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  1. 8:30 AM BBT Everyone has gone to bed except Paulie, Frank, Paul, Bridgette and Corey. They are hanging around the KT eating. Paul and Frank are being civil considering the blow up they had earlier. 8:45 AM BBT Paul and Paulie are in bed. They keep grabbing items and throwing them towards the beds of sleeping HGs which makes loud thumbs. They are cracking up even though no one seems to notice what they are doing besides BB. "Paulie, Paul stop that." After they do it again BB says "Paulie, Paul, what part of stop do you not understand." 8:52 AM BBT Paulie and Paul are still cracking up in the dark from getting fussed at by BB. We hear Zakiyah say "Girls, shut up." Paul grabs and throws a pillow at her. She says "I am so done with you." 9:15 AM BBT All the lights are out and everyone appears to be in bed.
  2. 12:05 AM BBT Frank and Bridgette are in the BR. Frank tells her that he thinks the girls want him out but the guys want her out. He is trying to tell her to keep fighting to stay in the game. She says she doesn't know why. If she doesn't go this week they are going to make next week hell too. They are going over the votes and are thinking that votes are 50/50 right now between them. 12:15 AM BBT James and Da'Vonne are in the HoH room talking about Victor being back. James says he isn't going to chase Natalie. However he doesn't think she will jump straight into his arms. Da'Vonne says Victor may try to flirt with her in front of him just to get under his skin. Da'Vonne tells him to be careful. 12:30 AM BBT James is telling Da'Vonne that Natalie probably wasn't looking for a showmance but she does love attention and compliments. He tells her that if he doesn't give her compliments that she strays away a bit. Da'Vonne says she is trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. James says she has her spurts between super loving and friends and then chill. Natalie comes upstairs and uses the HoH WC. 12:50 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Corey and Nicole in bed. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Da'Vonne, Natalie and James in the HoH room. Da'Vonne says Bridgette wants to talk to her. She has heard that Bridgette has said some awful things about her. She wants to talk to her one on one because it would be really sad if she hadn't said any of the stuff that she is hearing. 1:05 PM BBT Natalie, James and Da'Vonne are in the HoH room. They are trying to figure out why Bridgette is so close to Frank. They wonder if she knows that Frank is responsible for Bronte being on the block and then going home. Da'Vonne says that Frank put himself on the block this week too. 1:07 AM BBT Frank and Paulie are in the safari lounge. Frank thinks his chance to stay is if the veto is used and Da'Vonne goes up. Paulie says he has nothing against Bridgette. She's a cool chick. He would just rather Frank stays. Victor joins them. They discuss that it was like a Superbowl moment when Michelle won the POV over Frank. Everyone celebrated. 1:26 PM BBT In the HoH James and Natalie are talking about how Natalie is probably the least likely to end up on the block anytime soon. Natalie says it is because everyone thinks she is dumb and can't win comps. He tells her play dumb, talk dumb and look dumb if it gives her a couple more weeks in the house. James said he didn't need to win the POV at all. He thinks Frank is going to go home. 1:45 AM BBT In the Tokyo BR Paulie and Corey are talking to Nicole. They are telling her that according Zakiyah, Da'Vonne is coming after her. This is news to Nicole. 2:15 AM No one appears to be heading to bed. Natalie and James are cuddling upstairs. Half the house in the Tokyo BR and the other half is in the safari lounge. Just general chit chat. 2:44 AM BBT Paul is talking to Da'Vonne and Michelle in the BR. He tells them that Bridgette said she would rather leave now than end up stuck in the jury house because she hates everyone but Frank. He quotes her as saying "Stuck in jury with 9 a$$holes." He said it would be more torturous to Bridgette to get rid of Frank this week and then stick her in the jury. 3:30 PM BBT Paulie is in the WA with Victor and Bridgette. They are discussing how Paulie got attitude for just wrapping Bridgette's ankle last time. They say it's just a game. There is no reason for holding grudges afterwards. Bridgette feels like she is trapped. She can't see her family and she can't even play the game. 3:43 AM BBT Corey and Nicole disappear under the covers for several awkward moments. He ends by saying that he needs a wife. 3:50 AM BBT Michelle and Frank are in the safari lounge. He tells her that he wanted to see them both far into the game. She said she felt the same but then he went a made a bunch of big deals behind her back. Frank is trying to get her to give him details on what everyone is saying about him and his deal. She isn't biting. She tells him she can't remember anymore. 