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  1. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    This is where you'll find recaps of each week's episode of Season 35, Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers. Please let us know what you think after each episode! Fuskie Who is looking forward to a good season...
  2. The Voice (Season 13)

    Oscar and Grammy award winning former American Idol artist Jennifer Hudson joins last season's newcomer, Miley Cyrus and veteran anchors Adam Levine and Blake Shelton for the lucky 13th season of The Voice. Checkout the latest performance (and results) recaps here every week this fall and let us know what YOU think.
  3. America's Got Talent (Season 12)

    Tonight, the Best of teh Best in a final fight for the million dollar prize! Who will win? It's America's Got Talent, the Final! Here's your host, Tyra Banks! There are 10 top acts from the season and each will perform one time, and waiting for one of them is $1,000,000. And here are the 4 judges who have helped and advised these acts since Day 1. Please welcome your AGT Judges! Tomorrow night we will have a new winner. The season has been off the chain from the start. Check this out! <roll package> Your Top 10 performing tonight are singer Angelica Hale, singer Chase Goehring, Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer, dance crew Diavolo, singer Evie Clair, singer Kechi Okwuchi, dance crew Light Balance, singer Mandy Harvey, comedian Preacher Lawson and dog act Sara and Hero! Our first finalist is 10 year old Angelic Hale, who became a big sister in the past week. Singing Symphony by Clean Bandit, featuring Zara Larsson, her staging is simple yet effective, her voice strong and pure, well beyond her age. Clad in a gold dress and white tennis shoes, she handles the range with ease, adding in dynamics and depth like a seasoned pro. Heidi says OMG, you're only 4' tall but you're a giant! You are the best singer in the competition. Howie says what a way to open the show, the finale, that was the finale, that's how you close a show. You're in it to <win it, Angelica completes>. Mel B says you look so comfortable and confident, no ounce of nervousness, you took the stage and controlled every note. Simon says I'm gobsmacked, this feels like it's your choice, not what your parents or adult told you to sing. Years from now we'll look back on this as the moment your career started. This next act has sung an original song for every performance on AGT and tonight will be no different. Here's Chase Goehring, singing his new song and playing an acoustic guitar inside a yellow ring bathed in red lights. "Mirror mirror on the wall, you know that it's all your fault". He lets lose a rapid fire rap in the middle of the song before returning to his clear, soulful vocal. Heidi said you did that thing I love, when you go that fast. A lot of people connect with your music and I'm sure I'll hear you on the radio someday very soon. Simon says I bloody loved it because you haven't compromised, this song was brilliant, the lyric, the message, you are the next generation of these kinds of shows, you're personal and relevant, amazing job throughout. Howie says it has to be authentic and you are one of the most authentic we've ever seen, not singing what you think we'll like but what works for you. And what works for you is something we like. Mel B says you're incredible, I didn't get it at the beginning, but you're a very intelligent songwriter to takes on every day things that are both dark and uplifting that helps so many people. The next finalist is Sara & Hero, this is a story of best friends who have traveled the country over the last 3 years to reach this point. We open with Hero releasing Sara from a chamber by pressing a button and then the non-stop dog tricks begin to the music of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now. The only mistake was a slight jump rope mishap by Lucky. The climax of the act has Hero diving into pit of balls. Simon says if this were humans this would be an amazing act, stunning, magic, speechless at the end - the dog flew! I can't even get my dogs to sit. Mel B says Sarah you look gorgeous and that was so fast and furious, exciting, not perfect, but thoroughly enjoyable. Heidi says mine won't even roll over. You're really the hero for rescuing and training the dogs. Howie says where else can you see a dog act that's so exciting, launching a dog through the air. Simon says Woof Woof, Woof Woff, which Howie translates as Go vote, in Dog. The next performers push our minds and their buddies so hard, here's Diavolo! For them, dance is an obsession and sacrifice. Performing to In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins, the performance opens with a door, segues to mobile ramps and finally a rocking platform. Through it all, the acrobats are jumping and flipping and twirling and defying gravity and personal safety in an incredibly athletic and intricately choreographed dance. Mel B says OMGosh, where to start! Every time it's extra ordinary, extraordinary, and tonight you topped yourself beyond. You're a force that personifies teamwork, it was amazing! Heidi says everyone in America should watch you live at least once, you're amazing. Simon says the amount of work and precision is so precise, like watching the internal workings of a watch. Any casino in Vegas should book these guys. Howie says the height and precision, that was so dangerous, that prop could roll and crush someone, you just don't get the feeling of danger on television. This next 13 year old singer has a personal motivation. Evie Clair's happiest memories are her family singing around the piano, even in the hardest times. Her dad was her inspiration and her support, and his passing is the saddest she's ever been, but she's fighting to the end, just like he did. Singing What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, her voice is tender and melancholy, accompanied by a simple piano. The performance is so soft and sweet, sad and sincere. It was a raw, gutsy, emotional performance and when it was done, you could hear a pin drop in the audience. Howie says our hearts and souls go out to you, and I cannot believe the strength in this beautiful, young girl. This