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    Morty we have our first possible interview of the season (as long ss CBS tells him it's ok), and I was wondering if you could maybe put something on the BB forum to make it more visible? Just to let everyone know the interview's sre back and who we'll be having them with.

  2. Glenn has agreed to do our interview, but wants to check with production first. Unless things have changed in the contract, he will be the first this season.
  3. Yana

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Nope she's one controlling lady let me tell ya!
  4. Yana

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Let the BB 18 interview's begin. Well, as soon as they are done with the usual press junkets that is.
  5. I wanted to let everyone know I have sent request's for interview's to all of the Houseguest from season 18. As most of you know, the ones that didn't get back into the house will have very busy lives for the next few days, so I will let you all know who reposes and if there will be an interview or not with them. In the meantime, I'd love to take suggestion's for interview's from other shows. Let me who you want to hear from and I'll do my best to nab an onterview. Thank everyone!
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    Big Brother General Discussion

    Hey everyone. Check this out!
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    Hello everyone. It's been a loonng time, but Morty and I have talked and I will be starting the interviews back up. I will post who we get first. I am excited and hope you all are also.
  8. I agree Marty. My son will live the rest of his life with injuries sustained in Afghanistan. He has the right to say that diarrhea, and I have just as much right to walk away because I'm disgusted. I also have the right to say my opinion back. I don't like what I see and hear from this guy.
  9. I just got my live feeds for the season. Bring on the fun, and the flu. So ready.
  10. Yana

    Aussie BB

    I am in the process of watching BB AU... I love their show right now... They don't have a really big age range, but they are all strangers, from all parts of AU, and all different culturals... Their twists are different...Like they have one person that is staying in a van in the backyard and they aren't allowed inside the house unless BB tells them to go in to vote, they have a bathroom outside for them, but their fellow housemates have to bring them food, also no other housemate is allowed into the van unless Nobbi (the housemate living there) asks them to come in, and he also has his very own diary cam, and if the do not disturb sign is out the other housemates can't knock on the van door... They weren't allowed in the house of the first night... They had to stay in the backyard and evict someone within the first 8 hours, then the other part of that twist was that that person was the one to evict the second person... They also seem to show their show on TV every night except Saturday... They also don't have a pool, they have a hot and cold um can't seem to remember what they called it, but it's a very shallow, very narrow area and part of it is hot and part of it is cold and it's "a place for the housemates to get intimate", and their diary room door is green when nobody is in it and red when someone is in there... Just a little bit of what is different about the aussie and us BB's... I forgot to mention that they have one big bed for 12 people to sleep in and that they don't seem to have an HoH type room, and they have a heavy set lady and a little person on their version... From what I can tell they don't have a kitchen either, their food is sent out to them by conveyor belt... Their showers are also out in the open pretty much...
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    Just wondering if anyone else has seen the site? It's a new site that J K Rowlings opened and all that is being said is that it's not a new book, and it's not got anything to do with the last movie, that will be out next month...
  12. Yana

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    It's not hard to find that Pat is the webmaster for the site... Doesn't prove anything... I am going to stop posting now, it's plain you don't know what you are talking about and are making things up... Have fun in your fantasy world...
  13. Yana

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    How would Kaysar know what Dani was doing? I don't think they even know each other...
  14. Yana

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Who are you talking about? Dick doesn't have cancer... I'd be happy to put up a link where he says so himself...
  15. Yana

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    It won't be me... Only his closest friends and family knows the truth... He even said in his video that he didn't want to make public something that the friend wouldn't have wanted exposed... And if anyone tells you different I'd question who they are for sure... As far as Kaysar goes, yeah he got a big head and doesn't want to interact with fans, he has a website and that's where he deals with fans...
  16. Yana

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Like I said all along, I know the man, I know what Big Brother means to him, and I know how much he wanted to be Dani, he even said something about tonight... I have always said you don't really know these people, and have found that to be truer than you can ever guess... The ones I don't really like on the show are the ones I wind up being friends with. Like Ronnie, and Ivette... And the ones I think I'd really like usually turn into jerks IE: Kaysar... This is as always my opinion and is not meant to be speaking for any one else. To be honest I thought I was on our boards, or I wouldn't have answered anything here... That was my intent. So since it happened, I will address some things... I dont find it starnge at all... Ever heard of HIPA laws? They don't just apply to health care workers...
  17. Yana

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Dani wouldn't have to leave if Dick was voted out, so why should she have because he had an emergency? It makes no sense to tell her she has to leave too, when the others are all having a member voted out of the duo's and one of them will stay in the house.
  18. Yana

