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  1. 10:17AM BBT Alex is packing up her camp site while Mark and Elena continue sleeping in the RBR. Josh says his brother was always out of money because he blew it all on weed. Kevin spat out the coffee - someone put salt in the sugar. Xmas is upstairs and talks about a woman who complains about not having money to feed her kids when she goes out to lunch and spends money at Starbucks.
  2. 10:03AM BBT Josh, Alex, Jason and Paul are around the campfire outside HoH. Cody, Xmas, Raven and Kevin are in the KT. Upstairs the conversation is about languages - Paul's dad speaks 7.
  3. 9:45AM BBT Jason finds it eXtremely funny that BB has given him a series of eXtreme prompts. Josh is now lying down next to Alex, looking down at Paul and his breakfast party below. Jason goes upstairs to join Alex and Josh. Paul recites a limerick and BB tells him to stop singing.
  4. 9:40AM Alex is grilling hot dogs. The other HG are up and milling about the house and KT. Jason is eXtremely awake. Raven is drinking coffee and has her socked feet up on the KT counter. Josh brings Alex a cup of coffee, then heads into HoH, possibly to use the shower. Xmas has rolled out of bed. Literally.
  5. 9:28AM Bugle Call! Alex pulls on her Happy Camper backpack and waddles out to the balcony in front of HoH and begins setting up camp. Josh is in the WA while Cody shaves and there's no acknowledgement of the other.
  6. 9:26AM BBT Cody is out of the shower and in the WA. Alex is up and appears to be starting to straighten up the HoH BR.
  7. 9:10AM BBT Cody is not waiting for the wake-up call to escape his fellow HG by taking a shower.
  8. 8:30AM BBT Good morning and welcome to possibly the last day of the Cody Morning Show. Cody has been at the KT counter for a bit, drinking his coffee. What do you think might be going through his mind right now?
  9. 10:55AM BBT Paul starts to throw in Kevin's slights as he, Matt and Josh joke about how they are going to take Mark out. Cody continues reading the bible in the GBR. Josh thinks that despite Cody and Mark both saying they are not working together, they are both working together. Paul says Mark will kiss up to Raven again if she wins HoH.
  10. 10:50AM BBT Josh told Paul and Matt that when he "called Mark out" last night, he said he couldn't stand living with him. Cody is out of the shower and heads to the GBR to put on some clothes, then crawls into bed with a book. Paul tells Matt that Mark has been infatuated with Maven the last couple days, implying they are his target. Paul says Mark admitted he hadn't done anything for Paul in the game. Josh says he wins one comp (Safety) and thinks he's a beast.
  11. 10:40AM Josh is in the WA while Cody is in the shower. He returns to the HN room. Cody is out of the shower and Josh has his towel so he's either ready to go in or go on an improbable space adventure. So long, Josh, and thanks for all the diss. Cody turns the water back on again so Josh visits with Matt and Paul in the KT as they make fun of Mark.
  12. 10:35AM BBT With the HG up, Cody has moved from the KT to the shower. Paul and Matt move to the KT where Paul continues to make fun of Mark's game. Matt wants Josh to win HoH and send Mark home.
  13. 10:30AM BBT The whispering has begun as Paul recaps for Matt the convo he had with Matt last night, implying Mark said he wasn't taking a shot at Paul if he won HoH but Matt "to make a statement". Wow, Matt says, was Elena there? Yes, but she didn't say anything.
  14. 10:25AM BBT The lights are on. Matt & Mark are up. Alex is laying in the HoH bed flipping through the spy screen views. BB forces Josh awake by calling him to the DR.