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  1. Peachie

    BB16 Rumors: Like or Don't like?

    I would LOVE to see a season with ALL NEW HOUSEGUESTS. The idea of bringing back previous players is really getting olddddddddddd! I think if I see Rachel one more time I will permanently quit watching altogether. There have been so many memorable players in the past ~ so why don't Alison and the gang go with the ORIGINAL CONCEPT and let everyone start out on equal ground.........STRANGERS!! THAT is what made Big Brother such an interesting show to watch............have to say the last few years have not been nearly as good. Let's get back to the ORIGINAL CONCEPT!!
  2. Peachie

    Andrew - Week 1

    I do NOT like this guy at all. Right off the bat I found him annoying. If anyone wants to mess with Andrew - then screw with his food or his cooking pot. He came across as a "wanna be" and will do just about anything to stay in the spotlight. Was a bit tooooooooooo exaggerated for me. My gut says "pass" on this guy and hope they get rid of him quickly... ......one more thing. I had to laugh when he said he was a podiatrist. I worked for a group of them for several years and the head man use to say that MOST podiatrists are Jewish men and you know something......he is right. Andrew will make the podiatric community proud.......
  3. Peachie

    Kathy - Week 1

    She has potential to be a fan favorite ...BUT....she needs to get her act together in the competitions. For a cop - she really looked ridiculous during tonights first HoH! I thought cops are suppose to be in good shape and at least have some coordination......
  4. Peachie

    Annie - Week 1

    I think I am going to like her.......she seems to have brains and class. She would be smart to align herself with Enzo I think..
  5. Peachie

    Rachel - Week 1

    ........the hair, the make-up, the VOICE, the boobs........she is annoying and it has only been one night.
  6. Peachie

    Enzo - Week 1

    .........my "gut" feeling about ENZO is that he is going to be very entertaining. Now is he intelligent is whole other matter -- but I think the fans are gonna love this guy.
  7. Peachie

    BB12 Houseguests Revealed

    ........so I have looked at everyone and was disappointed AGAIN about the ages of the houseguests. The "oldest" is 40 -- give me a break!! I do like the "theme" for the house this season -- the beach is very cool. Can hardly wait for this season to start.......have my DVR all set and ready to start chatting with old friends here at Morty's
  8. Peachie

    BB 12

    Personally I think the All Star concept is terrible. The reason this show works so well is because they are perfect strangers. If you do the All Star thingie -------- then they either know each other already or they know of each other and that defeats the purpose I think. Keep it strangers .......... previous players have already had their "15 minutes of fame" The new format doesn't bother me at all --- heck that is what we have TIVO for! I must say that I am looking forward to not having the show pre-empted by Bush and the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Peachie

    Big Brother Countdown

    Good hearted?..........definitely. But boy oh boy........he couldn't dance for spit!
  10. Peachie

    BB 12

    I really like this idea - the point system would certainly make things a bit more interesting. These past few years so many of the houseguests have been sooooooooooooooooooo lazy and the hanging around in bed all day can get boring. Wouldn't hurt to get them up in the middle of the night to compete in challenges once in awhile................keep them ON THEIR TOES. Make things a bit more UNPREDICTABLE. And I am also sick of the "slop" thingie -- the highly paid producers need to come up with some FRESH IDEAS to keep us old time viewers coming back......... "Peachie"
  11. Peachie

    BB 12

    I DITTO THAT THOUGHT! The communication between the producers and houseguests doesn't really keep things on a "level playing field" so CUT IT OUT! The ONLY time there should be "communication" is when they need to get rid of someone -------like Chima! That situation was right on!
  12. Welcome "longtime lurker, first time poster and BB addict".......you are DEFINITELY among friends Pull up a computer, get comfy and join the fun. This is by far the absolute BEST chat room ever when it comes to BB and the updates and information are RIGHT ON. "Peachie"
  13. Hey hey hey nyse..........good to see ya again! Can you believe we are about to start Season12?? Nice to see so many of the "old gang" checkin in Hope to get the chance to chat again soon........... "Peachie"
  14. Congratulations there grandma!! I have 3 grands myself but when they are newborns -- it is such a special time. Enjoy and make lots and lots of memories with your new grandbaby......... "Peachie"
  15. Peachie

    Favorite BB Villain

    I thought we were suppose to pick our "FAVORITE"........how could ANYONE have Natalie and angry chima as favorites ---------GIVE ME EVIL DICK and his fabulous nightly commentaries. He was always throwing a monkey wrench into someone plans and his outrangeous rants were what kept us all glued to this season.......... We want more like Evil Dick!!!