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  7. 2:07 AM Metta gets out of bed and goes to the speakeasy and goes to Twitter. He goes back outside to check on the dryer. Mark gets up and goes to the bathroom. Mark runs into Metta and asks if he is alright. Metta tells him yeah, he is just waiting on his clothes. Metta and Mark both go back to bed. 2:30 AM BBT Metta is again in the BY checking on the dryer. He folds his clothes on the top of the dryer, takes his clothes to the bedroom, and hops back in bed. 3:50 AM BBT Metta is once again up. He heads to the bathroom, washes his hands, spends a moment grooming in front of the mirror and goes back to bed again. 5:30 AM BBT Metta won't stay in bed. He is again up, this time getting a snack from the KT. He eats some chips and goes back to bed just as Brandi gets up. She heads to the SR and take some medicine. She then goes to the bathroom before heading back to bed. 7:30 AM BBT Mark is up and heads to the bathroom again. He washes his hands and goes back to bed. Ross and Metta are both snoring. 7:40 AM BBT It's Marissa's turn to get up and use the bathroom. She goes back to bed. 8:50 AM BBT WBRB. Maybe a wake up call.
  8. 1:03 AM BBT Ari is afraid if the veto brings Ross down that she will go up. Metta, Omarosa and Ari assure her that she has the votes over Brandi to stay. Metta tells her that she would easily have James' vote too. 1:07 AM BBT The Veto Conspiracy Theories continue in the KT between Metta, Marissa, Omarosa and Ari. They now think because of the time constraints, the veto holder automatically becomes the next HOH. 1:10 AM BBT Ari tells the others that if Brandi stays and wins HoH then she is going to put up Omarosa. Marissa says that she and Ari can convince her to go after James instead. Ari tells Omarosa that the hate between Brandi and James is real. 1:16 AM BBT Omarosa has left the others in the KT. Marissa, Metta and Ari think that James wouldn't be mad if he went home on a veto twist. He would probably think it was a good game move on their part. 1:25 AM BBT Everyone is now in bed with the exception of Metta who is folding a load of towels in the wash area. He talks to himself "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy". 1:35 AM BBT Metta goes in the BY to transfer a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer. He then puts on his hoodie and sunglasses and crawls back in bed. He snuggles Orwell and all the lights go out. Metta says goodnight to his family.
  9. 12:50 AM BBT In the KT Marissa tells Metta, Ari and Omarosa that even if Ross did come off the block and could name his own replacement he would pick James. Meanwhile Metta is chopping up garlic and lime and grosses them all out by eating it all raw, including the peel on the lime. Omarosa "That is why he is World Champion and we are little people." Marissa tells Omarosa that she didn't promise James that if he is a replacement nominee by a fluke veto thing, that she wouldn't break a tie and vote him out. They agree whoever gets James out can win the game. Ari says that James going home does them a big favor.
  10. 12:32 AM BBT Omarosa, Marissa, Ari and Ross are in the KT. Ross "What if the veto allows you to take both people off the block?" Omarosa "That would be horrible. That means half the remaining house I would have pi$$ed off." 12:34 AM BBT Ross goes to bed leaving Ari, Omarosa and Marissa in the KT. Marissa tells them that Ross has the votes to stay unless the house flips again. However if she can take him down and put up someone it will be James. But then James would have to go. 12:37 AM BBT Omarosa says she would be okay with them putting up James in a veto twist because her promise was that she wouldn't nominate or backdoor him. She honors her promise because it won't be her doing it. 12:40 AM BBT Ari tells Marissa and Omarosa that Brandi expects her vote. Omarosa says she is free to vote for who she wants. Furthermore, Rule #1 in BB is don't vote against the house. Metta walks over and they ask him his guests about the twists. He thinks the twist may bring someone back in. Marissa says there are too many people in here already. 12:42 AM BBT In front of Ari and Omarosa, Marissa asks Metta if he could vote out James if he was up on the block. He says yes. Marissa, then that is what they do. Ari asks Metta if he has a deal with Mark and James. He says he does not, but he does know that they want Brandi out. 12:45 AM BBT While talking in the KT about what to do if they get to replace Ross on the block, Metta shocks Omarosa, Marissa and Ari by eating raw garlic. He eats it raw for strength. Omarosa "Metta, that is hard core."
