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  1. 3:10pm BBT: Sam and JC whispering and sam is trying to flip the vote to keep Rockstar she ask him we are keeping Rockstar here right and JC says that kaycee is more trustworthy, Sam tells him that Rockstar is more fun than Kaycee. JC is trying hard to get sam to vote Rockstar out. JC tells her but next week could be a double eviction and we get FOTH. 3:13pm BBT: JC talks to sam about he doesn't want him and her to be the only votes to keep Rockstar though Sam says ok then we keep Kaycee and JC tells her yes. Sam then says she likes Rockstar better than kaycee and she can not help her feelings but thinks that Rockstar is a better player at this game than kaycee is. JC then tells her that once Rockstar leaves here then Brett will get closer to her and they can be a trio. sam then pinky swears with JC to vote Rockstar out tonight. 3:17pm BBT: Sam tells JC she will keep Kaycee but she needs him to stay close to her as she will be all alone now, JC says to control her emotions so the house does not see them.
  2. 2:00pm -3:00pm BBT: Brett, Tyler and Faysal in the KT and can hear the workers outside talking, Faysal says they said something about slime so now he thinks it is the slide competition,In the WA Scottie is getting a hair cut. In the PBR Faysal is telling stories when he was 12 years old and took some kids goggles. More talk about hearing workers talking about slime in the BY Brett says the slime is supposed to look like ice. HG are all getting ready for the next HOH lock down before the live show tonight. Kaycee in the lounge room practicing her speech.
  3. 1:30pm-2:00pm BBT: JC getting into a lot of trouble for singing, BB keeps telling him to shut it down and he says he will if it is said in spanish. he tells BB he does not speak english today. JC and Tyler in the KT talking about Sam and JC says sam will not vote with them cause Angela threw her under the bus, Tyler tells him that is not what happened, he tells JC that sam and Angela had a one on one and Sam said she wanted to go home so Angela said maybe we should put her up. Tyler says we will see where sam votes.
  4. 10:27am BBT: Tyler and sam whispering really low in bed. Kaycee in the WA doing ADL's. 10:40am BBT: Angela and Kaycee in the KT drinking coffee and talking general talk. Rockstar trying to figure out what she is going to wear tonight for the live show. 10:42am BBT: Angela talking about working out and how in the hotel she got good workouts in and we get a brief FOTH. 10:47am BBT: Rockstar and sam now in the KT making a cup of coffee. Angela eating peanut butter while Kaycee sits there wrapped in a blanket drinking her coffee. 10:57am BBT: After a brief FOTH Haleigh is taking her things down the stairs to the PBR. Kaycee, Scottie, Angela and Tyler are talking general talk in the KT. Sam is making her bed for the day as Brett lays with his eyes closed.
  5. 10:02am BBT: WE now have FOTH as BB wakes the HG. 10:15am BBT: Brett in the WA washing his hands as BB calls him to the DR. Kaycee up getting her things together for the day. 10:17am BBT: Sam up in the KT making coffee. Kaycee is in the STR shaking out a shirt. Brett went to the DR. all other HG still in bed. 10:40am BBT: Sam and Rocksstar in the KT making more coffee and talking about cooking breakfast. Angela in the WA doing ADL's. Brett comes in the KT and sam ask if he is making breakfast he says yes and she smiles and says oh yeah. 10:42am BBT: Sam and Rockstar go to the balcony to sit and have coffee. sam ask Rockstar if people hang out up here alot and she says yeah you just never do. sam tells her that it feels so far away from everything and she doesn't like it. 10:44am BBT: Rockstar ask if Sam won HOH again would she be the same? sam says yeah but even meaner. Rockstar says not me i would never let you leave my room or Haleigh either. 10:48am BBT: Brett in the KT making pancakes. Angela making oatmeal and kaycee just sitting watching. BB calls sam to the DR. She tells Rockstar she will be back its her morning report. 10:58am BBT: Brett continues to cook breakfast as Kaycee watches and Angela makes her oatmeal. sam and Rockstar still on the balcony talking general talk.
  6. 9:00am BBT: ALL HG SLEEPING. 9:26am BBT: All HG still sleeping in dark bedrooms. 9:55am BBT: HG still sleeping.
