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  1. eyeluvhowie

    Lurkers Come On Out...BB is about to Begin

    I cannot wait until the new season starts. I did send out a few applications to friends in hopes they would apply. Lets all have fun..and post our brains out.I also will keep my you tube posts running full steam. Best of Luck all.....old and new!! Joanne
  2. eyeluvhowie

    July 20 - Live Feed Updates

    April and Ollie outside talking. Michelle just put a huge target on her back. Ollie and April point out, that before she tried to help out Memphis, and because she was so emotional about this veto it makes her a target as she is unpredictable and strong. Keesha is eating and Angie is smoking.
  3. eyeluvhowie

    July 20 - Live Feed Updates

    Steven and Dan talking about going against each other. Steven knows his goose is cooked, Dan is telling him maybe not. Michelle comes in and says she is sorry she could not use it! Rest of the house outside breathing a little easier!
  4. eyeluvhowie

    July 20 - Live Feed Updates

    Michelle did not use the VETO..she is crying and seems upset!
  5. eyeluvhowie

    July 19 - Live Feed Updates

    OMG too funny, April, Keesha, Steve and Ollie talking about their WILLIES, Steve said his is very big, even tho they saw it now, it grows. So in the morning he will show everyone. Keesha was telling us about her ex-that had a 10 in, Renny is getting into the conversation now and all agree her hubby is most likley at home saying "Oh, No you did int", she is now telling them about Va JJ sizes, etc...this is too funny!! Talking about straight or curves Willies!! Ok now Gerry is telling everyone he could teach them a masturbation course!! YUK Visuals! Keesha asked Steve if it hurt the first time it took it up the oneway street!!! Steve is telling Keesha that it feels good, he is being very serious..I cannot even tape this now..cant do it, Oh no>>>>>> L O L (Will add video on this one, check video link))
  6. eyeluvhowie

    July 18 - Live Feed Updates

    Renny, Libra and Keesha were in room, Libra was cleaning a little. Renny and Keesha trying to crab some nods! As Libra leaves, Keesha says to Renny, " With hand motion of stirring a pot" Stirrin it up, stirrin it up, she told me eye's open, ears listening and mouth shut! Then Renny looks at Kessha and says, What about the eye's..LOL (I think Renny a plant) Tehn keesha tells Renny that Libra is a troublemaker!
  7. eyeluvhowie

    Jessie and Steven in HoH

    Steven, No more Drama In My Life! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BUsX9PmGFk Jesse "Renee Uses Whale Blubber" FUNNY!! Let it finsh, it is hilarious, shows reloading just for a second!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgPVjpD_hD8
  8. eyeluvhowie

    July 18 - Live Feed Updates

    Jesse and Steven still talking in HOH , these guys r so funny!! Steven is trying his best to plead his case, but Jesse is having none of it. Then Jesse begins talking about himself and gets on the Renny talk. He is so funny talking shit about her. This is by far the funniest stuff I ahev heard in days. FOH Re: Video Jesse " Renee Uses Whale Blubber"
  9. eyeluvhowie

    July 18 - Live Feed Updates

    Steve and Jesse going over the POV competition. Steve is mad because Keesha is his friend, Steve says he would rather walk out than feel like shit for four days waiting to see who will be evicted. He is balling out Jesse about his alliance and how they control the house and cant stand the drama(BIG BROTHER THE GAME) He signed up...daaa Jesse is still repeating himslef, agreeing with Steven that his CREW is the controlling group of the house. Steven is asking Jesse not to talk about him if Steven talks to people, dont do any GAME PLAY against him etc...Jesse is telling ..basically, "Dude, ya nuts" those girls will have my ass if I make a agreement with you!! Jesse seems actually afraid of those girls..LOL See video post(rendeering) re: Steven "No, More Drama In My Life"
  10. eyeluvhowie

    July 18 - Live Feed Updates

    Libra, Dan and April talking about woman and mens bathroom habits. Libra lets us know she often uses the mens stalls during a concert. Dan seemingly knows for some odd reason that there is sofa's, tables etc in female restrooms.(Hmmm) Jesse and Steven in HOH room talking about being on the block, sick of Renny...etc.. Ok Now April is talking about tampons...LOl too much info folks..
  11. eyeluvhowie

    July 16 - Live Feed Updates

    Everyone heading up to the second level. (Perhaps a sound fix, no sound here or on realplayer)
  12. eyeluvhowie

    July 16 - Live Feed Updates

    Ok we now have a full on press in the bathroom, Steven is cleaning the shower like a fat kid on cake. There is about 5 of them in there cleaning the bathroom, sighting lines from old movies guessing the titles. Jesse was counting windows earlier. ?? FISH(feeds keep timing out BRB)
  13. eyeluvhowie

    July 16 - Live Feed Updates

    All houseguests are cleaning, Rennee and Keesha were talking and Keesha asked her if Michelle tried to splash water at her face on purpose and Renee said yes. Then they all agreed she is a trouble maker. Dan and Brian in the bathroom talking, not much else yet. It seems like they are about to blow. SIDE NOTE: Brian is doing Jack Shit, further confirmation that he is on his way out the door!
  14. eyeluvhowie

    July 15 - Live Feed Updates

    Everyone still in lockdown outside. Not much chit chat. Ollie has been whispering and feeling out (not literally dirty minds) April about her likes dislikes, guys she likes etc. He is crushing!!
  15. eyeluvhowie

    July 15 - Live Feed Updates

    All players in the kitchen chatting and eating, BB woke them all up. Gerry was out working out. Now Brian and Andie are in the abckyard talking about Brians eventual eviction, he is going to be the first to go. Just general chit chat about folks, Gerry just came into yard complaining how sore he is from the workout jesse gave him. Ollie is now in the yard.