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  1. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    Nov 15, 2017 Episode 8 Previously on Survivor...The Hustlers and Heros came together and got Jessica out. 11 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Solewa Night 19. Joe says he didn't see Jess going, he tells us that as a fan you got to appreciate it. Ben said the plan worked but he is worried about individuals. Lauren is pounding nails and finds a clue...she finds an advantage...it allows her to ,secretly not vote and instead save her vote for use in a future TC. When it is her turn to vote, don't write down a name, instead secretly place the paper in the urn and take the blank voting parchment with her. In other words she can vote twice later. Reward Challenge time: race up a tower, thru obsticles to the top where they will use a sling shot to hit five targets. They are split into two teams. Reward is private island with spaghetti, salad and wine. Draw for slots, odd person out automatically wins. Joe drew the white rock so he wins. Its blue against Red. Red at the top first, blue right behind. Red gets one target and two. Blue gets first target. 3 for red. Blue gets 2. Blue ties it up with 3. Blue gets 4th target. Red gets close and Blue gets their last target. JP, Devin, Chrissy Cole and Ryan with Joe joining them. Its a trick reward....one large dish of spaghetti will be served family style, they will each eat alone. How much or little each eats will never be known. Joe gets to pick the order of the eaters. Day 20 Joe picks Devon to go first, its his Birthday. Joe will go last. Devon says there is tons, he felt he was fair, he says he might have eaten more then his share. JP eats next followed by Cole. Cole says he will eat as much as he wants. Cole finds writing under the spaghetti. It says he there is an HII buried underneath the tribe flag. Cole takes an apron from under the bread and tries to cover up the dish. Chrissy is next and she looks around for the clue and finds it under the apron. Chrissy hopes Ryan finds the clue and he does. Ryan removes the plate from the table completely and hides it. Ryan lays down next to Chrissy and she asks if he saw it. Cole figures out they know the clue. They get back at camp and while they are telling the others about the reward Cole heads into the woods to answer the call...Ryan heads to the flag and finds the HII. He tells Chrissy to cover it back up, as she is doing it Cole runs up and shoves her away, Ben runs up and also digs. Ryan is standing there with it in his pants. Ben tells us that Cole has it in his pants, you don't run up there and like that and not get it. Cole says its a disaster, they all think he has it and he doesn't. Day 21 Immunity challenge time: They will stand on a narrow beam while balancing a statue on a long pole, they will move father away from the statue at intervals, drop the statue or fall off the beam and they are out. One little movement and their game could be over. Mike is out, Joe is out, Devon is out. You can see Ryan's heart beating thru his chest. Lauren is out, Ryan is out. 10 minutes in to the challenge and they move back a spot on the beam. Ashley is out. Desi and Ben wiggling, they recover. JP makes a nice recovery. Chrissy is out. Ben is out. Its Desi, Cole and JP left. Desi is out. JP and Cole both wiggle around. JP is out...Cole wins immunity. 21 days into a 31 day adventure and someone will go home tonight. Back at camp they discuss the challenge. Ben says the plan now is to split the vote between Joe and Desi. Cole tells Joe he doesn't have an HII. Joe, Cole and Mike say if the votes are split then one vote will it. Ryan and Joe are talking about voting out Ben...while Ben listens in the bushes. Ben really don't like that guy. Ben asks Joe what he is doing, hogging all the HII? Joe says he has gotten some HII. Joe says he has to do what he has to do to blow up Bens game. Joe says Ben swore on his marines, Ben says he still has things to deal with from this time in the marines. Desi says she hopes Joe knows what he is doing. Lauren tells Ben she has an advantage for TC and they cant split the votes. Ben says its a blessing and curse. Ben talks to Ryan and Mike about voting out Joe. Mike says this could be hi chance to get off the bottom. Ben says he hopes the hammer doesn't go down on him tonight. Time for TC. Jeff asks Joe if the feels the heat. Joe says Ben is running the show. Cole says the Healers are a target. Joe says he called it day one, they let Ben cause chaos. Ben apologizes for getting heated today. Desi says ppl manipulate words to mean different things in different situations. Ben says he has gone thru a lot and to this day he is working on his anger issue, he let Joe make him mad. Desi says everyone there has told some sort of lie. Time to vote...Lauren pulls the advantage out of her cleavage and put the blank paper into her cleavage. Time to tally the votes...any one want to play HII? nope. Votes: Ben, Lauren, Desi, Joe, Desi, Joe, Desi, Joe, Desi, Joe. Revote, Desi and Joe wont vote, they can only vote for Desi and Joe. And Lauren flips a blank paper off the back of the stand and closes the . Votes: Desi, Joe, Desi, Desi, Desi, 8th person voted out and first person in Jury is Desi. She tells them good luck and walks off. Jeff says if roller coast is the theme there is a lot of coast left. Next time on Survivor: Lauren is armed and dangerous while Ryan's loss lips could sink his ship.
