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  1. but Cody won't be HOH next week and there goes his power and control. Elena and others already have expressed dissent from his control.
  2. I really thought I was going to like her and I really don't!! I have never seen such obsession with penis size as she seems to have and she throws her body against the guys.
  3. Dang Cody is one cold son of a gun. I am concerned he will last a long time because it appears he may be a competition beast. UGH
  4. Sounds like she was a rape victim that did not expect to react to the bullying so intensely. Also, Paul has admitted he started the whole "Panda" thing to stir the pot. I don't fault Paul for doing things for game but I really hate that Megan fell victim. She didn't deserve the verbal assaults but that is Big Brother.
  5. oh my goodness his story about lighting the goat on fire was horrifying. Sorry but he dropped in my eyes. He just laughed and thought it was funny? He even laughs when he talks about the terror in the goats eyes as his "bro" pours gasoline on him. disgusting
  6. Julie Chen said in her interview with Entertainment Weekly that Austin did not want to leave. That was a recorded eviction so they must have edited heavily.
  7. Austin said in his speech to not be evicted he plans to attack Steve about not being able to hide behind his mommy now. I just don't understand the purpose of that type of speech when he is talking to two voters. It just sounds like he wants to be a bad a$$. Oh well I don't really care who wins. Game play is Vanessa. 2nd I guess is Austin. Liz is last for me
  8. apparently Julia told JMac not to trust Vanessa on her way out. Then when she put him on the block he lost faith in her.
  9. snancypants

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 12) - HoH

    BUT Johnnymac has pledged his vote to Liztin to evict Steve.
  10. snancypants

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 12) - HoH

    Vanessa and her beanies (especially when she sleeps with it down over her eyes)
  11. I do not see his game play as being that good. He CLAIMS victory for Liz's gameplay. Like the OTEV comp where he insisted in saying he and Liz were co-winners because she beat him in the final. Or the way he tried to run her HOH's . My dislike for him started with the Hicky's. That is a junior high school method of boys to mark their territory. He seems to be a very jealous person. Remember when Liz and Steve were laying on the bed talking (as so many do on BB) and he totally freaked out and went off on Liz. Then every time Steve tried to talk to Liz he stood in between them so they couldn't get close. (seriously? jealous of Steve?) Then when Liz and Van got back from the outing what did he say? "Did any guys hit on you?" I don't like the way he uses his body to overwhelm her when they lie down or the way he holds her head so she cannot move away when he wants to kiss her. It just all gives me a creepy feeling. I am sure others don't feel that way but I once had a boyfriend that was like that and a few years after I moved away and finally got away from him he went to jail for molestation of a minor. that is just my opinion. I am not fond of any of the people left on the show actually. Just my opinion
  12. Austin wonders how many Liztin tributes are on youtube! LOL His ego is enormous. I looked and didn't find any tributes but found lots of clips referencing "fingergate". He told Liz he had anxiety with her not in the house and then wanted to know if guys hit on her. He really is a jealous person. He even got jealous when she was hanging out with Steve. I am guessing a restraining order is in Liz's future!!
  13. snancypants

    Worst season ever in BB History

    quote from CBS President Les Moonves Sept 8, 2015 by Josef Adalian And yet you’re still involved on a micro level with a lot of decisions. I’ve heard you still play a role in signing off on the cast for Big Brother … By the way, this wasn’t a great year for casting on Big Brother. Early on, the cast seemed pretty promising! I agree. Usually you have one or two disappointments. I think we had five or six disappointments. Another discussion.
  14. Marty I agree that it is not always healthy to wash your hair every day BUT when he is working out in the BY and dripping in sweat it means his hair is sweaty also. When I go to the gym and work out I promise you my hair drips. It also smells. He needs to wash his hair for that reason alone. Just my opinion