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  1. I'm sorry...are we watching the same show? It's a COMPETITION for $500,000. Everyone on the show (and probably most of us on this board) is pretty self absorbed. It's not "wanting to stick a knife in someone" to choose a path which hurts a "friend," but which may ultimately lead to victory for yourself. I don't think Shelly was shocked that Jordan was hurt. I think she was shocked about the vitriol that Jordan spewed. The reality is: given the choice, Jeff or Jordan would have taken the other to F2. Why should Shelly participate in that plan? And humility side of what? Who should've been humble? Should Shelly bow down because Jeff deigned to favor her with a few kind words. I'm not sure how much of the live feeds you watch, but he's a homophobic, borderline racist person. Shelly is no princess herself, believe me. However, Jeff began to believe his own hype, got careless, and went home. I'm not really sure why there's so much emotion on these message boards, but whatever. The good news is I'm able to keep all of this in perspective. *returning to the real world, where things like education matter*
  2. I'm not a Shelly fan by ANY stretch of the imagination. However, Jeff began to believe his own hype, which led to his downfall. He got so used to being able to steamroll everyone in the house that he felt invincible. Well, he wasn't. Jordan has such an infantile intellect that she's shocked that Shelly "betrayed" her. How is it a betrayal? Would Jordan have saved Shelly over Jeff? No! This was the perfect opportunity to get Jeff out. He didn't have enough time to bully people into keeping him. Shelly isn't ruthless. She's finally realizing that it's time to play the game. Jordan should just DOR. No one is forcing her to stay. She won $500K not that long ago. Bah! Sick of the "poor me" thing.
  3. Hey! I'm trying to be a good law student and stay in the library late tonight. However, if someone doesn't help me out, I'm going to have to leave and go home to watch BB. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I tried the thing posted by a fan a few weeks ago for watching online using a Florida tv station, but it didn't work. I also tried a Comcast link, but it's giving me an error message now. Signed, BB Addict
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    Just Not Fair!!!---update (finally Fair)

    I've never been a Jen fan, but I do admire her strength. She's withstood more abuse than anyone else in the house, and broken down very infrequently. It could be that she's a sociopath, but I don't think so. I think she's focused on playing the game, and is going about her task in brilliant fashion. Jameka is a sanctimonious hypocrite who makes me want to vomit all over her. I, too, am a black female from the DC area, and I hate it that she's even slightly a representative of people like me. I hope she goes home this week. Whoo hoo!!!
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    Will/Boogie (Chilltown)

    I think last night showed that CG is not just the sweet guy that everyone thinks. From the beginning, I thought that he was a lot more calculating and conniving than anyone seemed to suspect. Right before he opened the door, I caught a glimpse of the "real" CG. While Howie isn't my favorite, I did feel sorry for him when CG betrayed him due to Boogie's meanness. I would be just as angry (although much more articulate) as Howie was. Feel free to bash me. I am secure in my opinions and need little to no validation from anyone.
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    House Calls / Town Hall / Marcellas and Gretchen

    It's going to be at the regular HouseCalls time, right? I'm so out of the loop!