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  1. 9:09am BBt: Marissa, Omarosa, James and mark sitting in Kt talking about their pictures on the memory wall and general talk. and we get FOTH. 9:15am BBT: Hg sitting around talking general talk and about how they have 2 more days in the house. 9:26am BBT: BB tells the HG to report to the HOHR for a lockdown and we get FOTH, Then we get Kitty Cam.
  2. 8:15am BBT: We have FOTH as BB is waking the HG for the day. 8:30am BBT: Ross changing his batteries in the STR while Omarosa is in the WA doing ADL's. 8:36am BBT: All Hg are up and moving around complaining it is so cold in the house. Omarosa is in the shower. 8:40am BBT: Marissa tells James and Ross and mark she is depressed and sick but not depressed about being on the block. Mark says we have a 2 hour show tonight. 8:46am BBT: Ari and Brandi get back in bed and cover up. Mark,James and Marissa in the KT talking general talk and drinking coffee.
  3. 11:30pm-12:30am BBT: Brandi, Ari and Omarosa talking about jury votes as they get ready for bed. Brandi tells them it is scary how close Marissa dn Ross are and how Marissa is up Ross's butt, Brandi then tells them that mark is playing this game to win not for second place. Just general talk going on as they get ready for bed and Brandi takes her makeup off. Ari and Omarosa read some in their bibles and they all say goodnight and all Hg in bed with lights out as they say they have a 7am wake up call tomorrow.
  4. 4:04pm BBT: James , Ari, Marissa , Brandi and Ross on the HOH bed and Omarosa on the couch just general talk going on about playing music. 4:13pm BBT: All the Hg are in the HOHR talking about beepers they used to use and having cell phones and texting and how they miss their phones. James and Omarosa talk about how many people can use one cell tower at the same time and Omarosa says if everything else fails that will still work. James says he is going to start calling (!! to ask for a number for Uber and Omarosa says you will go to jail. they all laugh. 4:24pm BBT: Hg talking about alcohol they like and eating snacks and talking general talk in the HOHR. 4:32pm BBT:Hg talking about summer BB and how long they stay in the house and how they go into sequester 2 weeks before it starts then it is 2 weeks after it starts before anyone gets evicted.
  5. 3:00pm-4:00pm BBT: Ross and Marissa continue their talk about High school and college days in the red BR. in the Kt is Ari, Brandi and Omarosa and mark talking about James being a great dancer. Mark leaves the KT and Ari whispers to Omarosa and Brandi about Ross and Marissa talking in the BR. Omarosa says lets go over the numbers here. She says you have me and Ari and she has Ross and James so Mark breaks the tie. Brandi says the problem with that is James and mark are sharing HOH. Mark is in the workout rm on the elliptical. Marissa and Ross continue the school talking with Ari and Brandi. James is in the KT making food. Marissa, Ross and Ari leave the Br to go to the KT.
  6. 10:02am BBT: Ari, Omarosa and Brandi in the Wa talking about how James is marks bromance and how Marissa is giving Ross the money. Brandi says she wants Ari to win this game. Brandi says maybe if i just blow up everyone's games since i am leaving anyways. Omarosa says good morning real loud as mark came down the stairs and talking stops. Brandi ask who is that and Omarosa says it is mark. The girls go back to do ADL's and no talking now. 10:14am BBT: Omarosa says she has nothing to wear for a grand finale outfit and Brandi says it will be possible that she could be in workout clothes. Brandi then talks about nails and how they do not stay on her. Talk then turns to eye contacts and how Ari can not keep them in they yell sorry guys we tried. 10:29am BBT: Ari, Omarosa and Brandi still doing ADL's. Mark goes back to the HOHR to change his clothes. 10:31am BBT: Omarosa says if Shannon hadn't played so hard and had chilled for a week she might still be here. Brandi agrees. Omarosa ask i wonder if Shannon is watching and Brandi says oh i know she is. Then they talk about Keisha and how she felt and how people got upset over her talking to chuck. 10:45am BBT: Ari curling her hair while Brandi brushes hers. Ari's eyes are burning from trying the contacts so Brandi gives her eye drops to try. Omarosa and mark in the KT talking about traveling. 10:53am BBT: BB calls Brandi to the DR and she says Pass and we get FOTH.
