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  1. DRG, I hope you don't mind, but I took your doc and updated it to a one-page PDF. Fuskie Who just thought a single page would be easier for people... Big Brother Canada Season 5 Houseguests.pdf
  2. Big Brother airs on Canda's Global TV on Mondays (9pm), Wednesdays (9pm) and Thursdays (8pm). Subscribers to GlobalTV can watch live on the Global TV network or at http://globaltv.com/watchlive/. To watch the Big Brother Canada show, outside of Canada as it airs, go to: http://videobrother.net/ If you live in Canada, or use a proxy, just go to: http://globaltv.com/watchlive. If you use any of these or similar sites, do it with caution, there may be prompts to update your video player, Flash, Java, or Silverlight, Do Not Do It!!!! You can watch everything without installing anything new; these prompts may try to install unwanted software or malware. The live feeds are free, but are blocked to viewers outside of Canada. To get around this, you can use a proxy service. I recommend a browser plug-in called Hoxx VPN, in addition to Hoxx, there's Geoproxy VPN, www.comnetorgco.com. The Hoxx VPN offers one week free, no credit card required. The BBViewer Live Feed app from Liquid8 has in the past has simulstreamed the broadcast episodes and the BB Canada live feeds to anywhere. The BB Viewer app now supports both BB Canada and BB USA in one package, as well as archives of past seasons. You can get the latest BB Viewer app from Liquid8 here: http://m1h.us/bbgoodies
  3. Welcome to the Big Brother Picture Thread! This thread is for posting screen captures and pics (with captions that explain them) from the Big Brother House live feeds.After you post here, we may reprint your post on the main Big Brother page, and not credit you right beside it for submitting the information. It's not that we don't want people to know you helped, but it's just that when we tried it last year, all the credits annoyed people. We do give credit to the other sites that send us cool stuff. I will list contributors at the end of each day's report. Your input is vital to our success, and we really do appreciate your help. Don't limit yourself to Live Feed Pics, feel free to share other neat finds with us! Most of all Have Fun and consider this thread like a Pictorial Daily Library. -- Morty
  4. This forum is for posting updates on the happenings, events and conversations that you've seen on the Big Brother Canada 5 house live feeds. Please use the Big Brother USA or Big Brother International Forum to post info about the Big Brother houses in other than Canada. If you post comments in this forum, they will be deleted. Please keep all discussions in the "Big Brother Canada 5 - Discussion" forum, and screen caps and other neat pictures in the "BB Canada Photos, Media & Meme Thread ". If you forget which forum you're in and post here by mistake, don't worry your post will be deleted without prejudice, we all goof-up at times. You can't start new threads in this forum. There is one thread for each day in the Big Brother house. After you post here, we may reprint your message (or parts of it) on the main Big Brother page, and not credit you for submitting the information. It's not that we don't want people to know you helped, but it's just that when we tried it, having all the credits there annoyed people. We will list contributors at the end of each day's report. Your input is vital to our success, and we really do appreciate your help. Example: JD: Who are you going to vote out? DS: I'm going to vote with the majority. JD: So you want me out too?
  5. This is where you'll find recaps of each week's episode of Season 34, Survivor: Game Changers. Please let us know what you think after each episode! Fuskie Who is looking forward to a good season...
  6. Season 12 of The Voice is back and this is the thread where you can follow all the action, from the Blind Auditions to the Battle Rounds, the Knockouts and finally, the Live Shows! Plus, in addition to artist talented performances, catch the coaches dropping all pretense of congeniality as they do battle with each other to win The Voice!
  7. This is The Voice! 9 hours and 23 minutes before The Voice Finale... Adam is missing. Roll the Ferris Beuller tape! This is it, the night we've been waiting for, our huge Season Finale. I'm Carson Daly. Please keep it going for your coaches. I'm glad he could make it, Adam Levine! Miley Cyrus! Alicia Keys! There he is, the cowboy, Blake Shelton! Tonight's guest artists have won a combined 78 Grammy awards. We kick off our celebration tonight with a 25 time Grammy award winning legend, tonight he's joined by pop superstar Ariana Grande and your Top 12, with Faith from the new animated film Sing, ladies and gentlemen, Stevie Wonder! We're bringing back your favorite artists from the season and for one of Josh's last times on stage, he's singing a big party song with two of his closest Voice buddies, Austin Alsup and Brendan Fletcher, singing My Kinda Party by Jason Aldean. When Blake first met Sundance at the Blind Auditions, all the country music stars aligned and that perfect coach/artist chemistry brought them all the way to the end of this competition. Let's see more. Roll tape! Now, he's a 10 time Grammy Award winner, also an Academy Award winner, and tonight he joins the youngest artist in our competition for an awesome duet, with his hit single Love Me Now from his new album, Darkness and Light, here's We' McDonald and the one and only John Legend! First time coach Miley has been so dedicated to helping out her team, and though she lost Aaron and Ali last week, she has continued to work with them working on their first records and touring. From the beginning, Miley was a fierce competitor with an effective strategy - talking her artists way onto her team. Take a look! He's one the world's best selling music artists, a 16 times Grammy Award winner, a music icon, with his new single I Can't Stop Thinking About You from his new album, 57th & 9th, ladies and gentlemen, here's Sting! For one of his last times on stage, Billy Gilman is bringing back some of this season's most powerful voices for a huge performance. Singing Proud Mary (Tina Turner), please welcome Billy Gilman, Christian Cuevas, Ali Caldwell, Courtney Harrell and Sa'Rayah. One of the closest coach/artist relationships we've ever had on the show was Alicia Keys taking We' under her wing and all the way to this finale. Here's more. Now Team Adam's country artist joins an acclaimed country singer/songwriter on her breakout #1 hit, with Burning House, please welcome Josh Gallagher and Cam! As the season comes to a close, your finalists and their coaches stopped in to The Voice confessional one last time to reflect on what a win would mean. Let's take a look. He's a world-acclaimed 2-time Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter/producer, with his massive hit Starboy, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for The Weeknd! Now Blake Shelton is a master of a lot of things, coaching, country music, cowboy stuff, cocktails, but we're all in agreement that fashion is not one of them, wearing the same clothes he started the series with. Take a look. Sometimes no one wears you better than you. No one knows how to tear up the stage quite like Sundance, so we thought it'd be a good idea to bring in his idols to do it with him. They are Rock'n'Roll Hall of Famers and one of music's most influential bands, with an epic performance of Detroit Rock City, give it up for Sundance Head and Rock legends KISS! Sundance and KISS also performed Rock And Roll All Night (and party every day). And yes, there was a guitar smashed in the making of this performance. Alicia and Miley grabbed the pieces for souvenirs. For one of her last times on The Voice, We' is bringing back some of her closest Voice friends with some of the most unique voices. Singing Love Lockdown (Kanye West), please welcome Aaron Gibson, Darby Walker, Brendan Fletcher and Final 4 artist We' McDonald! This week the Final Four got to do something that a lot of emerging artists just dream about, record and debut their brand new original singles. Each one charted in the iTunes Top 10 Singles chart. Regardless of who wins, they've shown music matters to them the most. In appreciation, Toyota is giving each of them their very own state-of-the-art recording studio. Now for a coach/artist partnership for the history books, this is the first time Coach Adam has taken a country artist all the way to the Finale, and this unlikely partnership has already proven to be a perfect match. Take a look! Right now, Team Adam's powerful pop singer takes the stage with a 3-time Grammy Award winner and one of the biggest voices in the world, with It's Quiet Uptown from her chart-topping album, The Hamilton Mix Tape, give it up for Billy Gilman and our close friend, the great Kelly Clarkson! Sundance takes the stage one last time, teaming up with his fellow Team Blake members, Courtney Harrell and Austin Alsup, to sing Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Cole Swindell). Both Coach Adam and Billy Gilman are two artists driven with an undying passion for music, and have developed a playful connection that just could be the winning combination. Take a look! Now, he's a 4-time Grammy Award winner with 170m