  7. 10:00am BBT: BB announces that HG must be awake between 10am and 10pm and there are fresh batteries in the STR. All HG still in bed sleeping. 10:39am BBT: Rockstar and Sam in the BY drinking coffee and smoking just general talk and looking around. Brett in the WA laying on the couch. 10:42am BBT: Kaycee in the WA doing ADL's while talking general talk to Brett. Scottie comes in and goes to the WC. 10:44am BBT: TYler in the KT now getting coffee. Kaycee getting water and tea. Scottie comes in and is just standing around. 10:45am BBT: Sam asking how a jury buy back works and Rockstar says they will battle back to come in from the jury house. Rockstar then tells her that they have a solid group and that it is Sam Herself, Haleigh, Faysal,Brett and JC . Sam says are you sure i think Haleigh hates me and Rockstar says no she doesn't. We will be the final 6. 10:49am BBT: Rockstar says we have a solid group we just have to get the other three out. Scottie comes out and talking stops. Scottie goes back inside and Rockstar tells her we have the solid 6. Rockstar then tells sam that if something happens if she leaves this week she wants sam to continue working with the people she works with. sam says ok and Rockstar says you understand? Sam says yeah. 10:55am BBT: Sam now inside making her bed in the BBR. Rockstar in the KT talking general talk with Tyler,Scottie and Brett.
  8. 9:00am BBT: Hg are all in bed with the lights on. 9:18am BBT: All HG still in bed sleeping. 9:50am BBT: After a brief WBRB HG are still in bed sleeping. 9:54am BBT: Tyler gets up goes to the WC then to change batteries then back in bed.
  9. 10:02am BBT: kaycee and sam in the KT whispering very low. BB says good morning HG it is time to get up for the day. 10:04am BBT: Tyler gets up and goes to the KT, Rockstar and Bayleigh in the WA doing ADL's Tyler and sam start singing Another one bites the dust and we get FOTH then feeds come back with kaycee's song playing and her singing she is totally nuts . 10:14am BBT: Most HG still laying in bed, Tyler, kaycee and Angela in the KT drinking coffee just general talk going on. 10:30am BBT: Most HG awake and just general talk going on through the house. Sam is making french toast in the KT. 10:42am BBT: Brett giving Tyler a shoulder massage while Scottie watches and sam makes french toast and Angela making her a drink. General talk going on. 10:52am BBT: sam has finished cooking, Scottie is now eating his french toast. Brett is eating oatmeal while Tyler just spins in the chair listening to sam tell a story about going camping.
  10. 9:00am BBT: All Hg still sleeping in a dark house. 9:57am BBT: Sam in the KT making her coffee, JC and kaycee in the BBR up and trying to wake everyone else. Haleigh laying on Sams bed. JC gets on Scottie and Scottie yells i am up i am up. Tyler covers his head and says i am awake. 9:59am BBT: JC lays back down and says it has been a long day then kaycee lays down and says it has been a long day lets take a nap and they start laughing.
  11. 2:00am-4:00am BBT: Brett and faysal talk general talk about the house meeting and about brett wanting to wear his granny sweater tomorrow for the live show. Scottie and haleigh still talking in the lounge rm just repeating themselves as Rockstar comes in and ask who's vote she will cancell tomorrow and haleigh tells her probably Tylers All Hg are now going to bed Scottie and Haleigh hug and say goodnight and house lights go off.
  12. 1:00am-2:00am BBT: Scottie and Brett now in the lounge rm talking about who might have the other power app and Scottie tells him that Rockstar thinks it is him that has it. he tells Scottie he does not have it. Scottie leaves the lounge rm and goes to the KT to have Pizza with Faysal, Haleigh and Bayleigh and Rockstar Bret goes to the DR. They finish their pizza and Scottie and Haleigh go to the lounge rm talking about kaitlyn and how she messed this game up.
  13. 12:00am-1:00am BBT: Haleigh and kaycee talking in the WA about how hard this week is and kaycee says i feel bad but it is just a game. They talk about how hard it is to pick between bayleigh and Rockstar but kaycee says we hjust have to do this and move forward in the game. In the HOHR Angela and Tyler are talking about last weeks eviction and how Bayleigh must have heard Tyler wrong. Tyler then tells Angela to always pick him to play the POV as long as they are in the house till the end of the game. Haleigh has gone to the HNR and is crying, Faysal and Bayleigh come in and give her hugs then rock star walks in and they all hug, Scottie walks in and they all have hugs and tells Haleigh that it will all be ok. Scottie leaves and goes to the lounge rm and talks to Tyler and tells Tyler he will vote Bayleigh out this week.
