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  1. 1:02pm BBT: Kevin finishes shaving, raven putting her dress together, Christmas in the shower, Alex, Jason and Josh in the BR just talking general talk then head to the KT. 1:11pm BBT: Paul and Alex in the KT eating while Kevin, Jason, Matt and josh walk around just talk about finding eggs to fix. Christmas in the WA brushing her teeth and Mark and Elena in bed in the RBR, Cody in the shower. 1:19pm BBT: Alex and josh in the Kt talking about practicing the shuffle board yesterday and he says it could be for the veto comp this week. Alex says maybe. Jason and Kevin in the HNR talking about what to wear tonight for the live show. 1:26pm BBT: Paul is going to trim Josh's hair while Christmas is doing her make up. Alex, mark, raven and Matt in the KT eating and cooking. Just general talk about eating and hair going on. 1:34pm BBT: HG walking around doing ADL's and cooking and talking about what the HOH comp might be tonight. 1:38pm BBT: Cody and Elena at the table eating cereal and talking about Cody's family taking pictures on Holidays. Paul still cutting Josh's hair and silence in the WA and through the house. 1:50pm BBT: raven is eating pasta in the KT while Cody, Mark and Elena talk. Paul walks through and goes to talk to Alex in the BR. They are whispering really low about Kevin acting really weird and how he tries to listen to everyone. Paul says that Jason told him that Kevin was studying the days and then he asked him what happened on day 27 and he could not tell him. 1:53pm BBT: Paul and Alex stop talking and Alex starts plucking her brows. In the KT Cody is talking about buying a home.
  2. 12:47pm BBT: Hg in the KT making food and in the WA doing ADL's 12:48pm BBT: Elena and mark are in the bed in the RBR, Elena is not feeling good and is gagging. In the WA Paul is doctoring his nose while Kevin shaves and Jason pops pimples. 12:51pm BBT: Cody giving himself a hair cut, Paul still doctoring his nose and raven trying on a dress to see if she needs a bra on with it. Alex in the Br unpacking her things from the HOHR. 12:55pm BBT: Alex hides in the STR trash can to scare Jason , Jason comes in and sees her pillow in the floor behind the trash can and runs to kick the trash can as Alex yells no when she sees what he is doing.
  3. 7:00pm BBT: Alex and Christmas in the KT talking about hitting balls and making them bounce around in a comp they did. Cody comes in to wash his dish. 7:04pm BBT: Alex and Christmas talk Christmas ask what is his intention and Alex says i do not know. Christmas ask you think he is protecting Kevin at all and Alex says yes. Alex says it has to be Kevin that flipped on us with the Jillian vote. Christmas says Kevin told her in the HNR that he had nothing to do with anything. Alex then says that Cody is playing dumb and Christmas says Cody is playing dumb about alot of things. They then talk about how Kevin keeps tabs on Jason all day and has to know where he is at all times. 7:14pm BBT: Alex and Christmas still whispering to each other about the other HG, Kevin and Jason in the HNR talking about wanting facts and worried about nominations. 7:19pm BBT: Kevin and Jason in the KT making shakes while Christmas gets food to eat. Cody is in the shower. All other Hg are laying down. 7:26pm BBT: Alex setting up her tent and getting ready to cook her hot dogs for everyone. Jason is laughing at her and she yells they got you too dumb dumb. Christmas has gone to the HNR to talk to Paul and is whispering low. 7:31pm BBT: Cody goes to the red BR and tells Elena it is just him as he gets on the couch in there to read the bible they then talk about Jessica being on twitter, Elena says she has everything twitter, snap chat and Facebook. Up stairs Christmas, Kevin, Jason and Matt talk general talk with Alex about dancing and drinking while she cooks hot dogs. 7:40pm BBT: Paul now joins the hot dog group up stairs. josh ask Christmas if he can take a nap in her bed and she tells him go ahead. 7:43pm BBT: raven ask if anyone wants her hot dog this time as she does not want it.just general talk about eating hot dogs going on.
