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  1. We get a fast recap of the season so far. At the last TC Makayla was sent to jury. Now only 6 remain. Sarah, Troyzan, Tai, Culpepper, Aubrey and Ceire. The stage is set for a wild and historical finale. Who will win the million dollars and the title of sole survivor? Sarah confronts Cirie about her advantage. Cirie tells Sarah she felt Tai was the rat. Ceire says she told Tai about the advantage and Tai says he just now found out about it. Tai says he as going to vote out Sarah, Sarah apologizes to Cirie. Tai says she set her up. Tai says now he is Tai the lair. He has 2 HII that no one knows about, he then goes and tells Culpepper he has them. Culpepper tells us he doesn't know if he believes Tai. Troyzan has his second bag and drops it at the wrong puzzle, he changes it. Sarah lost in the maze. Culpepper and Audrey have their last bags and are starting on their puzzle. There are 41 pieces to the puzzle. Tai and Sarah are on the puzzle part, so is Cirie. Cirie putting hers together on the base before putting it together in the upright frame. Culpepper has 6 pieces left. Culpepper is missing a piece, he finds it in his bag. Culpepper wins immunity and reward. Guaranteed spot in the F5. He doesn't hesitate to choose Troyzan to eat with him, he also chooses Sarah. They head back to camp. Troyzan says he and Culpepper are tight. Sarah says she felt betrayed by Cirie at TC. The only ones she can go with now are Troyzan and Culpepper. Culpepper says he has to get back to camp cuz he doesn't want any funky business at TC tonight. He tells Tai that Aubrey is gong home and he is going to play one of his HII for himself and give the other one to Culpepper to hold. Tai tells us he feels like a dog, someone leading him. Culpepper says he isn't going to TC with him playing an idol and someone else playing one. Tai is worried Culpepper will make a fool out of him. Tai shows them to Troyzan, Culpepper asks for one and Tai says he is holding on to it for now. Culpepper tells Troyzan Tai isn't getting it back. Tai tells Aubry about the HII, says he wants to play with Sarah. Cirie comes up and says if they don't do anything they will pick them off one by one. Cirie swears to God he can trust her. Tai starts to cry. Tai cant decide what to do. TC: Aubry says there was a lot of talking when they got back to camp and they figured out the rat was Tai. Tai says it is a game of lies, everyone does it. Sarah says there are 5 people that are tight. Troyzan says Tai cant recover this late in the game. Cirie says this game is like no other, she has seen people in worse holes then this and recover. Tai says they all are in denial, he isn't the only one lied. Culpepper says buyer beware if you do a deal with Tai. Cirie doesn't trust people. Jeff says you feel like something is stable and then it shifts. Time to vote: Anyone want to use an HII now is the time. Tai uses one HII on himself then he uses his other HII on Aubry. Sarah uses the legacy advantage on herself and Culpepper his immunity. That leaves Cirie. No vote in the jar are for Cirie. this is a historical vote...the most idols used at once--3, most people ever safe--5 and the first person to be voted because there is no other choice. Cirie says she would never have done all this if she hadn't gotten off the couch 11 years ago. Jeff says Cirie has played every day with grace and its been an honor to have her on the show. Cirie brings her torch to Jeff and she says "The tribe has spoken." Jeff says this game is far from over. Back in LA Jeff calls Cirie to the stage, she gets a standing ovation. Jeff asks her what its like to feel all that love? She says she doesn't feel worthy, it shows what you can do if you just try. Immunity challenge time: They will use paddles to move a ball thru obstacles. Winner is guaranteed a spot in the F4. Go!! Sarah and Culpepper leading. Culpepper and Sarah nearing the final transition...Sarah drops it. Culpepper has his first of 3 balls in. Culpepper has his second ball in. No one else has 1. Culpepper his 4th individual immunity. He says Monika and breaks down. Day 37 At camp Culpepper says he has one of those at his house, they LOL. Culpepper, Troyzan and Sarah say is Aubry. Aubry tells Sarah and Tai that if she isn't there tomorrow then those two have a 50/50 shot but if they get rid of one of Troyzan the odds go up. Sarah and Tai talk...Sarah tells him he is the one person she has had their back this whole time. Tai says get Aubry out, Sarah shakes on it to vote out Aubry. Culpepper tells Tai that he says who goes to F4 and he will take Tai if he votes out Aubry, he has no choice. Tai says Culpepper has no respect for him. TC: Troyzan says it tough seeing Culpepper win immunity so much. He hopes the next challenge (if he is here) is right down his alley. Aubry says she is on the chopping block. Troyzan says this is where you negotiate your way to F3. Aubry says if someone else wants to have a higher chance to go to F3 they have to vote out Troyzan. Sarah says this is where you choose who you want on the jury and who you want to take. Culpepper says he talked to everybody but isn't sure. All of them say they can not beat someone....except Troyzan. Aubry says you have to pick the right F3 tonight. Time to Vote: Any one want to play HII? nope. Votes: Aubry, Troyzan, Aubry, 16th person voted and 9th member of the jury is Aubry.
