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  1. Mike "Boogie"

    Bravo has on the battle of reality tv stars on. Mike and Will are on it. (like we didn't know that from Will hehehe) and also Will from Season 5 is on it
  2. Janelle "Janie" - Evicted Week 12

    She may have been evicted Thursday from the CBS hit reality television show Big Brother 7 All Stars, but Grand Rapids native Janelle Pierzina has gained millions of fans all over the world and helped the show top the ratings this summer.
  3. Janelle and Will???

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0iH-dTthEk Ok so watching this video (there is a lot of clips for Will's last day) - I have to wonder if Will knew he was leaving and was in a way saying goodbye to her. He was so much more touchy feely on his last day there.
  4. Sunday, September 10th

    I can't believe she honestly thinks she would have won over Janie big time. Even said she told Janie that Mike played a better game. WTF???
  5. Sunday, September 10th

    OMG Erika thinks she took out the best BB player of all time. She is literally convinced of it. She knew she needed to vote him out. And saying she needed to get him out over Janie because she could have beat her. LOL
  6. Sequester House

    Marty hehehehe yep I am far away from you. Dang it I would love to be there at the moment.
  7. Sequester House

    from another board Hi TVCHers, just got back from another drive by (11:30am pst) and saw everyone. They are packing up the van. Actually there was someone I didn't see and I could not remember who that was until I realized it was Marcellas. I drove right by the house once and saw Dani coming out the house to the van. I got a couple of pictures that are really too far away to make out who is who but in one picture the guy in the black top and blue jeans is Will. I did another direct drive by and waved at James who did a double take and waved back. There was one gorgeous production guy that I saw. Saw george and Howie as well. They are probably going to move out around 12-12:30. I may go back once more with a different car !!!
  8. Janelle and Will???

    Yep Erin is gone out his life. Can't say I blame her. It wasn't so much the flirting. It was seeking Janie out when he didn't have to, making her breakfast (when he admitted he has never done that before), the looks and the touches. Plus the whispers that you could make out.....
  9. Sequester House

    might as well include me in on an appointment
  10. Janelle "Janie" - Evicted Week 12

    I am not sure if its from the same author. It could be though. I seriously wouldn't doubt it
  11. Janelle "Janie" - Evicted Week 12

    http://www.realityshack.com/modules/magazine/article.php?articleid=257 Big Brother 7: All Stars, September 8th
  12. Sequester House

    I don't think Janelle would have a melt down either. Does she want to talk to Will - well duh yeah. They both think they were each played. Maybe if they could have an actual conversation they could at least become friends again. You could tell they enjoyed each others company and liked hanging out and having fun. If more happens than that... well ok. They are both adults. I think Will was saving face. Janelle just didn't want to admit anything on tv
  13. Who will be the BB7 ALL STAR Winner??

    My vote would go to Mike. I think Mike/Will got both of them as far. Don't know if one could have done it without the other.
  14. Janelle and Will???

    I personally found it funny/interesting when they were showing Will in SH - He was saying he got a bad boot - worse than season 3 and Danielle asked if Mike scumbagged him - Will said no its worse. hmmm now why would that be worse than you best friend scumbagging you?