  11. 12:01 AM BBT Marissa is talking to Ross in the BR. She informs him about a conversation she had with Mark. He told her that the house keeps talking about how his speech was so long but it was because he knew Shannon was about to blow up everyone's game. So instead, he just kept talking. Ross "I love him. He's a genius." 12:04 AM BBT Ari is talking to Ross and Marissa. Ari says she talked to Mark. Mark told Ross he wasn't aligned with Omarosa. Ross also thinks that Metta likes him and he may vote for Ross too. Ross apologizes to Ari because Brandi may be going. Marissa says she doesn't care what the house does, she is voting for Ross to stay. Brandi knows that. She hasn't even tried to ask for her vote. 12:12 AM BBT Marissa is talking to Ari in the teal bedroom. If they get a Hail Mary tomorrow and can keep Brandi and Ross then they need to go after James first. Then Mark or Omarosa in whatever order. 12:14 AM BBT Ari asks Marissa if she and Ross have a deal with Mark and James. Marissa denies it. She then goes straight to Mark, Ross, and James and tells them that Ari knows. They all lay in bed and then after convincing the house they are asleep they will talk again. 12:22 AM BBT Marissa and Ross get up and go join Ari in the KT. Ross tells Ari that he isn't going to lie to her. He did ask Mark and James for their vote. Ross tells her that they adore her and she will not be their target. Ross admits that he trusts them (James and Mark) and that they have his ear. 12:27 AM BBT Omarosa joins Ari, Marissa and Ross in the KT. She tells them she has figured out the veto twist. The wording is clear. It changes the power. Picking who the replacement nominee is groundbreaking. Or the person who wins is safe for this eviction and the next one too. Marissa says she would eat worms for that one.
  12. 11:10 PM BBT Marissa, Omarosa, Mark and Metta are trying to figure out the POV twist. They have been told that America has a choice to change the power. They are trying to determine how that change would work. Omarosa says she doesn't care as long as she doesn't have to pick a replacement. 11:19 PM BBT In the bedroom Ari, Brandi and Ross are hanging out. Ari thinks the next comp will be identifying what happened on certain dates. Ross says he needs to study. Ari thinks she would do good. He tells her to just wear that lipstick tomorrow and she will win. 11:27 PM BBT Marissa, Metta and Omarosa are discussing the thoughts running through their heads during the endurance comp. Marissa sang songs in her head. Omarosa went through scripture. 11:35 PM BBT Brandi and James are in the WA discussing how they feel like they have no schedule at all in the BB house and haven't seen the sun in weeks. Meanwhile Omarosa tells Ari that they have to figure something out. The house wants Brandi out. Ross has the guys and he has Marissa. She tells Ari that she is about to be alone in the house. 11:37 PM BBT Omarosa tells Brandi that she has to work Metta. She has to convince him to stay and work with them. Ari says that Metta will talk. He always talks. Ari says even if she can get Metta, the others still have the votes. 11:41 James is curious about how much of the shower can be seen from the cameras hanging from the ceiling in the WA. Marissa climbs on a chair to try to get her head even with the camera. She tells him she can't even see his nipples from up there. Meanwhile Ari walks past her to the water closet and peeks over the shower door. James "Ari just straight up looked." Meanwhile BB reprimands Marissa "Safety First. No Horsing Around. Please do not move the furniture." 11:43 AM BBT Following Ari's shower peek, James tells her that if they are going to play that way then peeking in on her in the shower is fair game. Marissa "That's alright, we don't shower don't here anyway." 11:47 PM BBT Ari and Omarosa go into the gym to speak to Metta. They tell him that he needs to vote Ross out. If Brandi goes then Ross still has Marissa, James and Mark. O is going to keep her promise to James and not make him a replacement nom if the POV is used. If Metta or Ari get a POV where they can name the replacement then they can do what she can't and put up James. The house will vote him out. Because he's strong. 11:52 PM BBT Ari tells Metta and Omarosa that if Brandi stays then she will work with them. O says that gives them 4 against the other 3. After spending the better part of 10 minutes explaining why they need to vote out Ross Metta asks her "So, who do you want me to vote out?" 11:56 PM BBT Omarosa, Metta and Ari continue to talk strategy in the gym. Saving Brandi and bringing them in gives them the numbers. O asks Ari if she can stop Brandi from doing crazy things like the hinky Shannon vote. Ari says yes. Brandi will not do that again. If Omarosa or Ari can name a replacement with the POV, they will put up James.
  13. 5:30 PM BBT Before James leaves Marissa, he tells her that he is not going to go forward with this unless she is all in. Because they don't have the numbers this way. She says she understands. She just needs to process this. 5:37 PM BBT Mark and Marissa are talking in the BR. She feels like a final 4 without Ari is like screwing her over. Mark tells her that she can't take 7 people to the finale. Mark tells her that Ari screwed herself by being too aligned with Brandi. Brandi is her ride or die. 5:46 PM BBT The HGs are writing a song about Ross in the KT. Ari tries to add some verses. Brandi tells her that she needs to stick to modeling and she will be just fine. 5:55 PM BBT Ross, Ari, Brandi Ross, Omarosa and Marissa are in the KT. They are trying to help Ari create her rap. They are each trying to create their own verse. Omarosa is terrible at it. She keeps ending her verse with words that don't rhyme with anything (such as DR and veggies) making it impossible to keep the rap going.