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  1. To your next journey Pokey. Rest well. 

  2. I judge all humans. And hate you all equally because I'm amazingly fair. Die. Note... I'd still do Cody until he begged for mercy he'd never get.
  3. Fact check before tossing my name out on a board. Page 3.
  4. Cody's Revenge

    If you respond to someone's post.. it's direct, so if they retort... stfu and deal with it. If they respond directly with something nice.. no one bitches it's a personal attack. Personally, I look forward to chewing humans up.... < picks teeth with a claw >
  5. It was, however factual... who knows.
  6. Cody has a hot temper.

    Crazy eyes... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... and one must wonder what they look like when they're pissed off and trying to not throat punch someone. * Or look in general. Keyboard hidden warriors. ahahahahahaha Blechhhh They booted the people that would've kept the game interesting. Cody Cameron semi- Jessica The rest are simpleton bumblefuks.
  7. Cody has a hot temper.

    Anti-Cody people don't piss me off. But if they think he's unstable... they must be living in the fields of a corn fed, sheltered, out of touch, state.
  8. Cody has a hot temper.

    Squints BAHAHAHA mKay...
  9. Cody has a hot temper.

    He was the ONLY stable one in that house. His only weaknes was liking a girl. He had no tolerance for the emotionally retarded weirdos. He held back better than I would've. I'd rather have him watch my back than any of those whack jobs.The rest are nothing but proof that natural selection is a fail.
  10. Big Brother General Discussion

    He retains the mental capacity of a self indulgent eight year old. You can't argue with a child.
  11. Bullies

    There's always Sesame Street.
  12. Boring non-factor players should have to pay a fine for just taking up space. Morons.
  13. Yep. She's obsessed with herself. Lame mess.
  14. Sad

    I'd spill more...................................
  15. The only thing I ever see is her obsessively looking at herself in the mirrors every three seconds. WHY.. I'll never know.
  16. Bullies

    BAHAHAHA IF and WHEN I am specifically referencing a poster... I say their name without hesitation or giving a wicked damn. I hadn't even noticed your posts in this particular section. Next........................................
  17. Cody has a hot temper.

    I would've done the same AND popped a couple of them in the mouth on the way out. WTF thinks you have to be classy exiting a cut-throat, tacky reality TV show? Who are you impressing? I seriously doubt it will impact their lives one way or another. FFS
  18. Bullies

    There are unfortunate diehards.
  19. Bullies

    Drop the PC bullsh_t. Go watch Sesame Street.
  20. Deja vu.... hear this every....single.... season.
  21. Sad

    The bloodier the better.