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  1. 8:25am BBT Sam tells Rockstar that she understands that the comp (hackers comp) isn't supposed to be easy for ppl to win. Angela gathers her laundry and comes downstairs. Rockstar tells Sam she is not a crier. Sam says its ok to cry, she has been pushed to the limit. Rockstar says you cant be alone, cant take a walk in nature, cant hit someone (not that she would she says). 8:35am BBT Haleigh and Bayleigh were up for a few min then went back to bed, JC wonders to the WC. Angela says she is going to get ready. Fessy called to DR. Sam squirts Rockstar with water from a carafe, they laugh about it. 8:45am BBT Rockstar primps and says she hopes she looks good for her guy. Sam says she does. Rockstar says she doesn't think she has done anything to make him not care for her anymore. Sam says she has a 6th grade math ability, Rockstar says she had special math classes. She was told that she had to learn math...they wouldn't be carrying around calculators in the palm of their hands. She lols and says yeah we do, in our cell phones.
  2. 8:03am BBT We have WBRB. BB getting them up early this morning. 8:15am BBT Sam is awake and waves, pours some milk in her coffee. Rockstar changes her batteries. Looks like no one else is awake.
  3. 10:18am BBT More ants!! Sam is back to the war on ants. she is throwing things way and carefully spraying with Raid. Brett and Bayleigh are making breakfast. WBRB 10:29am BBT BB still trying to get them out of bed. General chit chat...Haleigh likes Red Hot Chili Peppers. Rockstar thanks Brett for making breakfast. 10:43am BBT Angela is called to SR. In KT Angela says oh my contacts are in. In HOH Bayleigh/Rockstar say that was a strange request...very strange request. 10:55am BBT BB trying to get Fessy and JC out of bed. Tyler and Rachel studying in WA. 11:30am BBT we have past season reels.
  4. 9:51am BBT After wake up call Sam and Bayleigh are hugging at the table. Fessy is walking thru the WA. Sam is working on a dream catcher. 9:56am BBT Brett finds a container of candy wasn't sealed tight last night and its ant infested. Sam takes it, opens the slider and sets it outside the door. (they are IDLD so we can see the curtain that down outside door) She tells production to not eat those! 10:01am BBT Haleigh/Bayleigh studying in HOH. In WA Rachel (from the shower) tells Kaycee they need to go over stuff today. BB says "HG" (interrupting Hayleigh, she waits a sec and then starts talking again) BB: "there are fresh batteries in the SR" (interrupting her again) She waits....asks if they are done....She starts talking...BB: "Thank you." She glares at the cam.
  5. 10:22am BBT Rachel and Kaycee raise the awnings. They ask JC to help out, he can grab a stool or get on one of their shoulders. He goes inside to take a shower, changes his mind and goes back out again. Sam says she brought the other corn hole inside, they now have indoor and outdoor corn hole boards.
  6. 10:14am BBT HG are awake. Sam asks who did her laundry. Rockstar says they gave them real corn hole.(they had a home made set) HG have one hour to be outside, it closes at 11am. Kaycee is on the spin bike.
  7. 9:59am BBT JC taps his mic and says listen to this. Try listening to this with earbuds. He says tell me something mean, I don't care, just talk to me. He is now pacing saying things that BB uses to wake them up. No one else is awake. 10:02am BBT WBRB Wake up call.
  8. 9:31am BBT JC does more weights, uses the WC (washes his hands), some more weights and tosses some bags at the corn hole set up. Then back to more weights.
  9. 9:03am BBT JC jogging back and forth in the BY. All other HG sleeping. 9:17am BBT JC has moved some weights across the yard and is now working the hand weights.
  10. 10:40ama BBT Sam, Kaycee, Angela in KT wondering who has the other 2 powers. Sam mouths Bayleigh. They go over who's Birthday is when and middle names. Outside Bayleigh, Fessy, Rachel and Scottie talk about what their memes look like and how they will look in exit shots. 10:50am BBT Sam does a shout out to Rae Ripple, she is Sam's hero. One of the first female welders and inspirational speaker about sexual assault survival. (Its all on her Instagram so Sam is comfortable talking about it) Sam gives out the addie for it and we get WBRB. 10:57am BBT Tyler whispers to Angela and Kaycee that Scottie told him they are going to keep close to Rachel cuz Rachel knows about Bayleighs power and they don't want her to talk about it to the others. (They all know about it)
  11. 9:39am BBT Bayleigh finds a queen bee ant and lots of little ants in the Tupperware drawer and hollers for Sam to help. Sam says she feels like Bayleighs husband. Sam kills the queen bee ant and cleans out the drawer to kill the rest of them. WBRB 9:45am BBT Sam says its time for an ant trap, she makes something and puts it in the drawer saying lets see if that works, she makes another one. Sam is declaring war on ants today, she is taking them out. Scottie and Tyler in BY: Scotties says he thinks its in his best interest to babysit Rachel this week.
