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  1. 2:39 PM BBT Haleigh is outside reading to the HGs. Sam can tell she is getting very hot. Sam stands up and starts to fan her with a broken down cereal box. She hands JC the box and tells him to make himself useful. He hits Sam's rear with it and she calls him a Fu**er. JC starts to fan Haleigh, for about 30 seconds. BB "To read or not to read, not to read." Haleigh is now on page 80. 2:50 PM BBT Feeds switch to Brett and Bayleigh in the SR. He tells her that he can't understand why no one is mad at Kaitlyn for betraying her own alliance. Bayleigh tells him that the only person who is campaigning for him to stay is Kaitlyn. He tells her that he thought it was the exact opposite. Haleigh and Rockstar think he is coming after them so they want him out and she and Scottie are letting the house choose. 2:54 PM BBT In the SR, Bayleigh has just told Brett that he is campaigning to backdoor the only person that is campaigning for him to stay. Brett says he is so torn and confused now because people are coming to him and saying that Kaitlyn is campaigning for him to leave. He doesn't understood their motive for telling him this.
  2. 2:06 PM BBT All four feeds are following Haleigh around. She is trying to find her black bathing suit bottom and starting a load of laundry. 2:20 PM BBT Haleigh is about to go outside. Again we hear BB call out in a Shakespearean voice: To read or not to read, to read in the storage room. She heads to put on her costume. Fessy asks her long she has to do this. She replies "Until I finish the book". Bayleigh helps her lace up the dress and tells her that as fast as she is reading, she will have this done in no time. 2:27 PM BBT BB: To read or not to read. This means that Haleigh is done reading after only 6 minutes. 2:28 PM BBT As soon as Haleigh has her dress off BB calls out "To read or not to read by the pool". Haleigh has to get back in costume again. Haleigh "They are being a**holes now because I am being such a great sport about this."
  3. 1:40 PM BBT We hear BB in a Shakespearean voice: "To Read or Not To Read To Read or Not To Read" It appears most of the HGs were inside and off camera because after BB says this, everyone claps and says "that was a good one for the first one". Tyler tells the others that start to come outside that he thought it was going to be a 2 hour session so that is why he left and went to the BY. It appears that the Crap App is in effect. 1:56 PM BBT Haleigh is thrilled to have "Hamlet" in the house and is reading it and discussing it with Scottie. Scottie "You are having way too much fun with this punishment. You broke BB."
  4. 1:15 PM BBT Feeds switch to WBRB. 1:30 PM BBT Feeds have been WBRB for the past 15 minutes. 1:38 PM BBT Feeds return. All feeds show Winston and Taylor playing pool.
  5. 11:00 AM BBT Scottie comes out of the DR with a slop can and card. He calls all to the LR. 11:00 AM BBT Tyler is saying the F word a lot and trying to cram food in his mouth in anticipation of being put on slop. 11:04 AM BBT Scottie reads from the card: In addition to Brett, who became a Have Not in the veto competition, I must also name an additional 3 Have Nots. I choose, the peanut butter eater Angela, Sam and Tyler. Everyone claps as if they were surprised. 11:13 AM BBT Have Nots for the week are Angela, Tyler, Sam and Brett. 11:15 AM BBT Tyler is in the WA with Kaycee. He hopes no one is backdoored. Kaycee tells him that he needs to make sure that Sam doesn't use her power. 11:25 AM BBT Sam is talking to Fessy in the PBR. Since she that since she is on slop, she is not going to be cooking for everyone. She is going to make such great slop that they will want some of her slop instead of whatever anyone else is making. 11:35 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 show the girls out in the BY together doing a meditation together. Feeds 1 and 2 show the guys in the KT eating. 11:44 AM BBT The girls are meditating in the BY. Brett and Winston are working out at the weights. And Scottie, Angela, Tyler, JC and Fessy are chatting it up in the KT about the work outs that they want to do. 11:52 AM BBT Tyler, Winston and Brett are talking in the BY. Brett and Winston didn't anticipate to play the game this way. Winston says that he is in trouble and needs to start giving out back massages. Brett laughs. Tyler says that Brett is the charismatic one and better at comps. Winston is more emotional, resulting in a blow up, but not as good as comps. So, those are angles that they each need to work.