singles sold, tonight this global music superstar takes our stage with his newest hit. Singing 24K Magic, give it up for Bruno Mars! Now, who wouldn't want to be just like coach Alicia Keys, she's a 15-time Grammy Award winner, an accomplished musician, and behind the scenes, the other coaches asked for a private master class with the master herself and she even has a star pupil. Have a look! Ladies & gentlemen, this is it. Last night, Billy Gilman sang My Way, his original Because of Me and Bye Bye Love with his coach, Adam Levine. Josh Gallagher sang Jack & Diane, his original Pick Any Small Town and Smooth with his coach, Adam Levine. We' McDonald sang Don't Rain On My Parade, her original Wishes and Ave Maria with her coach, Alicia Keys. And Sundance Head sang At Last, his original Darlin' Don't Go and Treat Her Right with his coach, Blake Shelton. The Final Four artists charted 7 times in the iTunes Singles charts overnight: Billy Gilman with My Way and Because of Me, Josh Gallagher for Pick Any Small Town, We' McDonald with Wishes, and Sundance Head with At Last, Treat Her Right and Darlin' Don't Go. Our four Finalists join me now on stage. All season you have witnessed them grow and out sing the competition, and now it is time to find out who will win it all. Sundance tells Coach Blake thank you for being such a great guy and so sweet, this is a job but you are such a genuine person. We' tells Coach Alicia she has coached her not only about music but about life, being confident in yourself and I feel like I've won already. Billy tells Coach Adam he never thought he'd be here, it's been an amazing experience, you found and gave my voice back in a way I never thought possible. Josh tells Coach Adam I came into this thing not knowing what will happen and you have helped me grow and step outside my box that I never thought possible. Good luck to all of you. Sundance, We', Billy and Josh, one of your lives is about to change forever. I will read the artist in 4th place, here we go. The Finalist in 4th place is... Josh Gallagher from Team Adam, congratulations for a great run on The Voice! Josh tips his cap as he leaves the stage. That leaves Sundance, We' and Billy. Now I'll read the name of the artist in 3rd place. Here we go. The Finalist in 3rd place is... We' McDonald from Team Alicia! Give it up for We', the youngest in this competition. What a run. Sundance Head or Billy Gilman, one of you is The Voice. Perhaps it was destined to come down to an artist from Team Blake and an artist from Team Adam. It's The Voice Finale, the moment has come, what a night of music and a great season, great artists, and it all comes down to these two right here, Sundance Head and Billy Gilman. One of their lives is about to change forever, let's not waste anymore time. Here we go. The winner of The Voice Season 11 is... Sundance Head! Team Blake wins for the 5th time! Give it up for your 2nd place winner, Billy Gilman from Team Adam! Sundance and Billy embrace as Adam congratulates Blake. The coaches then embrace their artists on stage as Sundance's wife and children comes up. Singing his original single, Darlin' Don't Go, give it up for Sundance Head! Misty Head, Sundance corrects, the champion here is her. Sundance calls up the rest of the Top 12 as his parents also join them under the falling confetti. Thank you for joining me for this 11th season of The Voice with Morty's TV. Personally I'd have liked the results to have been reversed because I think Sundance wouldn't have needed any help breaking into Nashville, while Billy's range and power should be nurtured and thrust forward. But I can't argue that these Top Two were the best voices of the season, so good on ya, America!
  8. This is The Voice! Everything has led to This Moment. Tonight, four of the most unique and talented artists we've ever seen will compete for the last time in the hopes of being named The Voice. From Team Adam, Billy Gilman. From Team Blake, Sundance Head. From Team Adam, Josh Gallagher. And from Team Alicia, We' McDonald. America get ready - The Season 11 Finale starts Right Now! This is it, everybody, our Finale performance show, I'm Carson Daly. Keep it going for your coaches: Adam Levine! Miley Cyrus! Alicia Keys! And Mr. Blake Shelton! It all comes down to this, the most important night of competition. You are picking the winner of The Voice. Our four finalists will each sing a new cover, a duet with their coach, and debut an original song. We kick things off with Team Adam's pop singer, tackling one of the most iconic songs of all time, My Way (Frank Sinatra), here's Billy Gilman and his coach. Roll tape. Billy fits in the category with Frank Sanatra, Adam says, doing this hyper-masculine song for the first time. Billy says it speaks to how I feel about my time on the show. Adam says first verse A Capella, second verse Piano, then build tot he finale. Billy says this is flipping the coin but it's my final statement. Dropping the mic, adds Adam. Standing alone at midstage the stage, light from the back, his voice pierces the darkness with solemnity and gravity, mesmerizing, showcasing the talent that once won him a Grammy, delivering the chorus punch line with a slight smile. His second voice raises the stakes and the power, with huge, sustained power notes. In his third verse, be begins to relax, conspiratorially with the audience, turning it on as the audience explodes in applause, the drama and the performance climaxing into a Vegas-ready extravaganza, ending with a whisper heard throughout. Miley (wearing a veil) says you just sang my favorite song in the world and Team Miley was watching you back there, we kept looking at each other and it resonated with all of us, because we did it all way and we have so much pride and joy and so should you. Coach Adam says I thought you were going to lose it at the end and you kind of did and it was beautiful. Never has someone like Billy, with all that talent and experience, matched a song so beautifully, his heart just poured out on that stage, that's an admirable thing regardless of the outcome. How do you not feel like you just won The Voice? Just a reminder that voting is now open for all your Final Four artists, and for the last time, your iTunes downloads count as votes and any artist reaching the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles Chart will have their download votes multiplied times 5. Tonight you are picking the winner of The Voice and we continue with Team Adam's Josh Gallagher and a he wrote with a couple buddies from Team Adam, Pick Any Small Town. It's a personal song that reminds him of the small town in which he grew up. Don't sing it, Adam teases, sang it. Adam says it's been fun to watch you develop. You've brought out an experimental side, Josh confesses. Adam says the song is rich, it lets you in, you guys wrote a great song. If you forgot Josh was country, this song was a total reminder, with a soft drum beat, heavy on the whispering guitar, and a vocal that tells the story of Americana and a voice that makes you think you've never heard it before. The audience can be heard clapping along and if you look right now you may be tapping your toe yourself. Playing the acoustic guitar with an electric in the background, it's both modern and classic at the same time. A baseball cap instead of a cowboy hat doesn't change its authenticity. Blake says that was such a cool story to know you wrote that with Nolan Neal (Team Adam). That's a song I can relate to - I still live in a town of just 35,000 people. Great job. Coach Adam says I feel like the way I wanted to feel about you, this dude could be doing this on The Late Show with 10 records, it feels like it came true and I feel so proud, you're killing it. We continue with Team Alicia's We McDonald, singing Ave Maria in a duet with her coach, the great Alicia Keys. Complete with harp, black and white pianos, Alicia opens up in the original Latin with a youth choir behind her, complimented by We', also in Latin, with a string orchestra behind her. The performance is light and spiritual as the two get up from their respective pianos and continue with an operatic vocal by We' that just blossoms from her voice. Listening to the two side by side, I can't help but observe Alicia cannot sing like her protege. We continue with Team Blake's Sundance Head and his new original single, Darlin' Don't Go, written for the love of his life. This is what I want my sound to be, Sundance says, it tells my wife I cannot live without her. Blake says it's incredible to hear you sing a song you wrote yourself. Sundance loses his composure when Blake tells him that KISS just confirmed to perform with him on tomorrow night's finale. The month before his brother died, they went to a KISS concert and he sat on his shoulders. I know, Blake says, It feels like he's around you. He opens with a huge note, playing his acoustic in a bed of fog, pointing to his wife, the emotion on his face, the guitars gently weeping, the backup gospel vocals, there is no question this is a man in the doghouse begging for a second chance. But anyone who walks away from this amazing voice, full of sincerity and steadfastness doesn't deserve a second chance. This performance was a masterful piece of country outpouring of soul, and whatever the audience thought, Missy & the kids were