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  1. 4:52pm BBT Matt and Raven sitting at island in KT with their feet on the counter talking to Christmas while Cody fixes something to eat. Christmas asks Matt how many shirts he brought, he says 10 and then some one sent him some. Christmas says she gets a boot next week.
  2. 4:47pm BBT Elena and Mark laying down in red room chatting. Josh, Kevin, Paul, Alex in HOH razzing each other. Elena called to DR just as Mark kisses her.
  3. 4:33pm BBT Jason says he likes having his boots, they smell like....he is interrupted with we know, we know. He says they smell like damp, he walks around in his socks after his shower and now his boots smell like damp.
  4. 4:21pm BBT Cody tells Elena that everything was going perfect for them that week then that other chip thing happened. He was devastated. Cody says it would be amazing if Jess had an established relationship with his family when he gets home. (we hear what sounds like a baby crying) Paul says they are trying to get Mark out of the KT, just trying to aggravate him.
  5. 4:16pm BBT Elena wants to get together with Cody and/or Jess outside of the house. Cody says he doesn't want anything to do with anyone other then Jess. Ready to give her all his stuff and let her go thru it. Elena says she loves Jess, Cody says me too. Cody isn't going to think about his vote and just might flip a coin at the end. He doesn't care. Unless its one of them (Elena or Mark) Elena says at least in jury they can have what they want. Cody says it will be his 3rd time talking to Julie.
  6. 4:12pm BBT Mark discovers there is an N in sedentary. Mark says he wouldn't have the vote even if he makes F2, cuz will be one of "them". In HOH Jason talks about bull riding being scary.
  7. 4:05pm BBT Jason talks about his son, he loves his boats. He loves to go outside and run. Kevin says the world is different yet the same. He has girls. Jason says he wants 4 kids, he wants a girl. Kevin says he has 6, take one for a while.
  8. 4:00pm BBT Elena, Matt and Cody talk...Elena says if Josh wins AF she will die, that's the world we live in. She will move to Canada, she couldn't live in America if they vote for Josh. Cody says move to Texas. He was stationed there in different places, his fav was San Angelo.
  9. 1:54pm BBT Alex says she was listening to her music trying to sleep and Matt and Raven were up here whispering. Drives her nuts. Alex's back hurts from the backpack. She complains about it being a week, why not 48 hrs like everyone else (while Jason in his Xtreme suit sits there).
  10. 1:51pm BBT Alex is going to have Jason help her get a soda from the SR fridge and hide it in her backpack to bring to HOH fridge. Kevin comes in and says they are driving him nuts. Raven hides bandaids from ppl, he wouldn't give Kevin one yesterday.
  11. 1:48pm BBT Alex reminds Jason they still need their numbers. Jason says she always messes up his plans. Alex says they cant mess up, they cant have anyone panic. Alex says if they take Elena and Mark they have a better chance of winning stuff. She says they are going to make ppl choose and there is no jury battle back, when we are out we're out. Jason says Raven is a mess, a pain in the a**.
  12. 1:40pm BBT Paul tells Kevin his food is ready. Kevin has Jason taste it (slop) and says when you're starving it aint half bad. Jason's whole body is vibrating as he shakes a protein shake. Josh is trying to cut tomatoes, he says this is why he got fired (no quit) from Quiznos. The boss wanted to fire him but he quit instead. Jason goes to HOHR, he has to duck to get in the door. Alex says she wants to stay as far away from ??? as possible. She tells him they all don't like Mark. Jason says if he wins HOH he is putting Matt and Mark up.
  13. 1:34pm BBT Elena is reading the Bible, Mark kissing her shoulder and neck. Matt and Raven are kissing while Alex sleeps in the HOH bed. Raven goes down stairs, Paul is cooking, Christmas is looking for some butter, Raven helps her. Josh put water something that Christmas told him to wait on.
  14. 1:21pm BBT In HOH...Christmas says Mark needs to step up and help out, make a meal, do some dishes...something. Christmas talks about stuff said in weeks 1 and 2, all the way back to The Dominique show. Paul says he was just trying to hang out then and boned for it. Christmas says so Mark can remember all that stuff but he cant remember what he said to her.
  15. 1:06pm BBT BB tells the HG no napping. Mark is tired! Paul, Christmas, Matt and Alex in HOH. Raven comes in. Paul tells her why does Mark keep bringing up Ravens name to him? Raven says Josh gets on her nerves, his voice grates on her nerves. Paul says he thinks they think now its the showmances vs everybody. He says Mark says you and Josh are a buzz in his ear. Mark told Paul that HOH is Thurs so everybody should watch out. 1:16pm BBT Mark and Elena kissing. HOHR still going on about Mark.