  2. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    Nov 8, 2017 Episode 7 Previously on Survivor...Yawa remained undefeated. At TC Ali goes home. 12 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Soko night 16, Chrissy says she thinks she is dominating the social game on her tribe. Tawa day 17, They trust each other and can see them staying strong after merge. Ben is concerned about Cole and Jess tho. Levu is hungry, they have only a bit of sugar left. They need food. Time for Reward challenge...Jeff notices Desi is having trouble walking up to the mat. Desi says they have nothing to eat. Drop your buffs....you are merged. Ben says the merge is the first step to getting the million dollars. Tribe gets new buffs, they are purple. They do not get the typical merge feast, they have something better. Outback steak house!! Steak, baked potato, chocolate cake and beer. They head around the corner of the island and get their feast. They toast to the merge. Cole says that on the average day he eats 8,000 calories, he is happy to eat. Joe tells them he played an HII. Ben is concerned that Chrissy wants to talk in front of everyone. Ben says now its about him and his family. Cole says it feels like they have been given new life. Cole says he feels he should be looking for a new clue but hasn't found anything. (as we see a clue hidden in the nails he is using) Ashley says she is feeling like a queen bee. Cole and Ryan say they should have a Huslter/Heroes alliance against the Healers. New tribe is called Solewa....Day 18. Devon and Lauren say the Hustlers are a good team. Ashley tells us she is sticking with the Healers. She tells Mike about Devon. Ben doesn't like Cole. Jess says Cole has made some big mistakes with food but she feels a connection with Cole. She tells Cole to not eat the cinnamon sticks again. Ben goes around talking about Cole. Mike tells Ben that everything they have done for the last 8 days goes out the window if Cole goes now. Cole gets worried. Day 19...Immunity Challenge time....they will stand on a narrow beam while spinning a ball in circular trap, at intervals they will move down the beam. Just like that Ryan is out. They move one foot down on the beam. Mike is out. Move one step down the beam (it gets skinnier s they go down) Jessica drops. They move down the beam. Ben is out, JP is out, Devon is out, Lauren is out. Coal recovers. Joe is out. 10 min into comp. Cole is out, Chrissy is out. Desi and Ashley are still in it. 30 min into challenge.... Jeff teases Ryan about being out 2 seconds into challenge, 38 min in. Sudden death, both feet now go onto the skinniest part of beam. Ashley is out. Desi wins first immunity challenge. Ryan says now is the time for Hustler/Hero alliance to come together and take out the Healer tribe. Cole tells us he is in big trouble, he talks to Ben, says he is sorry about his bad eating habits. He does things w/o thinking about it. Ben says oh no, its all good. Ben tells us he has to vote tacitly. Joe and Cole talk. Cole tells Joe about the pact. Joe tells us Ben is playing both sides. Mike, Cole Lauren and Desi talk about voting out Chrissy. Mike wonders if Ben is with them or against them. Ben says they need a Healer gone first. Jess name is thrown out there. Ben wonders if he will vote to get Chrissy out or break and get a Healer out. Ben says they are going to war tonight. Time for TC. 3 of them have never been to TC before so they have to get fire. Jeff asks how the original tribes played a part in todays discussions? Joe says he heard 3 names so for all 12 to be nervous he calls BS. Lauren says its not just about tonights vote but all the others too. Joe says he is about trust. Mike says he and Joe have mended their bonds. Joe says he has found HIIs plural, he pulls one out and puts it on. Cole says this could be his first and last TC. Ben says battle lines are drawn, we will find out who is aligned with whom, someone is going home. Time to Vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to play the HII? Joe takes off the HII, hands it to Jeff and says its played for Joe. Votes: Chrissy, Jess, Chrissy, Jess...tied...Chrissy, Jess, Chrissy, Jess...tied...Chrissy, Jess, Jess....one vote left. 7th person voted out of Survivor is Jessica. She waves and walks off. Jeff says when battle lines are drawn its not about who goes home but who survives. Next time on Survivor: The Healers future looks grim but they are not going down w/o a fight.
  3. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    Nov 1, 2017 Episode 6 Previously on Survivor...Roark was voted out. 13 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Soko Night 14...Chrissy tells us that Ryan kept his word and she feels she can get farther with him. Ali is very upset. Ryan says he trusts Ali that's why she is still there and Roark is gone. Ali tells us it was a wake up call, she will never trust Ryan again. Ryan tells us that Ali may have to go, he cant have enemies in this game. Yawa Day 15...Mike catches fish with the spear gun and its amazing. Its little but its still a fish. and he drops it into the fire...he's not gone he just cooked a bit faster. Ben says he is proud of Mike. Mike caught a small fish and he shared it. Cole has caught large fish and ate it all himself. Food is running short. Cole wants to eat big while they have it, Lauren wants to make it last. Cole needs to eat now, he needs bigger servings. Lauren tells us that Mike is starting to see how Cole really is. Cole is digging his own grave. Day 15....Reward challenge time...Race out to a set of pole, use the pole to transport a buoy across a beam, it will release their boat, they will then shoot at two targets. First tribe will get 10 pizza's, second place will get one to share. Set....GOOO. Teams are close. Blue and Red drop the buoy. Yellow gets their buoy across. Red gets theirs across. Yellow at their boat. Blue drops the buoy again. Red at their boat. Yellow is pulling themselves to the platform. Neck and neck between yellow and red. Blue gets their buoy across finally. Yellow and Red at their platforms with Blue right behind. All teams coming up short hitting their targets. Its all in the water so things are moving. Yellow and Red both get a target down. Yellow wins reward. Red gets second. Blue comes up empty handed. JP tells us that w/o him there is no way his tribe would get thru any challenge. Soko Day 15...They are all eating a pizza each. They praise JP. Ryan says it raises the threat level of JP, he doesn't like talking game either. JP talks about fires on the beach as a first date. Levu Day 15...Ashley is nervous about going to TC. Ashley wants to get Desi to flip on Joe. Devon thinks there is an HII, they are always looking out for Joe, he has already found one. Ashley asks Desi if she would vote out Joe. Desi says yes. Joe says he knows Devon is watching