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  1. 6:10pm BBT Janie, "Do you want to play gin or something?" Erika, "Okay, if you promise not to nominate me again" (playful voice) Janie asks, "Are you mad?" Erika said no, just don't do it again. Will and Boogie talking about tonight's show and comps in bug room. They're whispering, so I can't hear. Will's changing his shirt so he doesn't "wear the same shirt for three comps." Boys are back in the kitchen. Will joins them at the table. Talks about his hurting finger. Willboogie going over what weeks Janelle and Erika won HOH and Veto. Boogie sitting in front of the memory wall studying it. Erika repeats she's shaking. Erika and Boogie say they're nauseous. Boogie wandering around the house, goes into the red room and puts CG's yellow peanut shoes on the ironing board (I think that's what it is?). Lies down in the green room. All four feeds now on Will, Erika, and Janie in the kitchen. Will: "This is a pretty dope final four." They're all shocked into silence.. Not much talking going on at all.
  2. 1:45pm BBT Will, Erika, and Boogie in living room talking about Metamucil (sp?). Janelle off feed saying she's gained weight - she doesn't weigh herself, but she can tell that she gained it. George in the kitchen working on his costume for tonight. He's attaching brown fabric to something green. Janelle at kitchen table. 1:50pm BBT Come back from rebooting feeds, and we have FotH on quad.
  3. 6:15am BBT HG's still sleeping.
  4. BB seems to be pretty lenient (sp?) on flames tonight.. Will has been singing a lot, as well as Boogie and George once or twice, and we haven't seen flames yet. Everyone's ready for the dinner to begin... Big Brother seems to be running behind schedule, as it was supposed to begin 5 minutes ago. The girls are upstairs in the HOH waiting for the guys to "pick them up." 8:10pm BBT FotH
  5. Chrissie

    August 29/30/31 Picture Thread

    The house guests are preparing for the 5-star dinner tonight.. Will experimenting with several girly items... Erika and Janelle are upstairs in the HOH room.
  6. 6:07pm BBT Boogie, Will and Dani around table in kitchen. George sitting at kitchen counter. Boogie, Will and Dani talking about past Vetos; winners, who competed in which PoV. Will's pretty good - little-to-no hesitation on saying competitors in different comps. Feeds switch to Erika in HOH bathroom, draining bath (REALLY LOUD). Janelle wearing bathrobe. They're talking about Chilltown - Janelle: "Boogie scares me more." Erika: "You see, the thing is, I think Will is throwing them [competitions]." Talking about Dani's freak-out the other night. Janie said she's nervous about next week. "I hope I win it" [assuming HOH comp] Janie left HOH room, Erika in HOH bathroom drying her hair. Mike, Will, George and Dani at kitchen table. Talking about Season 5; about Drew, Diane, and Cowboy.
  7. 2:55pm BBT Janie and Will finally up. Boogie lying down outside. Dani and George talking about their family outside. Will joins them. Talking about days left in show.. They thought they heard someone say 20/21 days. Dani says 10 more days. Starting a game of Rummy. Janelle is finally outside. Already flirting with Will - touching his wrist, play arguing. Erika's heading outside 5 minutes after lockdown called.
  8. 12:55pm BBT George and Dani outside by the pool talking. Doesn't seem to be game related (on quad) Boogie and Erika in kitchen. Talking about, "Putting things out in the cosmos." Boogie making a protein shake. Janelle and Will aren't on the feeds.. Not sure where they are. Boogie outside now with George and Dani. Erika in the kitchen alone. Talking about the screen in the living room.. "Looks like someone splashed paint on it or something." Not sure if it's intentional or accidental. 1:25pm BBT Dani and Boogie playing the movie game outside by the pool. Erika in pool, not saying much. George cleaning up in the kitchen and bathroom. Had a flash of Janie sleeping a few minutes ago. Still no sign of her or Will.
  9. 11:47am BBT Feeds 1&2 outside.. Dani is sleeping (or appears to be sleeping) on the red couch. George was just in the bathroom. Feed switches to Janie sleeping. Switches back to George now eating in kitchen. Erika is in the HOH bathroom. Leaves, fixes sheets, then curls up under her comforter. Pretty quiet morning in the house...
  10. Chrissie

    Tuesday Night's Show - (August 29th)

    I'm lucky.. Up here, I have two stations that are going to be carrying BB tonight. If CBS fails, I can count on Global. Plus, if I miss both, it airs on NTV (provincial station) tomorrow night. I wish all of you guys down there the best with Ernesto!
  11. 2:13pm BBT Will's up. He had a strange dream and told CG and Erika (in the kitchen) about it. Went upstairs to HOH and told Boogie about the dream. Will dreamed that BB was giving instructions to a competition but he was sleeping. "As I was waking up, they were like, 'okay, now it's going to start' ... I was in bed, so I got up and I saw Janelle walking around the corner and this guy wearing the Grim Reaper's outfit was behind her. So, I was like, 'I got to protect her' - and Erika, same thing with Erika' - dude, this thing speaks volumes - so I run and I grab the guy and I pull the hood back and it's this blonde kid. I don't know what he's doing there, you know what I mean? So I'm about to pummel him and he's like, 'No, no, in this competition everyone has a family member who can come and give them a secret' and I was like, 'who are you?!' He's like, 'I'm Janelle's brother'. So I shoved him away, and I was like, I got to find my person, whoever it is, and I was running through these people pulling their hoods off (MB: 'In the backyard?' Will: 'Yeah') and I couldn't find anybody I knew. "I'm losing my mind, man ... What a nut I am."
  12. 10:03am BBT BB announced Veto Ceremony in 90 minutes. All four feeds in HOH room. Erika's up and in the bathroom, Will still in HOH bed. Few minutes later, Erika back in bed, "Good night Will, I hate you." Will-"That's alright, I hate you too." Will's talking to Erika about the game. Telling her that the show's a joke, always was a joke. Will-"Don't be emotionally blackmailed, you know?" Erika's going downstairs, outside. Will in HOH alone. Nobody else outside. She says, "I hate my life. And I hate you. (pause - lying on trampoline) I hate this game. I hate Mike Boogie for talking me into this. I hate Will." George is up and in the bathroom.
  13. 9:35am BBT BB: Good morning houseguests! The veto ceremony will begin in two hours. Two feeds on Will and Erika in HOH.. Still in bed, but they're beginning to stir. Two feeds in Bug Room on Janie and Dani's bed. Dani was up earlier and went outside - feeds aren't on her, and I don't think she returned to bed. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong?)
  14. Chrissie

    August 23/24/25 Picture Thread

    Will and Dani in HOH room around 3:45pm BBT Boogie and Jani discussing the game, 4:10pm BBT Will on the trampoline, 9:25pm BBT