  14. 11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Haleigh and Scottie talk about keeping Bayleigh tomorrow because she feels bad that Bayleigh is getting backdoor because of her being the Hacker. Haleigh then ask where she is going to sleep tonight because she can not sleep with Rockstar and vote her out tomorrow night. Haleigh then tells Scottie she is going to cancel Tyler's vote. She then tells Scottie to get information from Tyler and always report back to her with it. Scottie tries talking her into voting with the house and not against it. Haleigh ask why it is so hard this week when she Trust Rockstar more than anyone.
  15. 10:11am BBT: Bayleigh, Sam and kaycee are putting the awnings down. JC in the KT walking around and Scottie feeding the fish. 10:41am BBT: Tyler cooking breakfast, Kaycee washing dishes and they talk about marinating meat for today. Sam comes in from the BY to get a bowl of cereal, Bayleigh sitting in the BY on the couch.
  16. 9:03am BBT: Time to wake the HG as we now have FOTH. 9:40am BBT: Faysal in the WA sitting gets up then goes to the BY and looks around. Angela in the HOHR curling her hair. Kaycee i the WA doing ADL's as faysal goes back to the WA and then to the WC. 9:54am BBT: Kaycee and Angela in the BBR talking softly to each other while other HG sleep. kaycee says she is going to go get some coffee and heads to the KT where sam is making herself a cup of coffee. 9:59am BBT: Bayleigh in the BY riding a bike alone, sam and Kaycee in the KT drinking coffee talking general talk.
  17. 10:02am BBT: sam sitting on the couch in the BY smoking and drinking her coffee. Brett in the KT making himself some breakfast. 10:06am BBT: Brett and kaycee in the KT, Brett complaining about his granny and how he was up all night as kaycee makes herself a cup of coffee. 10:42am BBT: Most HG up doing ADL's Rockstar and JC are getting into trouble with BB as he calls their name and says what do you not understand about please get up. 10:53am BBT: Bayleigh, Brett, Faysal, Scottie and Kaycee in the KT eating breakfast while sam is in the shower just general talk going on about Brett's Granny.
  18. 9:41am BBT: BB had waken the Hg and turned lights on and told them all the get fresh batteries from the STR. Sam is up and in the WA doing ADL's. All other HG still in bed sleeping. 9:50am BBT:Kaycee and Angela are up in the HOHR getting ready to go change their batteries. Bb tells them to please lower the outside awnings. Brett is in the KT making a cup of coffee. sam is drinking her coffee in the KT. Brett and sam go to the BY to put the awnings down as Brett says him and Granny have been doing their thing and he pretty much got no sleep. Sam says that sucks then tells him she was up with Rockstar early this morning.
  19. 3:00am-5:00am BBT: BB plays the peanut song and Kaycee wakes uop and gets out of bed to do her sing and dance. she gets back in bed and BB playes it again. Jessie comes on and says Rockstar you need a power boost. Rockstar gets up and goes to the STR then makes a smoothie then out to the BY to do her run and jump hurdles. Sam is running with her faysal and haileigh and JC are watching her, when she finishes she tells them thank you for the support and getting up with her as they all go back to bed. ALL HG IN BED SLEEPING.
