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  1. 10:05am BBT: we now have Julie on the screen as the feeds are down.
  2. 10:00am BBt: Christmas ask if they can eat at the breakfast table. Josh says he is excited about leaving here and seeing family i am glad we got to spend time here and Paul says friendship and they all agree. We get FOTH
  3. 9:00am BBT: We just got FOTH as BB wakes the Hg for the last morning in the house. 9:17am BBt: hg laying in the RBR in the dark and josh says the memory wall went black and Christmas and Paul says what he says the memory wall is blacked out. Paul yells well this is it the last day. Josh says this is the last day we wake up together in the BB house. 9:20am BBT: Josh tells Paul to scoot over he is coming in the bed with him and Paul says nope nope nope. Josh getting out of bed says scoot over i am coming in. he lays back down in his own bed and covers back up. 9:23am BBT: All 3 HG laying in the dark in silence. 9:50am BBT: Josh says i know i have cried all summer and i will probably cry all day today this is the best day of my life and and i am excited i love these two people in here. Paul comes in and josh says i am going to miss you. Paul says i am not gonna die and josh says i know but i will miss you. Josh says thank you for watching this season i have had fun. Paul says guys if you had fun watching this great if you had fun with pots and pans and the crazy crap good thank you for watching this year. Paul then says thank you guys for letting me back in this season i hope you enjoyed it i know i did and maybe you will see this boy on BBOTT and Josh says no way no no. Paul says you wont do it again and josh says no i do not know. 9:54am BBT: Josh does shout outs to his family and friends and cousin he says i love you guys hope you are proud of me. Christmas in the KT cooking breakfast and going over her speech for tonight. 9:55am BBT: Christmas talking about her time in the house and says if yall think this is fake look at my scars. Christmas then yells at Josh and Paul saying come talk to me i am bored. Paul leaves the lounge rm saying i think we are finished now. Josh says it feels good knowing no one is watching now. 9:57am BBT: Paul says they have 8 hours left in the house then they are out. Christmas still cooking and josh is just laughing.
  4. (update)9:00pm-10:00pm BBT: Paul and Josh finish preparing dinner while Christmas does her make up, she then joins the men for their final dinner in the BB house.Josh tells Paul to say the blessing. Paul hesitates then says Friendship thanks for having my back. Christmas heads back into the Wa after eating to finish her make up and Paul comes in saying that BB wants them to do their hair and make up a certain way to go back to the beginning of the game. (update)10:00pm-11:00pm BBT: Christmas is called to the DR, Josh and Paul go lay in bed playing with their fidget spinners and talking about who came up with the idea for them and how someone is making money off them spinners.They then talk about opening their own restaurants when they get out of the house. They then talk about who they want to see when they get out of the house and Paul wants to see Ramses. Josh says he does not want to see Dom, They talk about how they think Raven will be a bitter member of the jury and Elena will just want to drink but they are not sure how Alex will act with them. (update)11:00pm-12:30am BBT: Paul gets up and heads for the shower as he gets in Christmas comes into the WA. Josh then comes in and they talk about how each Hg acted in the house. Josh says mark was not genuine. Josh then tells Paul and Christmas that he wants to get a dog when he gets home and name it Theodore, Christmas says name it meatball, Josh says Theodore the meatball.All three Hg are in the RBR in the bed (same bed) just talking general talk, Josh gets up and heads to the round be. all HG in bed going to sleep with lights out.
  5. 11:04am BBT: Paul up in the KT with Josh and Christmas getting coffee as Christmas cooks. they are talking about the music that played this morning. The BY is closed down so they have to stay in the house. Christmas says she needs a shower. 11:12am BBT: josh and Christmas eating while Paul is in the WA picking at his face. he then goes back to the KT to eat. Christmas ask is this the last full day and Paul says yes. 11:21am BBT: Josh opens a tub of cream cheese and Christmas says there is an open one in the fridge and an open jam. he says no there is not. Paul gets up and says let me prove you wrong Josh and goes to the fridge and pulls out the cream cheese and jam that was already open, Josh hushes then says i was excited for you guys to get up with me today i should have left you asleep. 11:32am BBT: Christmas telling Josh and Paul about her house and how she is remodeling it and says she can not wait till they come to visit. 11:43pm BBt: Paul and Christmas talking about cleaning house today to kill some time and getting a shower then packing so the day will go by quicker. 11:48am BBt: Paul goes to get his luggage out of the STR, Christmas goes with him. Josh is in the RBR in bed under covers.
