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  1. mrsmuffin

    Helen Kim (Pre-season)

    My thought exactly... I like her - that means she wont be around long. She seems too REAL to last.
  2. mrsmuffin

    Nick Uhas (Pre-season)

    Thank you Google... "Malin was born Michael Robert Carri on July 16, 1970" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Malin_(Big_Brother) I guess I didn't go back to Lurking... :-)
  3. mrsmuffin

    Nick Uhas (Pre-season)

    That makes much more sense than you not knowing who that was. I am easily cofused sometimes... I will go back to my lurking ways!
  4. mrsmuffin

    Nick Uhas (Pre-season)

    Hey 6Borders, I thought Mike Malin WAS Mike Boogie... ?
  5. mrsmuffin

    BB 14 excitement level, 1-10

    "4 huge surprises" Hmmmm.....
  6. Hi all! I am ready for another BB season. I tend to lurk a lot and insert my opinion ocasionally. And I love to play the Prediction Challenge. I am hoping for a fun season!
  7. mrsmuffin

    Jordan - Week 9

    I agree with this 100%.
  8. mrsmuffin

    BB 13 - Questions, Theories, Suggestions

    I have always heard ROYGBIV to remember the collors of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, indigo...
  9. Thanks! I knew they were going back and forth and I knew that was the most likely thing to happen, but since it says "Part 2 Nominee" on the thread I was afraid I was missing something... I was hoping they would be stupid enough to nominate Rach/Adam and Jordan pull something out and win POV.
  10. I feel like I am missing something - do we know for sure that Rach/Jor were nominated?
  11. mrsmuffin

    Brendon - Week 6 - Evicted 8/18 Jury #1

    Kasar never even made Jury though, right? At least Brendon accomplished that last year.
  12. mrsmuffin

    Premiere Show - July 7

    The little one has a baseball game at 6:30 tonight, 45 minutes away. Ugh! At least when I get home the show will be on the DVR and I can zip through the commercials. So ready for the fun to begin!
  13. Cali is just promoting the Prediction Challenge so that she has more people to beat! I know she always beats me! Seriously it IS a lot of fun!
  14. mrsmuffin

    Jimmy Johnson

    I love me some Jimmy Johnson!
  15. mrsmuffin

    Yve Rojas

    That is one of my biggest pet peeves, too!