  2. Previously on Survivor: Adam plays his idol for Hannah and Zeke was voted out. 8 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Vinaka Night 33: at camp the tribe congrats Will. Will says he feels he can flip flop back and forth enough to win this game. Bret thinks its all insane. Day 34: Bret and Adam think Dave should be next. Adam says He loves it. Immunity challenge time: they will race out to a group of discs, stack them then take them thru obstacles then roll the discs down a ramp. Go!! They can take one or ten discs at a time but if they drop one they have to go back. David and Bret over the balance beam. Will drops Adam over the beam. David has all his discs over and now has to stack discs and navigate thru bars. Bret is the first thru the bars. Bret and Dave in the lead. Will still back at the beginning. Jay has all his discs ready to roll, Dave can start rolling, Bret is rolling too. Dave has 2 discs in, Jay has 5, 6 in. Jay has 7, 8, 9....Jay wins Immunity. Jay says he can go spear fishing and don't have to talk to anyone, plus he has his HII. Day 34, they congrat Jay on his win. Jay could have been a target tonight but now they have to figure something else out. Will brings up Dave to all of them and they say they are good with it. Will says he wants ppl to feel like they are part of the game but he is in control of it all. Dave says if Will is smart he will follow up one big move with another, why wouldn't they want to get rid of him tonight. Adam says Will is the bigger threat, why would he want to work with someone who flips back and forth. Bret and Sunday agree with Adam and will out Will. Hannah asks Adam if he wants to get rid of someone that just saved them. Adam says they have a huge decision to make. TC time: Jury comes in looking all cleaned up. Jay says if ppl trust in Will then they should stay with Will. Hannah says you should take out the threats in the game. Adam says you have to think of who you want to sit with at the end but also who is a big threat. Dave says its a complicated game but if you don't make big moves you are the goat. It also puts a target on their back. (it starts to rain) Time to vote. Jeff will tally the votes. Any one want to play the HII? nope. Votes: David, David, Will, Will tied. Will, Will, 13th person voted out and 6th member of jury is Will. Will says have a blast guys, good luck to all of you. Jeff says instinct says to hide but you must be seen. Back at camp night 34. Dave says thanks a lot guys that worked. Jay says every time some one tries to make a plan with him they go home. Jay is not going down w/o a fight. Adam tells Jay he is sorry he lied to him again. Jay tells Adam to take Dave to the end. Adam tells us that if Jay doesn't have immunity he needs to go home. Day 35, time for Immunity challenge: They have to solve a block puzzle but there is a timer, they roll a ball up a board and they can work on the puzzle as long as the ball is on the board (think plinko), if the ball falls off the board they have to wait for it to go thru some troughs to get it out. Jay is first with a time penalty, Dave also has to wait. All of them have to wait for the slow ball to get down the trough. Ken thinks he has it but its wrong. Adam tells Ken when his ball is about to fall. Ken thinks he has it again...and he does. Ken wins Immunity. Bret says that was fun but it was crazy. Ken says apparently after not eating for 35 days you cant spell either. Day 35 at camp. Tribe tells Ken he did a great job. Adam is glad Ken won. Jay asks them to keep him please. Dave and Ken tell Hannah they split the votes between Dave and Bret and then all vote out Bret. Hannah says why not Sunday? Ken and Dave says ok. Hannah says they have to split up Bret and Sunday. Adam talks to Hannah and Ken. Adam wants to vote Jay, they need to get rid of Jay. Adam wants to vote for Jay or Dave to get rid of an HII. Bret tells Adam Jay is a huge threat and should go home. Jay tells Adam he hates him. Jay tells us Adam lies so his name prob wont be written down. Adam tells Jay his mom has stage 4 lung cancer. Adam pulls his buff over his eyes. Jay says he has been scared his mom will die. Both are crying. Jay says Adam is no longer a weasel he is a warrior. Adam and Hannah talk, Adam is reluctant to vote out Sunday. Time for TC. Jury comes in. Dave says you have to lean on friendships and bonds. Jay says yes you have to rely on alliances...which he doesn't have anymore. Jay says who is the bigger threat, the lone guy or the one