smiling, so whatever he did all is forgiven and that's all that matters. Carson asks Blake what's more exciting, to hear his new original song, or how impressed you are with the way this man sings? Coach Blake says he's most impressed with is that this show has discovered somebody who, it is beyond me how in the hell this guy hasn't been discovered before. You wrote that song by yourself. Thank you for almost leaving him, Blake shouts to Missy, and making him write that song about coming back. Perfect. We continue with another duet from Coach Adam and Billy Gilman, singing Bye Bye Love (The Everly Brothers). Billy says I could never trust anyone in this business but I've grown to trust Adam. I'm honored, Adam says. Pumping up the energy, their voices pair perfectly, with Adam taking the high road and Billy taking the middle ground. And while vocal styling of his solos sounded natural for Billy, they didn't quite so for Adam, who tried more for soul, as Billy was able to channel his country origins, but the two brothers play off each other well for an entertaining performance. We move right along to We' McDonald's original song, written just for her inspired by her Blind Audition to perfectly showcase the artist she's become, Wishes. Alicia coaches her on how to sing it, fitting her low register, the lyrics fitting into her life at multiple levels. Sometimes you need to make it on your own to make your wishes come true. In her deep mature voice, the drama flows thick and syrupy from her voice, but the lyrics are hard to follow until she gets centers stage to belt her chorus. Her eyes moist during the second verse, the drummer pounding out the rhythm of intensity, she builds up to the second chorus, joined by backup singers as the arrangement continues to build to support her powerful vocals. The band drops out except for the drums to get the crowd clapping as she pours fuel on her fire, her vocal coming out so hard it feels like she has no breath left over by the end. We's so excited she starts to walk off stage but Carson calls her back to hear from her coach. Coach Alicia says I cannot express how proud I am, handing everything with such grace and endurance to stand here every week, you are the truth, so proud of America for seeing in you the individuality and diversity I see, the unlimited potential, no ceiling for you. It's always been Coach Adam's dream to win The Voice with a country singer, and with Josh Gallagher, he just might. Singing Smooth (Santanna) for their duet, the guitar is dropping hot and heavy, both eclectic on the electric with concurrent licks, Adam takes the high register while Josh takes up residence low and slow, they had the theater grooving. Where Josh slides into the vibe with ease, Adam seems to be working to come off the cool cat, but he shows he knows how to play guitar with a huge solo while Josh brings the song home. Now a duet by two country boys. Coach Blake's and Sundance's perfect partnership works so well because they love big performances, good music and having a great time on stage. Singing Treat Her Right (Roy Head & The Traits, Sundance's father). Blake tells us his dad got signed in High School. Sundance says he's going to let Blake do the dancing. With silhouettes dancing in a 1960's groove behind the band, Sundance is getting his groove on in front, his vocal channeling is paternal inspiration. Coach Blake joins in standing down by the fans, as they trade off verses with female backup singers with an accenting echo, this is such a throwback performance, slowly building with intense vocals and a sultry undercurrent ready to blow up and explode it does into an American Bandstand feel but with strobe lights. The song was #2, behind The Beatles in 1965, and Roy Head is in the audience. We continue with Team Adam's country finalist, Josh Gallagher, singing his cover of Jack & Diane (John Cougar Mellencamp). And why not, he's taken on country superstars all season long. This is Adam's first country singer to make the finale, and this song bridges the gap between country and pop music. Adam says after the first verse, run to the other side of the stage to pump up the audience like Garth Brooks would. I want you to have the time of your life up there. I just want my wife Lindsey to be proud, Josh says. After the first bar, Josh calls the audience to their feet as the backup singers lead them in clapping. He adjusts his mic pack as he opens with the first verse, channeling his inner cougar, this is a terrific reproduction in his own voice. He steps down into the audience, leaves the mic to do a little electric guitar solo but the mic isn't picking it up. He grabs the mic for the next verse, the vocal comfortable and strong but while this was fun and very entertaining, it didn't feel deep or challenging. Coach Adam says, over the audiences' screams as Josh tips his cap, Dude, that song and you were meant to be together, no person on the planet doesn't want to hear that song and you sang it so well. you brought that song back. Thank you. We continue with Team Blake's sole (or soul) country singer, Sundance Head and his cover of At Last (Etta James). Blake says he's a natural country voice, but Sundance says he learned to sing from Alicia. Singing about love, unity and faith, this is about reaching the finale. Blake says he hears a bass singer when the band hits the bass part. The show was made for heartfelt artists like Sundance, Blake says. With a beebop-sounding backup, Sundance's vocal is crystal clear and shiny, his voice strong and loud, earnest and stalwart. In the second verse, the arrangement shifts to a more country feel, sliding back in style for the chorus, an interesting and satisfying mixture of style woven effortlessly by his center stage presence that fills the room with positivity and achievement. Before singing his final words, he gives up a little smile then nails the climax. Coach Blake says I could not be more excited, happy, proud. It's literally like someone reached back into time to find this undiscovered classic iconic vocalist and plopped him down right in front of us. It's absolutely unbelievable. How about a huge hand for Paul Mirkovich and the incredible Voice band all season long! And now the debut of another original single, here's Billy Gilman with Because Of Me. It's not what people might think for you, Adam says. But it's my identity, Billy concludes. Adam says it was going to be a Maroon 5 song but they decided to give it to Billy. Adam suggests extending some of the notes deliberately and Billy nails the direction. This is so big, he says. You're faith in me is about 90% why I can continue to fight each week. We're on to something good, Adam tells him. With the clouds flowing in the background, Billy's voice flows in the foreground, simple and straight forward, piano pounding out the chords while his voice belts out his emotion-packed vocal, accenting the bridge with a replay singing behind his singing. His performance is atmospheric, sweet, going from quiet sincerity to a powerfully commanding presence. He's alone on stage but he owns it, delivering what could be described as an anthem experience. Coach Adam says this is a first, when you find a song that connects in a way that's gigantic with the right singer in the right space to project a message and a melody that everyone can link to, that's what I love and I think that moment was the most definitive of your career. Tonight's final performance comes from Team Alicia's We' McDonald, at 17, the youngest artist in the competition but one of the most mature voices. Singing Don't Rain On My Parade (Barbara Streisand), she wanted to show it's OK to be yourself from a happier side. Alicia says this song is specific to how Barbara does it, full circle for her saying this is who she is. We' says she learned so much about producing songs. Standing in front of stage orchestra, she shows she can not only deliver on pop but stand her own on Broadway as well. Her voice is dynamic and adventurous, her vocal glamorous and sultry, I had flashes of Bette Midler attitude with a bit of Liza Manelli mixed in. This was pure entertainment as she takes the mic off the stand and strolls to great her audience with a commanding stage presence and curtain closing climax final note. Your Voice Finale performance show comes to a close, leaving the audience screaming for more. Coach Alicia keeps the screaming going before saying you came out on stage the first day and you said you had been bullied, and to me, this song shows everybody who ever ever didn't understand who you are, how diverse you are, how unique you are, how special you are, it gives everybody a chance to know that nothing that can stop you, and everyone who has ever felt misunderstood or unloved or unappreciated or unknown, you are the artist they know. The artists have done their jobs, and now it's your turn to make one of their dreams come true. Voting closes at noon Eastern tomorrow. We'll see you back here Tuesday night at 8pm ET for the live 2 hour finale. Who will be your winner of The Voice Season 11? Will it be either Billy Gilman or Josh Gallagher from Team Adam? Or will it be Sundance Head from Team Blake? Or will it be newcomer Team Alicia's We' McDonald? Tell us who you are voting for and why either here or on the Morty's Fan Forums & Chat at http://tvfanforums.net!
