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  1. 4:18AM BBT The siren has sounded and only Dillon has buzzed in. The others have less than a minute or they are eliminated. 4:20AM Dillon buzzed in when the siren went off, but Bruno, Will and Dre are nowhere to be found. Dillon has won HoH. BB whispers in Sindy's ear and she makes it official.
  2. 4:13pm The 5 minute clock has started ticking. Only Dillon is in the BY. If the other HG don't buzz in within 1 minute of the siren going off, they will be eliminated and Dillon will win HoH.
  3. 4:11AM BBT William found the safety Card and now they are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. Dre beat out Bruno and William.
  4. 4:09AM Sindy announces that there is a Safety Card for the in the house. Only HG still in the comp can look. Bruno, Dre and Will go into the house. Dillon tells them it'd be nice to have but they don't need it. The three agree to draw straws to see who gets it. Dillon watches them search.
  5. 3:48AM Sindy tells Dillon he has to go back out to the BY. She tells the others that the game is still on and they must buzz in at the end of the round. If they don't press after 1 min following the siren, they are eliminated. The clock has not started counting down yet.
  6. 3:40AM BBT Dre, Bruno and Will agree to Dillon's deal and walk away. Only Dillon is left standing at the podium. But BB hasn't ended the competition.
  7. 3:38AM BBT Sindy announces William got $1400, Dre got $110 and Bruno got $490. Not only was Kevin eliminated but he came out empty handed. Dre wants to know who Dillon is nominating before she'll agree to throw the comp.
  8. 2:17AM BBT Dillon promises the remaining HG (Will, Kevin, Dre, Bruno) they are all safe when he wins HoH. The waiting game resumes.
  9. 2:15AM BBT Jackie is eliminated but both she and Dre run into the house to get the the last slop pass. Dre got it. Dillon is bragging he is going to win and see his niece because his job is quick hand coordination.
  10. 1:05AM BBT Ika is the slowest to buzz in and has been eliminated. She goes for a HN pass while the others wait for the next siren.
  11. 1:02AM BBT Sindy is telling the HG where the other HN cards can be found should they want to try for them. The clock is at 2m.
  12. 1:00AM Karen, Demetres and Sindy have found 3 of the HN cards. Will gives in and runs to find a HN card and the clock starts ticking. He's back 30 seconds later with a HN card and the clock is at 4:25.
  13. 12:53AM BBT Sindy informs the remaining HG that there are 6 Have Not cards hidden in the house and anyone can go look for them - and risk being eliminated!
  14. 12:08AM BBT Sindy tempts Kevin who makes a dash for a beer. There are 4 spring rolls left. Dillon is trying to bargain with BB for more beer. Dillon goes for another spring roll and and there are 3 left, with just 10 minutes. Ironically they could have all chowed down since BB hasn't started the clock yet.
  15. 11:27pm BBT Dillon asks Dem to chug his beer for him. Will wants a glass of wine and a nice couch. Dillon grabbed a spring roll his first time. He makes a dash for a second one. Safe!