  7. 9:00am BBT: Brandi and Ari are talking about they need to be taking vitamins so they do not get sick in this house. Ari getting into the shower. 9:11am BBT: All cameras are on Omarosa in the BR putting her make up on. 9:22am BBT: Ari out of the shower, Brandi gets in the shower and says she wishes they had music to listen to. 9:38am BBT: Brandi is teaching Ari how to put in color contacts. Omarosa comes in and starts filing her nails. 9:57am BBT: Ari is blow drying her hair and Omarosa doing her nails while Brandi is doing makeup. all other Hg still sleeping.
  8. 8:43am BBT: Omarosa is awake reading her bible in bed. Ari and Brandi are in the KT getting a drink and making coffee. 8:50am BBT: Omarosa doing make up in bed, In the KT Brandi says she is going to go take a shower and we get FOTH. 8:55am BBT: Brandi and Ari in the WA doing ADL's while Omarosa is in the BR doing her make up. Ari goes to the BR and ask Omarosa if she wants to go in there with them and Omarosa says no that bathroom is to busy for me. Ari gets clothes and leaves. Brandi is curling her hair extensions.
  9. 12:00am-1:00am BBT: Ari < marissa and brandi talk about the replacement noms and marissa wants Omarosa to go up but she figures it will be herself. Ross comes in and they talk about picking sides, Ross says he told Omarosa he is just pivoting that he has no side he is playing on. Omarosa alone in the BY with her eyes closed as Ari and Marissa whisper in the KT about Brandi and what shwe has done wrong in this game.Marissa and Air go out to the BY and wake Omarosa as they are doing laundry. They carry the laundry in the house and then sit in the KT, brandi comes in and they decide to go sit outside before they are on lock down again. Marissa and ross talking about Ari and how she has been with james most of the day. marissa says she is going to go to Mark and try to make a deal with him and promise to put up Brandi if she wins HOh next. Ari comes in and ross is called to the DR. james has now entered. marissa tells james she has not even talked game with mark this whole time. Ari and Brandi leave and go to their BR and Marissa tells James they wanted her to turn on Ross. James tells her to be calm they just can not let Omarosa win the next HOh and they will be fine and Mark, Ross, Marissa and himself will make it to final four. 1:00am-2:00am BBT: Marissa tells james she rather mark choose Omarosa to go up as replacement nom than herself but James says she will be fine that brandi is leaving. Brandi and ari in their BR talking about how good Ross is at this game and how he knows puzzles and everything. Ari says to brandi that Ross has made to many deals in this house now. Brandi tells Ari she wants her to win this game and that she has two people on her side and Ari ask who and she says marissa and Ross. Ari says not ross he left her already. Brandi then says maybe we could back door Ross and talk to mark about it then they start laughing. Ari tells Brandi that Marissa and Ross will be in final two and Marissa wins the game and Brandi agrees. Omarosa comes ion and they get in bed talking about they need zing bot to come in tomorrow. 2:00am-3:00am BBT: Brandi, Ari and Omarosa continue to talk as they lay in bed about Ross just wanting to win this game but they say he will not win. Omarosa tells Brandi to go talk to mark tomorrow but make sure James is not around. Omarosa tells them that James and mark just want to get the girls out and they are not looking at the big picture at the end. Brandi says she will sleep on the idea and they get quiet. All HG now in bed sleeping.
  10. 11:30am-12:00pm BBT: Omarosa asked Ari if Brandi knows that she is the target this week and ari tells her yes she heard James talking lastnight in the WA. Marissa and James are talking about if this is the hide and go veto where to hide theirs at, They talk about several places in the house and the high places it can go to be hid. Ross then talks to Marissa and says that Brandi talked to him and told him she thought they had a final 2 deal and now he does not have her vote. Ross gets called to the Dr and Hg get excited as they get to go out to play the POV. we get Kitty Cam.
  11. 11:04am BBT: Brandi and Marissa hug and apologizes for everything, Brandi leaves the room as Marissa says they are going to make them wait all day for this then talks about her hair. 11:11am BBT: Marissa and Ari are putting hair pieces on Ross and laughing. Mark, James and Omarosa are in the KT talking general talk. 11:22am BBT: Hg are all getting ready for the POV comp as Ross runs and says he is going to try to shower in 15 minutes. He then says i do not know what i am doing as i am hosting. 11:28am BBT: HG are excited as they get ready for the POV comp and saying they can not wait to get outside.