  6. 10:15am BBT: We are on FOTh as Bb wakes Paul and Christmas. 10:30am BBT: Christmas is up in the WA brushing her teeth then goes to the WC. Paul still in a dark rm asleep. Josh just wondering around the KT. 10:46am BBT: Paul laying in bed whispering to himself about his speech on finale night. Christmas and josh in the KT cooking, Josh says he is over it now and Christmas says there is so much she wants to do when she gets out of the house. 10:51am BBT: Christmas tells josh he is going to love her shower at her house she says there is a shower stool and he says he is going to sit on that thing. Christmas says i can not wait till you guys come to stay with me. 10:56am BBT: Paul and Josh laying in the bed in the RBR talking about being bored and taking showers. then talking about how nasty mark and Elena was. Paul then says the finale is tomorrow dude. Josh says i hope so. Paul says it is.
  7. 9:00am BBT: Josh cleaning KT and doing dishes. 9:30am BBT: Josh is still washing dishes, Christmas and Paul still in bed sleeping. 9:44am BBT: Josh still doing dishes and ask BB for a broom. Paul and Christmas still sleeping. 9:56am BBt: Josh has finished dishes and is now cleaning the counters. Paul and Christmas still in bed sleeping.
  8. 8:13am BBT:Josh talking to the camera in the lounge rm.josh says i hope i win this so i can give back to my parents dont get me wrong we struggle just like other families they work hard and provide for us and i always told them one day i will take care of you he says i always wanted to give back to them. I will be happy to give back to them for working hard.he says i know i am not gonna be able to take care of them and they will never stop working but i can give back to them like go on a vacation.He says i can be the happiest man in the world but what i will always have is my happiness and my life. Thats my dream and i am gonna do it. he says i know there is only one winner but i want that. he says i know Christmas is going to go far in her job and i am happy for her. Paul i love him and he will be ok. He did an amazing job and played the best game but i can not say that to him though but he has played the best game.He says i can listen to Paul and Christmas all day and i just grow as a person listening to them and we are going to follow the world and travel just watch us on social media. he says i know you guys hate me talking but i want to talk. he says I do not know if you guys like me or not but i do not really care just know i gave it all i had. Josh then says this is my third time trying out and i made it to the end and this is an experience like no other.He says his anxiety is through the roof he can not wait to be out of here but he is enjoying it all being in the house. he says when i get out i am gonna run through walls and windows i do not care.he says the misfits we are all misfits and we all really were misfits this season. 8:24am BBT: Josh says Christmas is strong she has played this whole game this season with a broken foot she is strong. he says it is scary to walk out of here when we are done you guys do not understand i am terrified I will probably be clung to Christmas and Paul walking out of here. he says i was bad this year but everything i did in this game was strategic and for my game. he says if i upset anyone i apologize. if i hurt any families by what i said i am sorry i did not mean to hurt anyone it was all for my game and hopefully no one will hold that against me and be upset with me. I hope the Hg understand. he says alot of people played it safe i wish they had played the game though. he then talks about other Hg and how he likes them and misses them. He says much blessings thank you for listening to me talk but i am done talking now. He then says he feels like he won the lottery he then says no tomorrow i win the lottery. he says ok i am done as he leaves the lounge rm. 8:45am BBT: Josh now in the Kt taking trash out and cleaning.
  9. (update)11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Josh, Paul and Christmas playing cards and just general talk going on about the card game. the house starts shaking some and paul tells them to move to the BY. Paul says it is an earthquake. after iy is over paul says wait for the aftershock. Christmas says they just lived through an earthquake. Paul tells them they are all ok as they head back inside. Josh gets pots and pans and runs through the house banging them saying earthquake. Christmas talks to Josh and tells him to do what is best for his game if he wins the final HOH comp and to take who he thinks he can beat to the final. Paul in the other room practicing his final two speech. (update)12:00am-2:30am BBT: Card games and general talk going on. Christmas gets called to the DR and Paul tells Josh that Christmas told him to take who he thinks he can beat to the final two with him . Josh says she told me the same thing. Paul tells him that good now he can tell her that she told him to do what is best for his game. Christmas out of the Dr and the Hg head to bed. In the RBR HG are in bed lights out and quiet.