  4. 6:00pm BBT: Josh, Christmas, Matt and raven in the KT talking about Jason washing his socks and saying they are proud of him. Josh leaves and Alex comes in and talks about the have nots. Matt and Alex then talk about having conversations with Cody and mark about Elena, Alex says i thought about Elena leaving but no Cody is going to Jury. 6:11pm BBT: Alex, Christmas, Josh and Matt still talking about in the KT about honey boo boo and Christmas says my favorite thing is when Bb says shut it down when you talk about something personal. Christmas ask Josh if he has Pizza in the oven and he says yes, she ask are you burning it and he says yes as Alex says yes. 6:13pm BBT: BB calls Christmas to the DR. Kevin and Jason in the WA sitting talking general talk. In the KT Josh, Matt and Alex talking, Josh says he is done fighting cause he does not want to see that crap afterwards. Alex laughs . 6:17pm BT: Alex goes to the WA and ask Jason if he fixed his feet yet and he says yes. Alex goes back to the KT and says she is going to go to the WC then wash her hands to get ready for pancakes. 6:27pm BBT: Alex, raven, Josh and Matt in the KT eating pancakes and pizza. Kevin and Paul in the HNR talking general talk about headbands. 6:28pm BBT: Jason comes to the HNR lays down as Kevin tells him the camera is on him so he talks to his kids and wife and says he misses them all. 6:35pm BBT: Alex, josh, Matt and Raven still in the KT talking about today being a long day and they want to go to bed. Alex says if tomorrow they say the den is open again i am going to lose it. I will literally die. 6:48pm BBT: Matt and raven in the HOHR snuggling and watching the screen. In the KT is Alex, mark and Elena talking about Cody eating her cereal. 6:52pm BBT: Kevin walks through the KT and Alex ask him if he is cold and he says no i am just gonna get a shower. She then ask what are you looking for? he says i am just so hungry i just look around. He then gets water from the fridge. 6:54pm BBT: mat and raven get pillows and a blanket and lay on the HOHR floor snuggling and laughing. Josh is on the couch across the room looks to be sleeping.
  5. 5:10pm BBT: Alex, Kevin, Josh, and Jason in the HNR talking about how bad Jason's feet smell. Alex says you should wear shoes when we are in a bedroom. Josh tells him his feet smell like crap. Matt and raven in the HOHR whispering very quietly. 5:30pm BBT: Kevin, Paul and Christmas talking about Jason's feet and how bad they are. Kevin then says tonight he will make Paul hot chocolate tonight he then ask if he likes it thick and creamy. Jason is in the WA washing his socks in the sink as josh watches and tells him how to do it. Jason says i rodeo i think i know how to wash my socks myself. 5:40pm BBT: Jason in the WA drying his socks with a hair dryer. In the Kt raven is making apple pancakes. In the HNR Kevin and Christmas are talking general talk about Cody leaving tomorrow night and about his kids. 5:51pm BBT: Just general talk going on through the house as raven makes pancakes for dinner.
  6. 3:05pm BBT: Matt and raven finish cooking and are eating now. Up stairs conversation is still on prison talk. 3:16pm BBT: The upstairs crew is talking about warrants and how josh hid under his bed when he had a warrant for a ticket. Paul says he did the same thing. Matt and raven still in the KT now doing dishes and playing around as usual. 3:27pm BBT: Christmas and Paul telling stories about getting pulled over by the cops as josh looks to be sleeping. Matt and raven still messing around in the KT while they clean. 3:36pm BBT: Raven is mopping floors in the KT area, Christmas still telling stories to Josh upstairs as Jason, Alex and Kevin lay there with their eyes closed and BB telling them there is no sleeping. 3:45pm BBt: Jason gets up to go to the WC. most HG trying to sleep and raven is still mopping. 3:47pm BBT: Mark and Elena are laying in bed talking Cody comes in and tells them he has been reading the Bible. Elena says if you get sent to jury this week and they do not bring DVD's i have books ask if you can have them. Cody says we will see. 3:51pm BBT: Mark tells Cody in Jury he can go out to work when he wants and then a movie and a movie and do what ever you want. Cody says yeah i will work out i need to get skinny again.
