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  1. They are playing Veto one at a time. We get to see them pick the order that they are going to play before they switch the feeds back to critters.
  2. 1:05 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Ross, Marissa and Mark in bed. Feeds 3 and 4 show Ari and Omarosa packing. Ari has come across 3 outfits that she never wore in the house. Omarosa is called to the SR.
  3. 11:47 AM BBT the feeds return and Marissa, Ari and Ross are seen in the HOHR. The feeds quickly go back to bunnies. 11:50 AM BBT The feeds return again. During the FOTH Ross got his HOH room. Omarosa and Ross are seen napping in the HOH bed. Marissa and Mark are getting back in bed downstairs in the BR.
  4. 10:37 AM BBT The feeds return. Ariadna and Omarosa are nominated. 10:40 AM BBT Marissa says that they need to rest for the veto. Puppies again.
  5. 46. "Omarosa Attack" by Melody, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group.
  6. 45. "Just Can't" by Melody, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group.
  7. 44. "These Hands" by Melody, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group.
  8. 43. "In The Wild" by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook group.
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  12. 39. "Salty" by Lisa, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group.
  13. 9:34 AM BBT Omarosa and Ari are talking in the Teal BR. Omarosa tells her that Ross is going to ask her to take him to the finale. Omarosa tells her that if Ari gets to choose, she needs to take Mark to the finale. She tells her that if she takes Ross, he wins. Ari tells her that she promised Ross already. She says that Ross said he would be happy to be 2nd to her. Omarosa tells her that isn't true. He wants Ari to take him because he has more wins and thinks he can beat her. Take Mark. All he has is one HoH that was given to him. 9:42 AM BBT Kitties. Probably time for the nomination ceremony.
  14. 9:00 AM BBT Everyone is up and getting ready for the day. Ari and Mark talk about how weird it was last night without James and Brandi there. Their rooms felt empty without them. Ari gives Mark a little touch up of makeup on his chin. 9:05 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Marissa and Mark in the KT. She tells him about battling cancer while trying to nail the role for Hairspray. She didn't tell anyone about her surgeries because they would have hired someone else. At one point her sister made her a padded costume so that she would still look the right size and not sick. 9:10 AM BBT Marissa and Mark are still talking in the KT. She gets a bit choked up when she discusses how she was living alone in a studio apartment when she was dealing with cancer and then all of a sudden Peter and Kathy Skolari came and stay with her to help her. She said it was everything. 9:20 AM BBT Marissa and Mark are in the KT talking about their kids. They also try to determine how the evicted HGs would vote. They agree that most of them will vote game not feelings. Brandi will vote feelings. 9:28 AM BBT Marissa and Mark are talking about the finale. Marissa says that Ari can beat everybody. She also thinks that Ari will take Omarosa to the end with her. Mark asks about women voting for women. Marissa tells him if the woman thing was real then why did women keep putting up women. No man ever sent one of the women home. It was the women doing it to each other.