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  1. ^^^^lol. She always looks so funny riding around on her scooter. Lol
  2. Anyone catch BBAD the other night,..it was like 11 o clock at night and all the other houseguests were in sweats and casual clothes and she was wearing her tight black pants, heels and that hideous blue top that looked more like a tent then a shirt on her? She was in the bathroom applying so much freaking makeup! And when she was telling Mark "I'm not dying" over and over and over again? She also said she has no home and no job so this 'whatever it is', She is hoping she can use it to further her career?. Does anyone not want to win? I read on here before about the sounds she makes when she eats and I thought everyone was being sarcastic, but oh man! She is really gross. And what was in the green cone she was eating? Jessica was looking at her like she was crazy, and I seen her pull out three more the other day.
  3. Hello everyone. I haven't posted on here since Janelles last season. Watching BBAD the other day made me want to rejoin so I could complain about Raven. I seen when Matt was throwing baby powder on her and she was acting so mad, and every second word out of her mouth was the f- word. She also changed her voice to something with an accent and then sounding like a baby. I think she is a horrible player.
  4. I was soooo happy when she didn't mention Ariana's name! I thought Frankie would think that's what she would say for sure!
  5. Ugh!!! I hope he leaves soon! Does anyone think he will leave soon? No one has ever bugged me this much as he does. Everything about him is annoying.
  6. When Frankie was hosting his "big brother Frankie funeral" he asked what his last name was to the girls and someone answered and then he said who is sister was. I COULD NOT STAND WATCHING THE WHOLE THING PLAY OUT. He was dancing when he was telling them. His facial expressions when he said he was in "social media",. I wanted to break my brand new 62" smart HD 3D tv. lol. I can't stand him! "I came into the house with 1.5 million fans" UGH!! "I will probably win Americas Favorite houseguest!" Everything about this guy bugs me.
  7. Lady_Jani

    Christine Brecht (Week 7 HoH) - HoH2

    I mag be wrong, but isn't Ariana's fan base 12 year old girls? My niece is 6 and really likes her. Other then that, I don't think many older people are aware of who or what she is. I say what because I read on another forum someone thinking an Ariana Grande was a Taco Bell special. Lol I seen once at a family channel concert (again, I was watching it for my niece, lol) these three girls on stage all dressed up. One girl dressed up was Ariana Grande and when the other 2 found out they were so excited. One girl was like 8 and the other maybe a teenager. I don't get what the big deal is about her or her brother!
  8. I HOPE HE LEAVES!!! I can not stand him being around every where all the time.
  9. She is telling people that she is no longer going to talk to people for the sake of her game from now on. She is looney.
  10. Lady_Jani

    Frankie Grande (Week 5) -HoH, Team America

    I just seen him do the now. I had it recorded. He was like doing this jump too. He gets on my nerves and I really hope someone puts him up soon.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. All the girls are so friendly with each other and same with the guys. It's going to be interesting to see that's for sure.
  12. Lady_Jani

    The Big Brother House

    So this comment isn't about how dirty the house is but about today's live show. Did anyone notice how nice they were to each other when they got someone eliminated from the HOH comp? Lol. I kiss, a hug, a pat on the arm or shoulder! Jeez.
  13. Lady_Jani

    The Big Brother House

    I couldn't believe the different colors of the carpet in the kitchen. I have been watching feeds during the day, and noticed when they are cooking it takes them forever to find a condiment on the table. And that room where they sit with the yellow and the pinkish seats has crumbs everywhere. The amount of clothes all over the place is ridiculous. Lol. To the poster who said production probably puts ants in the house just to hear them complain, that's hilarious. Lol
  14. Lady_Jani

    The Big Brother House

    Has anyone noticed how dirty it is?!? The rug in the kitchen underneath their island,... Is filthy!!! People are walking around barefoot on it. The storage room is full of clothes! Do they not realize they are in live television. Lol