4:15 AM BBT Da'Vonne and James are in the SR. Da'Vonne is telling him that Paulie and the rest are thinking about switching the votes. James says he will tell Paulie that if they end up taking Bridgette off the block then he is going put one of them up instead. He respected Paulie's HoH. He put Frank and Bridgette up because that's what the house wanted. He says he is going to tell Corey and Nicole the same thing. They need to execute the plan and get one of them out of here. They just need to execute and not change the plan. Paul walks in. James tell him that he doesn't care if Frank promises his left arm. He needs to go home. 4:20 PM BBT Paul and James are in the SR. James says that it's going to be a bad day if Michelle uses that veto. He is willing to put up someone like Corey or Paulie if they try to flip the script. Paul says that it's not going to happen. 4:35 AM BBT Paul is upset about Frank and Michelle being in the safari lounge together. He was asked to leave the room when he entered. Da'Vonne says he has had his fill of Frank. He doesn't want Frank scheming to stay in the house another week. 4:47 PM BBT Corey, Victor, Paul, and Paulie are in the London BR. Paul wants to call Frank out for pinning the girls into a corner and intimidating them. Paul is begging the guys to support his decision to call him out publicly. Michelle walks in. She assures them that Frank has not won her over. She isn't using the veto. 4:50 AM BBT Paul confronts Frank in the KT in front of Michelle and Bridgette. Paul demands him to say what his end game is if he comes off the block. Frank says that's his strategy and he doesn't know would go up because he's not HoH. Paul tells him that he has been up 3 weeks in a row and 2 of them are probably because of Frank. Paul says he is frustrated that everything is always changing. Frank tells him "I'm on the block dude. You want me to just lay over and die?" 4:52 AM BBT Paul is still going after Frank. Frank is trying to reassure him that he is not throwing Paul under the bus. Paul says Frank claims they can trust each other but Paul states that when Frank pulls everyone into a room to talk to him except Paul, then what is he supposed to think? Frank says he is trying to save his a$$ and he has no power. 4:57 AM BBT Frank has told Paul that he has not asked anyone for his vote because he can't campaign against Bridgette. Frank talks him into going into the safari lounge to make their conversation private. When they get in there Frank confesses that he is trying to get one of them taken down so that Da'Vonne can go up. That's what he is fighting for. Paul ask how he is supposed to know that when Frank isn't talking to him. Frank reassures him that he is campaigning for Da'Vonne to be the replacement nomination. 5:09 AM Frank has been telling Paul that the problem has been Da'Vonne all along. He is just trying to pull a Hail Mary out of his a$$ right now. 5:20 AM BBT Paul is now in the HoH room with James, Da'Vonne and Natalie. He says he couldn't say all that he wanted to say to Frank because he could see that Michelle is getting upset. Da'Vonne tells him that she talked to Michelle. Frank never mentioned Paul's name. Paul says that it doesn't matter. She is tired of seeing Frank manipulate the others and his friends are going home. He tells them that they can't see what he is doing. They need to throw his back against the wall and send him home. 5:50 AM BBT Paul has calmed down. He has gotten enough reassurances that Frank is going home this week and that Frank isn't going to manipulate anyone to switch things up. 6:30 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Michelle and Da'Vonne who are talking while in bed. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Zakiyah, Paul and Paulie in the safari lounge. They are discussing that more than anything, Bridgette just wants to make it to jury. They say that's fine because she did.
  3. And Elizabeth entered the contest with "Going to Rule", "Wonder Out the Door" "I Also Miss My Cellphone" and "Forgot Deodorant"
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  5. Wendy gives us "Miss My Cellphone" and Todd brings us "House Full of Hate" "Time for Meds" and "Nicole's Panties"
  6. The next 7 are all from Lisa Who Farted? Closet Hairdresser Paulie Your Head Deal With The Devil Who's Laughing Now Meme Forever and Too Sexy
  7. Wow, we already have 25 new memes for next week's contest. All 25 entries are members of Morty's TV Facebook Group. Friends of Morty Port, Twitter and the Fan Forum members....where you at? Oh well, here we go.... Andrew "The Stooges" and "Warning" Kim "AH AH AH" Robynne "No Fillings" and "The Nice One"
  8. Today we have "Deja Vu" by Wendy "Muffin Man" by Lisa "Poker Face" by Lorne "What's In The Muffin" by Andrew "True Form" by Alyx and "Moist and Delicious" by Jim. Wendy, Lisa, Lorne, Andrew, Alyx and Jim are all members of Morty's TV Facebook Group!!