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Hi everyone. I wanted to come over and address Dick's leaving the show. I am only going to post this one time, and I won't post again to answer questions, or come back at someone for something they might say, or to agree with someone for something they might say. OK That being said, I know you all have heard or read the reason Dick left the show by now. I won't rehash the details. I will say that because I work for him, I have gotten to know him better than most fans. Dick is, if nothing else, a straight shooter, that has no desire to ever pull the wool over people's eyes outside the BB house. He has never at any time lied to me, or given me a reason to doubt a word the man says, and if you would only stay around long enough, you will find out in a hurry that he has one of the biggest hearts around. He cares about people. I'm not talking about just his family and friends, I am talking about fans, strangers, just people in general, and he's so eager to help people when he can. He may not be the lest crass person in the world, and he surely isn't everyone's cup of tea (everyone is entitled to their own opinion period.), but in real life I have found him to be very honest and above board. Nobody outside his tight circle of family and friends knows who the friend is, nor what the need was. No not even us that work for him at his site. If you see or hear someone outside that circle saying they know for a fact that he left for any other reason, it's not true. I would like to address some rumors if I may. 1. He left to help Dani. No way he would do that ever. He loves her, I know a lot of you don't believe that, but talking with him about her and hearing the hurt in his voice, I know he does, and I know it was very important to him to be in the house with her as long as possible, because any contact, even if it was forced because of game play, was in his mind better than NO contact. This is my opinion, and not based on anything other than that. 2. He was kicked out because of a video that was posted after the first show aired. Again no. Dick knows the rules better than most contestant, and knows what he can get away with, and I think I heard in some conversation somewhere that BB even supported the video after it was released. The last part I'm not sure about, but I think I heard that from someone over at RTVZone. 3. That he has cancer. No. Thank God he's OK as far as his health goes. And I hope that everyone agrees with that part at least. 4. His brother was killed. He doesn't even have a brother for him to die. People make up crap and don't even check the facts. It's not hard to find out if he had a brother or not. 5. He left as a stunt to drive traffic to his site to make loads of money. This one is so very laughable. He's not make one cent on that site, he's paying money. Why would he leave the show where he's going to make at least $ 750.00 a week while he's in the house, and could might have won the half million again? That just not good sense. 6. That he went to jail. I promise you this one is false. When he was told about the friend, they didn't do the usual of telling them through the speaker system in the DR, Alison was waiting for him when he walked into the room. BB knew that this was serious enough that Dick wasn't going to stay in that house, she even told him if he wanted to leave they would get him home ASAP. They are calling him often to make sure he's OK and that the friend is OK. 7. That his mother or his girlfriend had past away. Again thank God no this is not true, and again I hope everyone agrees with me on this point. 8. That BB kicked him out over some rule he broke. Does anyone really believe that one? I mean if pouring tea over Jen's head didn't get him kicked out, there's not much more that would. About the only thing I can think of that would have was if he'd hit someone, and he knows that hitting is automatic removal, and again it was too important to him to be in that house for him to risk it by hitting someone. I know this post is very long and if you read it at all thank you, if you read all of it thank you more. Again I only posted here to confirm the truth, and not to try to make anyone's opinion of Dick himself change. You are entitled to any opinion you have, even if you don't believe what I have confirmed here, it's your opinion and you can certainly have it. Thanks again for reading, and I hope for a few of you this has helped clear things up a little. Yana
  19. At this time I haven't spoken with Dick, but from my understanding someone in his girlfriends family is ill. He hasn't been kicked off the show, I assure you :) ... He also didn't have it planned to walk out after the first show aired... Rumors, don't ya just love em???? Check us out at RTVZone.com, I only came here cause I got an email saying I got a message...

  20. At this time I haven't spoken with Dick, but from my understanding someone in his girlfriends family is ill. He hasn't been kicked off the show, I assure you :) ... He also didn't have it planned to walk out after the first show aired... Rumors, don't ya just love em???? Check us out at RTVZone.com, I only came here cause I got an email saying I got a message...

  21. Yana

    Twist Revealed

    I haven't seen a list anywhere, but from the ones you all are talking about I don't think Janelle will go back in now that she is going to have a baby, and I know Evel Dick isn't going back in, so without him, Dani doesn't make a duo... I've been saying all along that Rachel was going back in, and I also am the one that leaked the twist that people were going to know each other...
  22. Yana

    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    The house guest aren't even in the house yet, so I don't find it unreasonable for her not be sequestered at this point. I think if she's going to be coming in the house at a later date, and won't be sequestered until a few days before the show or maybe before the quest names and pictures or showing... This is just my opinion though, and if people start catching on they are subject to the whole thing canceled and something else put into place too.
  23. Yana

    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    There is no way Evel Dick is going back in to stay in the house this season... I am working with him, and talk to him often... Rachel doesn't have to stop tweeting right now, the house guests aren't even in the house, and I believe if she is going to go back in to play it will be at a later date, like after they have been in the house for a week or more...
  24. Yana

    Twist REVEALED!

    I know right Neb... I don't think it matters what it is that they are going to have to eat when they are the "have nots", I think it's just that they can't eat what they want, and face it, if you had to eat your favorite food for a whole week, at least three times a day, it would get old pretty fast...