  10. (update)2:00pm-4:00pm BBT: Paul, Josh and Christmas eating out in the BY.Just general talk going on. BB calls an inside lockdown .All three head inside and go get in bed in the RBR. Christmas is called to the DR, Josh ask why she always gets called first and she says so she can relive the worst day of her life. She leaves the RBR and goes to DR. Christmas then comes back out of the DR and gets back in bed and All Hg are sleeping again. (update)4:00pm-5:00pm BBT:BB tells the Hg the lockdown is over and they all stay asleep. Bb calls Christmas to the DR again and she goes to the DR. (update)5:00pm-6:00pm BBT: Josh is now up in the WC Paul is out in the BY on the Hammock repeating his speech his will do as final two and says he will tell them that they all wanted him out but he made it to final two. he then tells himself that is money right there and then says if he does not win he will cry this time.Josh joins Paul and they both say Christmas will for sure get AFH. Paul tells Josh he wants to sleep by himself tonight as christmas makes him to hot. josh then says he gets cold at night.
  11. 1:16pm BBT: All Hg still asleep in the RBR. 1:25pm BBT: Josh up in the KT checking time then goes to the WC. 1:30pm BBT: Josh is heading to the BY and Christmas is sitting on pauls back under the covers popping his back. Paul is groaning saying he is broken and in pain. Christmas lays back down next to Paul. Josh goes back in the KT to get water. 1:34pm BBT: Josh goes to the RBR and jumps on Paul as Christmas laughs. Josh says lets go to the hammock or lets go to the pool. Paul gets up and gets dressed. 1:38pm BBT: Christmas is making coffee while Josh follows Paul to the STR. Josh goes to the BR going through his bag while Paul is getting food. 1:42pm BBt: Christmas making eggs for Paul and josh, Josh just babbling and Paul laughing. 1:54pm BBT: Hg making food and just general talk going on.
  12. 12:13pm BBT: Paul up in the WC comes out washed hands, Goes to Kt checks time and heads back to bed.
  13. 11:05am BBT: HG all still in bed sleeping in the RBR with lights on. 11:34am BBT: Christmas is up goes to the KT looks at the time then heads to the WC. 11:38am BBT: Christmas out of the WC now doing her hair and make up. Paul and Josh still sleeping.
  14. (update) 12:00am-1:00am BBT: Paul and josh talk about americas favorite houseguest and they think that Christmas will get it and that everyone is voting for her. Paul tells Josh that the live feeders are the ones who do all the voting on that. Christmas sitting in the hammock alone in the BY says she is going to tell Paul and josh to take each other to the final two. She then says it is cold out tonight.she then tells how it is so boring with just three people left in the house she liked when there was a lot of people in the house. She then says she does not know what Paul and Josh are thinking for final two as one of them will secure their spot in the final two on Wednesday. she then says she came into this game heartbroken and will leave heart broken as her foot is broke and so is she. she then says she does not know if she might talk to Paul and josh together to to each alone about them taking each other to final two.She then tells us that no one else would have stayed in the house and played the game with a broken foot but she did. Josh comes out to the By and she stops talking. 1:00am-3:00am BBT: Paul and josh go to the RBR to go to bed and turn lights out then starts horsing around. Christmas gets a blanket and wraps up on the hammock. Christmas then gets up and heads inside and gets in bed next to Paul. All Hg in bed sleeping.