with ppl who has his back. Dave says he has relied on friendships to stay but doesn't know if its true tonight. Sunday says she isn't a physical threat, she is underestimated. Adam says everyone has been playing their own game. Time to vote. Jeff is ready to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Jay says alright, rather be safe then sorry. Votes: Jay, David, David, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, 14th person voted out and 7th member of Jury is Sunday. Jay says he know he didn't have to use it. Sunday says good luck, have fun. Jeff says there are 3 millennials and 3 gen x left. Good luck. Next time on Survivor: Six are left and the game is still up in the air. Who will outlast all the others and claim the title of sole survivor. Join us next week for the 2 hr season finale followed by the reunion show. (remember the winner is announced at the beginning of the reunion show.)
  3. Previously on Survivor: the tribes merged and the Gen Xers put their differences aside and Michelle was voted out. 12 are left who will be voted out tonight. Night 23: Jay says he just lost one of his most loyal ppl. Chris says he is glad to see the votes they way they were. Taylor and Jay don't know how that happened. Adam says when Jay and Taylor gunned for him all bets were off. Adam and Taylor have secrets on each other. Taylor thinks no one noticed that he stole food. Hannah is playing with the intention of winning. She is finally getting to play and now she wants to pull off another vote. Reward challenge time: two teams of 6 they will race thru obstacles to get a key, open a box and throw bolos at targets. Winning team gets resort, pool, cheeseburgers, fries and cocktails...soft drinks for Will. Purple team is Chris, Brett, Ken, David, Sunday and Taylor. Orange team is Hannah, Adam, Will, Zeke, Jay and Jessica. Go.....everyone is quick over and under the first obstacles and purple gets their key and unlocks their box. Orange gets key. Purple drags the box under a heavy net, orange catching up under the net. Purple is now out of the net and Ken chops the rope to open the box. Orange heaves the box still under the net. Purple gets their box open and gets first bolo, second bolo, third bolo, fourth bolo. Orange is still under the net. Purple wins reward. Orange drags themselves out from under the net. Purple heads off to the spa while Orange heads back to camp. Day 24 spa time, they marvel over the food, its senses overload. Taylor says he is more adapted to eating more because of his stolen food. The liquor is flowing freely. Sunday tells us she needs to take control of the game. Back at camp Orange moans their loss. Adam is worried he is playing to hard but he has a much stronger bond with Gen X then with Jay. Jay says if he doesn't win Immunity he is in trouble. Zeke says Adam shouldn't have told Jay he was on the bottom, it could get him voted out. Day 25, the sun rises. Sunday feels Jessica wants to get her out. Sunday can use Jay to help her, Jay says he is with her and justs her fully. Sunday is going to push for Jess. They also have Taylor and Will. Immunity time: they have to stand on a narrow beam while balancing a ball on bowed beam, at intervals they will move down the beam. Last one standing wins. Jeff says they can opt to sit out and give up immunity for grilled cheese, chips beer and soft drinks. Zeke and Will are sitting out and can start eating. Will says he obviously wasn't going to win that against surfer guys so he chose to eat. Challenge starts, Hannah is out. This part is 5 minutes long then they move down the beam. Move down the beam...its narrower. Sunday recovers, Brett's ball falls, he is out. Chris has a save. Brett wonders why he didn't opt out. Next round, one foot in the narrowest part of the beam, they will stay there for 20 minutes. Jess, Sunday, David, Chris out. Adam in trouble, Jay has a save. Adam is out, Jay is out. Its Taylor and Ken. Taylor has movement and is whistling. Ken having trouble. Taylor is out. Ken wins immunity. After 25 days someone will be the 9th person voted out and the 2nd member of the jury. Talk goes to split the votes between Taylor and Jay. Sunday would like to see Jess go home but because of the numbers there is no way she can make a move. Sunday tells Jay its him or Taylor. Taylor takes Jay to his food stash, Jay is not going to tell Taylor about his HII. Jay says he has 3 options for HII, him, Taylor or save it. Taylor tells Jay about Adams advantage. Jay goes WOW. Taylor