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  1. I said it before... a BB with nothing but Paul's and Cody's would be worth the ticket price.
  2. Big Brother General Discussion

    Cast 1 player... Cody 1 has-been...Paul the rest... useless dumbasses
  3. he's a moron... Moron's don't have wheels TO turn....
  4. Cody and Paul are the ONLY two players. The others are just there to showcase their mental illnesses.
  5. Alex Ow BB19 Houseguest

    I keep waiting for her to say " This one time.. in band camp... "
  6. She'll be a nagger wife whilst sitting on the couch, stuffing her fat azz and watching Grey's Anatomy repeats.
  7. Bunch of psych doc's in here... smfh. All the other HG's have exhibited more unstable behaviors.
  8. I loved his grin eavesdropping on the morons.
  9. Last night he combed his hair and fluffed his beard for 40 mins. Eddie Munster slightly upsized.
  10. Baby Huey is loud and obnoxious on live feeds. Production has to scold him every few minutes. Waste of skin.
  11. Really liked Big Brother at one time

    It's entertainment. Watch it or not.
  12. HA! ... I must have HUGE anger issues... I want to throat punch obnoxious, ignorant, mouthy people too. Add them to my body parts collection.
  13. Unfortunate visual accompanied it.