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  1. February 28 Episode 1 Welcome to Survivor: Ghost Island. We see clips of past castaways making some big mistakes. The new cast of 20 will face the same challenges that will change their lives. This season there is a twist...the grave yard for bad Survivor decisions. This time for the first time ever they are bringing back the actual idols and advantages that were misplayed in previous season. They must find a way to remove the curse or they will have the same fate as it had before. Two boats land on a sandy beach. Survivor requires tough decisions every day, one bad decisions can haunt you forever. Kellyn says one of her worst fears is making the worst decisions in the game. Orange buffs select one person to represent their tribe. Brendon volunteers. Purple puffs choose Chris. They have to pick one person to run and unknown challenge. Brandon chooses Michael and Laurel to do the puzzle part. Chris chooses Sabastian and Desiree for the puzzle part. Challenge time: They have to run thru an obstacle course looking for keys, when they have all 3 keys the puzzle solver will use them to unlock pieces and put a puzzle together. Reward is.... For the losing tribe, a pot, a machete, rice (only a little bit) and fishing stuff. For the winning tribe they also gets shelter making kit, eggs, and flint. They have the options to forfeit the challenge but will lose the shelter kit. Ready......Goooooo Both guys have first key. Purple in a slight lead, orange takes the lead. Both guys slowing down. Both have their last key but are having trouble getting thru the course. Purple gets their puzzle unlocked first. Its a slider puzzle. A timer started where they have to decide if they forfeit or continue with the puzzle. Purple pulls the lever to forfeit, they will get fishing gear but no shelter stuff. Orange will get shelter kit, eggs and flint. Chris says its better to get some then a tiny amount. Domenick is not happy with Chris' choice to pull the lever. At Malolo: they introduce themselves, Michael says he is 23 but tells us he is only 18. They get right to work making shelter. Stephanie says call her Gonzalez. Donathan is so excited to be playing Survivor (he has subtitles) At Naviti they introduce themselves and get right to work on shelter. Sabastian is renamed Sea Bass. Chris and Sea Bass agree to go to merge together. They suggest Dom goes first. Day 2 Malolo: Jacob loses his shoes to the tide. Jacob is afraid he or Donathan will go out first. Jacob goes looking for the HII. At camp they all know he is going for it. Camp decides he can go first. Jacob pours the rice into a sock looking for the HII, its not there. Naviti day 2: Wendell is a furniture designing and he makes a crab net. Wendell goes to Dom to tell him his name is being bounced around. Day 3, Immunity Challenge time: they will race across a net bridge and work together to pull a sledge carrying puzzle pieces, put the puzzle together and win immunity. Naviti is also playing for fire. Losing tribe will send someone to Ghost Island. they are neck and neck getting across the net and getting the ropes down to pull the sledge. Purple has a slight lead. Orange loses the pieces out of the sledge and have to put them back in. The sledge can only hold 3 pieces at a time. Both tribes working on getting their second set of pieces to the end of the line. Purple has a slight lead. Orange catches up and both are working to put the puzzle together. Both are getting close to finishing. Purple thinks they got it and they do! Naviti gets flint and the idol. Jacob (Malolo) says they are the best tribe of all time. Purple sends Jacob from Orange tribe to Ghost Island, he will not go to TC and can not be voted out. Jacob takes a boat ride to GI. There are a lot of original survivor relics, he discovers that they are the sniffers. There is sign that says break the urn, he gets a clue that says Follow the fire. He follows it to a sign that says "I'll wager a secret advantage if you'll wager your next vote. If you win, you'll have power in the game. If you lose, you will not vote next tribal." There are 3 tubes, one with a lock on it. If he picks the tube with the key he gets the advantage. He take the one on the left and gets the key, opens the lock and sees "This is the authentic legacy advantage. Sierra found this advantage on day one and kept it a secret." Sierra reads it for us, guaranteed immunity but only where there are 13 or 6 ppl left. Sierra told about it and Sarah voted her out. The advantage goes on..."but you can restore its power by willing it to someone else on the other tribe. Choose wisely and this could be the beginning of a new alliance. Choose poorly and you could end up like Sierra." Jacob choose to give it to Morgan. Malolo Day 3, they talk about the puzzle. Donathan puts Gonzalez' name out there. Gonzalez throws Donathans name out. The girls weigh the pros and cons for each. The first vote is huge. Time for TC. They all grab a torch and get their fire. Jeff asks Stephanie why she is smiling. She says she is on Survivor. They talk about Jacob. They want to keep the tribe strong. Donathan feels the heat. Stephanie say there is physical strength and social strength. Michael says alliances haven't been formed yet. Gonzalez says you can miss out on one convo and things change. She stands up and talks the guys, they are all whispering accept to Donathan. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use an HII? nope. Votes: Donathan, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, first person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island is Stephanie Gonzalez. She says sad. At Naviti camp they are sleeping but Dom is awake, he has a bad feeling so he goes looking for an HII. He is here to play, we'll sleep when we're dead. He finds an HII (in the dark). He waits till daylight to read it. "this is the authentic HII that Andrea was voted out with in Survivor's 26th season. On day 33 Andrea had a HII and what she thought was a trustworthy alliance. But she was wrong. Andrea became the first girl to be voted out with an idol in her pocket. This tainted the idol and has been haunted for five years but still retains its original power. Can you reverse the curse?" He puts the HII in his bag and buries the paper Purple supposes there are HII at GI so they have to be careful who they send. Morgan looks in her bag and finds the Advantage from Jacob. Morgan says she has a really big mouth and will need a staple gun to keep it quiet. At GI Jacob decides he will bend the truth some to tell the tribe. He is making a fake HII. He is not lying, he is basically telling the truth. Malolo Day 4. They eat sea cucumbers when Jacob comes back. He notices that someone is missing. Gonzalez. He tells them about finding the urns and then shows them his fake HII. He says he is going to play it at the next TC, he doesn't want to be an HII hoarder. He feels he should be ok. Chris doesn't believe him, there is no way he (Jacob) left the note that came with the HII at GI. Stephanie says she as big a super fan as Jacob is and she will use him to get far in the game. At Naviti. Dom shows off his weight lifting technique. Dom wants to play the game with Chris. Chris says alright. Chris asks if he found an HII, he says no one has looked for it yet. Dom decides to make a fake HII and wrap it up with the paper from the real one, he shows it to Chris and says he wants to take him to the end. Chris doesn't trust him. Day 6, immunity challenge time: They will race so a seres of obstacles (in the water) and release buoys with balls, shoot the balls into a hoop, first to fill the hoop wins. winner also gets chairs and cleaning supplies. Purple in the lead, Orange slightly behind. Purple has the second set of buoys. James struggles to go down 8 feet to the next buoys. Purple starts to shoot. James pops up again and asks Donathan to try it, he says he cant. Donathan dives in and gives it a try. Purple has one ball in the hoop. Donathan lets loose the buoys for Orange. Purple gets second ball, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh. Orange starts shooting. Purple shoots and gets 8th ball in to win Immunity and Reward. Donathan says never in his wildest dreams did he think he could do that. Purple sends Donathan to GI. Jacob was hoping he would go back, he is going to use his fake HII to take control of the game. GI: Donathan takes a look around and finds the sniffers and the urns to smash, it says "Nope not today, no game for you." He says its a chance for him to prove himself to himself. He makes fire and cooks rice. He came out here to win. Malolo Day 6, James says sorry, its all on him, he choked. They talk about how James couldn't go down 3 feet in the water, they also talk about Jacob. If they can make Jacob feel rock solid he will hold on to the HII they can get him out. Stephanie flirts a bit with Jacob and then talks about Michael being a threat. Jacob trusts Stephanie and tells her the HII is fake and that he gave the advantage to Morgan. Jacob wants to get rid of Michael. Stephanie goes to Laurel about Jacob wanting to vote out Michael. Laurel thinks about it. Time for TC. Jacob gets his torch. James says today he did one of the worst things an athlete could do, he let his team down. Jacob says he told them everything about GI. He showed the HII he found. James says Jacob lessened the information imbalance about GI. Jacob says he is a neurotic indoor kid, he has a dream to get to the end of the game and to do that he needs to face his fears. Jacob says this game is starting to be about alliances and friends. Brandon says he doesn't think its all about strength anymore. Time to vote, there is a bit of whispering. We see Jacob vote for Michael. Time to tally the votes. Any want to use HII? nope. Votes: Michael, James, Jacob, James, Jacob, Jacob, second person voted out is Jacob. Jacob says Oh, boy oh boy. Jeff says they are 2 for 2 and down 2, something has to give in Survivors greatest tribe. Next time on Survivor: A surprise twist catches everyone off guard (as Jeff tells them to drop their buffs) and GI is back in play.
