other. He speaks directly to the cameras. He says that he hopes Angela does not win this. He does not want her to be the winner of BB20. He then says that he is waiting to be called into the DR and that it takes like 20 f'ing hours. Meanwhile Tyler and Angela are snuggling in the HoH on Feeds 3 and 4. 10:09 PM BBT JC is sitting on the couch with Orwella. He is still talking to himself. He says that he almost made it all the way to the end without ever being on the block. He then asks Orwella if she is proud of him. He tells the stuffed owl that he is sorry if he ever mistreated her. He then tells the owl that she is beautiful. 10:17 PM BBT JC continues to sit alone in the LR and talk to the owl. Meanwhile, in the HoH Angela, Kaycee and Tyler are watching him on the screen in the HoH. They laugh at him talking to the owl. Tyler says that is the saddest thing. Angela invites him to the HoH. 10:20 PM BBT JC has joined Angela, Kaycee and Tyler in the HoH. Angela apologizes for not talking to him earlier. She tells him that he is not the target. Sam is the target because the jury loves Sam. The jury hates her. She also felt like Kaycee and Tyler were just the HoH and didn't put her up. Therefore, she couldn't justify putting them up now. However, Sam is the target. JC is not because he has been completely loyal where Sam has not been. 10:28 PM BBT Tyler, Angela, JC and Kaycee are joking in the HoH about whether or not each of them would be willing to date Rihanna if she asked them to be their girlfriend. Angela is the only one that would want a definition of her idea of girlfriend. Tyler jokes "You can't just say no to Rihanna. She is Rihanna." 10:30 PM BBT JC, Angela, Tyler and Kaycee are talking about Hollywood stars. JC admits that he has a real crush on "13 Reasons Why" actor Brandon Flynn. JC says that Justin Bieber looks like a lesbian. Kaycee says that a friend once said that she looks like him. 10:44 PM BBT Tyler, JC, Kaycee and Angela talk about how JC has been pranking people by hiding bacon in their clothes. He put bacon in one person's pants pocket and then again in those pink shoes. Meanwhile they start complaining about not being called into the DR yet. Sam has been in there forever. Kaycee "She is probably venting." 10:48 PM BBT Boredom has taken over the HoH room. Tyler is now going through the basket of nail polish and make up and asking them to guess the price that is listed on the outside of the bottles/containers. Kaycee is amazed that such a small bottle of nail polish costs $5.00. Angela tells her that it is cheap. Most nail polish is more expensive than that. 10:55 PM BBT Tyler has noticed through the spy TV that Sam was called into the DR while cleaning out the fridge and that the items have been sitting on the KT counter. He goes down to pick up where she left off. 11:00 PM BBT Kaycee says she is going to bed and goes down to the KT. JC says that he is going to do the same. As he comes out, he calls out to Kaycee "B**ch" from the balcony. She is in the KT. He then tosses her a piece of food down to her and she catches it in her mouth.
  18. "Monkeys at the Zoo" was created by Alesha, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. "Special Powers" created by Linda, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. "Blew Like This" by Linda "Hal" also created by Linda. "Rockstar's Daughter's Birthday" was created by Melissa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. "I.Have.You" was created by Anjie, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group.
  19. 10:30 AM BBT Sam has been reorganizing the pots and the pans in the KT. She gets called to the DR and she comes back quickly thereafter. Everyone else is still in bed. BB isn't even calling for them to change their batteries this morning. 10:40 AM BBT Sam is making breakfast while the rest of the HGs remain in bed. 10:50 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam eating her breakfast while sitting on the stairwell. Feeds 3 and 4 show Kaycee in the bed in the HoH. She has the comforter up over her head. 11:00 AM BBT Angela is now awake as well. She has gotten up and brushed her teeth. Sam is still in the stairwell, with her legs hanging over the side and she sways her feet back and forth. We can hear some pretty extensive power tool action coming from the BY. 11:06 AM BBT JC is up. He changed his battery and heads towards the direction of the WA. However, the cameras do not follow him. Angela has gone back to bed. 11:08 AM BBT BB calls for Tyler and Kaycee to change their batteries with new one from the SR. 11:26 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 continue to follow Sam as she does ADL's. Feeds 3 and 4 are still showing Tyler and Angela in the BBR. We continue to hear the sounds of power tools in the background. 11:42 AM BBT Sam has gone up to the loft to feed the fish. She watches one particular fish that is not doing well. She talks to it, hoping that it makes it. She then says "That's the death twitch" and goes to put on some plastic gloves. She climbs up on the step ladder to the tank to try to retrieve the fish. She can't get her hand in to get the fish. The camera zooms in close. Sam appears to be just inches from the camera when she looks right at it and says "There is a dead fish. There's been a death. And you have something on your lens. You have a booger." She climbs back down.