him, Joe finally finds the clue but acts like he didn't. Joe says he will not let ppl know he has it this time. Later that night Joe goes to the well and searches for the HII....he finds it. If he goes to merge he will find the HII again. Tawa Day 16...Cole hands start to shake, a worm falls from the roof and Ryan offers it to Cole. Cole collapses. Mike says get him water, Jess offers him her rice. Jess says she found out she doesn't want to play this game w/o him. Mike says Cole has become a liability...on day 16, what happens on day 17 or 18? Ben talks to Mike about taking out Cole, they cant pander to Cole. When Cole passed out he sealed his fate. Cole tells Jess that he is there for her. Immunity Challenge time...they will each pull on a rope suspending a disc, they will work together to place blocks onto the disc that spell out Immunity, if they fall they have to start over. GOOO...all teams even. They have to spell if from the bottom up. Yellow has to start over. Red and Blue with 5 letters, Blue now has 6ths...Blue drops their letters. Red needs only one block left...Cole sets the last block on for Red and ....... Red blocks fall. Yellow and Blue are even with 6 blocks. One letter left for both Yellow and Blue. Everyone in it now.....all I's are on now to get back to their place...Red wins Immunity. Yellow drops their letters as Blue as wins immunity. Soko will be going to TC. Ali tells us she is more nervous then she has ever been. Soko Day 16...JP says todays immunity challenge didn't go so well. Ryan says Ali is the obvious target BUT JP is a threat, he needs Ali to vote out JP. Ryan apologizes to Ali and talks to her about JP. Ali says she cant trust Ryan but he sees JP as a threat going forward. Now they just need to get Chrissy on board. Ali talks to Chrissy, Chrissy agrees that JP is a threat. Chrissy tells us she doesn't know if she can trust Ali, she wants to talk to Ryan about it. Ryan and Chrissy agree on JP. Time for TC...the roller coaster continues for the Soko tribe. Ali tells Jeff that her and Ryan talked and its now under the rug. Chrissy says they feel a merge is imminent and one of them has to go. JP says yeah the stronger guys go home about now. Jeff says JP answered a direct question w/o saying anything important. Chrissy says JP is very quiet. Ryan says there are only a couple of pieces left before JP becomes a super player. JP says if he walks down that path tonight he says maybe he should have played differently. Thunder rumbles. Chrissy says every person there benefits her game and hurts it. Time to vote....We see JP vote Ali and Ali vote JP. Time to tally the votes, anyone want to play the HII? nope. Votes: Ali, JP, Ali, 6th person voted out...Ali. Ali whispers "you're kidding me" she says good luck beating him. Jeff says they are almost out of tribe members and they are clearing depending on the merge. Next time on Survivor, a bomb is dropped (you are merged!), the target's in sight, and it's a race to gather troops. Ali: I guess I let a little twerp like Ryan ruin my whole game, and Chrissy's the liar of all liars. If she lies that way the rest of the game, she's going to win. I came into this game thinking I was going to just play all with my head, and maybe I did add in my heart a little bit, maybe I trusted people too much and that's what got me.
  4. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    October 15, 2017 Episode 5 Previously on Survivor...At TC the game turned upside down, Joe used a HII and Alan went home. 14 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Night ...tribe is talking about TC. Joe played nervous rec to get the to vote for him. Yawa day 12...Ben gets spooked by pops from a piece of bamboo they are burning. Ben says it put him in a bad spot, its from his being in the Marines. Its hard being with ppl that understand his PTSD. Ben says you have to look to the future. He wants to show vets there is way more to life then Hell. Day 13...Reward challenge time. They have their feet tied together with their arms strapped at their side. They have to push a ball across a course. They are playing for iced coffee and sweets and tea to take home. Second place gets one jug of iced coffee to take back to camp. Ready ...go....Blue takes an early lead, yellow struggling, red catching up. Blue still in the lead as it passes off the ball for a 3rd time. Blue has a huge lead, they can now use balls to shoot into a wire tube. Yellow loses the ball and has to go off track to get it. Red goes ahead of them. Blue gets first ball in tube, Red is now shooting. Yellow loses ball again. Blue gets second ball in tube. Yellow cheers on Ryan who loses the ball again. Blue gets 3rd ball while Red gets 1st. Blue gets 4th and 5th balls in. Blue wins first reward. Yellow gets ball over the hill and to the mat to shoot. Red gets their last ball in before Yellow can start shooting. Red gets a jug of iced coffee. Day 13 Levu (Blue) camp. They dig into pastries and coffee. They say it was so nice to win that after TC last night. Devon thanks them for trusting him. Devon says it would be in his best interest to get rid of Joe. Devon and Ashley are in it together. Ashley tells us they are going to work on Desi, if Desi doesn't flip on Joe the next TC is going to rocks. Back at Yellow camp Ryan thanks them for cheering him on. Ryan tells us he is a good at making ppl laugh. Roark wants to make friendships with ppl and get on with her game. Roark and Ali talk. They agree Ryan plays a great social game. Ali likes Roark. Ryan tells us his two closest partners (Chrissy and Ali) will never work together. Over at Red camp we get a glimpse of Coles eating habits. Mike and Jesse dig near the well for an HII...and Mike finds it, Jesse is excited. Mike is ok with Jesse knowing he has it. Day 14...Immunity challenge time...swim out to a boat and retrieve 3 bags of rice, push it thru a wall, get it to shore where they will rip it open and find a ball, get the ball up a wall and into a hole. There are 3 bags of rice each. Red is in the lead followed by Yellow both have 2 bags thru the wall. Yellow has 3rd bag and so does Red. Blue is struggling. Yellow starts over the obstacle course with the rice bags. Yellow and Red have 2 bags. Blue has 3 bags and ripping open the bags. Red looking for their balls. Yellow behind. Blue finds all their balls and starts on the wall maze. Red gets their balls and head for the wall. Yellow makes up some time and is at the wall too. Red has first ball in the hole. Blue ties it up. Yellow keeps dropping off the beam as they try to work the ball up the wall. Yellow has one ball. Blue has 2 balls, Red working on 3rd ball. Red wins immunity. Yellow falls again and again, Chrissy cant stay on the beam. Blue wins immunity. Yellow (Soko) will go to TC. Day 14, Soko camp. Chrissy says she doesn't feel safe going TC. Chrissy