  2. May 16, 2018 Previously on Survivor: Donathan and Laurel were in the middle, at TC they stuck with Dom and Wendell. Chelsea was voted out. 7 are left who will leave tonight. Day 33. Donathan and Laurel talk about not trusting the others. Laurel knows she cant beat Dom or Wendell at the end, now is the time to get one out. The problem is they are her BFF here. Donathan says Laurel constantly changing her mind about voting Dom or Wendell out is frustrating, he may have to play the game by himself. Donathan talks to Kellyn about working together, she is ok with that. Time for reward challenge, they will be divided into 3 teams of 2. They will run up a coarse and drop spools down a ramp, at intervals they will add spools. If a spool drops they are out. Reward is Ambassadors of Survivor. Taking supplies to a school and then dinner if fried chicken and cake. Orange is Kellyn and Seb. Purple is Dom and Wendell. Green is Donathan and Laurel. Angela was not selected she has no shot are reward or GI. They start with 2 spools. Time for the third spool. Its getting intense. They have to space them out correctly and run up and down the steps quickly. They are breathing hard. Four spool now. Donathan makes a running grab to save the green spool. Everybody is hustling. Time for the fifth and final spool, it a foot race now. Orange drops their spool and are out, Green drops their spool too. Purple wins. Dom and Wendell choose to take Laurel to go with them. They also choose to send Seb to GI. Donathan is upset that they didn't pick him to go, its time to show them he is not one to mess with. Seb at GI: he walks up the steps and smashes and urn, he gets game on, follow the fire. There are 4 containers, 3 of them hold power. He picks the third one and gets a key, he opens a box sitting there and he gets a Steal a vote advantage, it no longer holds the power to steal a vote but he can use it for an extra vote. At the school the kids come running up to the beach when the boat comes in, they pass out supplies and the kids are excited. They all bring their own flavor. Wendell tells us that they took Laurel to reinforce their group. Laurel says she is there to cut their throat, she loves them but the game comes first. Back at camp. Wendell asks Donathan they are 100% with him. Donathan tells him he will vote Dom to go. He is trying to pit Dom vs Wendell. Dom questions if Donathan is working with them, Dom says he cant win against them. Dom says he can smell Donathans big move coming. Dom says Donathan is scary, he is blowing everyone's game up. Day 35, time for Immunity challenge. They have to race to retrieve to bundles of planks, they will use them to make a bridge. Then they will use new planks to make a ladder. At the top of the platform they will do a slide puzzle. Ready...go! Donathan is at the planks first. Wendell gets his first plank, so does Kellyn. Wendell has 2. Kellyn takes a big fall. Wendell and Seb are side by side. Wendell moves on, so does Seb. Wendell gets his ladder done and is on to the puzzle. Angela and Donathan are in last. Wendell and Seb are working on their puzzles. Laurel is all most up her ladder, she done and on to the puzzle, its the same slide puzzle from day one. Dom is at his puzzle. Wendell making some progress but Seb is slowing down. Donathan is now at the puzzle, Kellyn now at the puzzle, Angela is still on the bridge, Jeff says she is out of it. Laurel thinks she has it....she does. Laurel wins Immunity. Wendell had it too but he didn't call for Jeff. Laurel called Jeff's name so Laurel wins. Kellyn says she is bummed to not win immunity but Donathan came to her about voting out Wendell, she is ready for people to put their money where their mouth is, she is ready to see it go down tonight. At camp they conrat Laurel. Laurel says it almost doesn't feel right to send Wendell home tonight. So she is going to vote Kellyn and not make her big move yet. Donathan tells Laurel and Dom that if they are going to blindside him please tell him. They tell him it will be Kellyn. Wendell wants to be able to flex some tonight. He joins with Dom to use his papers and make a fake HII. Donathan sees Dom put something in Wendells bag. He questions them about it, Dom says it was something that belongs to Wendell that he was holding onto. Donathan gets weirded out. Dom tells Donathan that Kellyn is going tonight. Donathan runs to Kellyn. Donathan tells Kellyn that they should get Dom out while the others say they should get rid of Donathan....or Kellyn.... Time for TC. Jeff talks about todays challenge vs where they are in the game. What they are feeling is real, this is hard. They saw that in todays challenge. Dom says he cant get over how he couldn't get the puzzle started, they are falling apart. Wendell says the physical toll has also messed with them mentally too. Dom tells Jeff about Donathan saw him put something in Wendells bag and freaked out. Donathan is upset they didn't share info with him. Dom asks if he can say something and Donathan says no. Seb, Wendell and Dom look at each other and nodding and Dom says same. Stick to the plan, the hammock plan. Laurel says you always have to have a plan B and C. Kellyn says she likes Plans B and C, there are underdogs and top dogs. More whispering and nodding between Wendell and Seb. Time to vote. We see Donathan vote Dom and Kellyn vote Donathan. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use an HII? Nope. Votes: Dom, Donathan, Kellyn, Kellyn, Donathan, Donathan, one vote left...Kellyn, its tied. Revote, only vote for Kellyn or Donathan and those two cant vote. Time to tally the votes. Votes: Donathan, Kellyn, Kellyn, 14 person voted out and 7th member of jury is Kellyn. She says she didn't go down with a fight, made them vote twice. She says its truly been a pleasure from the bottom of her heart. She wishes them all the best of luck. Jeff says 35 days in and down to 6 and this game is far from over. Next time on Survivor: Season finale, 6 left and one more visit to GI and one million dollar decision. Join us May 23rd.
  3. May 9, 2018 Previously on Survivor: 2 were eliminated. 8 are left, who will be sent to jury tonight. Time for Reward challenge. They will race across a beam collecting sand bags, then toss the bags at a table, first to get all the sand bags on a small table wins. Secluded spot with ribs, burgers, pastries, ice cream....(grab the tissues) Loved ones come in. Wendell's dad, Kellyn's brother, Donathan's Aunt, Angela's daughter (Jeff's voice breaks), Chelsea's sister, Laurel's brother, Seb's sister, Dom's wife. Ready...Go!! Wendell out quick. Donathan keeps falling off. Its all pretty close. they have to dig under a log. Seb is first to launch sand bag (only one, if they miss they have to collect it and try again) Seb almost gets it and it slips off the side. Dom tossing the sand bag too. Seb gets it, he wins love. Seb chooses Dom to go with him, he also takes Wendell and Donathan. The guys get dinner and the girls will go back to camp. Seb gets to pick who goes to GI where there is an advantage waiting. How ever the person going gives up the reward and family member. Wendell volunteers. Kellyn says the boys are so full of themselves they aren't worried about leaving the girls by themselves. The girls have work to do...... At GI: Wendell gets there and tells us his dad told him to go for it all. He gets the same second chance advantage that Malcom had. It gives him a second chance if the drops the ball in the next Immunity challenge. Can Wendell reverse the curse? At reward: Dom tells Aunt Patty that he is committed to go to the end with these guys. Back at camp, the girls can do what ever they please. The girls say the guys get it all. The girls talk eviction...blindside Dom. They have the votes with Donathan. Its scary with Dom and Wendell having an HII. Day 32: Immunity challenge time. They will have to balance a small ball on a wooden cylinder using handles, they will had sections as time goes on. Wendell reads the advantage. 3, 2, 1....they raise the ball on 3 cylinders. The ball can move as long as it doesnt drop. Kellyn drops her ball, she is out. 10 minutes in and they will another section to their cylinder. Angela cant get her ball up in time and is out. Wendell drops and uses his advantage and they start over. The curse remains in effect, Wendell is out. 20 minutes in and they add another piece to their cylinder. Seb is out. Laurel is out. Dom, Chelsea and Donathan are still in it. Chelsea is out. Dom and Donathan are both shaking...Donathan is out. Dom wins immunity. The girls shake their heads. Kellyn says the Naviti tribe has come to an end as the girls go after the guys. The girls talk to Donathan about blindsiding Wendell. It's their chance. Donathan says he is down for Wendell. They can NOT spook him. Laurel, Wendell and Dom talk about Chelsea. Wendell says he isn't getting good vibes from Laurel and he will use the HII if someone evens looks at him sideways. Donathan and Laurel talk, Donathan isn't sure what to do, he feels he should go big or go home. Laurel is also confused. Laurel says her and Donathan control the direction of not just tonight but the rest of the game. Time for TC: Night 32. Kellyn says after the big double TC there was hurt feelings and her double vote for Laurel brought some hurt feelings to camp. Donathan says there is an opening in the Naviti 6 tonight. Dom is concerned about what is going down tonight. Chelsea feels vulnerable w/o the necklace and she feels there may be a crack. Donathan says the guys have come to him and the girls have come to him...there is the crack. Dom says this necklace makes him feel good right now. Chelsea says its a giant game of bumper cars and you don't know who is coming at you. Dom says he isn't going to wait around for someone to come after him, he will do something about it. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Nope. Votes: Wendell, Chelsea, Wendell, Chelsea, Wendell, Chelsea, Chelsea, 13th person voted out is Chelsea. She says good battle sir. Next time on Survivor: When you are caught red handed, the consequences are dire.
