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    anyone who can predict the next lottery numbers! :-)
  1. Sunday, August 10th

    HI everyone Can anyone point to some video links of the feast fight ?? Thank you in advance, any help would be appreciated
  2. Tuesday, August 5

    Who is going so far? Memphis or Jessie?
  3. Saturday, August 2nd

    Can anyone give me a link to a video of the screaming fight? Trying to rock the baby to sleep so I can't search or type real well right now. I can read just fine though. It would be so appreciated
  4. YAY! GO Renny! Hang in there girl!
  5. ~hugs~ Marty I am really pulling for Renny. GO renny!
  6. Who Do You Want Dan To Get Nominated?

    I just want to see Jesse gone so badly.
  7. please let Renny get it. Please.
  8. Angie - Week 3

    I agree Ceci. I was hoping it would save her.
  9. ty wildcat! I really hope michelle goes too.
  10. Thank GOODNESS jesse is down. Whew!
  11. Hang in there Renny!!!
  12. I hate to ask. I don't have live feeds or BBAD this season. Who's down so far? It would be so appreciated
  13. I'm down with that too. LOL. I just soooo wanted to see him gone.!
  14. Renny - Week 4

    loving Renny!