is a dark time and what gets us through is that light at the end of the tunnel and tonight your voice and presence is that light. Mel B says you look stunningly gorgeous, your dad is so proud looking on you. That was so beautiful, so pure and raw, well done. Heidi says I can't imagine what you and your family are going through, and you're one brave young lady and an amazing singer. Simon says I won't judge you but will tell you how much I respect you, your strength, this was a perfect tribute to your dad. The fact there was total silence means everyone was listening to you. This next act once performed in a laundromat and now he's on the Finale of AGT. And you're still not funny, his brother adds. It's Preacher Lawson! His routine starts out with a white naked dude dancing on a trash can talking about black power and asking to borrow $75 for a soda. It's a terrific piece of physical comedy Howie says you are absolutely everything that inspires me about comedy, Richard Pryor speaking your truth, Charlie Chaplin with the physicality, the charisma of Eddie Murphy. You are everything that makes them funny all rolled into one. Mel B says my cheeks are killing me because I couldn't stop laughing, your energy is always on fire and you're really good to look at, and funny too! I could watch you all night long. You nasty, Mel B, Preacher says back. Simon says tonight is going to change your life, because you came out and took a risk, but it wasn't a risk because it was edgy, more than funny. You have the ability to light up a room like a star. Big time. If you're not signed up for some show or movie in the next 8 weeks, I'll literally eat my hand. Did y'all get that on video, Preacher asks? You are crazy, Heidi says, the material I didn't love (boos) but the physical comedy was great. We'll play it back for her later, Howie teases, and dub it into German. She'll love it! This next singer is carrying the hopes and dreams of the families of the 60 lost in the plane crash that Kechi Okwuchi survived. Called a walking miracle, she's singing Conqueror by Estelle in a beautiful jewel-encrusted gown, backed by a strings, percussion, and background vocals. The performance is inspirational and emotional, the vocal powerful and brave, strong and proud. Simon says I just love you. Everything about you. That wasn't a song, that was an anthem. We are only as good the people who come on the show and you define us, everything I hoped and prayed the show would be. You made a difference to us and to the people from home, and hopefully for you as well. You've become an artist, not just a contestant, and you just did it on the Finale. Heidi says I loved your performance, you I will never forget. Howie says life is about choices, this contest is about who America will choose. This song was the perfect choice. But more-so, you made the choice to survive, that's so much more important than this contest. Mel B says you've inspired so many and are loved and adored, the song came together at the chorus, so powerful and moving. Darci Lynne Farmer has inspired kids, teens and adults across the country to try ventriloquism. From the ABCs to the finals of AGT, she is joined by Oscar the mouse and Petunia the bunny, who are more nervous than she is. After debating who is the better singer, they sing a duet With A Little Help From My Friends by Paul McCartney. It would have been a trio but Oscar and Petunia told Darci Lynne her role was silent. Mel B says you are just, hands down, incredible, self taught at 12, you are so poised and professional. Heidi says it has been amazing watching you all season, you have that special something. Simon says we're being complimentary for all the right reasons but everybody has raised their game. The best part of doing this job is to be able to say I was there when a career began and tonight, your star emerged, incredible, funny and talented. Howie says you're the most popular on the internet from the show, and you delivered. The next act is a unique singer who has overcome the toughest obstacle for any person, the loss of her hearing, but made the difficult decision to stand up and run. Here's Mandy Harvey, singing an original and playing the ukulele. With the lyrics imaged on the screen behind her, the vocal is soft and determined, lilting and honest, and reminiscent of Carly Simon. She hits a soft power note and the mesmerized audience comes to life. Simon says this was seriously incredible, you haven't heard Adele, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, yet your songs and voice are so current and amazing. Putting your story aside and judging you just as a singer, it was amazing, really amazing, remarkable. Howie says what you've overcome, the vibe I'm getting from everybody is #Strength, for someone without hearing to pursue singing, it makes me feel so weak. Mel B says I have to remind myself you can't hear how pitch perfect and beautiful your voice is. Last week was better than this week but I love you. The final act of the Finale traveled halfway around the earth from Ukraine to show off their talents in America. Here is Light Balance, chasing their dream to bring light into darkness. The theater goes dark and images scroll across the stage in comic book style before stopping on one character, who pops off and onto the stage. He's instantly joined by electric light companions and a wolf who swap heads, defy gravity and mesmerize the audience. Simon says this is like the Super-bowl, just when you think so someone's won it, it changes in the last 5 minutes. What you've just done is so much better than what you've done previously, this works in the dance and entertainment worlds, someone needs to book these guys because this was incredible. That was perfection, Heidi says, you know how to put on a show. I'm buying tickets. Mel B says tonight was your best performance hands down, you left everything on the dance floor. Howie says you guys were amazing, magic. So there you have it, your 10 AGT Finalists for Season 12. If you want your favorite to win $1,000,000, you have until 7am ET Wednesday to cast your votes! Angelica Hale, Chase Goehring, Sara and Hero, Diavolo, Evie Clair, Preacher Lawson, Kechi Okwuchi, Darci Lynne Farmer, Mandy Harvey, or Light Balance - who do you think will win?