  4. May 2, 2018 Previously on Survivor: Facing TC Desi was trying to rally Malolo against the guys but it backfired and Desi went to Jury. 10 are left, who will be voted out tonight. At camp after TC. Dom says it was hard to tell who was telling the truth and who was lying. Dom hugs Laurel and says TY for saving him. Kellyn decides she will stay Naviti strong. Wendell and Dom cant believe there are 11 days left, they cant _____ each other over. Dom tells us he is playing for his family and if he has to be nice to Wendell he will. Dom goes looking for another HII.....Dom finds a coconut with an emblem on it, he breaks it open and finds David's fake HII, David gave it to Jay and Jay was voted out...this HII has not matured and is still a fake. Dom can use it fake out someone else tho. Time for Immunity Challenge: They will have to pull up on a bar that will clamp a ball between two bars, last one standing wins....twist....2 immunity necklace and 2 separate TC. They will draw for 2 temporary tribes, last one standing from each tribe wins. Last person standing overall will have their tribe go to TC last. Orange is Mike, Laurel, Dom, Wendell, Kellyn. Purple is Chelsea, Seb, Angela, Jenna and Donathan. They are all playing at the same time. Ready goooo Kelly is the first out, Mike is out. Donathan is out. 4 on Purple left, 3 on Orange. Laurel is out. Dom and Wendell side by side left. Seb recovers and so does Jenna. Seb is out, Jenna out. 2 left on each tribe. Angela is going strong.
  5. April 25, 2018 Previously on Survivor: Facing TC Naviti had a plan of attack. At TC Michael played his HII and Libby was sent to Jury. Leaving the 7 Naviti on top. 11 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Laviti Day 26: Dom tells Laurel about a dream he had. Desi tells us food is scares, she uses that hunger to keep herself going. Desi goes to Malolo and tells them that she is on the bottom of Naviti and is ready to take Naviti out. Take out Kellyn, Wendell then Dom. Laurel tells us she is caught in the middle, which way she goes will have an impact on the game going forward. Time for Reward Challenge: Divided into two teams. Each team will have 2 ppl paddle out to rescue 2 more members from cages, then they will use keys to release huge puzzle pieces and then put them together. Teams are: Orange...Michael, Seb, Chelsea, Jenna, Kellyn. Purple is Wendell, Dom, laurel, Desi and Angela. Donathan was not picked. Reward is copter ride and picnic. Gooooo Orange is in the lead. Purple pulls away from the first cage and has trouble getting back to it. Orange has first out of cage. Purple has more trouble with boat. Orange is at their last cage. Purple has 2 free. Orange has last person free and are at shore. Purple has last person and head to shore. Orange has all their locks undone and are moving the huge puzzle pieces. Purple on the keys now. Orange can solve the puzzle now. Purple starts solving. Orange has a big lead with the puzzle. Purple asks if they have decoy pieces out there. Orange discovers there are extra pieces. Orange thinks they have it and they do. Orange sends Purple to rocks to see who goes to GI...its Angela. Michael says this reward is his chance to find some cracks in Naviti and get back in the game. Chopper ride is so cool. Picnic has tons of food. Michael makes his move to try to stay the game, he says he is a loyal vote. Kellyn tells us that she still wants Michael out. Over at GI, Angela smashes an urn and gets Game on...she follows the fire. She risks her vote to play a 2 out of 3 chance at an advantage....she gets...no vote. She says it's all about chance and she lost it. At camp Donathan talks to Laurel about who to take out. Laurel tells us the bottom ppl don't want to be on the bottom anymore. Dom tells us that apparently some of the Naviti girls want to take control of their own fate. Dom talks Kellyn about the girls. Kellyn says her Desi and Chelsea are unbreakable, clearly someone is trying to take the target off Michael and she is telling us that is not going to happen. Michael knows the others want him out. Donathan suggest they look for an HII. Donathan finds Scots authentic HII. Scot was voted out and Ty didn't use his to make a super HII. Donathan can pair the two HII to make one HII....its hidden in the middle of the shelter. Donathan gets Laurel and Michael and he finds it. Immunity time: they have to balance a ball on a dics on two ropes, at intervals they will move back on their stands. Last person left standing wins. Wendell and Jenna are out. Desi is out. Laurel is out, Angela is out. Michael makes a save. Donathan is out. Dom is out. 2 min in and 7 of the 11 are out. Seb makes a save. Michael is out. 10 min in and they have moved back. Chelsea is struggling, so is Seb. Kellyn is out. Show down between Chelsea and Seb. Seb makes a save...but loses it. Chelsea wins immunity. She is the third woman in a row to wear the necklace. Dom says Michael was the plan but the goats have come together and they need to be prepared and get ahead of it before it bites them in the butt. Day 27, they congrat Chelsea. Desi says the challenge went as planned....Kellyn lost, she needs to go. Desi finds out that Kellyn was told she was a target and Desi is PO'd. Now Desi has to cover her butt. Laurel is yelled at in front of everyone by Desi. Desi goes to Laurel and Dom and says one of the Malolo is going home...alright? alright! Michael is worried but feels the Naviti 7 are about to shatter. Kellyn tries to find the truth...Laurel is telling her one thing and Desi another. But now is not the time to blow up Naviti. Dom asks Kellyn what is going on and she says Michael is going home...NOW! Dom is worried. Time for TC: 27 days...Donathan says he is feeling the pressure. Donathan tells Jeff that fireworks happened today. Laurel tells Jeff what happened. Desi says she doesn't like to do the back and forth thing...she never said she was on the bottom. Donathan and Laurel say she is lying. Jury says this is nuts. Desi still going at Laurel. Dom says everyone will look you in the eye with a straight face and lie to you. Michael is just trying to figure out what's going on, he is not comfortable right now. Donathan knows what was said, those convos happened ..the truth will set them free. Desi says OMG. Jeff says only one can be true. Kelly says she feels like Helen Keller. Desi says lets get to the vote. Time to vote. Angela plays her no vote card saying she hopes it doesn't bite her later. Time to tally the vote. Any one want to use an HII? Nope. Votes: Desi, Desi, Desi, Desi, Michael, Michael, Desi, 10th person voted out and 3rd person of jury is Desi. Desi leaves telling the ladies to keep winning. Next time on Survivor: A twist in the game (2 people will be voted out) leads to lies and deceit.
  6. April 18, 2018 Previously on Survivor: After the merge the war between Dom and Chris erupted, at TC Dom bluffed with a fake HII and played his Legacy Advantage thus sending Chris home. 12 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Back at Camp Libby wonders why her name has come up 3 TC in a row. She says she needs to keep her eye out for some help. Dom says he has a lot of respect for Chris but not sorry to see him leave. Dom says he needs to sit back and not call shots for a few days. Laviti Day 20. Wendell is making a kitchen. Wendell says his plan is to stick to the 4 no body knows about...Wendell, Dom, Laurel and Donathan. Wendell talks to Laurel to make her feel more secure. Wendell tells her Dom has a real HII. Laurel says she is with him a thousand percent. Wendell tells her he also has an HII. Laurel tells us she doesn't like not being told things. she says Wendell has shown she cant trust him 100%. Laurel tells us she needs to shake things up. Reward challenge: they will divide into 2 teams, race across a floating bridge, use sand bags to knock down targets, first to 6 wins. Reward is the Survivor Taco Hut. Teams are: Orange: Dom, Kellyn, Jenna, Seb, Desi and Michael. Purple: Angela, Laurel, Wendell, Libby, Chelsea and Donathan. Ready....Go. Purple gets one target down first. Orange gets one. Purple has 2. Orange goes over the target. Donathan up for Purple and has trouble with the slingshot. Purple using up their weaker players so their stronger players can take over. Orange gets another target down. Its tied. Orange uses Purple strategy. Purple gets another one, and a 4th one. 4 to 2 Purple. Orange gets one and so does Purple. Purple has one left. Orange gets another one. Orange misses, Purple shoots and .....gets it. Purple wins reward. Purple has Orange choose rocks to see who goes to GI...Jenna will go. She will return to camp tomorrow morning. Jenna arrives at GI and breaks an urn. Not today it says. She tells us her positive attitude has gone down the drain today. Taco bar!!!! They are so excited. Wendell would risk immunity for guaco. Libby asks why her name was written down and they tell her its prob cuz its an easy name. Back at camp Day 24. They are glad Chris is not there anymore. But now its more of every man for himself. Wendell finds out Michael has been stirring the pot, maybe its time for Michael to go. Immunity time: Survivor Classic food eating comp. Last person left standing wind immunity. Jeff says don't let something as simple as mind over matter prevent them from winning it all. First food is fish eyes. First 3 to get both down and show Jeff a clean mouth go on to the next round. Michael, Desi, Laurel make it through, now for the next set of survivor.....Wendel cant even get them to his mouth. Chelsea spits them up. Angela, Seb and Dom move on. Round two...beatle larva. Michael, Seb and Angela move on. Round three...sea slug. first two to the 2 of them down move on. Angela swallows one whole. Michael and Angela move on. Final round...Mother of pearl meat. Both shoving it down. Angela dances it down. Michael is gagging but gets it down. Angela gets hers down and wins immunity. Michael comes back to finish the piece he didn't get down. He says he will prob play Survivor once and wants to do it right. Michael says its disappointing to lose immunity but he is feeling good about getting Wendell out. Day 23. At camp they congrat Angela on her win. Angela feels like she has a little bit of power right now. Desi throws Michaels name out. They worry Michael has an HII so they should split the vote, 5 votes on Michael 4 votes on Libby. Michael suggests Wendell. Laurel says it would be a big move for her to vote Wendell, this could make her future in the game. Donathan says they should stay with Malolo. Libby says if she votes for Michael it would be voting against a former member. Malolo is trying to stay strong and stick together. Wendell wants to not play her HII but you never know. Time for TC Night 25: Jury comes in. Jeff says Angela looked like a different person. She says she knew she had to win and take over her own game. Donathan says alliances are being formed and its not Naviti or Malolo anymore. Desi says its all about how it breaks down for you at the end of the day. Wendell says you see a big dog in the jury, its scary. Dom says at this point in the game you know you are getting BSed and someone is going to make the jump. Angela says its time to draw the lines in the sand. Michael says everyone has to think about the right time to make their move. Time to vote. Time to tally the vote. Anyone want to use a HII? Michael pulls out Ozzy's fake HII and says this one is for Ozzy. Jeff says it is a real HII, any votes cast for Michael wont count. Votes: Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Wendell, Libby, Libby 9th person voted out is Libby. She says good luck guys. Michael pats Wendell on the shoulder and says well played sir. Jeff says Survivor is often compared to a roller coaster ride and this ride is far from over. Next time on Survivor: There's hope for Malolo, when they are given the ammo that could blow the game wide open.
