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  1. 2:33pm BBT: Tyler and Scottie on the balcony playing games and kaitlyn comes up and ask what Tyler has heard he gets aggravated and says that no one has told him anything. They then start counting votes and then kaitlyn and Scottie start whispering, She tells him she talked to sam and she said she was not using her power she tells Scottie that sam promised to use it on her. Talk then goers to what the HOH comp might be. Scottie is mad he can not play in this weeks comp. 2:45pm BBT: HG just getting ready for tonight and standing around talking general talk, Winston, Brett and Tyler sitting by the memory wall just staring at it. 2:48pm BBT: sam now doing Faysals hair and Tyler in the KT on the table cleaning a spill that went everywhere. JC standing in the KT in his underwear while Scottie does dishes and Angela watches him. 2:55pm BBT:Brett and Winston in the HNR and Winston says lets go back to last week now the vote was 8-4 and Scottie was wearing Swaggy c's shirt now Scottie wanted to keep me here but do not know what is happening this week. Brett says he was a man walking through those doors 30 days ago. Winston says no you was a boy, Brett says i was broken and you all have put me back together piece by piece. 2:58pm BBT: Rachel, Sam and Tyler in the WA doing hair and make up. Brett and Winston continue to talk and says that Scottie needs to disappear. They start whispering and can only hear part of what is being said.
  2. 2:00pm-2:30pm BBT: Sam is working on Rachels hair in the WA as Batleigh watches. Most HG getting ready for tonight no game talk at all. Tyler goes to lay with Kaitlyn in the PBR and he tells her that most of the people have not said who they are voting for tonight. Kaitlyn now up looking for her clothes for tonight. Sam still in the WA doing hair for everyone.
  3. 1:00pm-2:00pm BBT:Feeds return to HG lounging around and some in the KT cooking and eating. Tyler and JC are in the BBR with kaycee about when to start getting ready for the live show tonight. JC complains that it takes the girls forever to get ready and they use the mirror all the time, Rockstar walks into the BR and talks softly to JC and he tells ask if they are going to reject him? JC then tells them that being gay he can be honest with girls without getting into trouble. Kaycee and JC start talking about food and telling BB they have no protein left in the house.
  4. 11:05am BBT: Sam and kaitlyn talking in the HNR Kaitlyn tells sam why she was not talking to her much this week. She says that the bros promised her safety last week if she put Sam up and got her out and kaitlyn says i could not do that. sam says it is ok she understands and she is still there. Sam tells she could have used the power but she isn't going to she says lets just get through this week and move on. 11:24am BBt: Brett is making Slop while Angela washes dishes and Winston sits at the counter watching Brett, In the WA Tyler is shaving and kaycee doing her eyebrows. 11:28am BBT: we now have Reels as the HG go to HOH lock down.
  5. 10:15am BBT: HG laying around the house waiting for the HOH lock down talking general talk. 10:30am BBT: Angela, Rachel and kaycee in the LVR talking about the HOH lock down and how they can not wait to listen to the music today. 10:51am BBT: HG are just sitting around talking general talk, Brett has his suitcase getting ready to pack.
  6. 8:54am BBT: BB says Good Morning HG it is time to get up for the day.... we get FOTH. 9:06am BBT: Winston, Sam and Rockstar in the KT getting coffee. sam sings and BB tells them to please stop singing. Kaycee in the STR changing batteries. 9:14am BBT: Rachel is in the shower while Kaycee is doing ADL's. In the KT Winston is cooking eggs and Angela trying to work the vacuum. Sam telling Winston she is going to go ask for the hair clippers and trimmer. 9:29am BBT: Winston, Angela and sam playing a 20 question game while Kaycee watches them and Scottie is making himself some breakfast. In the PBR Rockstar is sitting in bed drinking coffee just staring at the walls. 9:40am BBT: Brett and Tyler in the HNR awake just laying there. IN the WAS Rachel, Kaitlyn and Rockstar are doing ADL's. Just general talk going on 9:54am BBT: HG in the KT still playing the 20 question game as they eat and drink their coffee. Brett gets out of bed and heads to the STR to change his batteries.
  7. 2:00-3:00PM BBT: Bayleigh and Rachel continue to talk about the powers from the app store, they think Kaitlyn has a power and promised it to Sam. they think it is not a good power but they are worried about JC and thinks they can not touch him for a while. They then talk about this weeks eviction and agree that Brett should stay this week, Rachel asks who needs to go next week and her and Bayleigh agree that Tyler needs to go but they will have to backdoor him. Rachel leaves the HoH room and goes to the kitchen where Winston stares at her he tells her he is trying to make eye contact. she starts pacing the floor then goes to the bathroom where Angela is and then tells Angela all about her talk with Bayleigh and how they think JC has a power that lasts until jury. They then talk about what the power might be.
  8. 1:00pm-2:00pm BBT: Sam and Rockstar talk about all the girls being willing to be in an alliance together.Sam says that makes her happy. Rockstar agrees they are all happy. Sam goes and lays under the stairs with something shooting things across the room, Faysal comes and joins her and they talk about storms and Birthdays. Faysal says he stopped telling people it was his birthday when he was 17 because he didn't want the attention. Bayleigh and Rachel talk about how they think JC has the second week power and that it expires next week.