  12. 10:05am BBT: Ross in the Kt making breakfast talking to James and mark about flying. Brandi walking around looking in everything and listening. 10:12 am BBT: All Hg except Brandi are in the KT eating breakfast and talking general talk. Ari is complaining it is so cold in the house. 10:23am BBT: All HG In the KT eating talking general talk and mark keeps singing and we keep getting FOTh. 10:38am BBT: Hg just sitting around the KT talking general talk about wanting to go home. 10:47am BBT: Marissa and Brandi in the BR and Marissa says i am not going to lie to you i felt like you was yelling at me lastnight and Brandi says i was not yelling, Marissa tells her well i felt like you was yelling at me and i felt like you was mad at me and all i was doing was brushing my teeth and listening to James vent.Brandi says i felt like you wasn't defending me and Marissa says i am sorry you felt that way but i was just listening to James vent is all i was doing. 10:49am BBT: Marissa says i was not doing anything wrong i was just listening to James and i am sorry you felt that way but i was not in it i thought i was just listening to James vent.Brandi says James says i am saying things i am not and for him to say i lie well we have all lied. Marissa says i can respect that. Marissa says i know how you feel but i was not in the DR saying anything i do not do that. 10:53am BBT: Marissa and Brandi repeating themselves as Ari sits and listens. Brandy says i am sorry you felt i was mad at you. In the KT mark. James and Omarosa are cleaning and talking about what Brandi and Marissa might be saying.
  13. 9:10am BBT: We have FOTH as BB wakes the HG for the day. 9:21am BBT: Brandi and Ari talking in the BBR About Everyone agreeing with James in the house and Brandi says that James will see when we get out of here and they will see how he is. Ari says she is so sore. Brandi makes her bed then sits down. 9:37am BBT: Most HG in the KT making coffee and breakfast. Mark says he slept five hours lastnight and feels pretty good. Marissa comes in and mark says morning. She says she had to get up at 6am and we get FOTH. 9:39am BBT: Marissa in bed again telling Ross that Omarosa told Ari this morning they need to get rid of Brandi. Ross just looks at her and Marissa says i know. 9:42am BBT: Mark and James talking general talk in the KT while Brandi sits and drinks coffee. Ari is cutting a melon for breakfast. Ross and Marissa in the BR talking about Brandi making things up and how much she drinks. Ross says it is so dry and awful in this house. and covers his eyes. 9:58am BBT: Omarosa and Marissa talking in the BR about Brandi and how she has been acting and Omarosa thinks her not seeing a video of her kids has affected her so much.
  14. 7:55am BBT: Ari and Omarosa in the WA doing make up. 8:11am BBT: Ari and Omarosa still doing make up in the WA. All other Hg in bed sleeping. 8:47am BBT: Ari and Omarosa still doing make up as all other HG are still sleeping. 8:53am BBT: Ari amd Omarosa talking about needing a good nights sleep. omarosa is curling her hair and Ari is straightening her hair.
  15. 11:00pm-12:00am BBT: James and Brandi argue and James tells her that she pokes at him all the time and if she does not see that then she has an issue. Brandi tells him he is rude and it is hard to like him in the house Mark comes in and tells Brandi that James is a gentleman/He ask Brandi it give it a rest for one night so they can enjoy the night. Brandi goes to the Dr and Ari says she is sorry for the way Brandi is acting. mark and James say she needs to stop apologizing for Brandi. Brandi is out of the DR and talks to Marissa in the KT. Brandi is upset that Marissa did not defend her to James. Marissa tells her i was brushing my teeth then walks off from her. 12:00am-1:00am BBT: Marissa, Ross and Ari talk about if they win Veto then Omarosa goes on the block. They then taslk about how Brandi needs to go home and how Omarosa can not be in the final four with them.James joins them and talks about maybe Ari going home. Ross says that Omarosa needs to go first becuse she lies all the time. James and marissa say they will win the veto . Omarosa and Ari are reading their bibles and Brandi is sleeping. Most Hg are in bed or getting ready for bed. 1:00am-2:00am BBT: Marissa gets up and walks around the house counting things. Ross gets up a joins her they talk about making ti to final four them making a deasl with Ari but first they have to get james out as soon as they get to final five. marissa says that she has lost this games as everyone else can beat her at the end. She keeps repeating herself. They then talk about the feeders being awake and listening to them then they laugh. They head to bed. All HG sleeping.