  9. This is The Voice! We are live with your results, I'm Carson Daly, please say hi to your coaches, here's Adam Levine. Miley Cyrus. Here's Alicia Keys. Blake Shelton. We're getting down to it as we find out which four of our Top 8 will advance to next week's Finale. Your fourth finalist will be determined by your last Instant Save. Let's find out our first finalists, here are your Top 8: Christian Cuevas sang To Worship You I Live (Away) and charted in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles Chart. Ali Caldwell sang I Will Always Love You. Brendan Fletcher sang Angel. Josh Gallagher sang Danny's Song and charted in the iTunes Singles Top 10. We' McDonald sang Scars To Your Beautiful. Sundance Head charted in the Top 10 on iTunes with Love Can Build A Bridge. Aaron Gibson sang (Everything I Do) I Do It For You. And Billy Gilman sang I Surrender, charting in the iTunes Singles Chart Top 10. Good luck to all the artists, I'll now reveal the name, in no particular order, of the very first artist saved by your vote. Here we go. America saved... Billy Gilman from Team Adam, you are in the Finals! Next, they are global music superstars. Tonight, they're here to sing their brand new single, with Let's Hurt Tonight, please give a warm welcome to our friends, One Republic! This week our Top 8 Semi-Finalists got a big surprise when they got an exclusive tour of the upcoming television event, our own Hairspray Live, right here on the Universal backlot. Have a look! Let's find out another artist saved by your vote. Our remaining artists join me now center stage. I'm going to announce the name of the next artist moving on to the Finale. Here we go. The second Finalist is... Sundance Head, Team Blake! You did it, buddy, Blake Shelton's only artist makes it to the Finale! She was Team Pharrell's finalist last season and you picked her to return for a special homecoming performance, and we're excited to debut her new single, I Alone Have Loved You, please welcome back to The Voice, Hannah Huston! It's time to reveal the name of your third finalist, please welcome back to the stage your remaining six artists. I'm going to announce the name of one more artist moving on to the Finale. Here we go. The third Finalist is... We' McDonald, Team Alicia! The youngest in this competition has a ticket to the Finale! Before we get to the rest of your results, a family member takes the stage. He's a 4-time winning coach with 22 #1 songs, with his new hit single, A Guy With A Girl, give it up for our buddy, Mr. Blake Shelton! Let's bring out your remaining 5 artists and get back to the business at hand on a tough Elimination Night. In my hand are the 3 artists who will be performing tonight for the Instant Save. I will reveal those names in no particular order. The remaining 2 received the lowest number of votes and will unfortunately leave us tonight. Here we go. The first artist performing for a spot in the Finale is... Ali Caldwell from Team Miley! The second artist performing for a spot in the Finale is... Josh Gallagher from Team Adam! Just one more artist with a shot to perform tonight. The third artist performing for a spot in the Finale is... Christian Cuevas from Team Alicia! We say goodnight to Aaron Gibson and Brendan Fletcher. Singing I Can't Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt) for his only chance to make it into the Finals, from Team Alicia, please welcome Christian Cuevas. He opens with a soft and cuddly vocal, his voice sincere and tender, his vocal comes off a bit numb, devoid of his usual emotional power. Then he kicks it into second gear and the feelings start pouring through his voice, but this time I think his singing just wasn't quite up to his standard. Coach Alicia says if you can't feel Christian's soul when he sings, there's never been an impure moment, that hasn't translated to the truth inside him in music and song, that's all we look for, you say and speak the truth, you are incredible. Now singing Sledgehammer (Rihanna) for her only chance to become a Finalist, representing Team Miley, please welcome Ali Caldwell. Graceful and strong, her vocal is confident and her voice fills the air with a dynamic talent as she delivers this Sia song, her power channeled into a dramatic display of control and range. A very strong claim to make it to the Finale. Coach Miley says I don't even know how you did what you just did because I'm ready to pass out. Life isn't always what we choose but it's what we make it. This is a wall and you just pushed right through it like I knew you would. Now singing I Drive Your Truck (Lee Brice) for his only chance to make it to the Finale, from Team Adam, here's Josh Gallagher. His voice soft with a twang, he's opens with a sensitive vocal then segues into a classic country rhythm, pushing vocal intensity with his power, then stripping it back to just the piano, crescendoing back to a sustained note, closing with simple end. Coach Adam says I only have 10 seconds which sucks but this guy constantly gets better and better, charting higher, he has so much more to give and it'll come next week. Ali Caldwell, Christian Cuevas join Josh Gallagher. You can only save one. InstantSave voting is now open. To save Josh Gallagher, Tweet or Retweet #VoiceSaveJoshG Instant Save voting is now open. To save Christian Cuevas, Tweet or Retweet #VoiceSaveChristian Instant Save voting is now open. To save Ali Caldwell, Tweet or Retweet #VoiceSaveAli At the commercial break, Josh is holding a 44% lead over Ali (31%) and Christian (25%). But you still have time to vote! Coach Alicia tells Christian he's handled this with such grace and has a purpose that goes far beyond this moment. All three do. You are an incredible light-bearing being and everything feels you, no where to go but upward. This is a victory either way. Coach Miley congratulates all three for making it this far, you are all so talented. Ali, people want to see themselves in their artists, you make everyone feel your songs but you are not like anyone else, you are so different, you are a superstar and never forget it. Ever. Coach Adam says I got started with Josh having stolen him from Blake, thank you Blake, but we've really just hit our stride with the Tim McGraw song and the Loggins & Messina song this week which you got into the Top 5, we're on such a roll. There's something about you that everyone connects with, whether they know you or not, they feel you, something special about your character and your ability to sing a song in a way that everyone understands. The Voice Instant Save window has closed and the time has come to find out which artist is our last Finalist. One of you was Instantly Saved and will advance to next week's Finale. The other two will be going home tonight. America Instantly Saved... Josh Gallagher from Team Adam, you're in the Finale Four! Congratulations! Please put your hands together as we say goodbye to Ali Caldwell and Christian Cuevas.
  10. This is The Voice! This is the Top 8 Semi-Finals. Good evening, I'm Carson Daly, keep it going for your coaches, Mr. Adam Levine, the very shiny Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, and Blake Shelton. Drink up, Cowboy. It's the most important night of competition yet as our 8 Semi-finalists each perform twice, a new song and a duet, then tomorrow night, only 4 artist advance to the finale. Voting is now open for all artists across all methods. We start with Team Alicia's Orlando soul singer, going back to where it all started, it's Christian Cuevas. Last week, @ladygaga tweeted him, then he hit #6 on iTunes. This week he's performing To Worship You I Live (Away) (Israel & New Breed), a little known gospel song that he's dreamed of performing. Alicia says you listen to this and are drawn into it. Christian says his grandmother used to sing this in Spanish and so he's mixing it up. Alicia gives him ideas how to make the band help him sound super angelic. You have to do what you love, Alica says, you have to love it so much that the audience can't help but love it with you. Standing below snowflakes suspended from the ceiling, his voice lightly falls on the fog-covered stage, his vocal both graceful and earnest, his acoustic guitar lightly accenting the performance, the deep felt emotion crying tears of happiness. His power (Christian's, not the other guy's, though maybe both) is evident as is his ability to move and carry an audience. Adam says I run out of things to say about you, I knew I'd be seeing you now when I didn't get you on my team. Nobody in the competition wears their emotions on their sleeves the way you do and I envy that. Blake says whether it's up tempo fun or a sad song or a song of faith and worship, whatever you feel, you have the ability to make us feel and that's the mark of a great artist. Coach Alicia says this was your dream and you lived it, you lit up when you chose this song, it represents you as a man, as a human being, spreading light. You lost yourself in the moment and that's the mark of an artist. Thank you for giving your heart, showing everyone who you are. We kick off our duets with two artists who couldn't be more different but whose incredibly unique voices both stood out this season. We' McDonald and Aaron Gibson are performing FourFiveSeconds (Rihanna). Sitting on steps under which the video water flows, the pairing of their vocals produces a nice harmony, while their contrasting solo voices fit together like sleepy pieces to a puzzle. In terms of character and personality, I think Aaron has the better vocal; We' needed more opportunity to open up rather than sing behind Aaron. We continue with Team Miley's New York powerhouse, trusted with a song by two of the most influential female vocalists in music, here's Ali Caldwell. Singing I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton & Whitney Houston), Whitney was the first voice Ali ever heard sings a girl and she's been waiting for this moment. Miley says her voice naturally leans towards the Whitney vibe but she can blend in some of the Dolly elements that touch your heart. Ali opens with a soft and lilty vocal, the lights slowly revealing her white dress laced with red roses, she's the epitome of grace and elegance as her voice shifts into and out of a falsetto ease, her power pushing the boundaries reminiscent but not similar to the original. Miley finally got to use pyrotechnics to punctuate the anticipated finale, though Ali provided plenty on her own without letting the climax get away from her, ending with a beautiful aural run. Alicia says I loved everything about that, Miley had her sparklers drop down, but more importantly (to Ali), you honored that look of yours, the red theme keeps coming up all the time, not shaken by the legendary song, you were able to mix and strengthen the styles, you were restrained, a perfect performance, so beautiful. Coach Miley says in 2016, Ali and I are like Whitney and Dolly, if you can share that emotion through the lyrics, and don't focus on how high you can hit and how much you can wail, we all know you can do it, but you never lost feeling, you sang as beautiful as you look and you are a rose, the most stunning, a perfect performance. Remember, you can listen to all your live show songs on Apple Music and download them from iTunes, and if an artist's song is in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles chart at the close of voting, those downloads will be multiplied by 5 as votes, accumulated through next week's Finale. We continue with Team Adam's Brooklyn rocker with a song that's a perfect emotional choice to follow up with last week's success. Here's Brendan Fletcher with Angel (Sarah McLachlan). B3INT #2 on iTunes last week was surreal. Adam says he has the kind of voice that can pull anything off, and this is an honest response, embracing the tender side of his voice. What touches people