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  1. last season was the worst. I lost interest in early august. It was too predictable. None of the eviction votes were competitive as everyone followed the house. The one with Enzo was even worse. Completely boring from the start with little change of course. Last three season or so people form this monster alliance of 6-8 people, control the votes and the rest of the house is too stupid to pick up on this. It makes for a really boring season to watch. Seasons where there were better players those early monster alliances were sniffed out immediately and broken up. I don't understand how in this season not one person has put those twins up. Even Vanessa I would think would find it in her best interest to break up that Austin, Liz, Julia alliance. They are only three and have control of the house via virtue of HOH win. The good, smart players in the game in the past never depended on comp wins. They just won when they had to. Steve's HOH was stupid too. Maybe one of the worst unstrategic evictions in the history of this show.
  2. Chickendirt

    Danielle, Week 5

    Look on Brit's face after Frank won HOH was worth a thousand words, "What the F**** did we just do" Hope she realizes she just got played on her way out the door this week. OTOH I think Boogie sees her as a tool anyways and won't nominate her. Have a feeling Dan goes up this week.
  3. Chickendirt

    BB Live Show - 8/9

    I'm done watching this show for the summer. Hated how they formatted the season to begin with. Was excited to see the coaches finally get in the game. Really just wanted this to be the one Jani finally won one. Could care less about the rest of these players. They really are stupid. Hope Dan spanks em all in the end.
  4. Chickendirt

    Willie Hantz, Week 2 (Out - July 20)

    OMFG!!!!! That's freakin hilarious!!!! Looks like Willie turned out to be this season's Cappie. That's so funny. His HOH pretty much went the same way.
  5. Chickendirt

    General Chit-Chat / Questions / Venting

    Never understood why folks shy from using it. Especially when you can only make friends with it. The HOH has to be more concerned with the three enemies he's about to make and probably doesn't want to add a fourth with the Veto winner. Probably last on his agenda. Then again, the only saving grace is that as HOH at least one of those three enemies goes home. I think they are updating everything else that happened on the next show. Veto Comp episodes tend to be one of the lamest episodes. All the good stuff happens after it's used anyways.
  6. Chickendirt

    Coach Janelle, Week 1

    Well, there's an old saying in psych that goes, "You can't escape who you are." I suppose that fits here. She made the same mistake in All Stars that she made in season 6. Probably will this time as well. Boogie seems pretty well keyed into her strengths and weaknesses. We'll see I guess.
  7. Chickendirt

    Live Show - July 14

    I hope Jeff and Jordan are playing stupid thinking they can stick by this vets VS Newbee alliance. Danielle isn't exactly stuck on that either. Seems like she's gonna start branching out. Jordan would have been smart to throw this comp. Let Brendan and Rachel continue to get their hands dirty. Even Dominic for that matter who clearly would have targetted them. You don't want that HOH this early in the game.
  8. Chickendirt

    Do you like the twist?

    Think it would have been better had the newbies been able to come in with someone they know. Keep it a secret from the returnees. Otherwise it's OK. If the new people are too star struck by the returning players things can get real boring real fast. We all saw how things went south the first half of the season Jesse was brought back.
  9. Chickendirt

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

  10. Chickendirt

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    With Dick off the show maybe it gives one of the newbees an opportunity to show some flair for the dramatic. When Dick came back they were all star struck over the guy. I really didn't see any of em making a serious run at the guy. Hoping this gives us some more villains and heroes. Am a little dissapointed cause I wanted to see if Dick could change his game a bit.
  11. Chickendirt

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    It's not usually a twist that saves a guy multiple times. I think ED's season kinda has an asterisk next to it cause the best player in that house was the one America kept voting to save him. It is also pretty easy to hold against ED given that during his season he kept uttering "Bad gameplay, man!!!" Everytime someone else got sent home. Even when it was America's vote saving him. So there really was a lot of dramatic irony and cockiness to it. If I recall correctly I think a lot of folks at the end of the season started voting to position Eric and the person he was alligned with for the win. Dick was kind of a funky winner for the people that voted his way for that small stretch of time. I'm trying to remember the guy who was a complete tool that went to the final three that season with the Donatos. Didn't the girl Eric was having a fling with win an HOH and was convinced by Eric not to put up Dick and Danielle?
  12. Chickendirt

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    If I recall it was more than 1 week. There was a deciding vote that Eric cast his way, a veto (if memory serves me correctly) that America intervened in that saved him, and Eric convinced an HOH to nominat someone other than Dick. Eric for a few weeks in that season was playing to save Dick's bacon.
  13. Chickendirt

    Rachel (HoH & Co-PoV) - Week 1

    Shocked that Rachel didn't learn much from her season. She was safe the first week. Her best bet is to lay low and make alliances. HOH the first week was the last thing she needed. let D n' D take the heat early. This girl probably isn't going to make week ten. She has eight sets of eyes on her now. jeff and jordan would probably nominate her just to keep the peace with the rest of the house.
  14. Chickendirt

    POV - Week 1

    I think the point of safety for the first four weeks is to negate the couples nomination. The POV will probably be played but this time with everyone playing for it. BB usually tries to prevent the strategies of last season from repeating themselves. Last season was just a bunch of guys voting together and doing nothing. These little twists are probably designed to get everyone playing and to force the house to rethink their alliances. They changed the Veto comps after season six after the house figured how to work together for Veto and backdoor another player.
  15. Chickendirt

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    I do. I don't think he's smart enough to realize that he was carried by America's player. He'll pull the same crap and this time go home early. Thought it was funny that he didn't realize Jordan was the other winner in the house. Jordan won a much tougher season that Dick.