  7. April 11, 2018 Previously on Survivor: Dom is in control of the vote and at TC Brad was sent home. 13 are left who will be going home tonight. We see the castaways on two boats headed to the merge. They get the merge celebration. New black buffs. Dom says he cherishes the new relationships he has built and hopes to strengthen the old ones. Dom still wants to get Chris out. Chris says he ate so much, he is laying in the shelter fixing his buff and it feels funny, he finds a tag that's says shh. He follows the directions to a clue. The HII is on GI, a boat will come for him in the night to take him there. He worries a bit about getting caught. Malolo talk about getting rid of a Naviti. Dom comes to Chris and Wendell, Dom says he would like to work with them temporarily and later they can destroy each other. Wendell points to 3 people on the beach and Chris cant respond. Wendell say then they cant trust him. Chris leaves and Dom/Wendell say Chris is the next out. Lavita Night 20. All are sleeping when Chris quietly sneaks away from camp and meets the boat for GI. At GI he gets a torch and follows the fire trail. He finds JT's authentic HII, JT left the HII at camp and was voted out w/o it. This HII has lost some of its potency and only good at the next TC.....however if he is willing to wager his vote at next TC he can increase its power, choose the correct bamboo ((he has 10 bamboos) each time and he could increase it by one TC each time (up to 5 TC's). He goes for it.....1st one, he gets (2 TC's) Next bamboo he gets a no vote but he can still use the HII at one of the next 2 TC's. Day 21 Dom says Chris is cranky and tired and it irks Dom. Chris tells some others that Dom has an HII. Desi says the only way to get rid of it is to blindside Dom. Laurel says the beach is not big enough for Chris and Dom. Jenna and Libby say that Chris doesn't lie to them. Day 22: Immunity challenge time. Jeff unveils the new individual immunity necklace. They have to balance a statue on a vertical pole on their head while balancing on a beam. Last one to drop wins. Jenna and Donathan is out, Desi is out. Angela is out. Time to move down the beam, its getting smaller. Sebastian drops. 20 minutes into comp and they move to the final smallest part of the beam. Dom is out, Michael and Chris out, Laurel is out, Wendell is out. None of them made the transition to the small part. Chelsea is out, its Kellyn vs Libby now. Wind picks up a bit. Libby is out. Kellyn wins first individual immunity. Kellyn is still nervous about the vote, this will be the vote where lines are truly drawn in the sand. Back at camp....they congrat Kellyn and Chris has to make a plan. He all but Dom and Wendell to the well for a powwow. Desi says split the vote. Chris's plan is if Dom uses the HII then Wendell goes home, if the doesn't then Dom goes home. Dom and Wendell notice everyone is gone and will try to get everyone lined up against Chris. Wendell tells Dom he has an HII too. Donathan talks to Dom and Laurel about voting Chris. Libby says there is a war going on and people need to pick a side. The Naviti girls talk about getting rid of Libby. Dom says this is the night to take Chris out. Dom can also play his advantage tonight. Chris says there is blood in the water lets go for the kill. Time for TC. Chris gets his fire for the first time. (its his first time at TC) Donathan says he finally got to meet everyone. Sebastian says a lot of things are based on gut. Dom tells Jeff about this and Chris's relationship from day one. Dom pulls out the fake HII and puts it on to show Chris he has it. Chris says Dom says he did show him the HII but they tried to vote his alliance. Wendell pipes up. Chris says its a show down and he is fine with that. Wendell tells Jeff about the mass water talk that he and Dom were not invited to. Dom says he is scared tonight. Kellyn says the first merge vote is crazy and she is so glad her name wont come out of that jar tonight. Chris says trusting your gut instant is it. Time to vote. Chris plays his no vote. Dom votes for Chris. Wendell votes for Chris. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use and HII? Dom stand up and gives Jeff his advantage where he gets to play immunity, he is playing it on himself. Votes: Chris, Chris, Libby, Libby, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, 8th person voted out and first person in jury is Chris. He and Dom shake hands and hug, they say its all good and good luck. Chris forgets his torch and goes back for it. Jeff snuffs it. Jeff tells the tribe that if this TC is any indication of how the back half of this game is going to go everybody better come to play very moment of every single day. Next time on Survivor: When your left in the dark and not sure who to trust, you've got to keep your eyes on the prize. (as we see them eating Survivor delicacies)
  8. April 4, 2018 Previously on Survivor: Malolo lost their 5th immunity challenge and sent James home. 14 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Malolo tribe, Michael thinks he could be next to he goes looking for an HII. The girls know he is looking...and he finds Ozzy's authentic fake HII. The only 3 players to touch the fake HII have been voted out but no knows that all this time the fake HII has been growing power on GI and is now a real HII. Reward challenge time: they have to pull on a rope that suspends a disc, they have to stack blocks on the disc to spell reward. Reward is Steak, cab bobs and grill, second winner gets chicken cab bobs. The winners get to send one from either losing tribe to GI. Green takes the lead and Purple drops their blocks after placing the R. Green is down to their R...and loses them all. Orange is now in the lead...and lose it. Purple is now in the lead. Green in the lead now, Orange ties it up. Purple only has to get back and they get it...they get steak. Green puts their last block on. Orange drops their block. Green also wins reward. Malolo loses once again. Naviti has to choose someone to go to GI. They send Kellyn to GI, she will return in time for the immunity challenge. Day 18 GI: Kellyn walks in and breaks an urn...game on, follow the fire. She follows the fire and finds the game of chance, 2 of the 3 containers hold something. She says she has to risk it for the biscuit. She takes the left one and gets an advantage, she gets Sarah' steal a vote she used to get Michaela out. It no longer holds the power to steal a vote but she can use it as an extra vote. Malolo is proud of their tribe for winning. Brad gets frustrated while trying to make fire. The others get together and talk about getting rid of Brad. Yanuya is also proud to win and they work together to get their ca bobs going. They sing Happy Birthday to Wendell's GF Nicole. Wendell goes looking for firewood and the HII. Wendell finds a clue to an HII, goes looking and finds a huge necklace. The necklace that Eric gave away to Natalie and then got voted out...however it has been on GI and is now a full HII. Malolo Day 19. They are starving. Desi is upset they are losing so much, they feel cursed they cut down the flag and burn it in half. Immunity time: Malolo tells Jeff they burned the flag to get rid of the curse. Jeff takes back the 2 halves of the Idol. For the challenge they will race out to floating platform, jump off and retrieve some rings, they will then toss the rings onto poles, first to 6 wins. Green out to a quick lead. Green and purple have their first set of rings. Green out to get their second set of rings. Purple is in second followed quickly by Orange. Green headed out to the platform where they will toss the rings. Purple right behind them, Orange right behind. Green gets one ring on, Purple gets a ring, Green gets 2 and 3, 4, 5. Orange gets 1, Purple gets 2 and 3. Purple gets 3 and 4. Green wins! Orange comes in second with Naviti losing. Naviti will go to TC. Libby tells us that Brad has been disrespecting everyone on the tribe and he needs to be voted out now. Day 19 at Navitit they all tell us that they don't like Brad. Brad talks about getting rid of Libby. Libby is afraid she will be voted out even tho everyone is saying get rid of Brad. Chelsea is up in the air about which one. Dom is now up in the air too. Time for TC. Dom says the original tribe are still a factor to an extent but they may all work together. Brad says you wouldn't know there was a divide they get along so well. Donathan says they are not really one big happy family. Dom says it still stings about Morgan going home. Libby says it felt right and still feels right. Brad says he will argue about the color of the sky, its who he is. He feels he isn't being argumentative around camp. Chelsea says you always have to be aware of your behavior. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use an HII? Nope. Votes: Libby, Brad, Brad, 7th person voted out...Brad. He says good luck in the rest of the game. He walks off in disbelief. Jeff says based on tonight tribal bonds ar3e weakening and with only 4 people it could be interesting. Next time on Survivor: Three tribes come together (its Merge time) but a war rages on.