  20. 5:13 AM BBT Sam, the only one not in bed, is finally out of the DR. She heads into the HN Room and is setting up her saucer. She says that she will be awake again in about 4 hours. She removes her microphone and mumbles, so we can't hear her. She crawls into her saucer and tucks all her pillows in around her. She looks at the camera and says "I am going to bed. Good night Big Brother. I love you." She rolls over and BB cuts out the lights. 5:30 AM BBT Everyone is finally in bed and asleep. 8:30 AM BBT Good morning. The HGs had a late night. Kaycee is in bed in the HoH. Haleigh, JC and Brett are asleep in the PBR. Tyler and Angela are asleep in the BBR. And Sam sleeps alone in the big saucer in the HN Room. 10:01 AM BBT Wake up call 10:13 AM BBT The feeds return. All 4 feeds are on the Pink and Blue Bedrooms. The lights are on but everyone is still in bed, with the exception of Sam who is in the KT making coffee.
  21. 3:35 AM BBT Angela and Tyler go to their beds in the BBR. Tyler asks that the lights go out. They whisper to each other and BB tells them to put on their microphone. Then Angela puts her pillows under her comforter and arranges her hair extensions on the pillow on her bed. She is making it look like she is asleep in bed. Then she climbs in bed next to Tyler. 3:45 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show JC and Haleigh in bed in the PBR. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tyler and Angela snuggling under the covers in the BBR. 3:47 AM BBT though they are under the covers, it is pretty obvious and Tyler and Angela are making out. You can see Tyler's head moving and hear the sound of kissing. The feeds switch to Sam who is still busy in the KT. 3:51 AM BBT Sam is in the KT. Someone has damaged a watermelon and that it will go bad soon. So she chopped up the watermelon. She is eating some of it and says something about people being wasteful when other people have no food at all. She bags up what she doesn't eat. She then says that she is thankful for watermelon, super hot shower, her beer, electricity, thankful for music in a few hours, mild salsa, hot coffee, and all kinds of stuff. 3:57 AM BBT Brett is getting in the shower. Sam had just finished up in the KT and was about to go to bed. BB calls her to the DR. She laughs and says "Son of a bi**h". 4:02 AM BBT Brett is in the Shower. Sam is looking in the mirror and cleaning up a bit before heading to the DR. Sam tells Brett that Yatus was her favorite comic. Brett says that he understands that they are based on inside jokes. But he can't for the life of him figure out Rockstar's. She was Rock Czars. Her family is Hungarian who were Jewish and fled. It makes no sense. It must be a play on words because it rhymes with Star. 4:10 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on the downstairs bedrooms with the HGs sleeping. Kaycee is in the HoH. Sam is in the DR. Brett is out of the shower. He can be heard in the house but he remains off camera. 4:20 AM BBT Feeds still show sleeping HGs. 4:30 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show JC and Haleigh asleep in the PBR. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tyler and Angela making out again in the BBR. When the covers go over their heads, BB switches their camera to Brett who is wrapped in a towel in front of the WA mirror. 4:41 AM BBT Brett is rummaging around in his locker and puts on a pair of boxers before dropping his towel. He heads to the PBR. His stirring grabs Haleigh's attention. She asks him why he isn't sleeping with JC. He says that he knows JC is in his bed somewhere, but he can't see where. So he went and got some covers from the other and crawls into the empty bed that is next to Haleigh. 4:53 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show sleeping HGs in the PBR. Feeds 3 and 4 show that in the BBR, Angela has left Tyler's bed and crawled back into her own. They face each other, touch hands for a moment, then Angela rolls over.