from Brendan is the sincerity. Brendan will be thinking of a childhood friend he used to play open mics with who passed away recently. Adam says make the big parts big and the soft parts even more tender. He urges Brendan to use pauses to give the song energy, make it bluesier, and he directs the drummer to use soft brushes. Surrounded by flameless candles, his voice is a little quiet and subdued, maybe a little too much so as the emotional impact of the song feels like it's lost in the nuance of the vocal performance, the pace and the pauses making it harder to maintain a connection. Even Adam looked a little sleepy as this performance lacked the passionate impact I think he had hoped for. Blake says its been fun watching you grow in popularity, every week you rank higher and higher because your voice is so infectious, that gravely, warm sound, I selfishly want you to do some Michael McDonald, I want it so badly. Coach Adam says I'm shameless, you should vote for him if you want something different, a different shade or tone than we often see, he's doing something something so him and pure to who he is, he deserves to be in the finale. We continue with a duet by two country artists with very different styles but the same competitive spirit, here's Josh Gallagher and Sundance Head singing Feelin' Alright (Joe Cocker). Both playing acoustic, Sundance sets the tone with a dirty vocal, his voice digging deep into his gut. Josh counters with his equally edgy but higher register vocal, his vocal coloring outside the lines. They don't so much as try to sing with each other as in and out of and around each other, weaving a fun, up-tempo, energetic sound wave. We continue with Team Alicia's 17yr old singer striving to be an artist with an important message, We' McDonald. Singing Scars To Your Beautiful (Alessia Cara), this is the kind of artist she wants to be, with a message. Alicia says she is so relatable, the beauty in her soul. She gives her the space to not rush in the song. The song is currently on the charts but tonight's version will be We' style. With an organ accompaniment, her mic atop a lit column, her voice is moody and serious, deep and intense. She hits the chorus and begins to come alive, singing to her guitarist as she descends some steps, a group of drums below ready to pound out the drama and feeling of the fast paced lyric, but I don't think this was her best vocal. Ever the showman, leading the band and the audience with her power and presence, something felt a little off, whether it was pitch or tone, I just don't know, but the audience either disagreed or just didn't care. Miley says the greatest thing is it's what We' can do on her own tour, how you used the stage and set to lift you up, the runway, I can't wait to wear your t-shirt. Coach Alicia says she knows what she wants, it's We's vision, her own artistry, her own message, how she wants to make people feel, and we can't stop screaming for you. We are witnessing the growth of a star. We continue with Team Miley's alt-rocker who made history last week when he was Instantly Saved for the 3rd week in a row, performing a hit song at the most crucial point in the competition, here's Aaron Gibson. Singing (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (Bryan Adams), he honored his bet and shaved his legs and received a tweet from William Shatner. Miley says it's important for him to not get lost with this song, a big classic hit everyone can sing along with and be involved. She tells him to not sing it how Bryan sings it but on the same timing. He says parents love him, but he's still single. Miley tells him not to push it at the start but save it for the end. He needs to show America why they keep saving him each week, have a big moment. He says if he makes the Top 4, he'll die his hair any color of Miley's choosing. Hot pink she says. You got to get me there first, he says. Totally single, Aaron stands before a leafless forest, the stars spinning in space on the video wall behind, his voice rough and dirty just like Bryan Adams but just different. The vocal is soft and earnest, calm and collected, sweet and sincere. He grabs the mic as the music begins to climb and build in intensity though his voice never seems to get bigger. Never the less, by the end, it seems stronger and more real. Coach Miley says I know you sang that song for me so I really believed it. This was different from anything we've done in the competition, everyone is coming out guns-a-blazing and this was a song that shouldn't have you in the Bottom. You executed it so well, thank you so much. Next up is a duet between two good friends who've developed a strong bond in the competition, here's the Wonder Twins, Christian Cuevas and Billy Gilman. Christian confesses his first grade teacher only played Billy Gilman's Oklahoma. Singing Unsteady (X Ambassadors), Christian starts down in the audience, his vocal range conveying the emotion echoed by Billy standing in the audience on the other side of the stage. They slowly join each other on stage, each singing slow and passionately, Christian's voice smooth and sugary while Billy is more bouncy and expressive. The two don't exactly harmonize but they do come together really well. At the end, the band drops out and it's just their sweet voices bringing the performance home. We continue with a return performance by Team Adam's country singer with a song that's a dream come true, here's Josh Gallagher. Singing Danny's Song (Kenny Loggins), he wants to quiet it down and have a me moment on stage. Adam says this shows the complete, well rounded you after emphasizing his performance ability. The song reminds him of his wife, a day care teacher, they don't have much money but are happy with each other. Adam moves the band's arrangement from the end to the second verse, countrified. Then he adds some background vocals for the chorus. Josh says Adam has a very clear path where he wants this song to go. Josh says his acoustic gigs are his favorite to play because it's just him. I need a breakout performance, he says. Sitting in a light circle on a stool with his guitar, he's a pure country folk singer, his voice comfortable and cushiony, clear and hopeful, his vocal happy and reassuring. His country twang and a complimentary guitar lick adds authenticity to this classic ballad of bliss. He does play around with the melody a little but it's not tragic because his vocal is true. You could hear a pin drop in the audience as they are held spellbound, you don't even realize at first there's a choir in the background. When he's done, though, the audience erupts. Coach Adam says I know you know you nailed it because you were so happy after you did it. I happen to believe that was vocally, feel-wise, the best of the night so far because it was the best song for your voice, so tasteful, you sound better than you ever have. Our final duet of the night comes from two powerful artists coming together for a bit rock song, it's Ali Caldwell and Brendan Fletcher, singing It's Only Love (Bryan Adams). The electric guitars are strumming and Ali is working the audience while Josh works the strings. He leads off with a gravelly first verse, followed by Ali's Heart-filled turn. She owns the stage as Josh is limited by his guitar but that doesn't stop the two from making electricity with their voices that work together very well in an unrestrained, high-energy kind of way. We continue with Team Blake's last remaining artist, tackling country music royalty, it's Sundance Head, singing Love Can Build A Bridge (The Judds). Blake says he's #1 on iTunes and can still win this thing. Blake says he's paid his dues. Sundance says he was working 45 hours in the oil fields and still doing 4 gigs a week. Luckily, he was laid off. The song is Blake's idea and Sundance seems nervous, but takes a call from Wynonna who tell shim no pressure, it's just one of her mom's legacy songs. Just be you, she says, and I get wait to watch you just let it rip. Sundance asks Blake to sing the song for him to study and the effort pays off. Blake challenges him to take his voice even higher. His voice has so much power, Blake says, but more than that, he has a special way of getting to your heart. Introduced by piano, he opens in classic ballad style, his voice ringing out with sincerity and honesty. But when he gets to the chorus, you begin to sense this is not in his wheelhouse, sounding a bit wooden and repeatedly cutting off the word "bridge". He's back comfortable with the second verse and for the second chorus, he's joined by a choir that adds a little more color. By the third verse and chorus, he's in his power element, building up to huge notes that soar, closing strong. All four coaches are on their feet. Coach Blake throws his hands up in the air and says I think everything great right now, dude, what can you say about Sundance anymore, it blows my mind. Every week you blow people away, you are not like anyone else in the world, so much passion when you sing coupled with so much natural-born talent, you put it together on the stage, this is really happening, dude, this could not have been better. We end the Semi-Finals with Team Adam's pop singer who is finally showing the world the kind of artist he's always dreamed of being, it's Billy Gilman! Singing I Surrender (Celine Dion), he received a congratulatory tweet last week from Martina McBride. This is a big Celine song but not THE big Celine. This is the type of sing he would sing in private growing up, Billy says. Adam tells him the purity of his voice has been at a 10 but he needs to sing in such a way that lets people in, rock out and get lost in the performance and people will respond. Adam suggests the song has been so big, he should end quieter. Standing under a chandelier in a bed of fog, dressed in black in front of a black Grand Piano, his voice rings out clear and soft, sensitive and inviting, then his vocal throws a switch and he goes into drama mode, climbing the scale in the chorus then sliding back to the bottom. I don't think he's as strong in his bottom register, there's a little quavering, but you cannot argue with his power, the ability to sustain an emotionally charged note. In the middle of the chorus, the black backdrop is suddenly felled then pulled up to dramatically reveal the full band, creating a magic energy that just keeps building as he changes into a new key mid note and chorus comes on stage to back him up. Dramatic lighting, exaggerated body movements, the emotion and excitement of the climax just goes into overdrive as he brings this penultimate performance to a breathtaking close. That is how you close the Semi-Finals, Carson says. And thank you to the amazing Paul Murkovich and the Murkovich band, All the coaches and audience are on their feet, and Billy is jumping up and down, still pumped up with excitement. Adam eggs on the audience's cheers. Coach Adam says you know about Billy, there's not much to tell, we know what he can do, and this doesn't happen often, Sundance was so incredible tonight, and I thought, thank Gd Billy's next because no one else could follow him. The look of shock and amazement on the other coaches at your ability to sing, it's hard for Celine Dione to sing a Celine Dione song, and that was an impossible task to sing the length of those notes you held out with such passion, it's unbelievable. Nobody appreciates this as much as this guy, one of the most humble and hardworking guys I know. So there you have the Semi-Final performances as your Top 8 sang for their chance to form your Top Four tomorrow night. Will you send Team Alicia's Christian Cuevas or We' McDonald to the finale? Or Team Blake's Sundance Head? Will you send Team Miley's Ali Caldwell or Aaron Gibson? Or will you reward Team Adam, the only team with all three artists remaining, Brendan Fletcher, Josh Gallagher or Billy Gilman?