  20. 12:00am-3:00am BBT: Haileigh tells bayleigh that she does not think Scottie is with them. She doesnt think he ever was as he is always with the other side of the house. bayleigh says she does not want blood on her hands next week. Sam and Tyler talk and sam tells tyler that she thinks Haileigh is the Hacker Tyler says he thinks it is Bayleigh but it could be Haileigh. Angela and Kaycee talk in the HOHR and Kaycee talks about the cloud app and is worried that it could be used tomorrow too and Angela says she is not worried as she thinks JC or Scottie has it and they are with them. Brett and scottie are in the hammock talking about brett's granny and he tells Scottie that she will be back as soon as he goes to bed then Scottie tells him lay by Tyler so it scares him and they laugh. They then talk about who replacement noms could be and scottie thinks it might be Bayleigh or haileigh but Brett does not think it will be them as bayleigh has that power app. General talk going on through the house and repeating about veto meeting tomorrow. HG are starting to go to bed
  21. 11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Angela tells Kaycee and JC that she will tell bayleigh that last week she was HOH and got power hungry and now this week you want to mess with my HOH so you are going on the block. Sam then talks to Kaycee and tells her that she would be honored to lose to her or Tyler in the final three. In the HOHR Tyler comes in and tells Angela that this will be the last night of peace in the house because after tomorrow people will be mad. He smiles and tells her that he loves it.
  22. 10:00pm-11:00pm BBT: Just general talk going on through the house, Tyler is washing dishes while JC and Hayleigh talk in the STR about who might go up tomorrow, Jc is worried it will be Faysal. Jc tells Hayleigh to lay low and sit back this week. JC goes to the HOHR and Angela is telling what she will say tomorrow in her speech and then JC ask if he can have a bag of chips to eat during the speech so he won't laugh. He says when he is tired he gets the jiggles. Angela and kaycee says you mean the giggles? He says yeah the Jiggles. they laugh more and tell him it is giggles.
  23. 9:00pm-10:00pm BBT: Scottie, Angela, kaycee and Tyler in the HOHR talking about the hacker and how they think it is Bayleigh,Angela then tells them how Faysal told her to pull Rockstar down and put Scotty back up on the block and that would be a legendary move. Scottie then tells them how Bayleigh made him swear on a bible that he would nominate two girls from the L6 alliance but he did not want to do that he said that side was playing him. Angela then talks about her speech for the veto ceremony tomorrow and says she might wear a hoodie since they think Bayleigh is the hacker(Haleigh is the hacker) Scottie and Tyler talk and Tyler says he know knows that Bayleigh was going to backdoor him last week. Scottie then says he feels stupid for nominating Brett and Winston now because they was all feeding him crap from the other side.
  24. 9:15am BBT: All HG still sleeping. 9:52am BBT: Rachel is up comes out of the HNR and goes to the WC. 10:35am BBT: HG up doing ADL's. 10:40am BBT: Kaitlyn and Rachel doing ADl's in the WA while Faysal showers. Most Hg in the KT getting coffee. 10:43am BBT: Rockstar going to the STR talking to Bayleigh about the votes tonight then she goes to JC and whispers to him and he gives her a thumbs up. she covers her mouth then leaves the room. 10:52am BBT: In the KT Rockstar, kaycee,Angela, Scottie,Bayleigh, Tyler and Faysal are drinking coffee and talking general talk. In the PBR kaitlyn and JC are talking general talk as they lay in the beds. 10:57am BBT: Sam is gathering things to do Rockstars hair in the KT area.
  25. 10:10am BBT: Bayleigh up moving around in the HNR. JC Haleigh and Faysal still sleeping in the PBR BB yells rise and shine wakey wakey HG there are fresh batteries in the STR. 10:15am BBT: sam doing dishes in the KT and making coffee. 10:24am BBT: Most HG still laying in bed talking general talk. Sam, Rockstar and Angela in the KT drinking coffee. 10:33am BBT: Rockstar and kaycee talk on the hammock about applying for BB , Rockstar says she applied because of her mom and she was not working because she had a baby so she went for the interview. 10:45am BBT: Sam and Rachel in the BY drinking coffee and talking general talk. Haleigh walking the BY drinking coffee while Rockstar and kaycee still on the hammock talking about Rockstar possibly leaving this week, Rockstar says if it is her time to go then it is her time to go. 10:51am BBT: sam telling Rachel about her power and that she was keeping it to use on herself but she says she almost used it on Winston. She says what the power is , Is that when someone gets voted out then they would have a chance to come back in the game so since i didn't use it it goes to the person this week. Rachel ask why she didn't use it on Winston and sam says i dont know i really liked Winston and after the vote i looked at everyone and i was scared i do not know why but i was. 10:56am BBT: Sam gets up and says she is going to go get ready then will be back outside. Rachel then says she is going to get ready too and heads inside. Tyler in the KT making food.