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  1. hey mair--thanks for dropping by my profile!!

    Don't remember seeing you before...have I???

  2. Veto-Week 10

    What makes me tend to think that most of the people who implicitly believe that the show is rigged are probably the same people that believe every conspiracy theory that exists.
  3. Food Restrictions

    Quote nursie: hmmmm...george sure gets called to the diary room a lot....george sure smelled like french fries right after his diary room session......george asks for rolaids every time he comes out of his diary room.....george seems to be the only person GAINING weight while he's on the slop.......how come george needs a toothpick every time he comes out of the diary room? hmmmmm...food for thought!
  4. Dr Will

    I think Will really couldn't care a sh*t about the prize money...... Which directly affects his gameplay and attitude. There is and never will be another HG with that devil may care attitude. He will brazen it out to the end and he will never be desperate.. If he doesn't win he will go out in a blaze of glory anyway. It helps that he has the elevated status and confidence of being a doctor.
  5. Jase (Evicted Week 3)

    Mikede knows!!
  6. "Chicken" George

    CG is creepy and weird.
  7. SLOP - What is it?

    Now our Oatmeal also comes UnSweetened! Made with 100% All Natural Oats High in Protein / Low in Fat Made of the finest oatmeal source available providing complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber. In addition to receiving the well-documented benefits of oats, each serving is fortified with Pearl-Pro
  8. SLOP - What is it?

    You can find reference to the slop on James Rhine's site.(James Rhine's All Star Big Brother 7 Forum) This is the ingredient that it is fortified with so you may find a website if you search Pearl-Pro
  9. Janelle

    Quote orionvierling Why would you ever think that the name Orion is a "chicks" name? Maybe nothingbutlove4bb remembers your chicken egg avatar!
  10. Janelle

    Quote bigbrovaz: She wants Will (mainly because he can do her plastic surgery for free). I do believe that Will is a dermatologist who does a little botox on the side... but he may have good contacts for cheaper plastic surgery!
  11. starting to get annoyed with HG

    Quote Tweetygal74 : The oatmeal diet was a dumb idea also I agree. All they are doing is weakening those players both mentally and physically. Which creates an unequal playing field and makes for very boring TV.
  12. Question about Jack Shack

    Quote newfiejosh1978: but he prob last longer in the shack as well Which goes to prove that Boogie is a bigger wanker than Howie!
  13. Will/Boogie (Chilltown)

    Quote Lynnmurr: In light of what's going on, they definitely would have had the votes. One can say that now under the present circumstances BUT had Erika used the veto or had Kaysar originally put CT on the block instead of N and D.....It would have been an entirely different scenario playing out right now and "in the light of what's going on" may just have taken an entirely different route.. If anybody understands what I am saying............please let me know...because I don't...
  14. Howie

    The people on that diet are going to be useless if there are any competitions taking place while they are on it. Both mentally and physically inadequate.
  15. Howie

    Quote Casper Sabe: this isn't really 'prison' How they wish they were getting prison food!! In this day and age there is no prison in America that would be allowed to feed them slop even for one whole day!