and Roark have a talk. Chrissy says they should send a guy home and set up an all girls alliance. Roark tells us that Chrissy waits until they are headed for TC to talk game with her...she doesn't like or trust Chrissy. Chrissy tells JP and Ryan that Roark may be trying for an all girls alliance and they should get her out. Ali wants Chrissy to go home. Ryan says he has the choice on who goes home. Ryan says no matter how he votes he is breaking a bond with someone but either betters his game. Time for TC. Jeff asks Ali if she notices any difference between Heroes/Hustlers and Healers play. She says yea. Argument about Chrissy not giving up the beam in the challenge. Roark says Chrissy never talked to her before today. Chrissy says she talked to everyone before now. Roark says Chrissy said she never talked to her. Chrissy says she guesses she came here expecting it to be her. Roark says she feels the same comfort now as when they sat down. Ali says you dont get a connection with someone until you vote together. Roark thinks she is the swing. Jeff says if that's true then one of the 2 groups are being broken up. Time to vote. We see Roark vote for Chrissy and Chrissy vote for Roark. Time to tally the votes...any one want to use the HII? nope. Votes: Chrissy, Roark, Chrissy, Roark...tied....5th person voted out is Roark. Ali looks at Ryan who just looks down. Roark tells them good luck. Next time on Survivor....Tensions are high. And it all comes crashing down. (as we see Cole take a header to the ground as he passes out).
  5. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    October 18, 2017 Episode 4 Previously on Survivor....Hustler tribe went to TC and Patrick lost the battle. 15 are left, who will be voted out tonight? We start out with a challenge. Drop your buffs, we are switching tribes. Big mix up....Ashley, Alan, Desi, Joe and Devon they are Levu (Blue). Soka (yellow) is Ryan, Ali, Chrissy, JP and Roark. Yawwa (red) Jessica, Mike, Cole, Loren, and Ben. Reward challenge time....3 members attached to a braided rope, they have to untangle the rope, pull a sled back to them then use puzzle pieces to make a banner. Reward is PBJ and a bag of chips for each...winner take all, no second place. All 3 teams working well together. Red moving fast, have the braid untangled and now have to go over and under hurdles. Red is thru and on to last hurdle. Blue way behind. Red and Yellow neck and neck trying to hook the sleds. Blue catches up. Red hooks the sled and starts pulling...its heavy. Yellow still trying to hook sled. Red is working well on the puzzle. Yellow hooks the sled and starts the puzzle. Blue still working on hooking the sled. Red puzzle workers are Mike and Jessica, they think they have it and they do. Yawa wins reward. Ali tells us that now they are mixed up you have to step up and perform. Yawa Day 9. Ben likes the tribe, they worked well together. But he feels there is huge target on his back. They introduce themselves. Jessica reaches into her chip bag and finds a secret advantage. While the others are chilling in the ocean Jessica looks at her advantage..."This advantage gives you the power to block one person from voting at the next TC. You will send this anonymously to one member on your tribe. They will not know its power until they open it at TC. If you win immunity and do not go to TC you must send this to someone on the losing tribe." Jessica tells Cole and Mike about the advantage. Cole tells Ben and Lauren. Lauren thinks its odd that Cole told them that. She will use the secret to her advantage. Soko Day 9. They introduce themselves. Ryan tells Chrissy about his advantage on day one. She says she felt very loved when she got it. Chrissy feels thrilled, now she has one more person to work with. Lovu camp introduce themselves. Ashley says she doesn't really want Devon on her tribe, but they work it out and even tho Ashley doesn't trust him he can help her. Joe is now worried, he do what he has to do. Devon says he doesn't trust Joe but he needs to figure out his next move or he could be going home next. Yawa Day 10. Lauren tries to get Mike on her and Bens side. She tells Mike about the advantage. Mike goes out to the raft and tells Jessica everyone knows about her advantage, she is crushed, there were only 2 ppl that knew about it. Cole tells us crap crap crap, he tells Jessica that telling Lauren serves no purpose, it must have been Ben. Jessica is not happy, Cole hurt her but she would never tell him that. Did she make a poor decision? Immunity Challenge time...race out to a large crate of puzzle pieces, they have maneuver it thru a table obstacle and under a net, they will then unlock more pieces then arrange them so they are all the same color. Its close as they come off the table, Blue in the lead. Red takes the lead. Red out from under the net first. Blue on their tail. Yellow behind. Red has all their pieces free. Yellow has their second pieces. The pieces have to line up with color and shape. Blue on their puzzle now too. Red thinks they have it and they do. Yawa wins immunity. Yellow and Blue neck and neck. Yellow has it, Soko also wins immunity. Levu will be going to TC. Levu camp, they talk about the lock and puzzle, they weren't working together. Alan says Devon is the swing vote, who he goes with goes out on top. Devon talks to Ashley, tells her that Joe told him they wanted to vote Devon out. She says no way. Devon thinks he can trust Ash and Joe, Alan is a snake. Joe thinks Devon is playing him. Joe thinks they will vote him out, he wants to use the HII. Alan asks Joe who is going home. Joe says Desi is stronger in puzzles. Ash doesn't think she is weak link, she says he will get voted out if he doesn't keep quiet. Joe tells Desi that he has the HII. Desi says he thru her under bus and wants him to use it on her. Joe says if they can work together then its ok. Devon reaches into his back and pulls out the secret advantage. Time for TC....Alan says its been a long day. Alan says his vote will go between Ash and Joe. Jeff says its like a movie where they go after the bad guy by going after his wife. Devon says yeah he is the swing vote, who can he go forward with. Joe says you cant penetrate the Heroes. Alan says Joe is just hanging on by his fingernails. Time to vote.....Devon pulls out his secret advantage, and reads it. Mouths hang open...Devon says that is not an advantage. Jeff says it means Devon cant vote. Time to tally the votes, anyone want to play the HII? Joe pulls out the HII and hands it to Jeff....Joe keeps it for himself...any votes cast for Joe will not count. Votes: Joe, Joe, Alan, 4th person votes out is Alan. Joe says he read Ash's face, he tells Desi he has her back. Ash is shocked. Alan walks down the path. Next time on Survivor....To win you have to get dirty, be ruthless and have a willingness to risk it all.