  9. March 23, 2018 Previously on Survivor: Malolo went to TC where Michael bluffed about his HII. Michael played it wrong causing Brendon to go home. 16 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Malolo night 12, Bradley felt he was toast at TC. Michael apologizes to them and hopes there are no hard feelings. Day 13. Time for reward challenge, they have to leap over tables, dismantle a pile of sandbags showing a lever, the lever will release small sandbags they have to throw a spinning things, the spinners will release a flag, first to get all 3 flags up win coffee and pastries. Go! teams are neck and neck over the tables, big guys on both teams dismantle the big sandbags. Orange pull lever first, Purple right behind. Both teams tossing bags to the bin beside where they will get to shoot. Purple starts to toss bags at the spinners. Purple gest first flag up and the get their second flag. Chris is shooting for Purple and gets all three flags up. Malolo wins reward. Chris tells everyone he used to pitch baseball in college. They choose to have Naviti pick rocks....Steph gets the white rock, she will return to camp for next immunity challenge. Chris tells us he is a diamond in the rough. At GI Steph is at the very bottom in her tribe and she is worried about being separated from her tribe. She breaks and urn and gets Nope not today. Steph says she will take a deep breath and reconnect to herself. She believes in herself. Day 13, Malolo camp, they eat their pastries and coffee. Donathan is sadden as this reminds him of his grandma. He tells us he takes care of his grandma, she had two strokes, her care is now on his disabled mom while he is here. Laurel gives him a hug. Chris knows how it is as his mom is now in an assisted living home. Donathan now feels pulled in the middle as he has a new bond with Chris. Day 14, Immunity Challenge time. They will race across a floating bridge carrying a body board attached to a rope, when they get across the bridge they will grab a bahg and have the reset of the tribe pull them back to shore. Tey have to get 3 bags, in the bags are numbered tiles, they use the numbers to unlock a key to unlock a slide puzzle. First tribe to finish their puzzle wins. Purple has slight lead and gets their first bag. Purple pulls Wendell back to shore. Chelsea for Orange is on shore and both teams have their next person on the bridge. Orange makes up a lot of time but then loses it when Desi falls off the board. Its back to neck and neck. Purple takes the lead again and has their third bag, Chelsea for Orange falls off the bridge. Purple gets their 3rd bag back to shore and can start work on the combination lock. Chelsea falls off the body board but makes it back on. Both tribes working the locks, Purple gets the key out first and opens the puzzle. Orange is right behind them. Both working on puzzle. Both tribes getting hints from peanut gallery. Purple thinks they have it and they do. Naviti wins Immunity. Malolo will go to TC. Kellyn is crying, she feels like she let everyone down. Kellyn says either Steph, Michael or Jenna are home. Malolo camp: Michael is bummed, he says its every man for themselves, he doesn't want to see one of the girls go but he is willing to write eithers name down. The 5 Naviti (on Malolo) have the advantage. Jenna tries to work her way in to Sebatian by offering to braid his hair. Stephs name is tossed back and forth. Steph talks to Bradley and promises not to throw him under the bus at TC. Bradley goes back to camp and suggests Michael and people agree. Michael tells Bradley he is loyal. Michael cries to us, he wants to accomplish things as young as he can, he really wants it. The Naviti 5 talk about Steph again, Desi looks thru Stephs bag and finds no HII or clues. Time for TC. Jeff asks Kellyn if its still the feeling that one of the Maloto 3 original and she says yes. Bradley says there is some concern that Steph got an advantage at GI. Sebastian says they have to get rid of one of the 3. Michael says he can help win challenges. Kellyn says there are a lot of ways to look at strength. Steph says this survivor journey is about this being her dream and wanting to live this out for so many years. She wants to keep having this experience, she feels she is playing this for her kids, she fears letting them down. Jenna says she has always had this face up, its hard to make alliances, she is letting people in and wants to get better at it. Sebastian says it sucks to write anyone's name down. Michael says he is trying to show loyalty and hopes he can go far. Desi says tonight they have a good reason to vote out one of the 3 and it will show. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use and HII? Nope. Votes: Desi, Steph, Steph, Steph, Steph, 5th person voted out is Stephanie. Jenna tears up. Steph says bye guys. Next time on Survivor: The battle lines are drawn, the targets are clear, but a bomb goes off (we hear Jeff say...drop your buffs.)
  10. March 14, 2018 Previously on Survivor...The tribes switched it up, Chris went to GI, at TC Morgan was blindsided and went home. 17 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Naviti Night 9: Dom asks what happened, they got him. Angela is upset that Dom and Wendell put her name down. Dom and Wendell say its going to be a disaster. Dom tells Wendell he has an HII. Naviti day 10. Dom looks down into the bottom of his bag and finds the Legacy Advantage from Morgan. Time for Reward Challenge. They have swim out to retrieve a ring then get back to the flag pole. First to 3 gets PBJ and cold milk. Next person to GI will return in time for Immunity Challenge and could go to TC. Goooo!! Purple gets the ring first, Chris is a tank and gets a point for Naviti. Purple and Orange battling it out, the girls are fighting hard for the ring. Laurel keeps making progress towards the pole, Orange pulls her away, Laurel pushes back and gets Navitis second point. Orange gets the ring first and the guys fight it out. Orange gets a point (2-1 Naviti). Girls are up next and its a battle for the ring. Naviti inches their way towards the pole. Jeff says watch the neck. The girls are really going at it. Naviti almost touches...nope. They got it that time. Naviti wins rewards. Naviti chooses to go to rocks for who to send to GI....Kellyn gets the white rock and will go to GI. Kellyn says she is scared but this is where she was meant to be. At GI Kellyn breaks an urn and gets Game on...follow the fire. She is scared. She decides to not wager her vote against a chance at an advantage. She has been blindsided in real life so many times, if she hadn't trusted her gut she wouldn't be on Survivor today. At Naviti they eat PBJ sandwiches. Chris asks what happened to get Morgan out. Chris jumps in with the Malolo to go against Dom. Donathan talks with Laurel and she says she wants to keep Wendell. Dom tells Laurel he does have an HII. They all talk about getting rid of Chris. Day 12, time for immunity challenge: they have to swim out to bamboo cage, climb over it and open a door. drag a heavy chest to shore and up a hill, when they get to the finish, they will use the balls inside to toss up to a narrow trench. First tribe to get all 5 in wins. Go! Orange is to the cage first, and the get up and over, get the door open while Purple takes a lot of time on getting the door open. Purple gets it open as Orange makes it to shore with the crate. Purple makes it shore and closes the gap. Orange gets the crate to their platform while Purple gets hung up. Orange has started tossing the balls up onto the skinny trench. Orange gets 2 then 3 balls. Purple finally gets to their platform. Orange knocks a ball off and then makes it back up there again. Purple gets one ball. Orange gets their 4th, 2 for Purple. Tied up at 4 balls each....and Purple (Naviti) wins Immunity. What a come back, its not over till its over. Malolo Day 12. Chris tells them they were really good today. Bradley tells us this is fantastic, they have the power. Steph says its 4-5, she is crying, she wants to see her kids but doesn't want to go home. Chelsea says they will vote out one of the guys, they talk about Michael or Brendan. Brendan and Michael talk about playing the HII. They tell the girls and they are gunning for Bradley. They will convince Bradley and Chelsea that they are on the bottom of the alliance. Time for TC. Some of them get fire for the first time. Sabastian says the 5 old Naviti know what to do and are holding strong. Desi says its awkward. Michael says they are strong cuz they haven't had to challenge each other and Bradley and Chelsea are on the bottom. Bradley says they all get along they all plan to play the game together. One of the girls says congrats on making him believe that. Brandan pulls out the HII and says its a double HII, he will play it for 2 of them tonight. Bradley wonders how the became such a threat. Chelsea says this make things a little bit different. Brandan challenges them to play the game they came out here to play. Sabastian says you have to look at your options. Brandan says you will look back at this and say I wish I had made my move. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to play a HII? Brandan hands Jeff the HII and says he will play for him and Brandan...actually he will play for Steph. Vote: Bradley, Bradley, Bradley, Bradley, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan...tied....4th person voted out is Brendan. Steph says something gets blurred out. Jeff says that was a Survivor showdown. Can this tribe recover? Next time on Survivor: Building strong bonds and fostering trust, can keep your head above water.