  15. 12:24pm BBT: Paul sits up in bed gets a drink of his water then lays back in bed and goes back to sleep. 12:30pm BBT: Josh is up goes to the KT checks time then to the WC. 12:36pm BBT: Josh out of wc washes hands, stops at memory wall and looks then goes back to bed. 1:17pm BBT: We now have FOTH maybe a wake up call. 1:32pm BBT: Hg still in bed with lights out. 1:36pm BBT: Christmas telling Paul and Josh about a dream she had about writing on paper and josh says how do we even write. Christmas says i do not know. They still lay in bed in a dark room . 1:37pm BBt: Josh is up wrapped in a blanket and goes to the DR. Paul tells Christmas this guy is such an interesting human and we get FOTH. 1:40pm BBT: Josh out of Dr and goes back to bed saying it is so cold in the house. Christmas says they adjusted the temp in the house lastnight after the show. Christmas ask is it really 2 o'clock and josh says yeah. BB says Rise and shine HG. 1:41pm BBT: Josh says guys you know what i was up there for 40 minutes lastnight and Paul says no way you was up there 40 minutes he then tells Josh he was up there like 15 minutes that the DR is gassing you up. Paul says i was up there 50 minutes. Bb gets on to Josh for talking about his DR session. 1:45pm BBT: Josh and Christmas are making plans to spend a week together after the show next week. Paul ask is it cold in the house and Josh says yeah freezing. 1:49pm BBT: Josh says his back hurts as he gets out of bed, Paul in the STR changing batteries and then Christmas comes in to changer her batteries. They now look for food. 1:52pm BBT: Josh changing his batteries now talking about a simple breakfast as Christmas leaves the STR. 1:54pm BBT: Christmas making coffee and Josh and Paul talk about making eggs. 1:56pm BBT: Christmas and Josh cleaning the KT before breakfast. Paul comes in and josh says lets do eggs. they hear a bang and Josh and Paul look to see what happened and Christmas dropped a gallon of milk in the LVR and BB says thank you. Paul is asking why Bb said thank you.
  16. 11:00am BBT: HG are all still sleeping. 12:00pm BBT: Hg Still in beds sleeping.
  17. 1:00am-2:00am BBT: Paul tells Josh they can not mess up now if they win the next comp then Christmas will try to split them up and they can not have that.Josh goes to the KT to make food while Christmas goes to the STR. Christmas goes to the shower while Josh and Paul eat waiting for a shower as they are covered in Unicorn poop as paul calls it. Paul tells Josh if they have good DR sessions they might get beer tonight. Paul tells BB they need towels. Josh talks to the camera asking his sister to come finale night . Paul then talks to the camera saying he has nine comp wins and never been on the block, Paul says now Josh has to win part 2 so we can seal our spots in the finale. 2:00am-3:00am BBT:Paul talks to the cameras again about his wins and never being on the block this season he then thanks his fans present and future fans. Paul then talks about his parents and how proud they are of him. HG are eating in the KT talking about sleeping.
  18. 2:01pm BBT: Paul and Kevin in the LVR talking about past HG that have been in the house. Josh still doing dishes and Christmas still doing make up. 2:14pm BBT: Kevin in KT making cereal while Josh still washes dishes and Christmas in the WA doing make up. Paul looking for tweezers. 2:23pm BBT: Josh and Paul in the BR talking Paul says you and me got to study cause she will win if we dont. Talking stops as Christmas and Kevin walk in. Kevin says ok one last sit in the corner. 2:26pm BBT: Christmas goes to the STR and BB says it is unavailable. Paul ask why? Kevin is ironing his shirt. Josh is packing his bags. 2:36pm BBT: Paul talking to Kevin about different luggage he had and how the airport messed up his bag. Josh and Kevin packing their suitcases. 2:41pm BBT: Christmas in the RBR packing her things and letting air out of her float and Paul asking what that noise is. Josh says it is Christmas. Josh and Kevin still packing. 2:50pm BBT: Just general talk going on about clothes as the Hg pack their luggage except Paul who is sitting and watching. 2:56pm BBT: Christmas has finished packing and joins the men in the Br while Josh and Kevin continue packing, Just general talk going on about shopping when they get home.
  19. 1:20pm BBT: Josh in KT washing dishes, Kevin packing in BR and Paul asking form a hanger from him. Josh yells we need the clippers. 1:29pm BBT: Josh still washing dishes as Kevin dries them and Paul walks around. Josh says i need the clippers and Paul yells nope you did not say please so there for you will get no hair cut today. Christmas in the WA doing her make up. 1:40pm BBT: Paul cooking while Josh does dishes and they keep cursing at each other, Christmas yells from the other room stop. 1:50pm BBT: Christmas still doing make up in the WA, Josh and Kevin in the KT still doing dishes, Josh ask Kevin if he is done packing and he says almost, josh says i got to go pack soon. Bb comes on and says the STR is temporarily unavailable. 1:53pm BBT: Paul and Kevin go to the STR and Kevin says i am telling you they are going to backdoor me if you keep Christmas your in trouble but if you keep Josh the Jury will not vote for Josh at all i promise you. Kevin then says you will only get 50 thousand if i leave tonight. 1:55pm BBT: Paul and Kevin now out of the STR, Kevin forgot trash bags and heads back for them, he talks to himself saying she knows she is leaving she better pack her things.