  6. How do you feel about the cast, the show...the host? Chat all about it here.
  7. well that was cool. Loved the sign puzzle challenge.
  8. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    S35 Episode 2 Oct 3, 2017 Previously on Survivor....At TC Katrina is voted out while Chrissy holds onto the super idol (its not usable now). Back at Heroes camp they never want to go to TC again. Chrissy says it was great for her, she feels she is no longer on the bottom. She says she can use the super idol as a decoy idol later, it has no power but it has power. Ben says this group is like old paint, its cracked and missing in spots. Its every man for himself. Day 4, Hustlers camp. Ryan says the hustler tribe is feeling good about themselves. Ryan feels he has connected with everyone but Simone. Simone is not an outdoor person, she hates the outside. Simone offers to gut the fish, she has read up on it. She does a good job. Ali says she can use Simone to her advantage, like putty in her hands. At Healers tribe...Cole thinks Jessica is super cute, he digs her energy a lot. They flirt a lot, he can see himself with her. Joe takes off to look for the HII, he finds a clue carved into a tree. He wants to talk to Cole about it. Joe asks if Cole has it, he says no. Joe takes him to the clue, Joe says its the well, not the raft. They sneak past camp and head for the well, they dig and Joe gets it. Now he knows Mike doesn't have the HII...Cole goes back and uses the machete on the clue. Day 5 Heroes camp, Jp goes fishing, he caught a lobster. He says if ppl have a full belly they are happy. Jp says he and Ashley are not a couple, they will keep things low for now. Chrissy says she feels she can go far, she talks with Jp and says they could go far, ppl wouldn't suspect them as being together. Chrissy is not convinced there isn't a power couple. Chrissy says maybe Ben, they compliment each other. They agree to stay together. Ben says they are in, they are in the drivers seat, what ever they decide to do will be it. Hustler camp They find a crab, Pat is afraid of crabs (so he grabs it and screams) Pat is starting to get on Laurens nerves, she is a 25 yr old boy. Really?! she cant just come out and tell him to shut up. Lauren talks with Ali about Pat. Ali asks us how is she supposed to work with Pat if he is getting on ppls nerves. She will have to think about it, if ppl decide to vote Pat out she thinks she doesn't need him in the game anymorel Day 6... Reward challenge time. they are on a floating platform, they will swim out to a floating net ring, dive down and maneuver some puzzle pieces out of it, they will use those pieces to make a sign post. They are playing for huge fishing gear or second gets smaller fishing gear. Go.....Hustlers get to cage first. Hustlers get some pieces out of cage, all 3 have one bundle. Hustlers have one bundle left to go. Hustlers get 3rd bundle, Healers have second bundle. Heroes now have 3 bundles. Healers still need one, they get it. Healers make up some time. Hustlers out to an early lead. Everyone working on the sign, the key is to get the signs so they don't hit the blocks in the way. The sign is some of the places Survivor has been over the years. Its dead even, anyone can pull it out. Healers think they have it...and they do, they win immunity and huge reward. Heroes vs Hustlers still. Heroes win immunity and smaller reward. Hustlers know the drill, TC tonight and someone going home. Simones name is dropped. Day 6 Hustlers camp. Simone says she is sorry, they had a good lead, she wishes she could have been better in the puzzle. Simone mentions Pat to Lauren and Ali. They agree its Pat. At camp Pat says Simone to Ryan. Ali says she trusts Pat over Simone but he is unpredictable. She talks to Ryan about Pat. Ryan says Pat is like a new born baby, you like it but you have to watch it every single second. Ryan says Simone scares him tho, he wants to trust ppl, there is no place to hide in a 6 person tribe. Time for TC...They take torch and get fire. Jeff asks Ryan what the vibe of the tribe is, he says they have bonded, its like a bday party for the kid you don't like. Lauren says its more like a funeral. She says they can work together. Ali says this game changes rapidly, you have to have ppl on your side. Ryan says there are 6 different agendas there but every body thinks there is just one plan. Simone says its about building a solid foundation and trust. Pat says having trust is huge and he feels he can trust most of the ppl here. Jeff says most. Pat says all the ppl, it was a slip. Ryan says he is sold. Lauren says if you mean all say all. Pat says he is nervous. He says he is one of the most trustworthy ppl here. Ryan says he would be gutted if he went home so early. Simone says its fine, its real, she is terrified 100% of the time. Time to vote....Time to tally the votes, anyone want to use an HII? Nope. Votes: Patrick, Simone, Simone, Simone, second person voted out of Survivor 35 is Simone. She says she knows, she waves and walks off. Jeff says bad news is they are down a player, good news is they are the hustler tribe, they get back up. Next time on survivor....A war erupts and a line in the sand is drawn.