  12. 8:35am BBT We have WBRB with BB music. Wake up call! Let's get this day started. 8:50am BBT Some HG are now awake. Sam waters and puts coffee grounds on the tomato plants Sam complains about ants on the KT sink. Sam says she is grumpy little Sh*t this morning. Bayleigh says that's why she went to bed early last night as she is not a morning person. Kaycee gives Bayleigh a hug before going to WA, Sam also gives Bayleigh a hug. BB is still trying to wake the others up. 9:00am BBT Sam and Bayleigh go outside. BB asks them to lower the awnings. Sam goes lower the awnings, lets not talk about game or nothing important. Sam picks some things up around the yard. Sam wants a smoke before doing the awnings but BB asks them again. They work together to do it. 9:08am BBT Sam and Bayleigh like the music this morning, it was the new Drake song. JC changed his batteries and went back to bed. Sam says tonight she has to put on her fake tan stuff, its so embarrassing. BB "What do you not understand! Please Wake Up!!" Kaycee says "what do you not understand about 10am?" 9:11am BBT Sam says she has a mile long fuse, she only blew up once. That was when she was pushed, pulled and paintballed, she decided she was not going to shocked. She feels bad about it now, that guy has a family and didn't deserve that. Sam and Bayleigh laugh about Fessy almost taking out Rockstar with the kite. 9:15am BBT Bayleigh says that its starting to feel like routine now. Sam says she has noticed she doesn't notice the crazy wall now. Bayleigh eeks at a June bug and Sam wants to catch it and put it in a jar. She hopes a bird eats it, there is a bird on the hammock. Sam talks about how after this weeks eviction starts Jury and she will be part of the after show stuff. Tyler called to DR. They all wonder why they are up early. 9:21am BBT Sam and Bayleigh agree Scottie is a sweetheart. Scottie has been a HN for two weeks in a row. Sam tells her that Haleigh and Rockstar were never her targets for eviction. Bayleigh says that next time her or Sam are HOH, how will they choose who to put up, they like everybody. Sam says 9:30am BBT Sam says the ants live under the astro turf and in the wall. Scottie joins Sam and Bayleigh in the BY, he has Cupcake in his pocket. Fessy goes outside and sits in the HT. BB still trying to get the HG up. Most are still in bed. Bayleigh and Scottie talk about next HOH comp should be smarts, they have had luck and 50/50 comps. Sam talks about how she wore one pair of blugs in her ear, now she has put them in and taken out so much they are bleeding. She says that maybe it will close up a bit. She has been wanting to close them up for a few years now. she will have to consult others. Bayleigh says that helps. Bayleigh says you want ppl you know in Jury yet you want ppl you like in the house still.
  13. Here are the Week 4 Results Correct Answers: Fourth HOH Sam Nom Kaitlyn Nom Haleigh Veto Player Faysal Veto Player JC Veto Player Angie Veto Host Rachel Veto Winner Faysal Veto Used Yes Nom Saved Haleigh Replace Nom Angie 1st Vote JC Evicted HG Kaitlyn This weeks points: monadyan 21 Points gishy333tc 10 Points vyvashuss44 8 Points Dade 6 Points Fuskie 2 Points Top 10 Leader Board monadyan 21 Points kitten200 18 Points gishy333tx 17 Points Dade 16 Points vyvashuss44 8 Points Flickz 5 Points Jinx 3 Points Fuskie 2 Points Nataliebb23 2 Points Vampirelover 1 Points
  14. Which HouseGuest will win Head of Household (2 Points)? Faysal Which HouseGuests will be nominated for eviction (name 2 HouseGuests, 1 point each)? Bayleigh, Sam Which HouseGuest will be a Have Not this week (name one, 1 point)? Rachel Which HouseGuests will be picked to play in the first Veto competition (name 3 HouseGuests, 1 points each)? JC, Tyler, Angie Which Houseguest will be chosen to host the Veto competition? (1 point)? Angela Which HouseGuest will win the Veto competition (2 points)? Sam Will the Power of Veto be used (Yes or No, 1 point)? Yes If the Veto is used, which nominated HouseGuest will be saved (1 point)? Sam If the Veto is used, which HouseGuest will be the replacement nominee (2 points)? Angie Who will be the first HouseGuest to vote for eviction? (1 point)? Rachel Who will be the last HouseGuest to vote for eviction? (1 point)? Tyler Which HouseGuest will be evicted from the Season 20 Big Brother House (3 points)? Angie BONUS QUESTIONS: Will the HoH competition on the Live Eviction Episode on 8/2 be Questions or Skill (Questions or Skill, 2 points)? Questions Will a former HG be shown in the Live Show Audience (Yes or No, 2 points)? No Will the eviction vote margin be More or Less than 2 (More or Less, 1 point)? More
  15. 6:28am BBT Tyler is fixing his HN bed, his nest is all messed up. All other HG are sleeping. 8:30am BBT There is some movement of blankets. HG are sleeping.