  6. 10:00 AM BBT Kaitlyn joins Sam, Rockstar, and Bayleigh in the BY. She tells the ladies that in her dream last night, Sam gave Scottie his first kiss. Sam thinks that Scottie is starting to develop a little crush on her and she may have to squash that because she never wants to make him feel bad. 10:10 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Rockstar and Sam in the BY. Rockstar tells her that if Brett stays, he will stay for a very long time. He has all the girls wrapped around his finger. Meanwhile in the KJ Winston tells Angela that he and Brett agreed that they would each approach every HG and give the pros of keeping them without campaigning against each other. They can give their pros without each other's negatives. 10:17 AM BBT In the BY Rockstar tells Sam that Angela doesn't talk to her at all. They have walls up against each other because of the way the think about each other. She thinks Angela is a total B**ch. Winston asks to join them and Rockstar tells him they were just talking about her kids. 10:21 AM BBT Rachel tells Kaitlyn that she can't sleep in the house. She can't sleep because of all the noise. She has probably had only 1 good night's sleep so far. If she wasn't so grateful to be there, she would tell everyone to F off. Kaitlyn offers her a birthday meditation later. Rachel says yes, after her stretches. 10:23 AM BBT Sam is telling Rockstar and Winston about an organization called "Ride With Pride" that is an organization that does horse therapy. All kinds of people will come in and learn how to tack, groom, feed, and ride horses. But, because it is called Ride with Pride people have asked her if it was a gay motor cycle club. 10:28 AM BBT Rockstar tells Kaitlyn about her conversation with Sam. That Brett is a silver tongued salesman that will be very hard to get out if they don't do it now. Kaitlyn tells her that it is unfortunate because she likes nothing about Winston. At least Brett is willing to cook and clean some. Angela joins them. Rockstar says that Brett has all the girls wrapped. Kaitlyn "But we know he plays that way". Rockstar "Do you? Because he is totally different when he is talking to the guys. He talks to the guys just like Paul." Kaitlyn and Angela try to convince Rockstar that Brett can carry them to the end. Rockstar says that Brett will take Angela and Kaitlyn far, but not her. 10:35 AM BBT In the BY Bayleigh is telling Rachel about training to be a flight attendant. There were 12 girls that shared a 2 bedroom. And you would take in all this information and make it all the way to graduation without knowing if you were even going to graduate. Some girls went all the way to the end and were told that they weren't going to make it. 10:37 AM BBT Rachel tells Bayleigh that she sings and dances but didn't want to audition for Broadway because she doesn't want to be in a chorus line. She thinks she was meant for something bigger. She said that she has a great voice, but not one of those big brassy voices. Singing backup on Broadway wasn't going to pay the bills. That's why she went to Vegas. 10:40 AM BBT Rachel tells Bayleigh that she was offered a part in Monster Jam but turned it down for BB. 10:51 AM BBT Rockstar and Haleigh are talking in the SR. Rockstar is mad at Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn talks to her about loyalty after crapping on her own alliance. And she wants to keep Brett to carry her to the end. 10:54 AM BBT In the KT, Kaitlyn tells Haleigh, Rockstar and Sam that she and her boyfriend are planning to move in together when she gets out of BB.
  7. 9:30 AM BBT Wake up call 9:44 AM BBT Feeds return to Sam and Winston up and in the KT. Sam makes coffee. In the PBR Bayleigh says that someone stole her pillow last night. 9:45 AM BBT Bayleigh and Kaitlyn are talking about the movie "Greatest Showman". Kaitlyn describes it as a movie for the ages and people need to take their children to see it. 9:55 AM BBT The House is mostly quiet as BB was still calling them to the DR in the middle of the night. Feeds 1 and 2 show Winston drinking coffee and swinging in the hammock. Feeds 3 and 4 show Haleigh asleep in the HOHR. 9:58 AM BBT Bayleigh, Rockstar and Sam are talking in the BY. It is a beautiful morning and feels good out there. Rockstar says that waking up next to JC because he is so cute and adorable but he is a terrible person. Bayleigh says JC reminds him of the movie Boss Baby.
  8. 4:00 AM BBT All feeds remain and Scottie and Haleigh. They are talking about movies. 4:10 AM BBT Haleigh and Scottie are no longer talking and all 4 feeds show them quietly laying in the HOH bed. 4:15 AM BBT Fessy, Winston and Sam are still in the BY. They are bantering about movies. 4:30 AM The towels are now dried and folded so Sam takes them inside. Fessy follows her. They discuss how his skin is drying out and now that he can take hot showers again, he needs to scrub his skin real good. Sam tells him to hide one of the towels. 4:45 AM BBT Sam is alone in the BY smoking. All feeds switch to Scottie and Haleigh asleep in the HOH. 4:55 AM BBT Brett tells Sam in the BY that at this point, everyone knows what they are going to do in this scenario so it doesn't matter what they say. 5:00 AM BBT Sam is in the WA brushing her teeth. She is the only one shown awake on the feeds. 5:20 AM BBT Sam is taking a shower. The rest of the house is quiet. 5:30 AM BBT All quiet.