says if he mentions Adams advantage it will put a target on Adam. Time for TC: Jay says it felt crappy to be on the wrong side. Chris says he's been on the wrong side of the line but you have to get yourself back in. Taylor tells them he hid food and Adam helped him do it. Adam says he did not help him bury it, he watched him do it, never ate any of the food. All Adam did was keep his secret. Taylor says the bigger threat is over there, he tells them about Adam advantage. Taylor says Adam can steal their loved ones visit, it can be snatched from their hands. Adam says clearly he made a mistake in who he could trust. If the advantage he got was so terrible then vote him out. David says he is stunned, it was a nail in the coffin for one of them. Taylor says if he can get ahead by eating then he would do it. Jess says its not the way she was raised she cant forget it. Taylor brings up the point that not saying something is as bad as doing it. Adam says you ate the food not him. Jay admits he ate the food. Hannah says the game is more complicated then a simple disagreement. Survivor is not a simple game. Brett says there are several errors here and who is the most cuppable. Time to vote. Lets tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Jay, Taylor, Adam, Jay, Taylor, Jay, Taylor, Jay, Taylor, Taylor. 9th person voted out and second person in the jury is Taylor. He says good luck guys, sorry for stealing food. Jeff says almost every single vote is about strategy but every so often its just about consequences. Next time on Survivor: Gen Xers are imploding and Will puts his trust in Zeke. Jay having in HII goes around camp.
  4. The Amazing Race has been renewed for a 29th season. It wasn't on the Fall 2016 Schedule, but finally returns Spring of 2016. This thread is for episode recaps and your comments, so tell us what you think of the teams of complete strangers racing around the world for $1,000,000! The world is waiting for you, so on your mark... get set... GO!
  5. Name: Zeke Smith Age: 28 Current residence: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Asset manager Tribe designation: Vanua (Millennials) Three words to describe you: Sharp, devilish, and unstoppable. Hobbies: Writing, improv, gym, and cooking. Pet peeves: Sniffling. Chewing with one's mouth open. Black shoes with brown belts. Children who don't listen to their mothers. What does it mean to be a Millennial? To be perfectly honest, I've never thought of myself as a Millennial. Ask one of the other children. Personal claim to fame: Being ranked one of the Top 16 high-school debaters in the country my senior year of high school. I got a plaque. It's been downhill ever since. Inspiration in life: Joan Rivers. She told Helen Keller jokes into her eighties. The woman lived. If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? 1. Hairspray: ostensibly for applications in fire making, but actually to keep my hair high and tight. 2. Coffee: to calm the nerves and awaken the senses, so to be on alert for plots against me. Coffee treatments also bring out my hair's natural shimmer. 3. Industrial-sized vat of peanut butter: who wouldn't bring a high-protein, high-fat, delicious treat to a starvation marathon? And, lest we forget, peanut butter is a magnificent deep conditioner. Survivor contestant you're most like: Tony Vlachos (Cagayan). I mean, I'm not personally like a cop from New Jersey. I would never live in New Jersey, are you kidding me? Excuse me? New Jersey? Where Tony and I intersect is our unbridled passion for Survivor. I came to lie, manipulate, and make big moves, which, on Day 39, will leave no one doubting that I played the superior game. Seriously, New Jersey? Reason for being on Survivor: I love Survivor! I've dreamed of starving on desert beaches and running around in my unwashed underwear for years! It's long been my desire for Jeff Probst to reward my mastery of lying and manipulation with $1 million dollars. Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I'm tough as nails. Try and tear me down. Furthermore, people fascinate me. I can get along with anyone because I tend to be more curious than judgmental of an individual's quirks than judgmental. I'm surprisingly adept in the out-of-doors and have been killing myself in the gym for the past six months, so I shouldn't drag ass in challenges. Hopefully, all those hours... okay, days.... fine, years spent watching Survivor and listening to Survivor podcasts will yield at least some aptitude at the game.