  9. 2:18pm BBT Matt cleaning up HNR. Matt takes a load of towels out to washer, there is something in it already. Everyone else in or around the pool.
  10. 1:04pm BBT This weeks HN are the first two to drop from their buns in the HOH comp. That means Kevin and Matt are HN for the week. The HN temptation is back in play. 1:11pm BBT Josh broke some slippers last night, he says BB told him in order to get new ones he has to hand in his old ones (he gave those to Kevin weeks ago). Jason tries to give him his, Kevin tells him to take back his. Josh goes on about the slippers and how Kevin will go on about the slippers. Kevin is not mad about the slippers.
  11. 12:46pm BBT "HG please report to LD in the HOH" they think its for Have nots. Christmas wraps her foot and puts her boot back on, Matt/Raven get out of pool. Christmas hops up the stairs backwards cuz they are wet from Matt/Raven. Josh pours Christmas a glass of water, grabs his bowl of cereal and heads up stairs. FOTH...its puppies!!
  12. 12:29pm BBT Matt and Raven on the big floaties in the pool. Alex telling Christmas about the hair she found in the bread. It was a clump of hair. 12:34pm BBT Jason tells Paul, Alex, Christmas, Josh and Kevin about a time a meth head broke into their house and stole weird stuff but left money laying next to a lock box but took costume jewelry and a broken saddle. Later Jason slept in Holly's solon cuz they thought someone was going to break in to that too. Jason says cops pulled this dude over in Iowa with their camera and the saddle in the trunk. 12:40pm BBT Jason still talking about the robbery, the guy had other charges some where else, if they had pressed charges he would have flipped between states, cops wouldn't give him 5 min alone in the cell with him and the amount not recovered was the same as the deductible. He says his name (no I am not saying it) and we get all 4 cams on Matt/Raven in the pool.
  13. 11:58am BBT Paul goes to Alexs and asks if Jason is using veto...Alex says no. Paul says ok so they just have to act surprised when he doesn't use it. They say they should cook all the eggs so Kevin doesn't get any... why doesn't he make his own eggs, Paul says he learned to make his own at 7. Alex says she thinks he knows how he just doesn't want to. Paul wakes Josh up...again. 2:01pm BBT Josh says good morning family, he slept pretty good last night. He says he is getting up, getting breakfast and hanging with his homies. He talks to family for sec. Jason tells Alex he was riding Kevin's ass today. They talk about the pov and where Jason found it. Josh comes into money room. They talk about Jason going bald. Raven brings Alex some banana bread in bed. One of the rules for POV was no putting it on talk ledges, BB must have been talking about Jason. They LOL. 12:07pm BBT Raven leaves and Alex spits out the bread, says its gross, she thinks she was poisoned, she ate a hair. Christmas is making eggs for Jason and Kevin. 12:14pm BBT Jason tells Christmas that Josh put his veto in the freezer (in the comp). Jason didn't spend much time in the KT cuz it was destroyed. Christmas eating, Jason heating food up in microwave. Christmas says she feels awake and rested today, being HOH runs her to the ground. Christmas offers Jason some banana bread, she says its not as sweet as Josh's.
  14. 11:42am BBT Kevin, Jason and Paul make a date for ice cream by the pool later. 11:49am BBT Kevin and Jason still walking. Raven yells at Matt for throwing an egg at her so she threw a spatula at her, she throws a spoon at him and hits him. Raven says she doesn't want anything from her. BB tells them No horsing around. 11:53am BBT Raven, Matt, Paul talking about how Jason said he was going to take Raven down, if he doesn't Raven will give the a good show. In BY Kevin saying it will be 3 days and he's (Matt) is gone and the she is gone (Raven), he hopes its a DE.
  15. 11:05am BBT BB tells Jason there are fresh batteries in the SR. Kevin goes up to make sure he is alive. Jason says he was up till 4:30 talking. Matt doing dishes while Christmas tells Raven stories about a coworker. They talk about how short they are compared to family and friends. Matt and Christmas say Raven wouldn't be dancer-size if she was 6 ft 3. 11:11am BBT Paul called to DR. Matt told to put on his mic, the girls ask if he is even working today. Kevin back out in the BY doing crunches. Matt and Christmas talking about dating ppl taller then they are. Christmas says she was 5ft 3 until this year when she quit lifting, now her spine is not compressed and she is 5ft 4. She says it will be year before she can lift again. 11:19am BBT Christmas, Matt and Raven talking about lifting. Jason washing out his shoes and leans them against the camera pole in the sun. Jason stretches out to walk with Kevin. He says he was in DR until 4:30, there wasn't anyone in his room till then. Jason and Kevin talk about Jason and Alex talking on the Wall comp. 11:24am BBT Matt goes to put some clothes in the washer. Christmas says he will make a good househusband some day. He takes towels out of the dryer and Kevin will fold one each time they pass the pool table. Christmas and Raven talking about cramps. 11:26am BBT Jason and Kevin stop to fold towels and Jason wonders about how the auction is doing. Just general chit chat. Christmas goes in and talks to Josh, he asks how Raven is, Christmas says she is very pleasant today. She leaves and Josh rolls over and covers up. 11:35am BBT Paul tells Josh that they have to keep convincing Alex to keep throwing it (HOH) between Christmas, Josh and Paul. (so they can make F5) Paul says if they power thru they can do it. Josh says don't you think it will get ugly between us. Paul says one of them will be gone (between Jason and Alex) Josh says they also have to keep Kevin good.
