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  1. 10:45pm BBT Metta hangs back and delivers a message to his wife. When he gets up, he says he feels drunk (off balance) but didn't drink. Inside, James and Mark start preparing for bed; the others are closing down the KT. James tells everyone GN and notes that John the Ex-Fish wasn't just stunned but was apparently eaten by the other fish. 10:55pm James and Marissa have a talk in the Red BR in which James says he's kept his word and trusts them to keep theirs. Marissa tells him to try to win HoH regardless. Ross is in the HoH bed, claiming the day dragged on. Ari is preparing to join him. Marissa is up in HoH telling Ari, Brandi and Ross about his conversation with James. They say it would have been easier if James hadn't won Veto. Ari says he cares too much of what the audience thinks. Marissa won't let Ari say what she thinks James actually is. 11:00pm BBT Marissa says it's going to be a True/False HoH comp and they should study. Metta and Omarosa are playing pool outside HoH. James and Mark are in bed. Marisa, Brandi, Ross and Ari are in HoH Jedi-training for HoH. [BB has indicated it will be an Endurance HoH, so be sure to check out the live Morty's TV Community coverage! -- Morty]
  2. 10:30pm BBT Marissa tells about the time she worked as a bathroom attendant and the other HG ask lots of clarifying questions. This turns into a conversation about tipping and generosity by those who can afford it. The HG decide to wrap it up and go inside. Turns out they've only been outside 30m.
  3. 10:15pm BBT Big Brother has given the HG marshmallows and they are toasting them around the BY fire pit. Not sure if they have graham crackers and chocolate too, but Brandi has a glass of wine.
  4. 8:00pm BBT Marrisa has a large towel around her wet head. Brandi is cooking in the KT. Ross is rummaging through the fridge, Ari is in braids and brushing up on her makeup. 8:15pm BBT James and Mark are in separate beds in the Hollywood BR. Marissa is missing her sleep mask and ear plugs and can't find them anywhere. Brandi * Ross are still in the KT. Omarosa enters and is told to put on her mic. She sits down at the DT in front of a deluxe makeup kit. Ross offers some foundational advice. 8:20pm BBT Marissa's search for her things leads her into the Red BR and wakes Metta up. He's got clothes out of the dryer to fold. Marissa is out of her head towel. She and Metta have a light hearted convo. Metta says he wrote a blog during the arts & crafts. Marissa reads something he found in the chocolate and says it's really cool and suggests he share it with the others. Russ is sprinkling seasoning on chicken in the KT. He and Brandi are also making salmon and offer some to Metta.
  5. 7:45pm BBT Omarosa and Shannon are eating side-by-side at the KT Counter. They are not talking game. Mark racks up a new game of pool but is still by himself. Instead he descends to the downstairs and announces he lost - to himself. Mark is back in bed in Beverly Hills, so cool he's got to wear shades. Metta is in the red BR and everyone else appears to be in the KT.
  6. 7:18pm BBT James, Ari, Ross & Marissa are in the Hollywood BR discussing who they should put up if it’s a DE on Friday. They agree the target is Omarosa with Metta as a pawn or possibly Mark. Looks like Shannon took a shower (her hair is wet). Omarosa is puttering around in the KT with something in the skillet while Shannon combs her hair out. 7:30pm BBT - Mark is upstairs playing Pool Solitaire while Metta chills in the Red BR with James and Marissa. Ross is in the SR with Brandi where there's no lack of fruit and veggies. Shannon is cooking in the KT. Metta is in bed with his hoodie on. James was putting something on his face. Ari is also in the KT with her HoH robe on.
  7. 6:10pm BBT Shannon joins Metta in the KT to dry dishes and talk about their life stories. Ari, Ross and Marissa continue shooting the breeze, Omarosa is in the Teal BR while James is presumably still in the gym and Brandi in the DR. 6:30pm BBT Omarosa and Mark are now in the KT along with Metta and Shannon, who is filing her nails at the counter. The gab fest continues in both rooms. 6:45pm BBT Shannon intrudes on the Hollywood BR gab fest with Ross and Ari, and Marissa quizzes her about her time in South Africa. Mark, Omarosa and Metta carry on in the KT. Brandi and James are still MIA. Shannon leaves the Gab Fest and all is oriented right with the BB House again. Then Marissa comes into the KT and we're off kilter once again. 7:00pm BBT James has been found in the Hollywood BR! And Ross is actually vertical for the first time in HOURS. Mark is cleaning up behind himself in the KT. Omarosa is watching him from the KT lounge. Ross hangs out in the KT for a little. BB scares Marissa by calling her name. Omarosa is checking on something in the oven. With Shannon potentially on her way out, Ari is getting to know James better.
  8. 6:00pm BBT It's a gab fest between Ross, Marissa and Ari, resulting in frequent FotH. Metta is washing dishes in the KT. Mark is out of the shower and grabs a drink in the KT. His hair is perfectly molded.
  9. 5:50pm BBT James is done working out and heads to the shower. Marissa is in whisper mode with Ross in the BR. Shannon is dying her hair. Metta and Omarosa are in the KT. No serious game talk. Ari makes the rounds carrying around a spoon and checking whose up in the BRs.
  10. 5:40pm BBT Brandi has grabbed the duster and Shannon asks if she cleans at home. Brandi replies she has a housekeeper come in twice a week but cleans up behind her boys in between. Brandi tells Metta she's dusted the whole downstairs and it's "pretty rewarding". She is called to the DR but stops to do makeup first.
  11. 5:30pm BBT Mark is now working out in the gym. Shannon has been cooking and cleaning and talking to herself. Various HG are stirring but there really isn't anything going on. James joins Mark in the gym. They say Metta is quick like a cat. And he sweats a lot.
  12. 4:45pm While Metta is working out upstairs, Shannon is in the KT and tells us she is going to talk to "America and the world" in her eviction speech.
  13. It's Yale, Indy, Big Brother and eXtreme racing for $1,000,000 and the title of winners of the Amazing Race. Who do you think will win? Who do you want to win? Fuskie Who felt bad for Ocean Rescue but they did it to themselves...
  14. Morty's TV has a Video Gallery and you are co-curators for this unique collection of Big Brother related videos! You can add videos that you created, that you captured off the live feeds or that you created from scratch. Here are the steps for adding a video to to the Morty's TV Video Gallery: 1. Go to http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/videos/ 2. Click Add Video 3. Select the Celebrity Big Brother Category 4. Enter the following info: Name of the Video The type of media (a URL or file upload are the most likely) The media URL or file location of the video to upload. Leave Thumbnail as automatic Enter a short description. 5. Click Submit and the video will be added to the gallery. Remember that the rules of the road for the Morty's TV Fan Forums still apply - don't post videos that are obscene, abusive or attack other Morty's TV Community members. Morty's TV reserves the right to remove any video we feel is inappropriate for our gallery.
  15. Hey DRG, Morty has one too: http://www.mortystv.com/images/cbbus/Celebrity_Big_Brother_USA_HG_Reference_Sheet.pdf Fuskie Who would love to have you back as a TFU...