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  1. Jeff Probst Biography Jeff Probst is a four-time Emmy Award winner for "Outstanding Reality Host." He has traveled the world serving as both host and executive producer for Survivor. Also, he received an Emmy in 2001 when the show won the first-ever "Outstanding Non-Fiction Program (Special Class)." Probst is a New York Times best-selling author of a kid’s adventure series, Stranded. Probst is also a feature film director. In 2002, he wrote and directed Finder's Fee, starring Ryan Reynolds, James Earl Jones, Robert Forster and Matthew Lillard. Most recently, he produced and directed the feature film Kiss Me, starring John Corbett, Sarah Bolger, Rita Wilson, Emily Osment, Missy Pyle and Jenna Fisher. Probst hosts the Howard Stern Celebrity Fan Roundtable for Howard Stern on Sirius/XM radio and previously served as host of VH1's Rock and Roll Jeopardy. He hosted several programs for FX and traveled around the world as a correspondent for Access Hollywood. In 2001, he was voted one of People Magazine's "Most Beautiful." Probst is a proud spokesperson for whose mission is to re-gift life through organ donation. Probst is also an ordained minister and has served as the officiant at the weddings of several friends. He was ordained by the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California. A native of Wichita, Kan., Probst lives with his family in Los Angeles when not traveling the world. His birthday is November 4. He can be followed on Twitter @jeffprobst.
  2. The Emmy Award-winning series returns this spring for its 34th season, themed Game Changers. It will feature 20 returning castaways who helped evolve the game even further by launching an accelerated level of competition and proven willingness to risk it all in order to become the Sole Survivor. These castaways who have made some of the biggest moves in the history of the game will be divided into two groups of 10 and forced to compete against each other with the same ultimate goal: to outwit, outplay and outlast each other. The show, filmed in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, is hosted by Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst. Notably, the season premiere marks the 500th episode of the series. Andrea Boehlke Aubry Bracco Michaela Bradshaw Brad Culpepper Sandra Diaz-Twine Ciera Eastin Cirie Fields Hali Ford Malcolm Freberg Sarah Lacina Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth Caleb Reynolds Troy “Troyzan” Robertson Zeke Smith Sierra Thomas James “JT” Thomas Jr. Tai Trang Jeff Varner Tony Vlachos Debbie Wanner
  3. That's what I thought too, at first, because there were only 3 votes last week. (James being the tie-breaker.) BUT, that was because Meech (Michelle) couldn't vote as co-HoH. This week, with once again 7 houseguests just like last week, only 3 people can't vote, so that leaves 4 votes. (James, Natalie, Victor and Corey.) SO, if James and Natalie vote one way (for Paul), and Victor and Corey vote the other (for Meech), then Nicole, as HoH, will cast a tie-breaker vote. (a.k.a. What "Keepittogether" said 2 hours earlier.)
  4. Outlander The Flash Reign Chicago P.D. How To Get Away With Murder Quantico Blindspot Mr. Robot Scandal Suits
  5. I like her. I just don't think she has a real chance of winning, though, after how that first week played out, and getting to see her play/interact.
  6. Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. (Not much else I can say about her right now.)
  7. Da'vonne. Mama Day. Seems like she is more appealing to Big Brother fans this time around.
  8. Nicole's HoH reign has come to an end. Luckily, one of her allies won HoH. And also luckily, there are bigger targets in the house, and since Jozea is now gone, she is not on anyone's radar.
  9. From being on the block, to being in charge. That's classic Big Brother right there. At least it means he's guaranteed to make it to week 3.
  10. Glenn has a HARD road ahead of him if he wants to win his way back into the house. He would have to win 4 head-to-head competitions, apparently. (As would Jozea, actually.) And if he DOES win out and get back in, this would be weeks down the road, with no real connections to rely on to get him through.
  11. I think if he makes it past the halfway point, he could go far.
  12. First female of the season to be nominated.
  13. Well, in recent years (since perhaps BB15?), our numbers in here have dwindled to almost non-existent, it would seem. I guess everyone is hanging out on Morty's FaceBook group.