  16. 11:49am BBT Matt goes from room to room looking for cleaner and picking up towels and dirty dishes. (he has his arms full). Raven cleans in front of the outside door, tells Christmas to be careful she just cleaned up the grease. In BY Christmas tells how she had so much fun qualifying with guns (at a school) when she got the to driving part they wouldn't let her drive. She was upset. It a training course where they teach you to take care of a gun and do mission impossible stuff. She was qualifying for a job. 11:55am BBT Raven complaining about not being able to get up the hill (she says it like Heill). Matt mimics her. She says she would get half way up and slide back down again. Her knee is swollen big time. Matt laughs at her when she gets up and grunts. She says she needs Help (haelp) Matt says "yes you do babe."
  17. 11:36am BBT all cams on Raven/Matt in KT. She says all the cams were looking at her wondering why she just stopped and looked at Matt. Raven plays the what if games. Raven says once Mark leaves her, Matt and Kevin will be the only ones that haven't won anything. Matt says he half won POV. 11:39am BBT Josh comes into KT. Raven says no more messing up. Josh says they have to WIN. Josh quietly hums a song and asks who sung it. Oh Stevie Wonder. In BY Christmas mentions a bar, its dark. Paul says he loves that bar, its one of his favs. Hes been to NO twice this year, once for Mardi gras and once for just a fun time. 11:44am BBT Raven finally gets why Zingbot called her a clown...every come her make up runs down her face. Matt yells....Oh sh*t the rat!! and both Josh and Raven jump. Jason in the green room, he is going over dates....May 17th, where was he on May 17th. You were F'n with me Holly. He laughs. Matt looking for the cleaner with the green label, he cant find it.
  18. 11:01am BBT HG say how good the house feels now. Its a nice day. Christmas cant remember all of zingbots song, Josh says a few things, saying he said good things about Christmas. Josh says Matts laugh drives him nuts aaaHHHAAAAAaaa at 9 in the morning. Christmas counts votes, says if its 3/3 she will be the tie breaker if they try to send Matt home instead of Mark. Christmas says its good that Mark doesn't think her, Josh and Paul are F3. 11:08am BBT Raven and Matt doing dishes. Paul complaining about a song they play for wake up call. Paul also complaining about hurting so bad. In BY Josh says he is going to stay outside all day, its a perfect day. Josh tells Christmas that she is a strong woman, she is killing this game and he is so proud to have her. Christmas says regardless of what they have planned they cant be throwing this crap around. They have to keep quiet, not talk about it. 11:19am BBT General chit chat, eating and running. Jason says he has to stretch that hamstring. Christmas says how naïve she was to think she would be walking out of the BBH. And cam changes to KT when she mentions her BB doc. Paul says that comp(the fill the container one for POV last night) is the bain of his existence, that and the black box. 11:28am BBT Matt and Raven cooking. Matt adds some water to something on the stove (slop?) stirs it then puts the strainer in the top of the trash can and pours it into the strainer. Cam zooms in it. (what the hell??? did he do that for??)
  19. 6:48pm BBT 40 minutes into the FOTH.6:00pm BBT Mark and Josh in HNR...Josh says he gets emotional, Mark says but its a good emotional. Mark says Cody was the first to be isolated. Josh says in the beginning he felt alone, ppl didn't want to talk to him. Mark says Cody played such a bad game ppl needed to stay away from him, he was a lose cannon. Mark says he's not going to be an a**. Josh says when he tried to be nice to Cody, he would lose it. But with you it comes down to being in the middle thing, back and forth, back and forth. Own up to it, you saw that. 6:05pm BBT Mark says Paul wanted Jess and Cody then the whole house wanted Jess and Cody. Josh says the whole allegiance.... Mark says even if he had cut Cody he would have been the last person on their side of the house. Mark says he never had the opportunity to show where he was because he didn't win HOH. 6:08pm BBT we have FOTH 6:48pm BBT 40 minutes into the FOTH.
  20. 3:44pm BBT Matt and Raven to into red room. Matt asks how to spell lackadaisical,(yeah I had to look it up) he goes thru some words to spell. Raven tells Matt about Chirstmas's convo with Kevin. Matt says it doesn't matter, Mark is with them. In KT, Josh says he is going to listen to music, Paul says he is listening to music. Josh says you already did. Paul says I heard 2 songs and they called him to DR. 3:55pm BBT Kevin in money room with sunglasses on just sitting there. Josh leaves KT to go listen to music. Jason cooking, he was told by the girls to stop turning the steaks. They talk about food.
  21. 3:23pm BBT Christmas asks Kevin for a favor...to not talk to people about the results of the Veto until after the veto happens. He says he don't talk to nobody as it is. He says he got it he wont talk to ppl. Christmas says that's all I'm asking. Kevin says what happens if somebody asks about it. Christmas say she isn't going to dictate to him, he says he wont say anything. 3:26pm BBT Jason, Alex and Josh whispering in KT but Josh keeps talking over it. Christmas in HOH with Paul and Raven...she tells the her convo with Kevin about veto. Paul says yeah, he is being so weird. Christmas says he and Mark have to be together. If Mark wins POV she will put him (Kevin) up. Paul says Mark wont win. With all this stuff Kevin is saying Jason will gun it to win it. Christmas says all Kevin is doing is stirring things up. Raven leaves and Paul says she is everywhere. Christmas calls her a collector and she has to reassure Matt. 3:31pm BBT Paul says worst case scenario Mark pulls off Jason and we get rid of Kevin, best case we get rid of Mark second best we get rid of Jason. Christmas says it feels good to be back. Paul says they have make Raven and Matt feel comfortable. 3:38pm BBT Alex didn't get they were calling Jess/Cody Jody until Jess was out the door. In HOH Kevin set up the pillows on the couch. In KT they talk about Cody being in Jury, he better not start fights. BB had to keep ppl in the house to keep Pauly and Z apart. Jason going to start cooking the steaks. HG think comp will be like the comic comp from last year.