  9. 3:04 AM BBT Brett and Winston can't believe that Scottie is not furious with Kaitlyn. Scottie and Swaggy were in an alliance with her. Kaitlyn took out one of her own. Rachel tells them that Haleigh has to have the last power because after the app store happened, she went up and had a meeting with Scottie for 30 minutes. 3:14 AM BBT Brett is called to the DR. Winston says that either he or Brett will be left behind to go after Scottie. Scottie is a chump. Winston told him point blank that he had better hope that Winston didn't win the veto or end up staying. 3:27 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Haleigh and Scottie in bed in the HOH with the lights off. They are chatting about tanning. Feeds 3 and 4 show Winston and Fessy in the BY. Winston sees no reason to go to bed because he knows that BB is going to call him to the DR. Fessy says that the girls love Brett because he gives back rubs. On the other hand, they may consider that a smooth move to float to the end. The girls may want Brett to stay, but that doesn't mean that he will have to votes to stay. 3:41 AM BBT In the BY, Winston tells Fessy that Thursdays are tough. You sit there knowing you could be leaving very soon. Then I find out that I get to stay. Less than 24 hours later, only 24 hours of peace, I am back worrying again. 3:50 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Scottie and Haleigh laying down in the HOH bed with the lights out. They are laughing and joking about Scottie's family. Scottie had a family member that asked him how to spell ACDC. Haleigh "At least your family has good taste in music."
  10. 2:10 AM BBT Sam, Winston, Brett and Rachel are sitting at the BY couches. They are discussing how there is no reason to try and do anything until after the veto meeting. No one is going to sling mud each other's way or campaign against each other. 2:22 AM BBT Sam, Winston, Brett and Rachel are discussing how Steve can hold his head high. He fought hard and didn't let his age stop him. Sam tells Brett that he is ridiculously charming. 2:24 AM BBT Rachel tells Sam, Winston, and Brett that she feels ugly in this house. Winston laughs at her and say "Shut up. Are you fishing for compliments in here? I feel like all that I do is compliment you and then she fishes like that." Sam "Never enough." 2:30 AM BBT Winston and Brett appeal to the viewers. If anyone is listening out there, we need something else. Because we didn't do well in here. And we are both jobless when this is over. 2:37 AM BBT Bayleigh is telling Rockstar, Haleigh, and Fessy that she regrets giving Swaggy her instagram password. She wanted him to unlock it, but forgot that it gives him access to everything. Haleigh tells her that "He is probably f*ing up your sh*t right now." 2:43 AM BBT Haleigh, Bayleigh and Rockstar are in the WA. They are discussing where everyone is sleeping. They tell Haleigh that she should go upstairs and sleep with Scottie. She hesitates and says she doesn't want the house to think that she is just a suck up floater. Bayleigh says "No one thinks that." Haleigh tells her that Brett does. Brett told Scottie, she is a floater who sucks up to every HOH. Rockstar says that he also told Scottie the same thing about her. Haleigh "we can't help it that all the HOHs have been our friends". Rockstar "Because our friends are winners." 2:53 AM BBT Rachel, Sam, Winston, and Brett are still hanging out in the BY. Sam says she would like to know who else has a power. Rachel thinks JC got the second one and Bayleigh got the last one. Brett and Winston said that Scottie knows that one of them is staying and the surviving one is going to go after him. They are all also surprised that Kaitlyn has turned her back on her own group and they just welcomed her right back. It is amazing no one is talking about backdooring her.