  6. Name: Will Wahl Age: 18 Current residence: Long Valley, NJ Occupation: High-school student Tribe designation: Vanua (Millennials) Three words to describe you: Cunning, adaptable, and dynamic. Hobbies: Watching TV (mostly Survivor), camping and fishing, and reading news articles. Pet peeves: People who are fake and/or stuck-up. What does it mean to be a Millennial? A Millennial is creative, resourceful, intelligent, and, above all else, adaptable. Personal claim to fame: Being the youngest person to ever compete on Survivor, which is a dream that has finally become a reality. Inspiration in life: Jesus Christ and Ronald Reagan. If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? Noise cancelling headphones so I won't have to hear any annoying people; a tent to stay dry in during the rain; and a Bible so that I can keep my sanity. Survivor contestant you're most like: I don't want to play like any past Survivor. Each season is its own game and should be unique. I will play the way I need to play in order to manipulate people. However, I do respect Randy Bailey (Gabon, Heroes vs. Villains). Reason for being on Survivor: My primary motivation is to show people that, even though I'm young, I can do anything an older person can do and more. People don't respect youth and I'm going to make them regret that. My secondary motivation is to screw with people's heads and lie every chance I get. It just sounds like fun. Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I have a way of making people feel comfortable. I can manipulate people into thinking they are in control when, really, I’m the one making the big moves necessary to win.
  7. Name: Taylor Lee Stocker Age: 24 Current residence: Postfalls, ID Occupation: Snowboard instructor Tribe designation: Vanua (Millennials) Three words to describe you: Spontaneous, inventive, and thinker. Hobbies: Playing music, brewing beer, and snowboarding. Pet peeves: Wobbly tables, people not cleaning up their dogs’ poop, loud chewing, slow walkers, selfies, forms without enough space for answers. What does it mean to be a Millennial? Come on, man! We are open-minded, liberal, self-expressive, upbeat, connected, tech savvy, and we invented the words "sicky sicky, gnar gnar, rachet, clutch, bae, and LOL." I love my generation. We are all-around epic. Personal claim to fame: Learning to play guitar. Not many people keep their passions. Inspiration in life: [Scottish knight] William Wallace. I am a fan of fearless people. If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? A toothbrush, lip balm, and, most of all, my banjo. Survivor contestant you're most like: I would say Woo Hwang (Cagayan, Cambodia) because I am tricky and funny. But, if it came to it, I would not let another castaway walk off with my money! Reason for being on Survivor: In all honesty, I have not thought about the money; I just want to kick ass at this game. Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I make friends easy. I also believe most would have a hard time voting me off because people like me. I am not annoying and I am a hard worker. It's just one day at a time.