  7. 2:27pm BBT: Alex says no one likes these hot dogs but whatever as she continues cooking them.Christmas sits and watches her cook. 2:29pm BBT: Kevin and Jason are now with Alex watching her cook the hot dogs so they can east one as soon as she is done cooking. In the HNR Josh and Paul are talking about mark and how they will make him feel the rest of the week. 2:33pm BBT: Paul and Josh say they are going to a wiener roast as Bb tells HG there is no napping. Paul starts laughing. Paul stops at the lounge rm and says we need Kevin to blow up and Paul says just watch next time i am going to be doing my stuff. raven laughs and says ok. Paul leaves to go see Alex. 2:44pm BBT: Hg all eating hot dogs and talking about eating and toasting buns. 2:47pm BBt: Matt and Raven going to the Kt to cook again. Alex takes raven her hot dog and gives Matt one. Alex ask if Matt is making the other hot dogs and he says yeah their is no protein in the house so i am making these and some mac and cheese. She says i have turkey hot dogs upstairs these are gross. 2:52pm BBT: Alex is packing her stuff up now after doing the hot dogs and taking everyone a hot dog. Josh, Jason, Paul and Kevin sitting there watching and talking about what they want to eat after they leave the house. 2:57pm BBT: Up stairs Josh, Jason, Paul, Alex, Kevin and Christmas still sitting while Alex cleans the grill talking about people working for the prisons. In the KT Matt and Raven are cooking.
  8. 2:01pm BBT: Christmas ask Paul if he will carry her food to the other room and he says ok and grabs it she tells him let me cut it first. She then ask where is josh? Paul goes to the HOHR with her food and tells Alex that Christmas Joy is coming up soon.Paul sits down and says he is over it and Jason says me too. Paul says he had a dream he was pregnant. 2:04pm BBT: Christmas heads up the stairs grabs her walker and goes to the HOHR.Paul gets up and says let me get my mug i will be back as Christmas comes in the door. Alex then complains that Matt comes in the room and puts everything on the floor and she hates it. Christmas starts eating and Kevin tells her he sure would like to eat that. 2:10pm BBT: Paul making him a drink and tells josh to take Alex a pie and he says no and he tells him to just do it. Paul then goes to the HNR and tells Jason that josh is getting so agitated. Paul then says that josh asked him to study dates with him later then rolls his eyes saying Josh does not know noms or dates. Jason and Paul start studying. 2:13pm BBT: Alex eating her pie in the HOHR talking to Christmas as Kevin just sits there. BB plays the bugle and Alex has to go make hot dogs. Christmas says Jason has been waiting for that all day then Kevin says me too i am going to go lay on a sleeping bag and watch her. 2:18pm BBT: Alex went to the STR to get the hot dogs and is now going back upstairs to make the hot dogs. Jason, Paul and Josh whispering in the HNR about the HOH comp tomorrow and telling josh if he wants to pay it safe he is with him.
  9. 12:04pm BBT: HG still practicing Elena is up as mark pushes them back and all other Hg are sitting down in the shade. 12:11pm BBT: Hg standing around in the BY after everyone practiced waiting to get back inside the house. Just general talk going on about playing shuffle board before. 12:19pm BBT: Hg are now back in the house, Most are in the KT talking general talk about fishing. Matt and raven in the WA talking about eating cereal. 12:22pm BBT: mark in the WA brushing his teeth, Alex in the KT saying these are my special honey nut cheerios i would appreciate if no one eats them thank you as she sits down to eat. 12:26pm BBT: Matt and raven playing around in the STR and hugging. Paul, Jason, Christmas and Kevin in the lounge rm just lounging and talking about the weather outside. 12:33pm BBT: Josh has joined the lounge rm just general talk going on about slop. Mark and Elena in the KT with Matt and raven just staring at each other as Matt and raven cook. 12:42pm BBT: HG sitting around talking general talk. 12:46pm BBT: In the lounge rm Paul, Kevin, Jason, josh and mark talking about playing carnival games, Paul says he hates carnival games. In the KT Matt and raven are eating while Christmas watches and talks general talk. Matt goes to the HOHR gets on the couch covers up and just sits there as Alex is asleep in her bed. 12:51pm BBT: Mark tells Alex he has had all he can take of mark right now that he is being annoying. Alex says he takes things all thew time and he takes others pillows then says it was not me. 12:55pm BBT: Elena and Paul talking now and Elena says mark has told her that he is not working with Cody and if i find out he is i will be furious and i told mark that.
