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  1. 8/31 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    8:22 still sleeping
  2. 8/28 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Adam is on the patio smoking with Shelly. Adam says 'we signed up for this. All the critics and people who make fun of you. Be careful if people are bashing you, you know everything about you. Shelly says tony will tell her fifteen was she could have won comps. Adam says it blows him away that a celebrity is rooting for him. Shelly says that she only cares about what her family and friends think. Adam says celebrities are watching ME. they are watching me fall off a banana and tivoing it and watching again. A celebrity is going to say to me 'i loved you on the show' (roflmao)
  3. 8/28 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    2:20Jordan Rachel and Adam still talking. Adam is thanking them for being straight with them. Joradan says lets move on from here. Adam says he will still mope around like he is going home. He says let Shelly think I am going home. He is so mad because he called Shelly his best friend, we talked on the patio about everything. Jordan said she did that with everyone. Adam is telling them about when Shelly decided to turn on Jeff and Jordan. He says if you cant win comps you dont deserve to win. He says that he told Dani he was voting her out, and Dani said your signing a check to jeff and he said should I sign it to you?? Dani kept asking Adam why dont you trust me? I told her I found out she and dom had a final 4 with R/B. Rachel says that 'i just wanna say I never had a f4 with them' They all thank each other, Adam leave saying we are having Casadillas for dinner. When he leave Rachel says' see, shelly cant even look us in the eye. I believe him but I dont know if he will keep me next week. Why does everyone think Kalia is this game player?" jordan says because she got out jeff. Rachel says 'shelly is gonna be gone'
  4. 8/28 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    surprise!!!!!! Shelly is smoking on the patio.
  5. 8/28 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    kalia shelly and porsche using buttons going over who should go next. The see adam on the tv monitor making cookies and cheer.s Shelly leaves to get more medicine. Kalia said to tell adam to save her some dough. Shelly says she can't wait for alcohol.
  6. 8/27 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    440pm Shellhe is still trying to get the gypsy to talk to her. She looks around the room. Lefts the wig and touches her hand. Kalia is doing her job keeping Rachel and Jordan busy by talking and talking and talking. dJordan is talking about how the audience on thursday night is probably people who work for cbs or are affiliated with them. WBRB (is is right) (no booing allowed on live show) Now she says that shannon elizbeth is a big fan of BB and we get WBRB. Adam say a lot of celebrities watch the show and he hopes Tori Spelling is tweeting that she is a fan of him. He says 'that would be better than the 500,000. 4:45pm shellhe still in purple room.KALia joined her and is telling her everyting they discussed, as she is eating chips. Kalia says they are still out there pounding away. WBRB
  7. 8/26 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    The new nerd herd is talking about how Dani brought them so close. Shelly wants to thank her for that. Shelly said that Dani peeled back her skin and revealed a beautiful butterfly. She got two sets of cheers. Shelly thinks she got a standing ovation. Kalia says America loves her. America loves her zings. She studied big brother with notebooks. She(dani) is sad that she is 2nd to jury. WE should go to a steakhouse. Shelly, I have something special in mind if we are final 3. Kalia says yea, i love presents. I think I will be getting mac makeup. Shellhe says it will be better. (Shellhe also promised Jordan something special)
  8. 8/26 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    12:45 pm Kalia calls K/P/S/A new kids on the block. Now they are all saying final four. Adam says this is our house. We worked hard to get here, they were asked back. We worked our asses off to be here. We sacrificed, and couldn't sleep cause we were waiting to find out if we would make it. I could have spent the summer with my girlfriend. She is a teacher and has summers off. This is our house, it was theirs but its ours now.
  9. 8/26 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Kalia and Shelly talking about jury votes. Kalia saying that nobody thought the new people could do it. Kalia is saying that Jordan was a pawn on her season and won out of luck. (kettle? ) Now they are trying to kill a bug. Now Kalia is talking about jordans poor performance. Shelly is bad mouthing Adam. Two seconds ago she was telling him that she never said a bad thing about him. Kalia is saying lets let Adam think he is with us. Shelly wants adam to be on the block to let him 'stew' to let him know 'he did this'. Kalia and Shelly are planning this nomination. Telling porche what to say. Porche just said 'i dont think we should go that route'
  10. 8/26 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Shelly telling everyone AGAIN that jordan didn't say hello this morning. 'She looked at me, if looks could kill I would be dead'. (one can hope) This is the 3rd time she told everyone this. (i saw this exchange this morning. Of coarse Shell-he is exaggerating. CAchristine)flash back 10:59 am cam 1 Shelly was in the bathroom putting on her makeup. Jordan came in to brush her teeth. Shelly said 'hello Jordan' . Jordan went and brushed her teeth on the couch in the bathroom. Shelly ran to tell kalia and complain about how immature Jordan is. (this is from a woman who stole a stuffed animal and hid it.)
  11. 8/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Dani comes out to the Patio. Jordan asked her how she was picked. Dani starts going into details about production and we get WBRB.when they come back Dani says 'why does everyone leave when I come out?" (i wonder) (pool time for CAchristine bbl )
  12. 8/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Adam and Shelly talking about how Enzo was so dumb to think he would be famous from this. They are talking about auditions for BB. How stuck up people were. Adam says its dumb they do public appearances after BB. Shelly said that she is the one who didn't want to be on the show but just did the audition for fun. Adam tells jordan that it offends him when people say they were pick and not auditioned.
  13. 8/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    In the bathroom Kalia is straightening her hair, Porche is telling Dani about what she said to jeff " i have almost won a few competition and next week I wont put u up." Adam comes in and Dani starts talking disgusting as usually calling him Wenis Cheese. Singing a song about uncircumsised men. (But its disgusting so I am not typing it.) His new nick name is WC. Singing continues and we get WBRB. We come back and Dani is calling Adam a 'jack hole' (what a sweet girl) Adam goes out to Patio and we have WBRB
  14. 8/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Adam is called to DR Shelly is soooooo happy Jordan joined them on the patio. Jordan is doing laundry. We get WBRB. LOL a bug just dove at jordan's head. Shelly is shocked that Rachel is eating avocado. She has never seen people eat it straight that way. Shelly saying how josie loves lucky charms. Jordan says that is what she just ate. Rachel had a high school boyfriend that took all the marshmallows out of a few boxes for her and left a note 'i am lucky to have you'. Rachel says 'isnt that cute?' Shelly responds 'there are so many sirens here there must be 5 alarm fires all the time.'
  15. 8/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    HOH room Jeff is shaving Jordan is eating the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms. She is back in her unitard. Rachel is on the patio talking to Shelly . She is glad he is in the jury. She is talking about productions and we get WBRB