  11. 4:08BBT Great speeches, Jason says, as they all clap for each other. Thanks, America, they all ring out. I'm so happy that's over, Morgan says. Vote for me, Jason screeches. I feel like I'm going to barf, Kryssie says, I'm going to put on pajamas . I'm going to take the napkins out from my armpits, Jason says. I need to stop sweating, Morgan says. We all did really good speeches, Jason says. Thanks for talking shit about us, asshole, Kryssie retorts with a laugh.
  12. 4:05PM BBT Morgan is the last to plea. OK, she says, I don't know how I'm going to follow both of those, because I'm a terrible speech giver unless I'm rationing all my HG, but I'll try my hardest. First of all, family and friends in Texas, I love y'all, thank you for all your support. To CBS and BB, thank you for this crazy experience. And to America, I never thought in a million years I'd be sitting here in this position. It's been a long journey full of so many ups and downs, but I can honestly say I never let this game break my spirit. I am the only person left standing in my alliance, in my side of the house, and I'm the only America's Nominee who survived this game and is here right now. I hope those points prove that I'm a fighter and deserve the $250,000. You know, all of us have played very different games, but I think I can say I think I played a great social game. I embraced the role of being a non-threat because I knew it would take me far in this game. And I showed that when my back is against the wall, I can win competitions to get me farther in this game. It's why I'm standing here right now. And you know, I did have a twist. I played this game with a sister and I had to hide that the whole entire time. So if you think this game is stressful playing just yourself, just try worrying about yourself and then a sibling in the game. I knew week one coming in here, I wasn't gonna be the biggest super fan, strategist, the biggest personality, so I was going to embrace the role of being that non-threat. It kind of sucks to say that, but I knew it would work and that being likable would take me very far in this game. There was a big house division, but I worked half this game to make sure I was well liked by that side of the house. And I worked week to week to make sure every single person in my alliance was a bigger threat than me. Yes, they did all go home before me, but this is why I'm at the end. They all went before me, and when numbers dwindled, I showed I could win my way to where I am right now. I won the HoH that got me to the Final Four, and I won the Head-to-Head Challenge that got me to the Final 3. That shows I didn't have to piggy back off anyone else; I won my way here fair and square. So, I'm running out of my points and forgetting what to say. But, I hope, America, that you do see that I worked so hard to get here. I might be the underdog but I fought my way here. And I might not have made as many big game moves, but I knew exactly what to do to get to this point. A vote for me would mean the absolute world to me. A vote for me is not only a vote for myself, but also a vote for every single one of my alliance members who went out before me. For Alex, Shelby, Whitney, Scott, even Monty. I'm still here, the only one fighting, because of them. It would mean the world to me if you voted for me, and for the last time ever, Bikini Girl out.
  13. 4:03PM BBT It's Kryssie's turn and she says Nine weeks in 2 minutes, here it is. After spending the first 3 weeks nominated, I won the first HoH comp for my alliance and used that to intermingle with Whitney and build a strong working relationship that earned me the best piece of information I could have asked for when she was scorned by her alliance: her alliance wasn't in fact attacking me, they wanted to establish me as a perpetual pawn so they could take me to the end and I would be easy to beat. Armed with that information, I went into the Double Eviction knowing I couldn't disappoint my public, so I elected to throw the tie breaker, as much as it grossed me out, so I wouldn't be the first HG to end up with 2 HoHs. The target that would have landed on my back instead landed firmly on Danielle's. Later that night, I was able to flip Danielle at the last minute to save in the Double, knowing full well he would stay 100% loyal to me but would turn on Danielle as soon as someone (pointing to herself) let him know that he was her initial target and had to be fought for. His predictability paid off in the following week when he had established a working alliance with Shelby and Morgan, and I piggybacked my way onto it into a Final 3 alliance with those lovely ladies under the condition that Danielle would be our target that week (Morgan is nodding in agreement) and Jason would be back burnered for one more to fight another day. Saving Jason in Week 2 with the Care Package and back burnering him in Week 7 were not coincidence, they were strategy. I made a Final 2 alliance with Jason on Night 2 that I knew was risky. I know that riding or dying with someone that no one else wanted to touch with a 10' pole in this game might pay off, or might get me sent out of here. But I didn't come here to be afraid of end-game threats. I came here to play a smart, loyal and strategic game that maybe had me flying under the radar sometimes, but I made moves when I had to make them, and my investment in Jason paid off, getting me standing here right now in the Final 3. I didn't come here to be the smart girl who pretended to be a waitress so she could look dumb and unsuccessful. I came here as the 100% unapologetic real life waitress who, maybe I did quit college to be a rock star, but I learned so much in my 12 years in the service industry, and those people skills I hone that whole time are what carried me to the end with people that knew they could trust me. And I've also learned that teamwork behind the scenes will make your performance look exponentially better. So now the game is over, America, and all the tabs are closed out, and all that's left is for you guys to fill out the tip line. And if you feel so inclined as to put $250 Gs on my tip line, they're going to have to invent a new word for how hard I'm going to ugly cry. Thank you so much for being involved every single week with the care packages, for having a sense of humor, for voting and for keeping all of us alive. I love and cherish every last one of you from the bottom of my butt, because it's like 8x bigger than my heart. Thank you.
  14. 4:00PM BBT Morgan reads a card from BB: After 64 days in the BB house, it's come down to this. America is currently voting for the winner of BB OTT. We now have a chance to plead to America as to why we should win the game. One at a time, we'll step to the LR and make our case. We will go in the order that we reached the F3. That means Jason first, then Kryssie, then me. 4:01PM BBT Jason stands at the front of the LR and says OK, first and foremost, thank you America for voting me in this house, I am forever grateful. But as the only returnee, I came into the house with a massive target and had to win the very first Veto to ensure my safety. In the moving on weeks, I created an insurance policy with people from the other side of the house, Alex and Scott, but knowing the whole time that the minute that coverage plan didn't work for me, I was canceling it. I played a very pro-active game, never complacent, didn't sit around and let anyone do anything for me. If I felt there was something I needed to do, I went out and did it. When Danielle came into power, I was able to sway her back and forth quite a few times to change her target to the target that would most benefit my long term game. Thank you, America, for my Co-HoH Care Package. I knew I had to hijack that week from Shelby, and I did just that by winning my second PoV and getting out a strategist anchor like Alex. When the Double Eviction was over, I know I would remain a target so I came up with a plan to make Danielle a bigger target and it worked. I was still a target but won my third Power of Veto and the Final HoH comp to ensure my spot in the Final 3. Now, Kryssie has made smart, strategic moves in the game, but could she have done so without people like me and Danielle winning the competitions? She also didn't intermingle with the other alliance until the tail end of the game. And Morgan came in here as a twist, which means she had more information than anyone else in the game, but never really made any powerhouse, game changing moves. I am a BB historian/super fan, I have been in these BB streets for decades, studying the fundamentals, history and science of this game. I've had the steepest road to the top, including quitting smoking and a bruised rib, but I as able to persevere with my skills in lying and persuasion, but also being myself and having fun. America, super fans, live feedsters, I hope you respect this supermarket basement dweller's game and see that I never took one day in this house for granted, and you grant me honor of being the first ever winner of BB OTT. Thank you.
