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  1. ............ Lisa with "Story Worse Than Yours". Congratulations Lisa, winner of the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 19 Live Feed Meme Contest!
  2. So, which memes were your favorite? Well, here are the 11 weekly winners so far. One more weekly winning meme will to go before Morty picks his Grand Prize Winner: Week 1: Yellowbull created by Todd. Week 2: Save Breakfast also created by Todd Week 3: Be a Man also created by Todd Week 4: Rehab created by....you guessed it.....Todd Week 5: Save the Little Kid created by Lisa Week 6: Story Worse Than Yours also created by Lisa Week 7: Mrs. Grinch created by Donna and Sun's Out Bun's Out created by Ziggy 49 because Morty loved them both too much to choose. Week 8: My Eyes My Eyes created by Millie Week 9: Trust Me created by Todd Week 10: Good With That created by Melody Week 11: Meeting of the Mindless created by Melody Week 12: Todd "Might Win AFP"
  3. Alright guys, here are the last 3 memes closing out the contest entries. All 3 of these memes come from members of Morty's TV Facebook Group. So, here we are. The last 3. Aimee: "Mugshot" Todd "Might Win AFP" and Kathy "Hokey Pokey"
  4. 12:01 PM BBT Christmas goes to the WC and then goes back to be 12:13 PM BBT Josh gets up to change his battery and does his ADLs. 12:22 PM BBT Josh is the only one up. He says Good Morning Familia to the cameras and says he hopes everyone has a blessed day. He is going to go make some breakfast. BB "Josh, Buenos Dias House guests. Josh gets excited that BB spoke Spanish to him. Josh "I hope we still get our music" WBRB. 12:30 PM BBT The HGs finally get a wake up call.
  5. 11:00 AM BBT Josh is up and visits the WC. On his way back to the BR he stops for a moment to study the memory wall. He then crawls back into bed. 11:45 AM BBT The HGs are still in bed. The lights are still off in the den BR.
  6. 10:02 AM BBT Still no wake up call from BB yet. Paul is awake and heads to the WC and then goes back to bed. 10:30 AM BBT BB is letting them sleep in this morning.
  7. 2:00 AM BBT Josh is still in the DR. Paul and Christmas are in bed. All quiet. 2:58 AM BBT Josh is out of the DR. He heads to the WC. 3:10 AM BBT Josh heads to bed. All 3 HGs are now in bed. 3:30 AM BBT-9:30 AM BBT All is quiet. Just the occasional tossing and turning over.
  8. 1:20 AM BBT Paul and Josh have speculated how the next few days are going to go. Just general chit chat. 1:27 AM BBT Josh and Paul turn the lights off in the red BR. They are talking about other HGs. They agree that Mark was a huge sissy for such a big guy. 1:35 AM BBT Josh and Paul have gone quiet. 1:43 AM BBT Christmas is out of the DR and Josh is called in. Paul laughs at him. "Fool, you played yourself." He says that Christmas is going to come in there with her cold feet and he needs to tell her to keep her icicles to herself when she comes to bed. 1:47 AM BBT Christmas climbs into bed and intentionally puts her cold feet on Paul. Paul freaks. Christmas "That's what you get." Christmas tells Paul that he is warm. He tells her that she is corpse. Paul then tells her about the burnt and black cookies. Christmas "That last thing I said to him was don't burn them."