  9. This week we have 2 new memes for the live feed meme contest. "Sometimes I Act Like" was created by Andrew. "Does This Bra" was created by Melody. Both Andrew and Melody are members of Morty's TV Facebook Group.
  10. 7:00 PM BBT Paulie and Paul are talking about how hard Tiffany and Frank are working to get Da'Vonne out of the house. Nicole and Corey joins them. Paulie tells them that Da'Vonne did lie to him though. They agree that Bridgette and Frank have got to be split up. 7:07 PM BBT Nicole and Paul are talking about air hockey. He tells her that no one has ever beaten him at air hockey. She says well then she will be the first. She goes and sits down by Frank. 7:09 PM BBT Frank is talking to Nicole. She asks him what this information that Bridgette supposedly has is. He says she is just upset because she tries to be nice to everyone and they are treating her like mean girls. Nicole says she did tell them that if they don't like her then just don't talk to her. It's better that way than to be fake. She says she isn't a mean girl.
  11. 6:03 PM BBT Nicole tells Frank that she will do it but he better have her back for the next 3 weeks. She says she will blow up his game. He says that no one can blow up his game because they all already know his Sh*t. Nicole says Frank has done things that make her nervous. He wants her to tell him and she says she can't because it would throw people under the bus. He keeps asking and she tells him to stop fishing. It has nothing to do with Corey or Michelle and that's all he needs to know. She just wants to start over. 6:09 PM BBT Frankie is talking to Paul about his nose that was injured earlier today. He tells him that it is looking much better. Paul had been using a sea salt rinse and it seems to be working. The scab is gone. 6:10 PM BBT Nicole joins Michelle and Zakiyah in the WA. She lets them know that Frank asked her about the slut thing. She played dumb. The conversation ceases because Frank comes in there. 6:14 PM BBT Michelle joins Da'Vonne in the Tokyo BR. Michelle says that the Frank slut issue is the topic of conversation right now. Da'Vonne admits to being upset that Zakiyah won't back her up and confirm that Frank called her a slut. She is particularly upset about it because Frank called Zakiyah a slut too. She doesn't understand why Zakiyah is keeping a closed lip about it. 6:15 PM BBT Da'Vonne is crying in the Tokyo BR in front of Corey, Nicole and Michelle. She says every time she steps out the door Frank has one of her friends cornered. Frank calls her and Zakiyah a slut and Zakiyah won't back her up about it. She understand she has a game to play but she is just tired of it. Nicole says he is just trying to make Da'Vonne to feel bad and seclude herself. 6:20 PM BBT Da'Vonne is still upset in the London BR. Meanwhile Bridgett is upset in the Tokyo BR. She says everyone can kiss her a$$. She yanks the sheets from the bed. At the same time Da'Vonne is talking about Bridgette's cookies. She almost threw them away out of disrespect. 6:23 PM BBT Zakiyah joins Da'Vonne, Nicole and Michelle in the London BR. Zakiyah had just seen Bridgette telling Frank she "just learned a bunch of stuff" and then said they can talk later when she saw Zakiyah. Zakiyah says they have to figure out who Bridgette got all this information stuff. They are completely unaware that Bridgette spent a large amount of time with Tiffany earlier today. The girls start to think it was Natalie. 6:27 PM BBT Zakiyah goes outside to the pool table where Paulie and Paul are. She shares with them about Bridgette's conversation with Frank. She asks the boys if they have seen Bridgette talking to Natalie today. They think they have. Meanwhile Paulie tells her and Paul that they are voting out Tiffany. Frank is trying to turn the house and vote out Da'Vonne but it isn't going to work. 6:35 PM BBT Corey tells the guys at the pool table that he will go ask Frank what this information is that Bridgette supposedly has. They doubt that she really has any. However Frank is not alone when Corey gets there. 6:37 PM BBT Frank, Corey and Bridgette are now alone in the Tokyo BR. Frank tells them that he is still upset about the slut thing. He has no reason to call anyone a slut. Meanwhile Da'Vonne, James and Michelle are in the London BR talking about how Paul is playing both sides of the house. James is also telling them that Natalie couldn't be giving Bridgette a bunch of information because she doesn't know anything. But, he promises that he will ask her about it. 6:43 PM BBT Frank, Bridgette and Tiffany are now in the Tokyo BR. Frank says it would be amazing if they got Da'Vonne out this week. Then a double eviction next week and they get out Paulie and Corey. Bridgette laughs. 