  10. 11:01am BBT: Kevin making his bed in the HNR then goes to the KT where Paul, Matt and Josh are whispering and Matt making fresh coffee. Cody laying in bed reading. 11:11am BBT: Paul in the KT eating Slop talking to Matt, Kevin josh and raven. Just general talk going on. Bb tells HG no sleeping is allowed between the hours of 10am and 10pm then we get FOTH. 11:20am BBT: Paul, Josh and Matt whispering very low in the KT, Raven walks up and they stop talking.Paul then starts counting on his fingers. Cody still laying in bed reading, Mark and Elena still in bed sleeping. 11:32am BBT: Matt is in the KT changing to his orange shirt, Paul in the WA whispering to Christmas about Cody laughing at him while Josh puts his shoes on. Mark and Elena up and putting shoes on in the BR, Cody is up now, raven and Matt putting their shoes on also. 11:36am BBT: All Hg are getting shoes on and doing ADL's then gathering in the KT. Everyone is silent. 11:39am BBT: Paul in the HOHR telling Jason and Alex about his conversation with mark lastnight and how Mark is mad at him for saying things yesterday and Paul says he told him that he stood up for Cody in this house and your girl took the 5000 from the HOH you did this to yourself.Paul then says that mark told him he is going to win HOh Thursday and Paul says he told mark well good luck then. 11:47am BBT: HG standing and sitting around in KT and WA talking general talk, Paul starts singing and we get FOTH. 11:49am BBT: BB opens the BY and they have a game to practice. Hg head out the door to see what it is. Alex reads the card and they will be practicing shuffle board.She says they each get eight practice shots. Cody says i will go first and steps up to the board. 11:55am BBT: HG in BY practicing shuffle board, Kevin pushing the pucks back to the others. They are locked outside with nothing but the board in the BY and no talking going on. 11:58am BBT: Hg talk about the game and like it is kind of like corn hole and Jason says we call it bags. You throw the little bags in the hole. Josh is now up practicing.
  11. 2:01pm BBT: Cody walks off and mark comes in and Josh ask if mark had an alliance with Cody and he says yes before we did back in the first week. Mark says he is no longer aligned with him. Alex says well no one has ever seen you have it out with him. mark says what do you mean have it out with him? Alex says you know have it out with him. 2:05pm BBT: Josh ask Cody as he goes through the KT if when he came back the second time into the house did he align with mark and Cody says no i did not mark and I just talk together that's it. Paul says clarity done now. Cody goes out to the BY and sits alone. 2:09pm BBT: Cody sitting in the BY alone says i do not want to be apart of any of this. The rest of the HG are all in the KT bashing Cody and repeating what Cody said about hating everyone in this house. 2:11pm BBT: Josh is talking about having a heated arguments with mark and tells him it is because he talks to Cody. Mark says Jessica and josh had HOh 2 times in this house. Josh says i do not care if you get HOH next week vote me out ok. Elena jumps in telling josh he always argues and Josh says you gonna let me talk. he says next week if they win HOh vote me out please. Josh tells mark that his actions have showed him nothing at all in this house. Elena says so you was lying when we had a conversation about why i voted you out and it was because people in this house told me they was voting you out and i did not know. Josh says Jessica and Cody had you doing their dirty work for them and you lied to me campaigning against me and Elena says i did not campaign against you at all. 2:21pm BBT: Elena and Josh still yelling and arguing telling each other to let the other talk and they yell over each other. Matt and raven with Jason in the WA laughing at the argument. 2:25pm BBT: Josh and Elena still arguing and josh says i will admit i have a crush on you and i like you but you are a liar. She yells more and ask are you going to let me finish talking. josh says you know when the line was drawn? Elena yells well i drew a line when my people lied to me and said they was voting you out then they voted elsewhere. Paul then says i did tell you that i was voting against Josh but then i changed it for personal reasons i do admit that. 2:33pm BBT: Josh and Elena are still arguing repeating themselves about who is the liar. Josh says i want to make this clear the lines are drawn and Elena says no the lines are already drawn and Josh says no i drew the line BOO BOO. Christmas says did you not tell me if mark won HOh if you was going to split from him cause you did not want part of that and Elena says no i did not say that. Christmas says lie number one. 2:35pm BBT:Christmas says ok Elena lets try lie number 2 did you not tell Alex that you would not throw her into a curse? Elena says it was a veto elimination comp. Alex says what did you say and Elena says we will not cure each other did you say that now it is my turn to yell did you say this or not she says yes i did say that Alex says i got this because you lied and you lie about everything what kind of car do you have. Elena says what does my car have to do with this and Alex says ok let me tell you about my car i do not have one it is broke down. Alex then says lets talk about the second contract and Elena ask what second contract and we get FOTH.