  11. Tells us what you think of the show so far.......
  12. so production only mentioned Morgan's name once for eviction and she was the one go to. Guess we were blindsided too.
  13. March 7, 2018 Previously on Survivor...Jacob was first to GH and Malolo sent Jacob went home. Malolo after TC...James was a bit spooked by TC. Day 7, both tribes meet up with Jeff and he brings Donathan in from GH. Malolo is still on the way to being the best tribe ever. Naviti is also feeling good. ....Drop your buffs we are switching tribes. Angela tears up, she loves her tribe. Naviti is Donathan, Libby, Laurel, James, Dom, Chris, Angela, Wendel and Morgan. Malolo is Jenna, Steph, Brendon, Mike, Desiree, Sabatian, Kellyn, Brad and Chelsea. The game has changed once again. Malolo welcomes the members. Sabastian is a banana flavored piece of taffy. Brendan says Naviti has done nothing but complain. Naviti tribe also welcomes new members. Donathan is floored by Naviti camp. Chris talks about taking Dom out because he has an HII. Libby says she just nods at him then will do what's right for her. Steph says old Naviti members complain about the Maloto camp. They break up into 2's and hunt for the HII....Mike finds it. He finds James' HII from S7. Mike says James' was one if his favorite players from the first season he watched (when he was 8). Morgan and Libby bond. Day 9: time for Immunity challenge. Day 9: time for Immunity challenge. They have to race thru ramp walls to a sandpit, dig up a ladder, climb up the ladder to a rope that takes them to a tall tower where they will put together a puzzle. They are also playing for a tarp. Orange has a slight lead going thru the walls. Orange makes it thru and starts digging for their ladder. Purple starts digging. Orange gets their ladder but loses their lead trying to put it up. Purple now in the lead. Purple throwing the rope, they get and start to pull themselves up. Orange has tied it up. Both tribes working well together to get up the tower. Both working on the puzzle, it has to start small and get bigger at the top. Orange has a slight lead...they think they have it and they do. Malolo wins immunity. Navitit will go to TC. Malolo cant decide on who to send to GI so it will go to rocks. Chris draws the white rock and will go to GI. Dom says Chris is lucky he was really looking forward to getting Chris out at TC. Day 9 GI...Chris is spooked about it. He doesn't like to miss TC. He smashes an urn and gets a Nope not today note. Chris is hungry and misses his family, he breaks down in tears. He has to bury this tears around camp, he thinks of his mom (she has MS) and it makes him stronger. He lets out all his negative energy and reboots himself. Naviti Day 9...Angela says she would rather have loyalty, she will stick with the plan to get rid of Dom. She is willing to go to rocks. She expects it to go to 4/4 tie. Others talk about getting Angela out. Dom tells former Malolo tribe about his fake HII. James thinks Dom is Russel 2.0 and things about getting him out. Dom swears on this children he is with Malolo. Morgans name is tossed out there too. Time for TC. Old Maloto gets their torches and fire. Jeff talks about it being 4 vs 4. Dom says he stepped out of the kitchen to see what was going on. Angela says she also stepped out and felt pressured, she will do what's right for her. Jeff says you don't know what to trust at TC. Libby is asked how do you know when someone is lying to you. Libby says its just a game. Everyone is lying, has lied or will lie at some time, its part of the game Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Nope. Votes: Libby, Angela, Angela, Angela, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan....3rd person voted out is Morgan. There are some shocked looks. Morgan says don't trust the cute blondes. Jeff says, tonight TC was around whether you were locked in or made a move. Looks like some one made a move Morgan left with the Legacy Advantage, she wills it to Dom. Next time on Survivor; When there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, you'll need protection to stay alive.
  14. Age: 18Hometown: Knoxville, TennesseeCurrent residence: Los Angeles, CaliforniaOccupation: Real Estate AgentHobbies: Health, fitness, luxury and exotic cars, outdoor activities (camping, hiking, swimming), traveling, concerts/festivals, and architecture/design.Pet peeves: Incompetent drivers, negativity, and rain/cold.Three words to describe you: Energetic, slick, and resilient.What's your personal claim to fame?Earning Eagle Scout, the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouting Program of the Boy Scouts of America.Who or what is your inspiration in life?The strong desire to use my inherent abilities to leave a positive impact on this earth when I am gone.If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?Hot sauce, boomerang, skittles.Which Survivor contestant are you most like?Malcolm Freberg—I'd be inwardly strategic and aggressive but outwardly friendly and easy-going.What's your reason for being on Survivor?To become the youngest Sole Survivor ever.Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?Because I'm a people person. I've always preferred to spend my time around others over being alone. I feel as though I can relate to those of all ages from all walks of life in some way in order to form common ground. CBS.co
  15. Age: 24Hometown: Houston, TexasCurrent residence: Houston, TexasOccupation: Social Media StrategistHobbies: Working out (boxing, running, weights), traveling, and cooking.Pet peeves: When people don't put away simple belongings, loud chewing, and slow walkers.Three words to describe you: Adventurous, strong, and outgoing.What's your personal claim to fame?Training and completing a marathon! I tried while I was in Florida and my coach was in Texas. Crossing that finish line faster than my goal time was an incredible feeling.Who or what is your inspiration in life?Elisabeth Filarski-Hasselbeck. I began to look up to Elisabeth when I first saw her on Survivor when I was 9 years old. Even at a young age, I looked up to her not only because of her outer beauty, but her noticeably beautiful heart and work ethic. I continued to follow her in all aspects of life, from standing up for her beliefs to working with people who stand on her same side. I am a strong believer in my faith and when it comes to politics, let's just say I'm a true southern girl. She is a badass blonde, but shows that her faith and family come first. To be able to balance all of that like she does makes her a hero and a mentor to me.If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?My Bible because my faith is everything, a baseball hat, and a huge bag of my family's smokehouse Turkey Jerky.Which Survivor contestant are you most like?I would play a combination of Jenna Morasca and Kim Spradlin, and a little bit of Natalie White. Jenna because of her strategy to flirt to the finish. She wasn't afraid of much and used her strengths like beauty, social and brains to get her to the top. Kim because of her ability to keep cool when necessary and her athletic ability was on point. Natalie, because she used her southern outgoing charm to win hearts and keep her social game strong.What's your reason for being on Survivor? To win a million dollars. And to prove that this southern small town blonde is more than just a pretty face. I love adventure. I love challenges and I love to overcome them. Winning could be my chance to show the bullies in high school that I'm not little 'ol Libby anymore. It's a chance to show off my skills and strengths and use them to their full potential. Being on Survivor has been a dream of mine. I feel like God's been putting me through challenges and experiences in life to prepare me for this.Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?Because I know that I can outlast and outplay! I work out a lot. I have endurance, I danced for 12 years. I have balance. I've completed tough mudders, marathons, and other races so I can get myself through challenges. My social game is strong. Making friends and alliances wouldn't be an issue for me. Though I now work with technology and digital media, I grew up camping, hunting, and fishing. I love the outdoors so I know I can use that experience and those skills to outlast those 39 days. I'm strong, smart, and pretty and I know how to use it. CBS.com
  16. Age: 24Hometown: Salt Lake City, UtahCurrent residence: Los Angeles, CaliforniaOccupation: EMT/Pro CheerleaderHobbies: Hiking, camping, and enjoying time with family and friends.Pet peeves: People with constantly pessimistic or negative energy.Three words to describe you: Outgoing, dynamic, and driven.What's your personal claim to fame?Graduating college. I grew as a person and learned a lot about dedication and self-motivation. It gave me the foundation to continue my education and pursue a career as a physician assistant.Who or what is your inspiration in life?My family. I have the most supportive and loving family. They constantly challenge me to be the very best version of myself. I love being able to pursue my passions and dreams knowing they will always be there to help me along the way.If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?A mattress to get a good night's rest, a toothbrush because I can't imagine not brushing my teeth for more than a day, and definitely food because nobody likes starving.Which Survivor contestant are you most like?Parvati. I think I could use my charm to build relationships, and I think I have the competitive spirit and wit she had.What's your reason for being on Survivor?It is the experience of a lifetime. You get to push yourself to your absolute limits and challenge yourself in a unique way. I believe I will learn a lot about myself and become a stronger person physically and mentally. The money would of course be helpful as well. I am looking to attend graduate school in the near future and it would be nice to not have any student loans after school.Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?I have the traits needed to make me successful. I am a hard worker who is extremely driven to reach my goals. I am agile and athletic from a background in dance and gymnastics. I am personable and get along well with people of all backgrounds and ages. I am a competitor and love a good challenge. CBS.com
  17. Age: 41Hometown: Herndon, VirginiaCurrent residence: Herndon, VirginiaOccupation: Physical Education TeacherHobbies: Coaching and watching my kids' sports, tailgating at Redskins games, running and chopping wood.Pet peeves: Passive-aggression, when people slow down to merge or change lanes, cry babies, and waiting.Three words to describe you: Deliberate, optimistic, and determined.What's your personal claim to fame?I am not afraid to take risks and make big changes. During the recession, I left a well-paying but unsatisfying desk job, risking everything I owned, to start my own business. After more than a dozen years and at 40 years old, I sold the business to pursue another lifelong interest to become a teacher.Who or what is your inspiration in life?My wife because she overcame bike crashes, injuries, and big obstacles to become a world-class professional triathlete (while raising two kids and running a business).If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?A picture of my wife and kids to keep me tethered to reality, a football to throw on the beach, and bacon jerky because it's delicious and doesn't need to be refrigerated.Which Survivor contestant are you most like?Jeremy Collins and Tom Westman because I understand people and know how to unite them behind a common goal. Also, I am pretty athletic for an old guy.What's your reason for being on Survivor?To win.Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?I'm strong, fast, tough, and good with my hands. I can read a room. I know how to make people feel comfortable and secure. My tribemates will want to keep me around. CBS.com