6:48 PM BBT Frank tells Tiffany and Bridgette that the best thing that could happen would be for Da'Vonne to blow up on Tiffany. Then the house will really know that she is a loose cannon. She hides herself in the room all day and then gets all paranoid that she doesn't know what's going on. 6:50 PM BBT Da'Vonne tells James that Natalie is betraying her confidence and talking about things she told her in confidence. She had told Natalie how scared she was about the veto and Natalie has told everyone that. James said he would talk to her about it. First though, he would ask her if she said it. If she lies to him then he will have to cut her off. 6:55 PM BBT Frank tells Bridgette and Tiffany that Da'Vonne is going to explode like a super nova. He is going to enjoy sending her out of the house before jury and with no chance of winning America's Favorite. 6:57 PM BBT Paulie and Paul are playing pool. Paulie tells him that 100% Tiffany is going home. Paul manages to knock both the yellow and cue ball off the table.
  12. 5:05 Pm BBT Tiffany is called to the DR. James and Natalie are laying out in the yard. They are trying to determine how long they have been in the house. Neither really has any clue. James says Da'Vonne knows every single date. He doesn't focus on dates. He is going to let his social game save him. Meanwhile Nicole has replaced Zakiyah on the couches with Paulie, Frank and Corey. 5:15 PM BBT James and Natalie are still talking together at the lounges in the BY. Nicole, Frank, Paulie and Corey are talking on the BY couches. It's just general chit chat. 5:26 Pm BBT Natalie is telling James that she is just praying for lots of drama. She hopes the house keeps focusing on the drama instead of her. James tells her that before she knows it she will be a BB pro. Meanwhile Michelle, Nicole, Frank, Paulie and Corey are talking about previous BB HGs and seasons. 5:30 PM BBT James and Natalie break up their private conversations. James had token note that there were a lot of people looking their way in the BY. He said he doesn't want any heat on her. He asks Corey to join him for a game of pool. 5:35 PM BBT Natalie joins Frank, Nicole, Michelle and Paulie at the BY couches. Natalie says she is developing boob wrinkles. She asks them if they can see it. Paulie says he doesn't see them. Everyone else says they can, but just barely. Paulie says maybe it's because he is wearing sunglasses. They joke with him and said maybe it's because he is too focused on the boobies. 5:45 PM BBT Frank and Nicole are now in the Tokyo BR. Frank says he is alarmed that Da'Vonne said he called her a whore and a slut. He wants to make sure that she doesn't think he did that. She says she had heard that today. He says "Why didn't you tell me." She responds that she just heard it today. Meanwhile Zakiyah and Michelle are in the SR. She says she isn't pleased with Natalie showing her boobs to Paulie. She said she is going to get her hands on James soon if she doesn't knock it off. She is going to offer him a shoulder rub. 5:50 PM BBT Nicole and Frank are in the Tokyo BR. She says she feels neglected by him. He says he wants to bury the hatchet with her. Nicole says she has had others stop trusting her because of the way she initially stood up for him. She wishes she had kept her mouth shut instead because she doesn't feel the same loyalty. 5:53 PM BBT Nicole and Frank are in the Tokyo BR. Nicole admits that she was suspicious with Da'Vonne being so upset about the veto and worrying about going home. Frank says it is because she knows she can't keep this up. Nicole asks him straight out if he would put her up. The sound goes out on the feeds but Nicole is showing no evidence of alarm so she must have got the answer she wanted. 5:55 Pm BBT Nicole tells Frank that he is aligned with everyone but her. He disagrees but she says that he is just saying that. Their relationship is damaged. He keeps pushing her to consider voting out Da'Vonne. He tells her that they already have the votes. He lists off Corey, Paulie, Bridgette, him and James. Nicole says he doesn't have James. He says he does and if he doesn't he can get Paul. She says if he has the votes she will do it, but he can't tell anyone that. 5:58 PM BBT Nicole keeps stressing to Frank that she doesn't trust Tiffany. Tiffany put up her team mate. Tiffany would have to make a deal with her. Frank tells her that she put up Corey because Da'Vonne told her that Corey was coming after her. He stresses that it was Da'Vonne's doing. Eventually Frank and Nicole hug it out.