  8. Name: Sunday Burquest Age: 45 Current residence: Otsego, MN Occupation: Youth pastor Tribe designation: Takali (Gen-X) Three words to describe you: Bossy, compassionate, and tenacious. Hobbies: Repurposing and painting furniture, interior design, and thrift shopping because I love the thrill of the hunt for a good deal. Pet peeves: Arrogant people and those who think they’re God's gift to the human race. Catty women who make the snide comments, back-handed compliments, and make other girls in the room feel like they don't measure up. Plus, people who are late drive me nuts. What does it mean to be a Gen-Xer? For myself, being a Gen-Xer means being driven and hard working. We don't expect things to be handed to us; we set goals and work hard for what we want in life. We also don't think we deserve to win in every situation and actually look at failure as an opportunity to learn. On the other hand, Gen- Xers can be stuck in our ways and leery of new ideas. It would help a lot if we would learn to listen to the younger generation and run with some of their new ideas. Personal claim to fame: Besides my four amazing kids, I'm most proud of being a breast cancer survivor. After five surgeries, eight rounds of chemotherapy, and 28 days of radiation—not to mention the horrible meds they put you on—I'm still here! It was important to me that my kids saw me as a "warrior," rather than as a whiner. Of course, it was hard, but I wouldn't let cancer take over my life. Because of my faith, I was able to kick cancer's butt! Inspiration in life: My inspiration comes from my relationship with the Lord. My faith has shaped my attitude in life and has given me the ability to be genuinely happy. Aside from my faith, my mom is my hero. She is the toughest lady. I get my tenacity and "never quit" attitude from her. I've watched her succeed despite her difficult upbringing, dealing with me and my brothers as teenagers, and enduring a bone-marrow transplant. No matter what happens, she keeps getting back up and going again! If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? A deck of cards because I love playing games and it helps break down walls with people you don't know; lip gloss because I always feel a little better about myself with a little color on my lips; and '80s music because I love singing with friends and, no matter how off-key you all are, it's always fun. Survivor contestant you're most like: I'd play the game most like Lisa Whelchel (Philippines). I see a lot of myself in her. Not only has she been through difficult times, but her faith stayed intact. We're both moms and I see myself "mothering" some of the younger players, as she did. I see myself trying my best to play the game according to my faith, yet making sure I actually play the game. I know there will come a point I will have to deceive to get ahead; I plan to do it in the context of the game. Reason for being on Survivor: My primary motivation is of course a $1 million! Second, I want to prove to myself that I can do it. As a fan of the show from the very first season, I've spent hours dreaming about being on the island, making alliances, finding hidden Immunity Idols, and, most of all, walking away with the title of Sole Survivor! Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I believe my strong personality will keep me going on the island. I know I'm good with people, especially young people because I work with them for a living, and this will help me gain allies on my tribe. My leadership skills will be useful in getting work done around camp.
  9. Name: Rachel Ako Age: 37 Current residence: Los Angeles, CA Occupation: Recruiting director Tribe designation: Takali (Gen-X) Three words to describe you: Energetic, authentic, and fun! Hobbies: Dancing, traveling, and high- ropes or high-adventure activities. Pet peeves: I guess I would say bad manners. What does it mean to be a Gen-Xer? We used to be viewed as the slackers until Millennials came along. Kidding. Gen-Xers are hard workers; however, I value what every generation brings to the table. Personal claim to fame: Sharing my raw story of the tragedies I've been through in a book in order to help others; although, I was scared to because I was so vulnerable. Inspiration in life: My father because he has great values, is loyal, authentic, and has integrity. He is my hero! Growing up as a child, it was Harriet Tubman because she was courageous, bold, and risked her life to save others. If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? SPF, tampons, and lip balm, so I'm camera ready. Survivor contestant you're most like: Myself, I’m bold, sexy, fun, confident, and real. Reason for being on Survivor: Winning a million dollars! Also, the experience, which includes the physical challenges, the rewards, and meditating on a tropical island in the morning and at night. I’d also like to inspire Asian Pacific Islanders to be confident and self-expressive! Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I aim to be the first Asian Pacific Islander female to win Sole Survivor and $1 million! I have the ability to think so many steps ahead. I've been strategizing since a very young age. (I started competing in chess at 6 years old and won trophies for it!)
  10. Name: Paul Wachter Age: 52 Current residence: Sugarloaf Key, FL Occupation: Boat mechanic Tribe designation: Takali (Gen-X) Three words to describe you: Intimidating, methodical, and confident. Hobbies: Singing in a rock band, treasure hunting, and spear fishing. Pet peeves: Whiners and slackers. What does it mean to be a Gen-Xer? Someone who never received a participation award. Personal claim to fame: Being a father to three beautiful children. Inspiration in life: David Lee Roth from Van Halen because he became one of the best frontmen in the world and we share the same birthday. If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? My propeller necklace because my dad gave it to me; my thumb and pinky rings because my wife gave them to me; and my bracelet with my kids names on it because they keep me grounded. Survivor contestant you're most like: Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific) because he has a heart of a lion and I am a lion! Reason for being on Survivor: My primary motivation is to win the million dollars. My secondary motivation is to show my children that anything is possible at any age. Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? Because I have what it takes to be the winner! I am the Sole Survivor.