  9. 9:00am BBT: All HG still in bed sleeping with lights out through the house. 10:05am BBT: BB has waken the HG, Rockstar,Bayleigh, Sam, Winston and Angela in the KT getting coffee. In the PBR Faysal is getting dressed. 10:15am BBT: Most HG in the KT drinking coffee and making breakfast. Rockstar says she has a 10 year old child now. Just general talk going on. All other Hg still in bed sleeping. BB says HG must be awake between 9am and 10pm. 10:24am BBT: Bayleigh working out in the LVR. Winston and Kaycee talking about having a bagel today. sam offers to make him an omelette and he says no thats ok he can make it. 10:39am BBT: HG just sitting around the KT or laying in bed talking general talk. 10:58am BBT: Sam and Tyler in the KT making slop. Brett laying in the HNR in bed rubbing his head.
  10. 3:00pm-4:00pm BBT: Kaycee and Tyler still talking in the Lounge rm about needing to win this HOH comp this week when JC comes in and tells them that he just told Winston he is waiting to see what the house is doing before he decides how to vote. Jc says he wants to sit across from kaitlyn Thursday night and see he face when Winston leaves so he can see her facial expressions. Kaitlyn walks into the RM and game talks is halted. In the HOHR Scottie , Haleigh and Rockstar are talking about Kaitlyn having a power and how she would keep that a secret from everyone. Scottie says that Kaitlyn told them about the Cloud App and they think that kaitlyn has it now anyone else. Rockstar tells Scottie that JC swore he would not use his power on anyone but himself. JC and Faycel talk about some Hg think JC has the power and JC says let them think it then.
  11. 1:00pm-3:00pm BBT: Tyler and Winston in the STR talking about Winston staying, he says he is due to win a comp now but then he might have to throw the comp so he can lay low again. He says he will not campaign against Brett but wants to talk to everyone one on one to see where their heads are. Tyler then tells Winston that kaitlyn is telling the other group in the house about sams Power and how they are saying sam better not use it and how they have to get her out of the house now. Winston agrees that Kaitlyn is stirring up Drama Tyler leaves and goes to the Lounge rm and talks to kaycee and tells her about the talk with Winston. kaycee says that kaitlyn is trying to make an all girls alliance. Tyler thinks that Winston will stay this week.
  12. 12:30pm -1:00pm BBT: Kaitlyn and Scottie talk in the HOHR about Sam not telling Tyler about the power until later in the game, She then complains about Production and how they cast someone like Sam who does not know anything about this game. In the LVR Rockstar is climbing the wall and gets to the top and tries to come down and is scared so other HG try helping her down. WE get FOTH for a bit then Feeds come back with Rockstar still hanging on the wall. She decides to let go and drops. Other Hg come to give her a hug as she is shaking from being so scared.Back in the HOHR Kaitlyn tells Scottie that Swaggy told her and the group everything that Scottie said. She said that Swaggy betrayed you.
  13. 10:00am BBT: Haleigh in the HNR snuggling with Brett they look to be sleeping. In the KT Angela , Winston and kaycee are getting coffee and breakfast. just general talk going on about everyone's cups. 10:02am BBT: Sam joins the KT getting coffee, Kaitlyn and Faysal in the STR hugging, They leave the STR and go towards the BR's. In the PBR Haleigh is talking to Bayleigh and Rockstar about they have nothing to do today since they are on indoor LD now. 10:14am BBT: Tyler and Brett up i the WA doing ADL's Scottie in the HOHR doing ADl's. Most HG in the KT drinking coffee and eating breakfast. 10:50am BBT: Tyler washing dishes, In the LVR Kaitlyn and Winston are talking about if he thinks he will stay or not. Faysal is working out and climbing the wall. 10:55am BBT: Hg are sitting around talking general talk and telling about dreams.
  14. 9:04am BBT: ALL HG still sleeping. 9:38am BBT: BB waking the HG as we have FOTH. 9:46am BBT: Winston and Faysal in the BBR talking about music. Rockstar in the KT getting coffee. Have Nots are still laying in their beds covered up with their heads covered. 9:48am BBT: Kaycee, Bayleigh and Haleigh in the WA doing ADL's. Rockstar takes her coffee and goes to the BBR listening to Faysal and Winston talk about rap music. 9:55am BBT: Winston and Rockstar in BBR talking about listening to Pandora and Apple Music and which is better to listen to. Rockstar says she listens to alot of instrumental stuff too since she goes to clubs.
  15. 10:02am BBT: Rachel and JC get up and Rachel tells him to help make the bed, JC says no then Rachel tells him be a good friend and help, He tells her he hurts and she says me to as they start to make the bed. In the KT some hg are making breakfast and we get FOTH. 10:35am BBT: Winston and Brett in the HNR whispering very low, Bayleigh talking to Kaycee about working out her abs and how her legs and Abs will hurt after riding the bike. Haleigh on the hammock eating.