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  1. Hey lady, I got your comment. I'm still team Brit, but I'd like to see a Brit, Matt, Ragan and Lane final four. I wish Matt would expose the Brigade to Brendon, Matt & Britt to save himself and make Enzo go. I despise Enzo.

  2. Hey Denise,

    How are you? So what's your take on things, are you still team Britney. Oddly enough I find my self voting for Brenden also. I would like to see a final 3 Brenden, Britney, Enzo.

  3. Hey Pretty Girl, how you doing today?

  4. Hey Denise,

    I'm rooting for Britney, also. It is also awesome to hear from someone that really knows Monet. I was really rooting for her. lllini, please send Monet well wishes. I would have liked to see her win in all.

  5. These houseguest are not exciting at all. I truly hope it picks up soon, or I will just look forward to next year.

  6. Hey! I'm watching this season, but not really enjoying it. I post over at Jokers these days. How do you like the season so far?

  7. Crys2101,

    Whats up, are you not watching this season. So far I am not impressed. Chat with you soon