  12. 1:06pm BBT: Kevin and Jason in the BY doing laundry. Cody still sitting in the BY watching Kevin and Jason. In the Lounge RM Josh is talking about his brother and Paul, Mark and Elena are listening to him. Paul says you just have to look at things from a different perspective and not take an easy option but alot of people do. never take an easy way out. Like drinking and drugs are the easy way out so just take the harder way and face it. 1:10pm BBT: Jason telling Alex to go swimming and she says she is not swimming in these shorts. Jason then tells Kevin to look at the trees blowing it is going to be a good night. 1:13pm BBt: raven and Elena in the WA doing make up. Alex in the BY talking general talk with Jason, Cody and Kevin. 1:17pm BBT: Jason and Alex goes to the HOHR and Jason says the HNR is more comfortable than this room and Alex says no it is not at least not for me. Jason says this is the 56th day in this house now and Alex ask is it and he says yeah and starts counting days. 1:26pm BBT: Christmas, Paul and josh in the lounge rm talking about how to play this game and how to make moves. Josh talks about how he had people fooled then they started figuring him out so now he needs to change things 1:41pm BBT: Mark and josh in the lounge rm talking and mark says after yo bashed me in front of the Hg for 20 minutes one day as i sat in the HT then yes i want you out of this house i do not want to be talking to you. Mark then says when you was up against Ramses yes i wanted you to go home over Ramses. 1:49pm BBT: Matt and raven in the HOHR watching most of the HG in the KT where Cody and Alex is arguing about Cody eating all her cereal she says we was being nice to you this week and Cody says i don't want anyone being nice to me. Alex is ragging about her cereal being gone. Jason calls Cody names for eating all Alex's cereal. 1:51pm BBT: Alex is asking Cody questions about his HOH week and Cody says i do not care if any of you hate me or not. Alex says how is your kid? Or do you even have one? He says just hush and leave me alone and Alex says no you want us to hate you so we are going to make you hate us too. 1:53pm BBT: Alex says we know who you are trying to protect here so we all know that they are leaving next so go ahead Cody tell us who it is and he says i do not know then Christmas says come on other than Jessica who was your ride or die? he says i do not know and Christmas says what mark was never your ride or die and he says he left me i never left Mark. 1:56pm BBT: Alex ask Cody do you tell anything in this game that is the truth and Cody says no everything is a lie so i am leaving this game. Kevin says Cody tell them all the truth and who you are before you leave. Cody says i do not care Kevin. 1:57pm BBT: Kevin tells Cody to just say what is wrong with stuff we are going to be locked up in HOh tomorrow and Thursday so lets play nice just tell people how you feel. Cody says i will not talk to anyone so it is ok. Josh says i never hated you Cody i just do not know you.Alex says i think he is trying to make himself a target now. Cody says i i want to do is be by myself. Christmas says then you should not have come on BB. Alex says exactly. Jason says from now on i will be polite and courteous and i will shut up.
  13. 12:05pm BBT: raven is mopping the floors and says it looks so good when the floor is clean. Matt is in the KT making food now as Raven yells it is so clean now. Elena walks through and says wow i will try to stay on the carpet. 12:09pm BBT: Matt is called to the DR and he says ok Gypsy you ready for the snap chat glasses and she says yeah yeah i am ready. Matt heads to the DR. Mark, Kevin and Josh in the BY playing pool. Alex starting laundry while Christmas is riding the excersize bike. 12:11pm BBT: Matt is out of DR and raven puts the snap chat glasses on walking around she goes to the lounge RM and ask Paul what he is doing he says reading the bible. She says reading the bible? Your Satan and he says i know my hands are burning then he realizes she has the glasses on. raven then leaves and goes to see everyone else. 12:20pm BBT: Raven going around asking Alex and Jason how they like their punishments and Alex says hers sucks and Jason says his is extreme. 12:34pm BBT: Kevin and Cody talking about using snap chat and Kevin says his kids all have that and talk to each other on that. In the KT Raven and Matt making turkey tacos, Alex, Jason and Josh just talking general talk while mark gets a drink. Just general talk going on. 12:40pm BBT: Kevin and Jason talking about not eating much as they are on slop. Kevin says everyone is always telling him he can not go without food. Paul and Elena in the lounge rm talking about having resentment and Paul tells her to let it go. 12:53pm BBT: Paul telling Elena and josh how he likes to feel happy and how he likes it when he is dangerous and how being scared makes him happy cause it keeps him on his toes. he tells them they can not live your life on what if's you got to get out there and do what you have to do.