  16. 9:00am BBT: All HG still snuggled in their beds asleep. 9:11am BBT: Mark in HOHR talking to James about sleeping good lastnight. mark thanks James for letting him win HOH lastnight. James says you are welcome you earned it. Ross takes trash to the STR then walks around the KT. Marissa walks through and heads back to the BR. 9:13am BBT: Mark and James talk about being so comfortable in this HOHR. Mark says we can turn the lights out in here and sleep, James says sleep if you want and mark says no he is good. James says just think about all the conversations that was up here without us dude and mark laughs and says yeah. 9:19am BBT: Mark and James talking about Brandi and how she was saying lastnight that James threw the HOH comp for his own game. Mark says maybe he did and James tells mark yeah we talked about that before and mark says yeah we did. James says that Ross wants to Keep Brandi and says that Ross said that Brandi is so nice but James says he does not see it she is never nice to me at all. James says we will talk about it to see who is the bigger threat Omarosa or Brandy and mark says we have talked about it. James says Omarosa can win things but Brandi hasn't done anything. 9:23am BBT: James says she does not like when Brandi is mean to him and then says Ari knows that she is fixen to lose Brandi. So if you nominate Brandi and Omarosa or you can backdoor brandy. Mark says i do not think i want to nominate Brandi and Omarosa together it will be to much in the house on me then. James says put Ari up there then and backdoor Brandi. James says what if Brandi wins the veto? mark says i can always put up Ross. 9:33am BBT: Mark and James in the KT talking to Ross as he sweeps the floor. Ari and Brandi still in bed sleeping with covers over their heads. 9:42am BBT: Mark and James saying to Ross how they never go around telling anything about anyone else in the house. Mark says it is amazing how people get effected by words in this house. Ross says i know i get it. Mark says he ripped his muscles lastnight. James says yeah i know it used your biceps. 9:51am BBT: Mark and James talking about their fans and how they like their fans. Ross is doing dishes, all other Hg are still in bed sleeping.
  17. 2:00am-3:00am BBT: Marissa tells Ari thast because shannon and kiesha was trying to control everything they left the house Marissa tells Ari she is scared of Omarosa, Ari then tells her that brandi will not work with Omarosa she will walk out before she does. In the BR omarosa is talking to brandi about how sweet and tough Ari is. Omarosa then talks about being worried about her mom being sick. Marissa , James and ross talking about neededing to get Omarosa out but james wants Brandi gone so they go over the votes to see what votes they may have. Marissa says she will be excited to get Omarosa out. Ari and brandi getting ready for bed and brandi tells her that james threw that comp to mark so he can play in the next HOH and win it. Hg getting ready for bed and some sleeping already.
  18. 1:03pm BBT: Ari is doing Omarosas make up for her as Brandi packs. Marissa is looking at the memory wall alone. 1:11pm BBT: Mark and James working out. Most Hg in the RBR talking general talk about tonight's eviction and what to wear. 1:19pm BBT: Ari and Brandi in the STR, Ari tells her that Ross is not loyal to anyone as he has deals with everyone in the house and he will not be loyal to Marissa either since he has been with James and mark alot. 1:29pm BBT: Marissa, Ari, Brandi and Omarosa talking about Metta wanting to go home and how they would make a deal for someone to stay another day. Brandi is packing her suitcase as Omarosa gets a dress out for tonight.
  19. 12:11pm BBT: HOH lock down is over. HG are leaving the HOHR and going downstairs to make food. 12:13pm BBT: Metta helping Omarosa get her things back down stairs. Mark in the KT. Brandi goes to the STR and gets the vacuum cleaner. 12:19pm BBT: Ross and Mark making lunch, Metta and James in the RBR talking about Slop having Metta messed up. 12:25pm BBt: Brandi and Ross in the BR talking, Brandi says Metta said he wants to go home, Ross says yeah but we have to promise Ormarosa she will be safe if we did that. 12:28pm BBt: Brandi tells Ross i will put Omarosa up next week no problem i have to work to save myself right now. Ross says he told Omarosa that she was not his target. Brandi says right. Ross gets up to leave the room and he says who knows what kind of twist we are going to get thrown at us now. And Brandy says yes right we do not know. 12:35pm BBT: Ross and Mark talking alone about Ross arm that hurts and talks about seeing the dr and Ross says he will not say what it is but he knows and we get Foth 12:45pm BBT: Marissa, Brandi,Metta and Ari in the BR talking about making food then talking about what they are going to wear tonight for the live eviction. Marissa going through her clothes. 12:49pm BBT: Marissa and Ross talking about how eviction works if your bags are not packed and how to get your stuff afterwards. James in the workout rm running on the elliptical. 12:53pm BBT: Marissa, Ari, Brandi and Ross talking about the votes tonight and hoping all four of them can stay tonight. Brandi is folding clothes as ari lays in bed, Ross is sitting watching Marissa find something to wear tonight. 12:57pm BBt: Brandi tells Ari and Marissa she does not want to leaver tonight in her athletic clothes as Omarosa walks in and shows Ari some make up.