  4. 9:59pm Paul shows off his Finale night Mom Socks, which matches his Mom tattoo on his buttocks.
  5. 9:58PM BBT Paul, please explain your socks. Some were sent to him by fans and he wanted to wear them in the BB House. BB sent him more weird socks each time he won HoH. That's something Mom would say - explain your socks.
  6. 9:55pm BBT Who leaves razors on the ground, Paul asks? The girls, Josh says. Xmas, what would your recipe for Slop be? She says sift out the extra water and make it like oatmeal - friendship toast (those were good, Josh says), pan fried with cinnamon. Josh says she makes good slop brownies with chocolate protein. Slop Risoto with a reduced heavy cream and garlic.
  7. 9:53pm BBT How difficult was it to share a shower? Josh says Raven's hair was EVERYWHERE. Xmas says sharing a bathroom with 8 dudes not cool, having half on slop was terrible. Mark's dumps were terrible, Paul says. Josh says he needs a medic to test his sh*t. The noise that came out of his arse was terrible, Paul says.
  8. 9:53pm BBT Paul, how long have you gone without shaving your beard? 5 years now. He started when he was 19 or 20, so 4 or 5 years. It's getting pretty long - usually trims it once a month.
  9. 9:50PM BBT How does the house smell? Xmas says we're used to it. Josh says we all smell good. Paul says the whole house smelled like Kevin's cologne.
  10. 9:50PM BBT How do you think you'll catch up on all the news missed this summer? Paul thinks it'll come up in conversations. Josh says he'll be shocked by every bit of news like it was a double eviction. Xmas says that her assistant is keeping a journal for her to read.
  11. 9:49pm BBT Do you miss not being able to write anything down? Josh says he writes a to-do list every morning. Paul says he's usually spending money when he signs something. Xmas also likes to have checklists. She has workout logs and business journals going back 8 years.
  12. 9:48PM BBT What has been your fav comp this year? Xmas counts all that she didn't participate in. Paul says Stranger Things, BB Weather. Josh says Terminal and OTEV. Xmas says Lemon Truck because it was the first physical one she could participate in.
  13. 9:47pm BBT If you could have one item from home what would it be? Paul wants his guitar. Josh wants his laptop. Xmas wants her bed or shower.
  14. 9:46pm BBT Whose going to take Orwell the Owl home? Me, Josh says, rushing to go grab him. They've been homies since Jessica was HoH and he was supposed to be evicted. Paul points out that Orwell is the other owl and Josh played himself. Josh has Theodore. And Trejo appears to have finally deflated.
  15. 9:40PM BBT Josh, which was harder, eating slop or sleeping on a bed of spikes? Slop. Paul reminds everyone he got the HN exception early. What do you miss in the outside world? Xmas says driving her car, her gym, the smell of sweat. Paul says her pooches and hairless cat and being able to do anything, hold his guitar in his hand. Xmas: Friends. Drinking a beer with homies, Josh agrees. 9:43PM BBT Which former HG are you most interested in meeting? Paul wants to meet Dan Gheesling. Xmas wants to meet the dentist guy, the red head. Josh wants to meet ED because Josh thinks he did it better. 9:44PM BBT Josh, are meatballs your favorite food? He loves Italian food besides Cuban and Mexican. Xmas and Paul say he is the meatball, but he can't cook meatballs.