  15. Previously on Survivor, at the last Tribal Council, there was a Rock Draw. Jessica was sent to the jury and willed her Legacy Advantage to Ken. Nine are left - who will be voted out tonight? Night 30 at Vinaka. Will congratulates those who are still here. Hannah says that was so emotional, to have the tribe choose to pick rocks over voting her out of the game. She feels both guilty and thankful. David says it's not on you. He is upset he burned his idol at Tribal for no reason and now is in the minority. He figures he's next. Zeke, Will, Bret and Justin congratulate each other. Zeke felt like a warrior at TC, saying Zeke that TC was about David and he going to war together and he won the battle. They make a Final 5 deal. Day 31. Ken receives the Legacy Advantage. There is something to be said for authentic relationships in the game, he says. He has a better shot now of winning $1m. Time for Reward. Jeff says after 31 days, it's a perfect time for love. Sunday's husband, Jeff, comes out. Bret's dad, Don comes out. He said he wouldn't cry but he's crying. Jay's sister Melanie comes out. I have two halves to my heart, he says, one is standing right here, the other is my mom who can't come. I'd give me up before I'd give my sister up. Hannah wants to see her mom and Liz comes running out. I'm OK, Hannah says, comforting her mom. Adam is joined by his brother, Evan and learns Mom, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, is OK. He reveals he has an advantage that allows him to steal a reward, but he can't use it, he can't take anyone else away from their loved ones. David is ready for some love from his father, Doug. He just wants to make his father, who leads a fearless life, proud. Ken's big brother William comes out. They're both so handsome, Hannah says. Ken says I wanted to be him when I grew up. Zeke's dad, Sam, comes out for a frenetic hug. Sam says Zeke is my hero, who I look up to and model my behavior after. Will's mom, Irene, comes runs crying and they embrace. When you were little, she says, I said I would go anywhere for your smile, even Timbuktu and here I am in Timbuktu. So, Jeff says, we know the stakes. Let's get to the challenge. You'll be cast to a rope woven through a series of obstacles. Race through the obstacles to the end for love. First to finish takes their loved one back to camp, and instead a normal day of rice and fish, they'll receive a good ol' American BBQ. To the loved ones Jeff says you're going to watch. For reward in the form of love, Survivors ready? GO! Starting from the water, they first have to go through a wooden frame structure. Ken is the first through with Jay right behind. Jay launches himself around a horizontal log as Zeke clears the frame, followed by Hannah. The third obstacle is a buried log. Zeke joins Jay and Ken at the third obstacle. Will and Sunday continue to struggle at the first obstacle Ken gets stuck under the post and Jay takes the lead. Adam is also stuck. Jay is at the final obstacle but Zeke joins him. Ken gets through as does Hannah. Adam is stuck under the log in agony. The final obstacle is a vertical bar. I'm sorry, Evan, Adam cries. It's David, Zeke, Jay and Ken. Who will get to the end first? Jay wins Reward! He falls to the sand exhausted. Melanie joins Jay, but love is best shared and Jay can pick one more Survivor to share reward with. He respects all of them as warriors but promised from the beginning that he'd take Will. Irene joins her son. Pick one more, Jeff tells Jay. They made a promise to me first, Jay says, and I have to pick Sunday. Her husband Jeff joins her as Jay apologizes to the other Survivors. This looks like a nice gathering for a BBQ, Jeff says, it would be nice to even it out with one more. The others beg Jay to be included. I love you guys, he tells them, but this guy didn't do it and he could have done it. Me and Adam have been brawling this whole time. You come on, man. Thank you, Adam cries as Evan joins him. The remaining loved ones say goodbye and leave with no last hugs. At a picnic table the included Survivors thank Jay, who tells Adam he respects him for not using his advantage today. He tells us for 5 seconds we saw the soft side of Adam. Adam and Evan sneak off to talk. Mom has had some bad reactions to the chemo pill and the doctors took her off it. Then they said the infusion wasn't doing it's job. Again, Adam asks, sobbing, why is this happening? She's doing nothing now but gaining a lot of strength, Evan assures him, since we stopped that 2 weeks ago. But she's not getting any treatment, Adam cries. Me and my parents love Survivor as much as Adam does, Evan tells us, and having him out here is such a boon for us, it drives us, especially our mom, forward. She's getting her strength from you, Evan tells him. I know, Adam says, I feel her. I want to bring joy to my family, Adam tells us, to give them as joy as possible. To stay in this game I have to stay focused and use this as inspiration to continue fighting. Jay and his sister join Adam and his brother. You don't know how important this was, Adam tells Jay, and I'll never forget it. I don't know if there's a way for me to repay this totally, but I'm giving you the Reward Advantage. For real? No strings attach, Adam says. The stakes for me are higher than anyone who's played this game, Adam tells us. Day 33. Will says seeing my mom makes me realize I need to start playing this game. Despite the moves I've made, I don't get credit and that could ruin my shot at winning the game. Zeke, Bret, Jay and Sunday are on the beach. Will tells David and Adam that Zeke will beat them all at the end. I know I'm a target, David responds, but use me for this vote. I'm tired of using people, Will says, I want to work with you. Tonight's the night. It's risky, Will tells us, but I didn't come here to be dragged as a goat, I came to play. David tells us Will telling me he wants to swing over to our side was music to my ears. I'm an endangered species but there's a good chance Zeke is going home tonight. Time for the Immunity Challenge. Jay returns the Individual Immunity idol. Each Survivor will have two tension handles to hold a steel bar in the air. If the bar drops through the handles, breaking a tile below, they are out. Last person standing wins Immunity, guaranteed a 1 in 8 shot of winning $1m. Losers, someone will become the 5th member of the jury. Everybody grab your handles and get some tension on that bar. The challenge is on. There is no wiggle room in the challenge, Jeff says, and you're done. It could happen quickly, you start to feel your hand shake a little. The Survivors are pulling their handles out away from either side of the bar, creating the tension. David is the first out, his hand strength failing him. It looks so easy, Jeff says as Hannah slips, saves then is out of the challenge. Will lets up for a moment and is out. Bret follows suit and we're down to 5. Strength, concentration and touch, Jeff says, that is the key, the right finesse. Sunday drops and we're down to 4: Jay, Ken, Adam and Zeke. Zeke has a wobble but recovers. He then has a slide but regains control with 6" of bar remaining. He can't hold it and he's out. On the bench, David claps and pats Hannah's shoulder. Jay has his first movement but recovers. There is no finish line, Jeff says, it's just outlasting the others. Jay has another slip. Don't let this hot sun bake your mind, Jeff warns as Jay tries to shake his head awake. You have been out here for only 4 minutes, Jeff says. Adam is still solid. Ken has a big slip. Jay is down to just inches of bar. Ken is down to bare inches. If you lose your concentration, Jeff intones, you will drop. Ken is out. It's down to Jay and Adam, a showdown of Millennials for Immunity. Jay has no margin for error, the upper end of his handle flush with the top of the bar. Adam is safely holding his pipe in the center. He glances over at Jay and his bar slips just a little. He quickly recovers. Jay drops and Adam wins individual immunity. He'll live to see Day 34, Jeff says, for the rest of you, after 33 days, one of you will see everything you've accomplished so far come crashing to an end. Zeke lost, Will tells us, and this is my moment. This is my time to make a big move so people realize this 18yr old kid from Jersey is here to play. I'm making my Survivor dreams come true, Adam says of winning Individual Immunity, I only have one check box left - winning the game. I'm safe at Tribal tonight, I have a Hidden Immunity Idol, and Will wants to make a move and blindside Zeke. David tells Hannah and Adam, we have a solid 5, no matter what anyone says, just vote Zeke. It's like Will just got his drivers license, David frets to us, and we're all sitting in the back seat terrified because he's going to take us for a drive. Zeke tells Bret, Jay and Sunday that something's up. I have the numbers, he tells us, but I don't feel great, something's amiss. The 