  11. Name: Michelle Schubert Age: 28 Current residence: Yakima, WA Occupation: Missionary recruiter Tribe designation: Vanua (Millennials) Three words to describe you: Hungry, hungry, hippo. Hobbies: I love learning, reading, and dancing. I seek beauty, adventure, and adrenaline. I like nature, exploring, rock climbing, slacklining, and The Settlers Of Catan games. I also study dragons and the stars. Pet peeves: Windshield wipers on a dry window. What does it mean to be a Millennial? Being a Millennial means I can think outside the box. It means I won't settle for mediocrity but, rather, strive for the best outcome. It also means I know what a hashtag is and how to fix just about anything using YouTube or Google. Personal claim to fame: Travelling two months in Europe by myself for less than $3000—including airfare!—or winning two state cross-country championships. Inspiration in life: Can I say God? He created everything we've ever seen, touched, and experienced. He knows everything there is to know about everything... because he created it. He must be big, intelligent, majestic, and awesome. If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? A good book to stimulate me mentally, spiritually, philosophically; waterproof mascara because I want to stay hot, especially on TV; and a large comfy bed. Survivor contestant you're most like: “Boston” Rob Mariano (Marquesas, All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains, Redemption Island) because of his puzzle game, ability to lead people, control decisions. Reason for being on Survivor: A challenging and exciting adventure—and money! Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I'm cunning and able to catch on quickly. I also have a unique ability to cause people to trust me and feel comfortable around me. For the physical aspect, I can take anything.
  12. Name: Michaela Bradshaw Age: 25 Current residence: Fort Worth, TX Occupation: Vacation club sales Tribe designation: Vanua (Millennials) Three words to describe you: Intelligent, fun, and competitive. Hobbies: Traveling, eating, and cuddling. Pet peeves: When incompetent people try to instruct me, when people do things inefficiently or wrong, when I lose, and when other people make me lose. What does it mean to be a Millennial? To be a Millennial is to resonate with the idea that I can design my own life. It’s the notion that I should have the desires of my heart, not because I am "entitled" to them, but because God granted me the ability to attain them. Being a Millennial means I am bold enough to state a want and stubborn enough to work for it, despite obstacles and the opinions of others. It means that my journey is only a failure if I stop moving forward. Personal claim to fame: Paying off my student loan debt is the crowning achievement of my twenties thus far. As a low-income student at a pricey suburban university, I worked two to three jobs during the majority of my college career, had very little fun, and made every decision based on money. When I graduated and began working as an admission counselor, I kept my expenses low by eating PB&J for lunch, denying myself cable and internet, sticking to my flip phone, and driving my 1992 Honda Accord. After years of being teased for my frugal ways, I got the last laugh when I paid off $31,000 in loans at the age of 23. Inspiration in life: My godfather is my hero. He was about 60 years old when I was born. He had no children of his own and was the ultimate father figure in my life. For 20 years, he has read the Bible every day. When I was younger, he took care of me, showed me what to value in a man, and raised me to tell the truth, trust in God, be confident in myself, do my best, and not fear mistakes. His influence led me to be a magna cum laude college graduate. The person I am is because of him. If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? A mirror because I'll feel better if I can look better and I’ll have no idea how I look if I can't see myself. A book because it will give me something to listen to besides myself and keep my mind sharp. Being alone and thinking too much drives people crazy. Finally, chocolate because sometimes a taste of something sweet can boost my mood. Survivor contestant you're most like: I'd play like a combination of Tasha Fox (Cagayan, Cambodia), Kelley Wentworth (San Juan del Sur, Cambodia) and Natalie Anderson (San Juan del Sur). Tasha was in the right alliances and never had her loyalty questioned. I love that Wentworth was crafty, played hard, took risks, and was an asset in challenges. Natalie represents my inner beast; she was athletic, spunky, played a social game, made big moves, and actually won. Reason for being on Survivor: My motivation is the $1 million. My goal is to leave an inheritance to my children's children. Winning Survivor would be a start. Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I will be the Sole Survivor because I will adapt to everything the game throws at me. My experience in sales has made me nearly immune to rejection, so things not going my way won't take my head out of the game. Physically, I’m in great shape. Also, I’m a fairly rational thinker, so I will separate what I do in real life from what I need to do to win this game.