  20. 11:05am BBT: Josh says he went out to every comp to compete he did not throw any comps to try to keep a target off his back i always did my best at the comps i was not throwing them. Christmas says yeah me too. 11:07am BBT: Paul goes to the HOHR and tells Kevin to come up there that he is sure the HOH lock down will be soon. Kevin says ok as he makes an egg sandwich. BB calls Kevin to the DR.
  21. 10:04am BBT: Christmas tells Kevin breakfast is ready and the time. He says thank you as she leaves the BR. Josh pouring himself some orange juice as Christmas sits down to eat. 10:08am BBT: Paul is up and heads down stairs then goes back into the HOHR. Paul tells him to put his mic on. Josh and Christmas talking about evicted HG and how they were.Paul now in the KT. 10:18am BBT: Paul, Josh and Christmas in the KT just general talk going on and Kevin still in bed sleeping. 10:26am BBT: Paul , Christmas and Josh studying by counting things in the house. 10:44am BBT: Paul and Christmas talking about past comps and laughing. Paul telling about his mom then about the round trip ticket he chose last year. 10:52am BBT: Christmas and Josh in the HOHR talking and Josh says he thinks he has earned his spot in this game and where he is in the game.He says when he hit top 7 he earned his spot. Christmas says yeah but like Raven who didn't. Josh says he is going to speak about the things he has done then says i do not know. Christmas says you need to speak of the things you have done. 10:55am BBT: Josh says we earned our spot, we worked our butts off. Kevin is up and walking through the house while Paul is in the DR. 10:57am BBT: Kevin in the BR packing his suitcase. Christmas in the HOHR talking to Josh saying she does not know what her activities are and she does not know what to do. She then says i do not know what happened to my mind in this game. Josh says i jumped in comps and i tried winning i was a beast i do not like to lose. he then tells Christmas she is so smart and learns things quick.
  22. 9:13am BBT: All HG still in bed sleeping. 9:37am BBT: We now have FOTH . Time to wake the HG. 9:54am BBT: Christmas and Josh in the KT making breakfast and drinking coffee. Paul still in the HOHR in bed. 9:56am BBT: Josh and Christmas laughing and Christmas telling Josh she was laughing at him and Paul spit water at each other, She then says i was about to pee myself laughing at you two.
  23. (update)11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Christmas and josh talking while Paul is in the DR and Kevin is in bed, They talk about Hg and their wrong doings. They continue talking general talk. Paul is now out of the DR he hides and jumps out to scare Christmas. Paul tells them he had fun in the DR then starts talking about Kevin and why he does not drink but he asked Paul for a beer when he won HOH and he only drank one. (update)12:00am-1:00am BBT: General talk going on between Josh Paul and Christmas then Paul tells Josh how part 2 of the final HOH went last year. Josh says he thinks they will make it something Christmas can play in this year. Paul then talks about social media and how many fans they will have when they get out of the house. (update)1:00am-2:00am BBT: Paul and Josh are horsing around alot with alot of screaming going on from Josh as Paul covers his face with a pillow. Kevin now up in the KT eating an muffin then heads back to bed. Christmas and Josh now head to bed. All HG in bed sleeping.
  24. (update) 9:00am-12:27pm BBT: We have been on FOTH watching puppies all morning.
  25. 9:00pm-10:00pm BBT Kevin talks to the camera to his family in the lounge rm he says no one left in this house has won any physical comps and all the threats have been voted out so tomorrow I will tell them that and make it my point. Kevin then goes to bed to read his Bible.Josh and Paul play chess and talk about the sick fish. Josh is emotional as one fish has died and another is very sick. 10:00pm-11:00pm BBT: Josh goes to the DR to ask for medication for the fish that is sick, Paul goes to tell Alex goodnight and he hopes she feels better tomorrow. Josh and Paul now in LVR working out as Kevin lays in bed still reading. Kevin comes in and Paul tells Kevin not to study for dates anymore that there will be no more days. He tells him that Alex is trying to get in your head and mess with you. 11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Paul now in the HOHR tells Christmas how Alex was helping Kevin in the KT. Josh comes up and they send him down to the KT to watch Kevin so Alex can not talk top him alone. Christmas then follows Josh down to supervise Kevin. All HG are heading to bed.