  9. 12:05 AM BBT Paul tells Josh he has no idea what he is going to say to his girl when he gets out. Josh tells him to tell her that this is literally work for him. He is on a business trip. Josh tells him not to go crazy. He only met her a month before he came into the house but to tell her that he has thought of her all summer long, which he has. (The cookies are still in the oven and the timer went off 25 minutes ago). 12:07 AM BBT BB makes an announcement "The stove". Paul jumps up. "You left the cookies, you stupid F....get your a$$ up, I aint the one cooking." Josh "I burned the cookies. The oven didn't turn itself off. I burned the cookies." Josh wants to hide the cookies and start a new batch. Paul wants him to leave them for her to see. Josh "No, you just want to make fun of me." 12:20 AM BBT Josh is singing in the KT. He refuses to leave or let Paul leave the KT so that he doesn't burn another batch of cookies. 12:25 PM BBT In the KT Josh says that there is no way he would just jump back into the house and play as a vet unless he knew Paul or Christmas were going to be there. He thinks 100% that Christmas will get a call back to play as a vet. 12:37 AM BBT Now that the cookies are done and he has had a bowl of ice cream, Josh says he is going to bed. Josh starts to talk to the cameras. Meanwhile Paul is talking to himself at the microwave. He is rehearsing his speech for finale night. At some point, the camera turns away from Josh. Josh gets mad and says "I am the only person in here, who do you want to talk to?F'ing Trejo? I am not talking to you anymore. Go talk to Orwell." Josh has an entire conversation with a camera. Josh "Dude, you need to stop being a creep. I am just trying to sleep." BB "I don't think so." All of this is going on while Paul rehearses his speech. 12:40 AM BBT Josh to the camera "Talk to the damn owl because I am not talking to you. Do you know how rude it is to turn your back on someone when they are talking to you?" BB "Slow your roll." 12:41 PM BBT Josh has now turned his anger at the camera into a love/hate conversation. Josh admits that he is going to miss BB when he leaves the house. He points right at the camera and says "I am going to miss you." BB "Thank you very much." Josh "You are welcome Big Brother." 12:51 AM BBT Josh is having a one on one conversation with the camera in the rose BR about how he is surprised he made it this far. Meanwhile Paul has a one on one conversation with the camera in the DR about how he is one step away from winning. 12:55 AM BBT Josh whispers in Paul's ear. We cannot hear. Paul "No. She is 35 and I am 24. The oldest girl I have been with is current and she is 25. No dude, I doubt it." He says Christmas is chill and attractive. But they live very different lives and she is 11 years older than him. Josh whispers in his ear again. "Paul. No fool. No....then he smiles a little." Josh "I knew it." Paul tells him he has a diamond on the outside though. 12:58 AM BBT Josh explains to Paul why Christmas is a better match for Paul than for Josh. They are the same age but Paul is much more mature. Paul is like 30 and Josh is like 12.
  10. Moved to Sunday live feed posts.
  11. 11:30 PM BBT Josh goes to lay down in the rose BR. He talks to the cameras. He tells us he won the 2nd part of the HOH comp. Christmas gave him a run for his money. Wait til we see, it was brutal. Really tired. Been a long day. He couldn't be happier with these 2 crazies. He can't wait to see his family on Wednesday. He is so proud of Christmas. She is a warrior and he doesn't even have words to explain. With a broken foot and she is killing it. The will, strength and drive is one of a kind. 11:35 PM BBT Josh talks to us about the 2 stuffed owls in the room. He says Theodore and Orwell look like twins but Theodore's eye looks off to the side. He is cockeyed. And he doesn't have an ankle bracelet. Orwell looks straight at you. No BS. He don't screw around. Josh says he is losing it. He is talking to 2 stuffed owls. Paul walks in. "Here comes the hater." 