  22. 2:09 AM BBT Brett has joined Kaycee and Angela in the HoH. He says that he roasted the former HGs while doing the comp. He yelled that Fess looked like sh*t. Rockstar is a loser. Kaitlyn is a f'ing impostor. He was in game made but trying to be funny too. Then he realized afterwards that the jury may see that comp. He may have screwed up. Also during the comp, Brett broke Winston, sliced his hand open, fell off the thing and rolled his ankle. 2:20 AM BBT Brett tells Kaycee and Angela that Haleigh and Fessy were so bad at the game, that the only thing they contributed to the game was a crap app. That's it. Haleigh is being so fake with them all now and it is so obvious. And she thinks they are all clueless. 2:29 AM BBT Angela, Brett and Kaycee talk in the HoH. They are planning on what they will do the double. Sam and JC will go up for sure. If one of them wins the veto and comes down then one of them has to go up, but it doesn't matter who. They can draw straws. Angela talks about how being on the block is still scary. Brett says he knows, she has never been on the block eviction night. He has. 2:38 PM BBT JC, wrapped in a towel, is talking to Sam in the WA. He is giving her a pep talk. JC is talking about how lucky he is. He admits to living in a bubble some of his life, but he has real friends. Not fake friends, but real ones. JC says that those who seem to be the happiest are often the ones that are the saddest inside. He tells her to be herself and embrace it. 2:42 AM BBT JC tells Sam that when the other HGs throw shade, think about what she has that they don't. Focus on your own positives. Don't be ashamed of your own qualities and embrace them. Sam jokes that her qualities are limited in there. Nothing in the BB house needs welded and no pigs need a pen. 2:52 AM BBT Sam is in the SR cleaning up. Kaycee, Angela and Tyler are in the HoH. They think that Sam and JC may throw the HoH comp again. JC is heading to bed. Sam says she is going to sleep in her saucer. Tyler tells Kaycee that the two of them are comp beasts. Why don't they just win all the comps from now on. It's a lot of speeches though. 3:00 PM BBT Kaycee and Tyler talk in the HoH. Tyler says that JC is so arrogant in thinking that he has Brett. Kaycee says that Brett told her that JC and Sam aren't fighting because they think the remaining 4 will all go after each other. Tyler says that he is annoyed that Brett is hearing these things from JC and not telling him. He can't just sit back and keep that to himself. 3:06 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Haleigh and JC in the darkened BR. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tyler and Kaycee in the HoH. Kaycee says that JC and Sam are going to freak out over the double and that is going to mess them up. Tyler says that JC honestly thinks he is controlling thing. He has been on the right side of the votes but that's it. Kaycee says that she can't wait until they reveal it all to him. 3:15 AM BBT Tyler is down in the KT with Sam. He is rinsing out some dishes. Sam starts to clean out the fridge. She removes shelves and wipes them down with disinfectant wipes to get rid of the crumbs before taking them to the sink to clean. 3:28 AM BBT Pretty quiet. Sleeping HGs are all we see on Feeds 1 and 2. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Sam who has removed and is cleaning the shelves from the fridge.
  23. 1:00 AM BBT Brett, Tyler, JC, Haleigh and Kaycee are all hanging out in the KT and talking about their comp. Brett is curios if the jury gets to see the POV comp. Sam is in the shower in the HoH and Angela is up there doing her hair. 1:05 AM BBT Brett tells JC that he thinks his accent got thicker when he hosted. Brett jokes that BB had to use subtitles with Raven sometimes so not to worry about it. 1:15 AM BBT In the KT, Kaycee describes to JC that the comp involved a helicopter you had to hold on to. And a balance beam that swirled. She felt like a legit superhero. 1:22 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Brett, Kaycee, Sam and Angela in the KT eating the chicken that JC cooked. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Haleigh in bed in the PBR. She has the covers up to her ears and nose. 1:30 PM BBT Kaycee and Angela are in the WA. Angela is brushing her teeth. Tyler is in the DR. Brett is still in the KT and made pancake sliders since the HNs can eat now. Kaycee brings her microphone up to her mouth and tells BB that they are going to get a much more energetic DR session if they wait and call her tomorrow. 1:40 AM BBT Brett and JC are now the only ones left in the KT. Kaycee is laying down in the HoH. Sam is the HoH bathroom and is talking to Kaycee. Sam asks if JC was still cooking dinner downstairs and Kaycee said no. Sam says that JC has cooked a lot today. He likes to cook. 1:55 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Haleigh laying down in the PBR. The camera zooms in on her and she notices. She smiles, says HI, and then covers her face with the comfortable. Feeds 3 and 4 show Kaycee laying down in the HoH bed and Angela laying down on the HoH sofa. You can hear JC and Brett down in the KT. 2:04 AM BBT Kaycee and Angela are in the HoH discussing how they can manipulate Sam to put up JC if she was to win HoH. Kaycee will be vulnerable because she put Sam up. They think that maybe they can get her to put him up if she thinks the target is Brett. They decide it doesn't matter because Sam isn't winning anyway.
  24. 6:36 PM BBT JC, Brett and Sam are talking in the WA. JC tells Sam about parents who don't control their kids and let them just oogle him. He says it is different in the West Coast. In the West Coast, everyone mind's their own business. They are more open minded and more education. 6:44 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on Brett, Angel, Kaycee and Tyler in the combined BRs. They are talking about Brett's Granny. They are trying to remember all of the stuff that Granny made him. Brett said the worst was the jelly on the roast beef. They tell him that Granny never made him eat Jelly on the roast beef. He recalls that he did. Angela told him no way. She watched him make it. He put extra hot sauce because he thought Granny was going to eat it. He didn't know he was going to have to eat it. 6:54 PM BBT We spent the better part of 5 minutes with all 4 feeds on the WC door with Sam on the other side of it. Feeds 1 and 2 are now on Haleigh putting more hair spray in her hair. Tyler, JC, Kaycee and Angela are hanging out in the BBR. No game talk. 7:04 PM BBT JC asks Sam if they can make a pie. She says yeah, probably. He wants to make a chocolate pie. She sends him to the SR for butter and oatmeal cookies to make the crust.