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  1. Bill

    BBUK: The final week

    Ok that sounds cool. I will probably follow it now that I know its only a few weeks. I can't dedicate myself to Big Brother for 3 months like I can in the summer because I have school work to do, but 4 weeks I can do! Thanks!
  2. With the English updates, I may attempt to watch the Finnish one. Will people be discussing that one here?
  3. Bill

    BBUK: The final week

    It seems like Big Brother is a way of life in the UK- way more so than in the United States. We need more Big Brother, like Big Brain, Big Mouth, Diary Room Uncut, and Little Brother. I would especially love a Diary Room Uncut (although I think diary room entries this season aren't that entertaining as compared to Pete and Nikki's diary room entries in UK). Big Brother UK is great and I'll probably be back next summer for BB8, but probably not for Celebrity unless I'm really bored, which is quite possible!
  4. Bill

    BBUK: The final week

    I probably didn't get the "full" Big Brother experience from UK, but I did enjoy it. I followed it via all of the news headlines on the channel4.com website and watched all the free clips. I occasionally popped in to read your updates as well. As much as I hate to say it, I want Pete to win. Glyn can't win, I can't stand Richard, and Jennie, Nikki, and Aisleyne have not spent the full time in the house. I like Pete, but I hate that he's had the deal sewn up since week 2. There was no game. This was my first UK season- are they all like that where the winner is determined by the public practically immediately?
  5. BBUK is ending and I'm not going to have any international BB to follow! What to do!? Are there any seasons starting anywhere else? I know Finland is starting next Wednesday, but I don't speak Finnish. I speak English and French and can understand a fair amount of Portuguese and Chinese. Are there any BBs starting in any of these languages? Thanks! I need my fill of Big Brother and US isn't doing it by itself anymore!!
  6. I think houseguests should be allowed to discuss nominations personally. I also prefer the "self contained" version of Big Brother where the public has absolutely no influence on the outcome. Like take BBUK for example, Richard would have been gone long ago if the public didn't constantly vote to save him. Lea would probably still be in the game. Pete is more than likely to win the season and has had it sewn up since about week 2 when the outside world fell in love with him. On the contrary, in US right now its an absolute disaster and there is not much of a game going on either. Its just Janelle and Season 6 being bullies and Will lying to everyone. Its getting kind of dull, but at least no one has the game basically sealed at week 2 like Pete did in UK. Don't get me wrong, I love watching BBUK but I don't think there's nearly as much game aspect as there is in the US version. PS: I take everything back that I said if Pete doesn't win on Friday! I'd personally like to see Nikki get it but can't root for her since she was gone for a period. I think either Richard, Pete, or Glyn need to win since they've been there the entire time, unlike Nikki, Jennie, and Aisleyne.
  7. Well this is a win-win week. Either one goes, I'm happy. As well, I'd prefer Richard to stay and I can't stand him.
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing Richard gone as I hate him, but I'd most like to see Michael or Spiral out this week- the faster the newcomers go, the better. I want an original to win the game, even if I hate that original because they've been there through it all. This means anyone that went in on launch night, so it does also exclude Susie and Aisleyne. This week, I predict Aisleyne will be evicted, although I'd rather see one of the House Next Door newcomers go.
  9. Bill

    BBUK: Latest Updates!

    I'm so disappointed that Lea was evicted *sniffle sniffle* I just hope one of the originals wins. I'm now pulling for Imogen I think.
  10. Neighbours going into the house are not allowed to discuss the House Next Door or Aisleyne. Jayne has been asking the housemates about Aisleyne but can't actually give her own opinion.
  11. Bill


    LOVE her. I actually talked to her in live chat once (or at least I was convinced it was her, but who knows!) She's got my vote!
  12. Bill


    If Jase goes in, I'll be rooting him to win. Hopefully he'll be allied with some of my old favorites- Danielle, Erika, Monica, and Chicken George and be against my least favorites- James, Will, Mike Boogey, Bunky, and Ivette, depending on who's in. It could be an interesting season!
  13. Bill

    Chicken George Boswell

    I voted Chicken George! He's one of my all-time favorites (along with Erika, Jase, Danielle, and Janelle (and Nicole and Adria but they aren't up to go back in). I would like to see George come back, as well as Chiquita, the pug from BB1!
  14. Bill

    BBUK: Latest Updates!

    I would want to see Mikey go this week, but I think we're going to see Nikki walk out the door.
  15. Bill

    BBUK: Latest Updates!

    On Grace's eviction, I would just like to say that I lost any respect I had for her. It's a game, Grace, its not real life! Don't get upset with Suzie. How dare she throw water on her in her last seconds in the house. I'm glad she got booed- she deserved it. I'm glad she's gone now- sportsmanship is a part of Big Brother and clearly Grace has none.