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  1. Rachel - Week 11 Part 1 HoH Winner - BB13 WINNER

    Team Rachel both years. You did it!
  2. Rachel - Week 8/DE - PoV Winner (Part 2 Off Block)

    One more time for team RACHEL!
  3. Rachel - Week 8/DE - PoV Winner (Part 2 Off Block)

    Team Rachel! for hoh
  4. Rachel - Week 8/DE - PoV Winner (Part 2 Off Block)

    Rachel, you rock! helping your girl like that.
  5. Rachel - Week 8/DE - PoV Winner (Part 2 Off Block)

    Always been team Rachel!
  6. Rachel - Week 7

    Team Rachael! You can do it tonight! HOH
  7. Rachel - Week 7

    Go team Rachel. You can do it! I never paid much attention to her bio, but I thought Shelley was way over 40.
  8. Brendon - Week 6 - Evicted 8/18 Jury #1

    As a person qualified to diagnose, observe symptoms and the such, I would like to add that you can not make assumptions of a person's propensity to afflict harm to a person based on observing them in one situation, especially in a high stress environment like big brother. Look at how many people who hate each other in the house that come out and become friends. Different environment with less stress = different relationship. It is also best to not confuse perception for fact. I have spent the last 5 years using BB in my classrooms as a means to demonstrate human behavior and it is awesome as a tool. My students bicker, diagnose, a write research papers based on the show and still most get it "wrong" in the end because the high amount of emotional involvement we as watcher put into BB. However, one must remember people react to situations based on their own experiences and perception and like or dislike of a cast member. This is in no way meant as a diagnosis of any behavior displayed in the BB house or displayed on the board it is just a remark from a BB fan.
  9. Rachel - Week 6

    GO team Rachel! Glad to have Brendon back!
  10. Daniele - Week 5

    Danielle after tonight = it isn't fairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  11. Rachel - Week 5

    Team Rachael!
  12. Kalia - Week 5 - HoH

    Oh come on the woman is shaving her crotch, big deal.
  13. Live TV Show 8/11 & Twist Eviction

    Brenden,for sure!
  14. Daniele - Week 3

    Never was a Dani or Evel Dick fan and never thought I would agree with ED, but his tweet earlier that Dani is Effing things up and playing stupidly is spot on.
  15. Rachel - Week 3 - HOH

    Go Team Rachael! So happy