  20. 10:09am BBT: Hg sitting around the house just general talk going on about possible replacement noms and who might go home. 10:35am BBT: We have FOTH for possible HOH lock down
  21. 9:10am BBT: Mark and James in the KT talking about the music BB played this morning. Metta and Marissa in the BR talking about waking up and running when the music starts. 9:17am BBT: Metta and James talking about music and production and how long songs take to sing and play. James wants to get his songs on the radio and maybe have a gold record then maybe make a video of his music. 9:22am BBT: Mark and Metta talking about they will have to pick players for the veto today. Metta says we might do that on the live show tonight. Mark says yeah maybe on the live show. Marissa and James in the KT getting coffee. Brandi and Ari in the bed covered up talking general talk. 9:38am BBT: Marissa and Ross talking about if Brandi comes off the block who will Omarosa put up as she will not put up James. Marissa says Metta probably. Ross ask how Metta is going to vote and Marissa says he will not vote you out. Ross says ok good. They then talk about studying today for other competitions. 9:45am BBT: Ross and Marissa in the BR still talking about alliances and how people have final 4 deals and the alliance they have made with each other. Marissa talks how well James is playing this game. Marissa says she told Ari that if it is Ross and Brandi eviction night she can vote how she wants and told Ari that Brandi will leave and Marissa says that Omarosa said she has to vote with the house. 9:52am BBT: Marissa says yeah we need to vote with the house to keep from being a target i guess and Ross agrees. In the KT Mark, James and Metta are talking general talk. 9:56am BBT: Mark tells Metta and James he would like to win the veto and take Brandi off the block and himself go up. James says i think you both are safe if that happens and mark says but i want to change the game. James says we will find out and mark says yeah in another 7 hours we will.
  22. 11:13am BBT: The lock down is over and HG are moving around the house talking general talk. 11:21am BBT: Ross, Marissa and James laying in bed as mark makes his bed just general talk going on.
  23. 9:01am BBT: Marissa in the HOHR talking to Ari and Brandi about the days and numbers for a competition and we get FOTH 9:04am BBT: Marissa tells Ari, Brandi and Ross in the HOHR that they just need to get rid of four people and they will be ok. She says she was just worried lastnight about the extra little part and we get FOTH again. 9:07am BBT: Ross leaves the HOHR and Marissa says she is going to go get a towel and will be back. Air and Brandi are still applying make up. In the KT Mark and James are just walking around. 9:13am BBT: Mark in the KT talking to Ari and Omarosa and Marissa . ross in the HOH bed talking to Brandi about the comps and what they might be. we get FOTH again 9:21am BBT: Marissa and Brandi are studying. James and Mark sitting in the KT studying also. 9:25am BBT: Marissa in the HOHR getting in the shower while Ross lays on the bed staring at the screen. metta in the KT talking to James and mark. Just general talk going on. Brandi goes to the HOHR and Ross says he is worried about the HOh comp. Brandi says well it is nothing we can control. 9:34am BBT: Marissa ask Ari if she is still in the house tomorrow if she will straighten her hair and Ari says shut up. Omarosa comes into the HOHR with her things to shower then heads back downstairs to the KT to get a drink. Ross is putting dishes away and making bacon. 9:41am BBT: Shannon enters the HOHR asking if she can get a shower Ari says go ahead. Ross make his breakfast and heads to the HOHR as they prepare for an HOH lock down. omarosa says they have 5 minutes left to be upstairs. 9:46am BBT: BB tells all Hg to please go to the HOHR for a lock down and we get FOTH. 9:48am BBT: Brandi is the only one not in the HOHR as she is in the KT making coffee before she goes back to the HOHR. 9:49am BBT: We are now on Puppy Cam as the HG are on lockdown
  24. 8:20am BBT: We have FOTH could be a wake up call. 8:44am BBT: James, Brandi and Ross in the KT making breakfast and coffee. Ari in the HOHR doing ADL's. 8:54am BBT: Brandi in the HOH going to get a shower as Ari puts her makeup on. Mark,James, Ross and Marissa in the KT talking how crazy Marissa looks. She says she swore she would never look like this on TV.