  11. 6:09 PM BBT JC and Fessy are talking in the SR. Fessy thinks the house likes Brett more. Fessy and JC are trying to figure out what they are going to eat after midnight. 6:20 PM BBT Rachel, Tyler, and Kaycee are talking in the lounge. They all think that Brett is more likable in the house which may give him the votes he needs to stay. Tyler tells Rachel about FOUTTE. Rachel tells them that if she wins HOH, Scottie goes next week. He has to go. 6:30 PM BBT Tyler and Jaycee are playing Jenga in the lounge. He is telling her that Kaitlyn is an asset but she is trying way too hard to jump back into her old alliance. He can't trust her. 6:34 PM BBT Fessy and Kaitlyn are in the HOHR talking about how they both want to make it to jury. She asks him who he thinks will win the show. He says he doesn't want to say because way too much is based on chance. Even if someone is playing a great game, it doesn't matter because too much is up to chance. 6:36 PM BBT Scottie joined Kaitlyn and Fessy in the HOHR. Scottie says that he has no issue with Winston or Brett and it doesn't matter to him who leaves. He has no vendetta against them. Just that the 2 together are too strong. Fessy "It's a showmance." Scottie says now that Swaggy and Bayleigh are gone, they are the strongest pair. 6:38 PM BBT Scottie, Fessy and Kaitlyn are in the HOH. They all agree that Winston nor Brett have a power. At this point, they would disclose it if they had it. Kaitlyn insists that they would have told her if they had a power. 6:40 PM BBT Fessy tells Scottie that he is impressed. He is this dude that puts up the strongest bromance in the house and then turns around and wins the POV. Scott explains how going slow in the beginning stopped him from getting nauseous. At one point they describe his cups shaking and Scottie admits he didn't realize his stack up cups were shaking. He just thought that it was his vision. 6:44 PM BBT Rockstar and Bayleigh are whispering in the PBR. They say that they need to tighten up their alliance because the other side is tough. Tyler is tough. Scottie is tough. Fessy is tough. Even JC is a little beast. 6:48 PM BBT Brett is in the shower and Winston is talking to him over the door. After everyone is eating, they are going to go upstairs and play Foosball for a while. The goal will be to wait for Scottie to come upstairs and then they make their move. 6:58 PM BBT In the HOH, Scottie, Fessy and Tyler are in the HOH talking about the comp. Scottie says that Brett was killing it. If he had paid attention to the rules then he would have had it.
  12. 5:30 PM BBT In the SR, Sam and Winston are pulling stuff out for dinner. Winston is talking with his Julia Childs impersonation. Meanwhile in the BBR Brett is bribing first Haleigh and then Kaitlyn with back massages. Kaitlyn jokes that she is absolutely taking bribes. 5:38 PM BBT Brett is giving Kaitlyn a back massage while he tells her a story involving goats and minotaurs. A large portion of the story was blocked out by FOTH. When the feeds return, the minotaurs eat the goats. Kaitlyn is eating it up and laughing hard. 5:52 PM BBT In the BBR Haleigh, Brett and Winston are talking about old writings that they have read like Hamlet and Beowulf. Meanwhile Rachel, Kaitlyn, JC and Tyler are talking in the WA. Just general chit chat.
  13. 5:06 PM BBT Sam tells the HNs that they are going to clean up the KT so that when Midnight gets there they can tear that sh*t up. 5:08 PM BBT Brett is telling Fessy and Haleigh that he used to get in a lot of bar fights. Most of the time it was because some ex boyfriend would show up. However, of all his fights, he never fought the bouncer. Meanwhile Kaycee and Scottie are playing Foosball in the loft. 5:13 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on Scottie and Kaycee playing Foosball. Scottie scores on her. She says oh crap, I am being too nice to you. 5:15 PM BBT In the SR JC is talking to Tyler. JC is speculating that Brett may have a power. JC is counting down Brett's votes and thinks he may have enough to stay. Rachel walks in so they stop talking. Rachel looks in the mirror. She has bitten her lip twice today. 5:19 PM BBT Rockstar is still nauseous after the POV. She says she had to stop counting the spins and just wait for the sign to flash telling her that she can go. She says that Brett thought they had to do it all in one go. Fessy says had Brett known otherwise, he so would have won that. 5:27 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Tyler, JC and Rachel in the WA. Tyler is telling them about how he has the beach to himself in the mornings before because he sets everything up before the people get there. It is great working on the beach while the sun is rising.
  14. 5:00 PM BBT Tyler joins Scottie, JC, and Kaitlyn in the HOHR. He is nauseous. He spun too fast. Rockstar is exhausted but she does not want to go to the Have Not Room.
  15. 4:30 PM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 show Brett and Winston in the SR. Winston thinks that maybe if they offer Scottie a final 3 deal, he may bite. Scottie walks into the SR and the boys congratulate him. Winston apologizes for blowing up on him because he was angry. 4:35 PM BBT Brett and Winston are still in the SR trying to figure out how they are going to talk Scottie into keeping them. The rest of the guys are in the KT eating. The girls are all in the WA laughing and joking about the comp. It is nearly impossible to hear details about the comp because the ladies are quite loud and talking over each other. 4:43 PM BBT The HGs are starting to think about dinner. They are going to cook pasta and keep some for the HNs who are waiting for midnight. Rockstar gets called to the DR. 4:51 PM BBT In the BBR Sam says that she learned some new spelling words today. Today's POV concerned spelling. WBRB 4:58 PM BBT Rockstar asks Scottie what his strategy was for the POV. Scottie says he took his bandanna off and poured water all over it to keep him cool. After that it was spin slow the first time, move all the cups out, and then spin some more. Slow and steady wins the race. And he was turtle.