  18. Age: 29Hometown: New Albany, IndianaCurrent residence: Orlando, FloridaOccupation: Marine Animal TrainerHobbies: Sleeping, cheering for the South Carolina Gamecocks, and binge watching true crime documentaries.Pet peeves: Feet, cold weather, and a shortage of ketchup.Three words to describe you: Bubbly, stubborn, and determined.What's your personal claim to fame?Accomplishing my childhood dream of becoming a killer whale trainer at SeaWorld Orlando!Who or what is your inspiration in life?My parents. They have been married for 32 years and have raised five successful, happy, and healthy children. They have stuck by each other's side through all the ups and downs over the years and have never given up on one another!If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?Lip balm—I'm addicted—a space heater to keep me warm, and a super comfy pair of sweatpants.Which Survivor contestant are you most like?Kelley Wentworth. She was strategic, strong, sneaky, and a fighter. She wasn't afraid to make big moves. She played her own game and didn't hide in anyone's shadow.What's your reason for being on Survivor?It has always been one of my dreams to be on Survivor. I have been a fan of the show since Season 2 and I know I have what it takes to be the Sole Survivor. Additionally, I would love to see a new part of the world and a million dollars wouldn't be bad either.Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?Being resilient, strong, and fearless are nice traits that should translate well on the island. For example, at a younger age I was a competitive gymnast on the national level and sustained a career-ending injury. Doctors told me I would never compete again as a gymnast, nor play other sports. Fortunately, in high school, I went to state finals in volleyball and diving and then earned a D1 diving scholarship to the University of South Carolina. Go Gamecocks! CBS.com
  19. Age: 42Hometown: Cincinnati, OhioCurrent residence: Cincinnati, OhioOccupation: Army VeteranHobbies: Running, biking, and snowboarding.Pet peeves: My pet peeves are laziness or unmotivated people when they have the ability and or resources to be and do so much more, and when someone expects someone else to pull their weight. One that believes things are "rights versus privileges." Also, unorganized people or things, close-minded individuals and people who think you "owe" them something.Three words to describe you: Spontaneous, courageous, and determined.What's your personal claim to fame?Retirement from the U.S. Army. I served over 21 years in the Army and I was an Army officer captain. I served in the transportation unit and in a psychological Operations Battalion as an executive officer and I was the only female officer in the organization, yet still chosen to be second in command. I have been to several countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Dubai, France, Bratislava, Slovakia, Italy, and Germany.I was put in the most unusual and extreme situations and conditions and survived better than most. I was in isolated conditions where life's bare necessities were limited. While deployed to Iraq in 2003-2004, I went months with only taking bottle water showers. The supply lines were compromised so often I was forced to make a decision to either wash with my daily bottled water or consume it. I jumped from several different Military aircrafts and did drown-proofing that consisted of water survival.While deployed to Afghanistan, I was put in situations that required me to influence the local "elders" (leaders) of our U.S. missions in their country while at the same time earning their trust. This posed a huge issue because one, I am a female (and their beliefs with females are VERY different than ours) and two, I was an American. However, I was able to gain the trust of the local people as well as many elders.Who or what is your inspiration in life?My son. He has been braver than he believes, stronger than he seems, and smarter than he thinks. I have never met a more amazing person than him.If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?First would be my guitar because I have one and played a little in college but it would be a chance for me to have music and learn at the same time. Next would be paper and pen to document my experience. My memory is not the best and I want to capture as much as possible to remind me of the once in a lifetime experience I had. Finally, an iPod to listen to music.Which Survivor contestant are you most like?Michaela Bradshaw because not only was she fit, outspoken, attractive, and witty, she also spoke her mind and was extremely good at challenges. And when she won, she wasn't afraid to celebrate. She expressed her emotions on her face which is very similar to me. My friends tell me even when my mouth is shut, they know what I am saying because my facial expression "talks." I'm not afraid to express my feelings and I put a lot out there. I want to give my best self and Michaela never gave up. It was clearly depicted in the episode where she lost her top. I'll do whatever it takes to win, with or without my top.What's your reason for being on Survivor?To fulfill an exciting and different adventure that a small percent of people get to do. I want to be part of the small group that was chosen and is remembered. Not because everyone can, or everyone gets chosen or remembered. I will be the person everyone remembers because of my unique skills and plays I will bring.Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?I am strong, hardworking, loyal, determined, and able to figure out most things. I am very versatile and by my looks, most wouldn't expect it. I am like the snake that you don't know is there until bitten. I have a strong ability to win people over and get them to want to do what I want just by actively listening. CBS.com
  20. Age: 22Hometown: Melbourne, FloridaCurrent residence: Satellite Beach, FloridaOccupation: Fishing GuideHobbies: Fishing, surfing, cooking, living, loving, traveling, and gardening.Pet peeves: When someone calls you but you miss their call by like a second, so you call them right back but then they don't pick up, and then you call them three more times in a row and they still don't pick up.Three words to describe you: Outgoing, adventurous, and free spirited.What's your personal claim to fame?Being everyone's favorite person. I truly enjoy meeting people from various walks of life, becoming very good friends with them, keeping them in my life, and smiling the entire way.Who or what is your inspiration in life?Bob Marley. That man knew how to live life. He understood what living meant and inspired people to love the life you live and live the life you love. I smile just thinking about that beautiful human.If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?A waterproof camera. Life is an adventure. I'm in love with memories. I really enjoy capturing every twist and turn this beautiful life has to offer. A Hawaiian sling. I am a waterman, so being in the water, hunting for food is where I feel the most at home. True peace for my soul. A big bowl of gummy candy. I am absolutely addicted to candy, especially gummies. I can catch the meat, but I can't catch the candy.Which Survivor contestant are you most like?Tyson. He knew how to play the game through laughter, creativity, and good times. A true free spirit.What's your reason for being on Survivor?I've been waiting my entire life for an opportunity to show the world the many skills I have to offer. I feel like this is my calling. Also, almost everyone I know literally asks me all the time, "Seb, why are you NOT on Survivor?" I just feel like it's my time to shine.Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?I am perfect for this game. I spend most of my life outside in the elements, a lot of which is involved with something physical. I'm great with people and can make friends very easily. I enjoy being challenged in such ways that may be life risking. I can figure out little kinks to situations that others may not even think about. CBS.com
  21. Dade

    Chris Noble

    Age: 27Hometown: Florida Keys, FloridaCurrent residence: Brooklyn, New YorkOccupation: Male ModelHobbies: Traveling, sports, being a foodie, adrenaline seeking, working out, and dating.Pet peeves: My pet peeves are certain characteristics of people. If you are lazy and also a liar, I won't like you. In fact, it angers me when people act lazy and try to manipulate everyone around them and ruin everything. Now, those pet peeves are going to be alive and well in the land of Survivor. Good thing I know how to dish it right back. I have been around people like that my whole life and I know how to deal with it. So yeah, my title of Most Dramatic, in the face of a bunch of liars will be, shall we say... interesting.Three words to describe you: Ambitious, charismatic, and charming.What's your personal claim to fame?My greatest accomplishment was being on a 5th Avenue Versace billboard! It was by no means the end all and be all of where I want to be in life, but it was a major accomplishment. To me it was an accumulation of everything I've worked hard for finally getting justified. It was a huge symbol of perseverance and it was gratifying. I rely on my own self-motivation and have accomplished stuff that was difficult and took legit perseverance, but winning Survivor will top all that.Who or what is your inspiration in life?My ma is my hero. But it wasn't always so. Growing up, my mom and I didn't have the best relationship. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at 27 and had me at 34. God bless her. A lot of side effects of MS don't just affect the body, but the brain as well, such as depression. So as a kid, I couldn't handle or understand what was going on. I look back at my childhood and most memories of my mom and I were difficult. She would have seizures during my baseball games, at my school where she tutored, and the side effects of all the medications made it difficult to have a normal relationship with her.When I was 12, my parents split and the next couple years were even tougher as her disease progressed. If it wasn't for my father telling me I needed to rise above the past and grow up, I would have continued to struggle. When I was told she had two months to live I decided to become a man at 17, and our past struggles brought us even closer. Through the years, our relationship grew, and our love and respect for each other brought our relationship to all-time highs. None of this would be possible if she hadn't beat the odds for almost 10 years now.I will always idolize her perseverance, her grit, and her faith in God. She is the greatest hero anyone can have and I live through her. She never quit or gave in when she was told she had two months to live, so why should I ever quit or give in when life "gets hard?" Want to talk about a survivor? That's my mom.If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?First would be a good luck necklace my mom gave me when she almost died. I've been wearing it ever since and crazy good things have happened since. Also, lotion, so I could give awesome massages and bond with the hot girls on my tribe, and finally a second bottle of lotion—I plan to be on the island for a while, and maybe I'll get one if I play my cards right!Which Survivor contestant are you most like?From Season 33, I would be a mix of Ken and Michaela. I would provide food like Ken. But unlike Ken, my social game would be on point. I would have Michaela's fire, determination, and athletic ability. I would also be blunt like her, but would do a better job of building relationships. In previous seasons, I would have the social and ladies game like Joe. Joe is eye candy and smooth. I would try and form a coalition with someone like him. He would be my shield and then I would cut him later in the game. As far as Season 36, I won't know whether to play the game like a Florida panther—stealthy and in the shadows, or like a lion—dominating its tribe. I may have to be both, depending on the dynamic of the game.What's your reason for being on Survivor?The game itself, and to spread the awareness of MS. 2.3 million people worldwide have MS and there is no cure! For me, like life, I've been finding ways to survive for a long time. I want to apply all my experiences with different personalities, and put them to the ultimate test. I want to compete and I want to win. This is a competition of survival. I am a type-A personality and I cannot stand the thought of losing. I have tunnel vision when it comes to winning and there is nothing out there, competition wise, like Survivor.Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?I will bring my Survivor mental toughness, my ability to adapt, my positivity to aid the weak, and my will to survive. I might not know how to do some things, but I will find a way to eat and get water. Whether that's through my creativity, my charm with women, or my ability to make one of the guys my bro. Some men will not like my alpha mentality, which strategically, I will hold back in the beginning as I read people, but I will find my way. They always say "don't bite the hand that feeds you." I grew up on an island so if I'm one of the few that can get his own catch and get his own water (which are the two essentials of living), no one will bite that hand. I will have ultimate power. CBS.com
  22. Dade

    James Lim

    Age: 24Hometown: Los Angeles, CaliforniaCurrent residence: New York, New YorkOccupation: Business AnalystHobbies: Working out, exploring restaurants/bars, and traveling to faraway destinations.Pet peeves: Slow walkers, people who are superficial, and bigots.Three words to describe you: Astute, resolute, and ambitious.What's your personal claim to fame?I am a U.S. Presidential Scholar selected by President Obama's commission, and interned for his White House administration. In college, I was a walk-on sprinter for Harvard Track and Field and, as a senior, was elected team captain by my teammates, becoming the first Asian American captain in program history.Who or what is your inspiration in life?My grandfather came from a rural village in Korea, survived the Korean War, put himself through the best college in the country, and eventually became a successful businessman. He came from nothing to overcome tremendous odds and so much adversity and always exemplified love for family along the way. He passed away a couple of years ago but remains an inspiration in everything I do.If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?First, a photo of my family. They'll be a source of emotional strength no matter how tough it gets out there. Second would be an American flag because being a first-generation American is one of the greatest sources of pride and willpower for me. Finally, a journal and pen to take notes on the game as it develops and also to keep a diary during the adventure of a lifetime.Which Survivor contestant are you most like?Yul Kwon. Our backgrounds are uncannily similar as Korean-American management consultants, and I plan to follow his example in being cool, calm, and collected throughout the game. Yul's Survivor journey contributed greatly to the positive representation of Asian-Americans on TV, and I hope to do the same.What's your reason for being on Survivor?Survivor is an adventure like no other. Everything it presents—the wilderness, the challenges, the fellow castaways from all cross-sections of America—will be a chance for me to break out of the bubble I've been a part of for most of my life and push myself physically, emotionally, and mentally like never before. I'll embrace the challenge and have fun along the way.Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?There is no magic formula to winning Survivor. However, there are qualities that will help players get far. I believe I have most of them—I am team-oriented, athletic, outgoing, and tenacious. I will focus on being a helpful, likable asset to those around me, and on the down low strategically pave my path to the very end. CBS.com
  23. Age: 26Hometown: Haslett, MichiganCurrent residence: Los Angeles, CaliforniaOccupation: Law studentHobbies: Sailing, skiing, and running.Pet peeves: Stupid people and people who think they know everything.Three words to describe you: Ambitious, impatient, and astute.What's your personal claim to fame?Getting on Survivor. But really, I am most proud of getting into UCLA Law, one of the best law schools in the country. Additionally, making it through the first year of law school taught me a lot about drive and perseverance.Who or what is your inspiration in life?I don't have a particular source of inspiration in life because I don't believe in emulating or worshipping anyone. I think that everyone has positive traits to draw from as well as less desirable aspects.If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?First, a notebook and pen to organize my thoughts and strategy. Second, my retainers because I have had my braces off for over a decade but am still too scared to try not wearing them. What if my pearly whites started moving around? And finally, a bottle of rum because no self-respecting sailor would be caught on a remote island without rum.Which Survivor contestant are you most like?I am passionate, competitive, and neurotic like Spencer. Also, I have the same penchant as him for making people feel irrelevant and that is something I will have to be very careful not to do during the game.What's your reason for being on Survivor?To take a shot at playing a game I have watched religiously and loved since I was 9. I'd also like to win the million so I can pay off my student loans and then buy a sailboat and sail around the world.Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?I like to lead people and take initiative. Plus, I like to roast people and what doesn't build tribe morale more on Survivor than a few laughs from roasting the other tribe? I can also cook a mean batch of rice. CBS.com
  24. Age: 34Hometown: Boise, IdahoCurrent residence: Chicago, IllinoisOccupation: Yoga InstructorHobbies: Triathlon, running, yoga, meditation, climbing mountains and trekking, travel, and writing. Is wine considered a hobby too?Pet peeves: When I run out of wine.Three words to describe you: Wild, determined, and passionate.What's your personal claim to fame?Ironman. I'm most proud of not just the finish line at the event but the dedication to the training as a working single mom that went behind it. It made me a better human and changed my kids and my life. My racing is always a family affair and I couldn't do it without my two little cheerleaders. Also, I've done a lot of solo traveling. I've been to 24 countries and six continents. Backpacking and trekking solo is a massive passion of mine and feeds my wanderlust soul. It is adventurous and crazy at times but it's shaped me more than anything else in life.Who or what is your inspiration in life?Bob Scott. 87 years old. He is my angel. I met him the week of my divorce and two weeks after his wife passed away. I like to think his angel wife brought us together. He taught me to swim shortly after we met because he wanted me to be a "happy and fit mom" for my boys. He helped me learn to ride a triathlon bike. He introduced me to the world of triathlon, which changed my world. He competed alongside me at my first half Ironman and full Ironman and still competes to this day. Bob taught me the sport is about fun, fitness, and friends and that to do this for life and be just like him, I had to keep this mentality. We still train together each week as well as compete alongside each other.If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?Lipstick! Because I even wear it when I do my Ironman races! Next would be ear plugs because I'm an insanely light sleeper and hate snorers, and a piece of Rose Quartz because it's my favorite stone and would remind me to follow my heart and trust my intuition.Which Survivor contestant are you most like?A combo of Parvati for her heart and inner strength, Tyson for his sarcasm, Ozzy for his love of adventure, Courtney for her sass, and Mama C for being a strong and fierce mom.What's your reason for being on Survivor?The adventure. I've watched every single episode of Survivor since it began 18 years ago and the adventure of the show keeps me coming back for more and applying over and over and over! And the social game! I have wanted to play the social game since the first season. Ever since I taught English in Russia in college and was dropped into Siberia with a random mix of girls I have loved the social game of learning to get along with people in a group setting and finding out what makes people tick. That's why I love traveling solo too, because I like to meet and connect with other people from different beliefs and backgrounds.Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?Because every day for the past 10 years, I have looked at a sticker on my mirror: "Outwit, Outlast, Outplay. Survivor." I never once have stopped believing that this dream would come true. I can have all the strategy in the world and I will! But if I have learned anything from watching the show, participating in endurance events, raising children, working in a fast-paced finance position, studying in an ashram, being an entrepreneur, or all my other adventures is that nothing turns out like you expect. I am really good at adapting to circumstances, to people, and to unlikely situations. Plan A quickly becomes Plan C and it doesn't shake me up. I can endure pain both mental and physical with a smile on my face. Adaptation. A sense of humor. Dreaming big. That embodies who I am and why I will win! CBS.com