4 should not be this call. I know David's coming for me so we need to get rid of him. But David has a nose for Idols and I can't take the risk so we need to throw someone else under the bus. They choose Ken. Will, sitting in on the conversation, agrees. Will and Ken take a walk on the beach. You have two sides talking at you, Ken tells the youngster, it's tough. I feel there's a group that respects me and a group that doesn't, he tells the father figure, they don't take my input, they just tell me where to vote. Ken says I don't start talking strategy until I have an idea of where they are. Ken tells us I have a good feeling about Will but not 100%, I've got to know the core of a person, their integrity. I am willing to vote Zeke, Will tells Ken, because he could beat anybody. I give people one chance to be honest with me, Ken replies, and if that breaks, it's done. Working with Ken is like getting your fingers and toenails ripped out at the same time, Will tells us, excruciating, but I want to make a big move, so I have to deal with that crap. You're one of the few in the game I feel is authentic as myself, Ken says patronizingly. They're writing your name down, Will tells Ken. Really, he asks, cut short. That's what Zeke just told me, they're voting for you. I don't understand that, Ken says. Ken goes to Jay and asks him to help with some driftwood. I'm thinking we're good to go, Will tells us, then Ken grabs Jay to talk and at this moment I know we're about to have a rumble. Will says you guys were saying my name, Ken tells Jay. Will said that? Look at me, is that what was said, Ken asks? One minute the Solid Five is good to go with Ken and next minute Will betrays us. Now it's Will, Ken, Zeke, Jay, Sunday and Bret. Here's my issue, Will says, every time I make a move, other people take credit for it. How can I win at the end if I don't have a resume? I'd rather go out playing hard than be taken to the end as a goat. Ken walks away, leaving Will to fend against the others. We all knew something was up, Jay says, just a young kid trying to prove himself to the whole world. But, I still need him. Tell me the name, Jay tells Will, and I'll freakin' go with you. Let's get to 5 and then we can dial it out. I had to test Will because I didn't feel 110%, Ken tells David and Adam, and they don't value him. How did you test him, the two ask? By exposing him to the Five, Ken explains. David can't believe he did that. We have this plan, Adam tells us, and Ken "tests" Will by revealing Will's plan. That's not a test, that's a betrayal. Ken walked up here 2 seconds after you talked to him, Jay tells Will. He screwed you, Bret tells him. I'm done with this, Will says, we have 5 here, I want him gone right now too. This guy preaches about honor, Will tells us, and integrity and how he's this great and noble human being with his arrogance and extreme ego, then he has the audacity to pull this crap on me. Now Will has no incentive to vote with us, Hannah tells Adam. Ken just screwed up everything, she tells us, whomever that alliance of mobsters led by Zeke is going home. What if David plays the Idol for Ken, Zeke worries to his new Five. They wouldn't be expecting Hannah, Sunday volunteers. I know it's me, David tells Hannah and Adam, but it's OK. It's going to me be, Hannah says. Are you sure, Adam asks? Everyone knows I'm in the middle, Will tells us, the logical side of me says this is my time to make a big move, but I'm so angry with Ken, I'd love to blow up his game. Either way, I'm in control and there's nothing anyone can do about it. It's time for Tribal Council. Jeff brings in the jury, Jessica voted out at the last Tribal Council. Jeff asks if the tribe is still divided in two and David says there's no reason not to just put everything out in the open. There are two sides vying for a single swing vote. Sunday says the divisions are Bret, Jay, Zeke, herself, and Ken, David, Adam and Hannah. Will is appropriately sitting in between. Will, how did you end up in the middle, Jeff asks? My original plan was to flip on Zeke but Ken revealed it to the entire tribe, so everyone knows what's going on. Will doesn't want to sit on the sidelines, Sunday says, and feel like the big kids did all the work. Will visibly does not like that characterization. He was swayed a little today, Sunday continues, oblivious to the effect her words are having, but hopefully he sticks with us. I wasn't swayed at all today, Will says, I came to THEM with the decision to try to flip, that's part of the issue, everyone treats me like the 18yr old high school kid. I don't want to be treated like that, I want to be treated like an adult because I'm here to win and play as hard as the rest of you. It is very insulting, Will says when prodded by Jeff. It's insane that this crazy swing vote with me in the middle is what it takes to make people realize I am a serious contender. What's your pitch, Jeff asks of Zeke. I've always wanted to play with you in the game, Zeke says, you were never under heat because I was protecting you. Will was smiling but on hearing that, he turns his head away. Even when he talks about it, Adam points out, Zeke is saying I protected you, I did this for you. I don't think I was saying that in the least, Zeke objects, he saved my ass last Tribal. And if I'm here at the next Tribal, I'll again owe my life to him. Why should he come with your side, Jeff asks Jay. I've never looked down on Will, Jay says, I've always treated him as an equal (Will nods agreement) and never tried to take credit for anything we've done together, because we took out Michaela together. David says Will feels he needs something to show on his resume at Final Tribal should he get there and right now Jay is trying to make him feel like he already has that. Jay shakes his head no. If he votes with us, his name will be on that vote in big, bold letters. That's something to put on your resume. Bret says they'll build you up and then vote you out in a heartbeat. They've done it several times. I don't buy it. Our side has an equal partnership making decisions and the moves that are made and Will is already a part of that. Do you think that everyone in a 5 person alliance can have an equal say, Jeff asks Will? When you have 5 people, Will says, everyone is fighting to get their own voice heard. 5 people can't take credit for one move. Jeff asks Hannah what Will's mistake will be if he goes with the other four? There's been a lot of fluffing Will up on that side, she says (Jay shakes his head no), telling him they'll work with him, that he gets credit for all the moves. I'm not here to fluff you, Jay says, honestly dude, just go with your gut. If that's what you feel is right, then do that. Thank you, man, says Will, if there was one person who has shown me respect throughout the entire game, that would be Jay. I could sit here all night with you guys, but it's time to vote. This time, none of the votes are revealed as they are cast. It's time to tally the votes. I think I'm going home, Hannah whispers. It's you, Adam whispers back? I think so, she says. Will's face is poker blank. Jeff asks if anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol, now is the time to play it. Adam stands up, grabs the idol from deep in his crotch. What, Hannah gasps? Jay is shocked, as is Jessica on the jury. Adam hands the Idol to Jeff and says you don't have to touch if if you don't want to, but I'm playing this for Hannah. Jeff takes the Idol. Zeke and Bret remain impassive. This is a Hidden Immunity Idol, Jeff says, any votes for Hannah do not count. It's time to count the votes. First vote, Hannah. David shares the moment with Hannah, Adam and Ken. Second vote, Hannah. Third vote, Hannah. Zeke and Bret look glum. A fourth vote for Hannah, none of them count. One vote for Zeke. Zeke looks at Will, who gives nothing back. Two votes Zeke. 12th person voted out and the 5th member of the jury, Zeke. Three is enough. It's been an honor to play with you all, Zeke says, keep fighting. The tribe has spoken, Jeff says, extinguishing his torch. Will lets off the slightest smile while Bret gives him a cold look. Here's the thing about big moves, Jeff concludes, they're great until you're the one that gets punched. With only 8 left, there's a lot of knockouts to come. Everyone needs their gloves up. Next time on Survivor, Will tries to take charge but Adam has other ideas. After being voted out, Zeke says it's possible he went after David and his side too early. I think I was excited to play a little hard, but I didn't come here to ride coattails. I came here to throw some punches and wasn't going to go down without a fight. When you play at this high a level with this caliber of players, it it makes you want to play it better. And maybe one day, I will. For the record, the votes were Zeke, Sunday, Jay and Brett voted for Hannah, while David, Adam, Hannah, Ken and Will all voted for Zeke.