  13. 4:02 PM BBT Paulie tells Tiffany that he knows that Da'Vonne has to go before she blows him up. She has so many loose ends that no one is safe with her. 4:05 PM BBT Paulie says he hadn't heard anything bad about Nicole. Tiffany "You know she has a final 2 with Frank right?" Tiffany says that Nicole is not the naive little girl she is playing to be. She knows to play hard this time. She says James is a good egg. Frank talks a lot but he can be loyal. Bridgette is loyal to Frank. Paul is loose lips but loyal. 4:15 Pm BBT Tiffany is still talking to Paulie. She was put on the outs by everyone she was supposed to trust and couldn't play with who she wanted to know because Da'Vonne was putting wedges in everywhere. It has been a miserable 30 days. It all came to a head and blew up. She knows she is getting emotional but Nicole is playing without any emotion. You can't be a robot in here. 4:20 Pm BBT Tiffany tells Paulie that she has nothing to lose. She will put up who they want her to put up. She will do what they want her to do. She will put Da'Vonne up if they wish. She has no one and wants to work with them. 4:29 Pm BBT The Tiffany and Paulie session is over. Just general chit chat in the house now. Most of the girls are still laying out outside. Bridgette, Tiffany, Frank and Paulie are in the KT. 4:34 PM BBT Paulie is now talking to Corey in the BY. He tells Corey that he has learned a lot by talking to Tiffany. She confirmed a lot. The fact that she could recite his own words verbatim means she heard it from someone. He says that Tiffany knew what he said word for word and that Da'Vonne was the one that told her everything. Corey said they need to look into it some more. She is a vote they can use next week. They need to keep that in mind. 4:43 PM BBT Tiffany and Bridgette are in the KT decorating sugar cookies. Frank has joined Paulie and Corey in the BY. Corey says that Tiffany is making sense. What Da'Vonne says often makes no sense. Paulie says he has been wondering why people have known things they shouldn't know. It makes sense that Da'Vonne was trying to pit the three of them against each other. 4:46 PM BBT Frank is talking to Corey and Paulie about when he was on the block and Janelle got blind sided. He said that was Mike's doing. He worked it that week. That week, Frank had lost a competition to a cheerleader and ended up wearing up a cheerleader costume all week. Back to the topic of Da'Vonne, Paulie says it is very suspicious that Da'Vonne cried when Corey won the veto. If they are working together, she has no reason to cry. Frank says it was because she knew eventually they were going to put two and two together. 4:49 Pm BBT In the BY Frank tells Corey and Paulie that if Da'Vonne goes, Nicole is back to being loyal to the two of them. Michelle will go back to being loyal to them. The girls alliance begins to crumble. Paulie says that Da'Vonne is spinning some stuff and things that Tiffany has heard but shouldn't know had to come from Da'Vonne. Paulie asks Frank where Tiffany lies. Frank "She lies with me." 4:53 PM BBT Frank tells Paulie and Corey that regardless of what happens this week, he is just glad that the three of them are back on the same page. At the end of the day, that's all that matters. Frank says the only way the votes are against them is if one of the girls wins HoH and another girl wins Road Kill. That could potentially put the three of them on the block. However he thinks he can talk Tiffany into throwing a competition to him if she needs to. 4:55 PM BBT Frank tells Paulie and Corey that he is really upset about this slut and whore bull crap. He says he can't call her out on it. They had their little tiff. If he did call her out, he would come out looking like the bully. Frankie to Paulie and Corey "The boys are back in town." 4:58 PM BBT Frank, Paulie and Corey are still talking in the BY. They are doing the math to determine who would be willing to vote out Da'Vonne. They come up with Frank, Corey, Paulie, Bridgette, and maybe James. They have the numbers. Zakiyah joins the boys on the BY couches and we get WBRB.
