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  1. bbfan100

    Lane - Week 8 HoH

    I love Britney and I think he will nom her and gaggot haha and britney will be safe.
  2. bbfan100

    Live Feed and BBAD 7/24

    I think it is ragan and matt! Just the way that Ragan flipped when matt decided to be put up as a pawn................who do you think the 2 HG's are? I would love to know..........
  3. Okay what did Libra say, I am hard of hearing and would like to know what all the fuss is about............
  4. bbfan100

    April - Week 3

    Well, they have had sex, what a shock! I thought she was so shy, I have to watch more and have they shown them having sex on the show, and not just the live feeds? April is a slut by the sounds of it, ugh, just like allison........
  5. bbfan100

    April - Week 3

    Didn't April tell Ollie she was shy? I have only watched a couple of shows and had no idea that april and Ollie are a showmance right now, it is a surprise to me since Ollie is a preachers son, call me old fashioned eh...I guess April is not so shy after all.........
  6. bbfan100

    Dan & Renny - Is It Love???

    I think I will pay more attention to Dan and Renny now since you mentioned it, and no I have never noticed it either.
  7. bbfan100

    Dick Week 10 H O H

    Go Dick, you have made this year so fun to watch for me no matter what anyone says about you I am rooting for you and your daughter to win this game, this game is all about lying cheating and as I see it you have done the best job so far along with your daughter so keep it up and win the game donatos for the win yes!!!
  8. bbfan100

    Daniele Week 10

    Go Daniele!! You are going to win it all if you make it to the final 2!! You are great at the comps keep it up!!
  9. Seriously...will is on the show, monica and bunky! Hardy is built, bunky saying he (justin) committed suicide when he got thrown off of the show.....Mike boogie sad Justin died....why are mike and bunky saying such remarks? krista was just as bad for letting him do that.......how many of you seen this happen on tv? I wish I would have watched the whole season.....Will has major hair issues.lol
  10. bbfan100

    Will/Boogie (Chilltown)

    Here is the clip of it on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnnbM66Gxm8 I could watch that all night I think..they should have a tv show doing phone skits of famous people lol
  11. bbfan100

    Will/Boogie (Chilltown)

    *ring ring* Will: Hello? Boogie: Will? Will: Yo? Boogie: Yo, it's Boogie. Will: Hey. Boogie: Check this,... okay . So I go to the veto ceremony, I veto myself off the block, obviously... Will: Naturally. Boogie: So I think they're about to call your name.... Will: They are...... Boogie: Janelle puts Diane up!!! Will: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *falls off chair*