  14. 11:00am BBT: Cody and Kevin talking in the BY Kevin says Cody the key is like i am a have not this week so i am ok you can not let them know it bothers you but i can go three days without eating and the bed i like to be alone. Cody says it is like these people here if they do not get a luxury they complain. Kevin says oh i know. 11:03am BBT: Jason comes out and Kevin and Jason are walking in the BY as Jason complains he has 4 more days in the unitard. Paul and raven then go out to the BY and looking at the sky as it is cloudy there today. 11:06am BBT: Jason Kevin and Paul standing by the pool table and Jason says the sun is coming out he has to make like a vampire and get inside. 11:12am BBT: Josh, Christmas in the KT cleaning Josh's necklace while Matt is washing dishes. 11:17am BBT: Paul and Kevin playing pool as Cody watches them play. Just general talk about watching hands. BB keeps telling HG to please stop singing. 11:26am BBT: Christmas doing make up in the wash area as Jason brushes his teeth, Josh says he needs to brush his teeth also as he leaves the WA. In the BY Kevin is telling Paul how to play pool as mark watches and Cody and Elena are talking on the lounger in the BY but can not hear what they are saying over kevin's yelling. 11:37am BBT: General talk going on in the house and in the BY about working out, telling stories and Playing pool. 11:52am BBT: Pool games still going in the BY , In the WA Elena and Matt leave the WA and go to the KT where raven is sweeping. 11:58am BBT: Elena goes to the BY eating cereal and tells them she is eating gorilla munch cereal then Josh says he does not like it at all. In the KT Matt and raven are still cleaning the KT and sweeping. raven is complaining there is so much hair on the floor and yelling gross. Paul walks through and ask if that is her weave and she says yeah i think so. She then complains more and whines and says what are we living in.
  15. 12:13pm BBT: Feeds are back. Paul and Christmas in the WA with Jason and Kevin, In the KT is Elena and Matt making lunch and doing trash. Matt goes to the WA and Kevin asking if the towels are dirty or not. 12:14pm BBT: Paul; tells Christmas they have 7 more hours left to be bound together. She says good she will not miss them beds at all. Alex goes to the WA where Jason is then Christmas and Paul come in as Alex leaves so Christmas can brush her teeth. 12:24pm BBT: Cody and mark in the BY in the sun. Kevin goes to the BY to work out. Alex has gone to her HOHR and is in bed. Paul and Christmas are going to the HOHR with Jason following. Paul says Kevin gives him looks as he walks by and Jason says that is my fault i told him not to be hanging out with Cody. 12:26pm BBT: Jason, Paul, Christmas and Alex still talking about Kevin talking to Cody and how Kevin says he is not friends with Cody and Paul says he will talk to Kevin and Jason says no. Raven now comes to the HOHR as Alex says here she comes shut up. raven comes in and says i asked Cody if he wanted a chicken taco and he was rude and said no. Kevin comes in and tells the group that he has never fed Cody or slept with him or anything and he wont start now either. 12:30 PM BBT: I've been downstairs for 5 weeks and he's never talked to me. let someone else vote for Elena. I say he needs to be voted out by everyone so he can see no one liked him." Jason explains to Kevin they're wanting to throw Elena off to freak her out to want to know why someone voted her out. Alex says it can't be Jason who votes Elena because Jason sucks at lying. 12:37pm BBT: Paul worries that Elena might get fired up to win HOH if they throw some votes against her. 12:45pm BBT: Paul telling Kevin that Cody is trying to make Kevin feel bad by talking small talk to him and thinking he has a friend in the house , Paul tells Kevin to just tell Cody not to talk to him at all. Jason says we are gold right now. Kevin gets up to go outside and Jason tells him enjoy it. 12:52pm BBT: Elena in the KT talking about her friends and her followers to Matt, raven and Josh in the KT. In the HOHR Paul, Christmas and Alex with Jason talking and repeating themselves about Kevin not talking to Cody anymore and how Paul is going to confront Kevin about it. 12:56pm BBT: Just general talk in the KT as Josh is making tuna. In the HOH rm they are laughing about Jason yelling he is extreme.