  22. 3:00pm BBT Jason and Kevin go in the lounge Kevin asks him whats going on. Jason says somethings going on but he doesn't know what. Josh comes in and yells...Hi family!!! Kevin says hi. Kevin says its 6 Eastern, Josh talks to his family. Kevin tells Josh's family that Josh volunteered for HN. Jason and Josh together for the week. 3:02pm BBT Mark is now in lounge, Josh talking about the rat in the KT. Christmas comes in when she hears him yelling, she thought she heard something racist. Kevin says he wouldn't let him do that. Josh says hi to all Kevins girls. It's cooking time for everyone else. You can hear Josh yelling. Mark is relaxing with his head on Josh's arm, they say they are in a good part right now. 3:07pm BBT Mark says Hindsights 20/20 only if your going backwards. Josh doesn't get it. Josh says he is now in 11th grade not elementary now. Mosh (Josh and Mark) will be often imitated never duplicated. Alex gets called to DR, they get excited cuz it could be time to play POV. Jason goes to HN and is reading something. In the KT they are talking about rats again. Christmas and Raven in HOH, Raven telling Christmas that Josh wont shut up. Christmas says he is about an inch from being backdoored. 3:11pm BBT (sorry its not Josh they were talking about)Christmas says if she had known that she would have made him a HN. Christmas going on about how "he" wants to make decisions he can get HOH. Raven tells her to calm down. Christmas says they HAVE to get Mark out. Raven says he has Kevin in his pocket. Christmas says we need to get him out too. 3:14pm BBT Mark telling Josh all he wanted to do was sleep with Elena that's why he fought with Josh about the bed and why he took the key. Paul tells Mark he likes how he owns up to stupid stuff. Josh says admitting he F'd up and can apologize to ppl is good. Josh and Mark like each other. 3:20pm BBT Christmas and Jason talking about Mark, Christmas was so mad when his chip was picked for Veto. In KT Josh says that Cody ripping into me in front of my family was what hurt. Alex out of DR...JK not time for POV yet.
  23. Overnight recap.... Aug 16 8:00pm BBT Cody reading the Bible. Alex making hotdogs chatting with HG waiting for their dogs. 9:08pm BBT Cody picking out his clothes for tomorrow. Hotdog crew still chatting about nothing. 10:08pm BBT Matt and Raven tickling each other in the lounge. Jason and Alex talking, Alex says everyone is watching Jason. Paul comes in. Alex tells Jason everyone can see him changing. Jason says they were just trying to piss Raven off. 10:50pm BBT Kevin, Paul, Jason, Christmas in lounge chatting about nothing. Jason says there is a grave yard where only people named Gwynn are buried. Its in Wayne county. Jason is from a very small town in Iowa. 11:00pm BBT Mark and Elena in LR, Elena is eating. Aug 17 12:00am BBT Mark and Elena move to the hammock. Elena tells Mark how she congrat Josh on his HOH then left. Alex was throwing her name around and it pissed her off. She will make cheeky a** comments in front of everybody. Matt and Raven come out and kiss them goodnight. 1:13am BBT Matt and Raven, Mark and Elena are sleeping. Kevin, Josh and Jason chatting with lights out. 1:18am BBT Alex in Kt alone, she gets a baggie, dumps the sugar from the bag into the baggie, puts the baggie into the drawer, she gets the salt out and pours it into the empty sugar bag and holds it up to the camera. She puts the sugar (now salt) bag into the drawer. She heads upstairs (gives a little giggle) to listen to music and look at pics. 1:38am BBT Elena up, goes to WC, Mark followers her and sits down. Elena says her head hurts she should gets some ice. They kiss. 1:42am BBT Elena goes to freezer, dumps out a baggie of ice and runs water of a tray of ice, she dumps some of the ice out and puts the tray back in freezer. She tells Mark that she did one earlier, she ran hot water over it, its F'n ice. She cleans up the "evidence" (water on floor). 1:46am BBT They go into the lounge so Mark can hug her. She touches a zit on his forehead and he says ow ow that hurts. They hear steps upstairs. Mark asks what if she watched you do it? Elena listens and they go to KT. Mark wants a bowl of cereal, Elena wants to go to bed. She wants him to have his cereal, she has been beside him all day she can survivor 15 minutes. He says if he cant sleep he will come back out. The towel smells like fish. Mark gives in and gets some corn flakes (with no sugar). Elena heads to bed. Alex is in bed watching the KT on cam. Mark has an other bowl of Corn Flakes, throws empty box away. He makes it back to bed at 2:11am.
  24. 4:52pm BBT Matt and Raven sitting at island in KT with their feet on the counter talking to Christmas while Cody fixes something to eat. Christmas asks Matt how many shirts he brought, he says 10 and then some one sent him some. Christmas says she gets a boot next week.
  25. 4:47pm BBT Elena and Mark laying down in red room chatting. Josh, Kevin, Paul, Alex in HOH razzing each other. Elena called to DR just as Mark kisses her.