11:36 PM BBT Paul asks Josh what's the plan in case Christmas asks us. Paul says Josh and him need to have an entire day where they just Ball Out. One of them at least is 50K richer. Josh says Christmas is 100% going to get AFHG. She's a beast. Paul says people are going to vote for her because they can already see that we are taking each other. So, they are going to want her to get it. 11:38 PM BBT Josh says he is going to tell Christmas he think he has a better chance of winning against Paul. Paul says he thinks maybe they should say that they had each other's back literally from Day 1 and they shook hands. Josh says that route is No Bueno. Christmas is going to think they brought her along this far for nothing. It separates her. We do have a better shot with each other. 11:40 PM BBT Paul tells Josh that he is going to win 7-2 because people hate him. Paul tells him that he didn't think he would make it this far so he is going to sh*t on them. Paul tells him that they are going to come at him hard. Josh "Let's do it." Meanwhile, the timer on the oven is going off (cookies baking) and no one is responding to it. 11:45 PM BBT Josh and Paul are talking in the rose BR. Paul says he can get them a table at one of the good clubs. Bring some of his boys and some of his girls. They can ball out on Saturday after the finale. (Timer for the cookies is no longer beeping. The cookies are doomed). Paul tells Josh that he will win if he takes Paul. If he takes Christmas, Paul is probably his only vote. 11:53 PM BBT Josh to us "How did I get stuck with this nutcase?" Paul "Maaaaaan." Josh "He thought I was crazy and ended up his ride or die." Paul "You are a nutcase." 11:56 PM BBT Josh is telling Paul that it worked in their favor that no one in the house was ballsy. Josh says he will tell his familia tomorrow that he is guaranteed at least 50K. Paul says that they already know because they have been watching. 11:59 PM BBT Paul tells Josh that for finale night, he is going to wear the exact same shirt he wore last year. He hasn't worn it in the house since. He saved it. When Josh asked why he replies "for continuity".
  12. 11:00 PM BBT Josh is being ornery. Paul is admittedly in a mood after spending several hours completely alone. Josh "What does Paul's chicken taste like?" He takes a bite of chicken. He acts like he is choking to death on it. "Just kidding, it's really good. Give me a high five." **crickets** 11:12 PM BBT Josh, Paul and Christmas are winding down their meal. BB "HG, remember to enjoy yourselves today. These are the good ole days." 11:14 PM BBT Josh to Paul and Christmas about Part 2 "That was very elaborate, very painful, and mind F'ing." Paul "Sounds like my sex life." Josh "God, I can't wait to bone." Paul "What?" 11:17 PM BBT Christmas is called to the DR. Josh is making cookies. Christmas "I like mine a little soft in the middle." Josh "How do I do that?" Christmas "Just don't burn them. That will be sufficient." 11:20 PM BBT Josh looks up at the camera and says Hello Familia. Christmas sneaks up behind him and like a zombie, bites him on the back of the shoulder. He calls her Creepy Christmas and that he is also a zombie so she can't bite him. She says "Yes I can." Josh "No, zombies cannot eat other zombies."
  13. 10:30 PM BBT Josh asks Christmas if she wants to cuddle with him tonight because Ju Ju (Paul) is in a bad mood. Christmas asks "Why?" Josh "Because we made him stand in a room for 3 hours." Christmas "We did." 10:35 PM BBT Josh is in the shower. Christmas "What is going on with this kitchen?" Paul "Josh." Christmas "This is not a very good way to keep a clean kitchen. I think I will leave the salmonella right here." 10:40 PM BBT Paul explains to Christmas why he is frustrated with Josh. Josh screamed in his ear. He added cream to his sauce. Then he didn't cut up the chicken small like he asked. He is ready to check out of this house. There is literally nothing to do but the live show now. 10:53 PM BBT Josh is singing in the KT. BB tells him to stop. Josh "I just did it because I missed your voice. I just wanted to hear you say it. Is that too much to ask Big Brother?" Christmas "Yes."
  14. 5:00 PM BBT Still paying Part 2. It has been an hour and a half. 5:30 PM BBT Still Kitties. It has been 2 hours. 6:00 PM They are still playing. 6:30 PM BBT 3 hours and counting.
  15. 3:31 PM BBT BB calls Paul to the DR. Josh "Oh, it's time." 3:34 PM BBT Paul comes out of the DR and says "Houseguests, it is time for Part 2 of the HOH....awwww I F'ed that up." He then starts again and we get puppies. The HGs are now playing part 2 of the HOH competition. 4:00 PM BBT They are still playing Part 2 of the 3 part HOH competition.