  14. 3:33 PM BBT Tiffany has now asked Paulie to talk to her. They go to the Safari Lounge. She tells him that she wanted him part of the 8 pack but Michelle, Nicole and Da'Vonne all said that he wasn't trustworthy. Then she tells him that Da'Vonne created that Fatal Five. Tiffany admits that she came up with the name. She then tells him that Da'Vonne wanted a final 2 with her from day one and now she is trying to screw her every chance she gets. 3:38 PM BBT Tiffany says that her crying spell and declarations that Paulie can't trust anyone was because Paulie had created a group with Zakiyah, Nicole and Corey when he was supposed to working with her. And it was Da'Vonne that was the squeaky leak that told her all about it. 3:40 PM BBT Tiffany tells Paulie that Da'Vonne is the one that is playing both sides. She tells him that Corey is trustworthy in her eyes but she doesn't trust Nicole as far as she can throw her. She tells him that she put Corey up because it was Da'Vonne that said that her game depended on it. 3:50 PM BBT Tiffany and Paulie are still in the safari lounge. She says that Da'Vonne pitted her and Frank against each other, and the rest of the house, because of her own insecurities. Paulie says he expected she was up to things because of the way she reacted to Corey winning the veto. Why would Da'Vonne be nervous and upset that Corey won the veto if they are on the same side? Tiffany says she is the one that creates alliances and then betrays alliances. That's why they called her Mama Demon last season. 3:59 Pm BBT The attack to turn the house against Da'Vonne is being fought on two fronts. Tiffany has been working on Bridgette and Paulie all afternoon. Frank has been working on Paul and Corey. Frank actually says that the way Da'Vonne has got the house against him was very impressive.
  15. 2:24 PM BBT All four feeds still on the BY where most of the HGs are sitting around or laying out. Paul has been doing all the talking. He mentions places he has been, people he knows, what kind of conditions he was in at the time, etc. Paulie and Zakiyah occasionally comment but it is pretty much the Paul show. 2:51 PM BBT Tiffany and Bridgette are up in the lounge in front of the HoH. Tiffany is talking about the inception of Fatal Five with her. Tiffany is justifying why she felt the need to be a part of it to begin with, such as her status as a vet and relationship with her sister. 2:56 PM BBT Tiffany has Bridgette up at the chess board. She is justifying and minimizing every decision she has ever made all the way from the first nomination and eviction. All 4 feeds are committed to this. 2:57 PM BBT Tiffany has Bridgette upstairs. She is making sure that Bridgette knows that Da'Vonne started the Fatal Five because she didn't trust everyone from the 8 Pack. Someone else may have come up with the name, but it was all Da'Vonne. 3:05 PM BBT Tiffany is telling Bridgette that Da'Vonne is playing both sides of the house. She starts Fatal Five, learns about the relationships between Zakiyah & Paulie and Nicole & Corey, and then wants to work with them instead. Then Da'Vonne has a fit and acts upset that Fatal Five is breaking apart. She wasn't upset. She knows what she is doing. Tiffany tells her that the Fatal Five doesn't have her back. 3:15 PM BBT Tiffany is still talking to Bridgette upstairs. She says that she has always been on the outs with the others. They use her like a toy and screw her over. So, she wants to move over and work with the other side, the ones that have also been screwed over. Plus, they are better competitors anyway. 3:26 PM BBT Tiffany tells Bridgette that Michelle is very fake with her. She acts like they are okay, but it's an act. Tiffany says she is very immature for her age and she feels like she needs to be a guidance counselor for Michelle. 3:28 PM BBT Bridgette is asking Tiffany why Michelle is so mean to her. Tiffany says that she has said she can't stand to talk to Bridgette. She tells Bridgette not to take it personally because she does it to her too. She tells Bridgette that Michelle is just a mean girl. She says she isn't a mean girl and that is probably why she is on the outs.