  13. Name: Mari Takahashi Age: 31 Current residence: Los Angeles, CA Occupation: Gamer Tribe Designation: Vanua (Millennials) Three words to describe you: Courageous, adaptable, and calculating. Hobbies: Video games, rock climbing, and traveling. Pet peeves: Stagnation and laziness. Personal claim to fame: Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro. More than just the accomplishment of climbing a 19,000-foot mountain, it marked my transition from the world I knew everything about, which was the ballet world I dedicated 25 years to, and walking into the unknown, which led me to playing video games for a living. Inspiration in life: [Facebook Chief Operating Officer] Sheryl Sandberg because she's been a huge inspiration to me and has had a huge impact on the way I've moved up in the industry. If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? My journal and a writing tool; my iPhone with wi-fi, so I could Instagram the crap out of the beautiful location; a taco truck endlessly stocked with carne asada tacos, Mexican Coca-Colas and chocolate-covered churros. Survivor contestant you're most like: I'd like to play like Yul Kwon (Cook Islands). He was fiercely smart and two steps ahead of everyone the entire game. To be in so much control as to not have to play his idol at all was awesome. I'd also like to keep in mind Kelley Wentworth’s (San Juan del Sur, Cambodia) gameplay in Second Chance. Reason for being on Survivor: First, for glory. I love to win. I want to win Survivor. I'm a natural-born competitor and I will play hard because I want that W. To be able to say I've conquered 39 days of mental and physical mayhem and came out on top would be the biggest win for me. I would wear that title so proudly. Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I am tenacious. I love winning. I play to win. I compete every single day. Video games keep my mind sharp, my hand-eye coordination on point, and constantly hungry to get that W. A background in ballet will shatter everyone else's chance of dominating in any balance challenge. My social game is calculated and precise. Social strategy is what I do. One doesn't accrue over 35 million fans across the internet by chance; it's strategic, calculated, technical, smart, and is exactly how I will play and win Survivor.
  14. Name: Lucy Huang Age: 42 Current residence: Diamond Bar, CA Occupation: Dietician Tribe designation: Takali (Gen-X) Three words to describe you: Stubborn, hardworking, and controlling. Hobbies: Lifting weights, cooking with my kids, and watching food shows to find new restaurants. Pet peeves: Lazy people, people with no common sense, and whiners. What does it mean to be a Gen-Xer? I grew up a latchkey kid with very little parental supervision. My parents both worked so my siblings and I had a lot more responsibilities and were expected to fend for ourselves. We were extremely obedient because we knew our parents worked very hard and we did not want to disappoint them. Trophies were earned—not given—just for participating in sports. This is the case for most Gen-Xers, which is why we are more independent and results-oriented. We hate being micromanaged and expect people to have "common sense." We don't compliment every little thing; we only give praise when well deserved. Personal claim to fame: Creating a business that provides over 200 jobs for over 10 years. Inspiration in life: My mother for her ability to hold our family together, even though she had numerous responsibilities and hardships to overcome. At a young age, she had to grow up fast and brought us from Taiwan to Brazil then America to live the life we have now. [She also managed to ] overcome financial hardships, cultural and language differences while remaining loving and caring. If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? Picture of my family because I will miss them; a book to kill time; and a journal to document my experiences. Survivor contestant you're most like: Jeremy Collins (San Juan del Sur, Cambodia) because I would be a strong player in all aspects of the game and, at the same time, my actions would gain the respect of other players. Reason for being on Survivor: Primary is to win. Secondary is to compete. Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? With my life experiences, I’m mentally, physically, and emotionally "trained" for this competition, and my strategic moves will be respected by the Jury.
  15. Name: Ken McNickle Age: 33 Current residence: Denver, CO Occupation: Model Tribe designation: Takali (Gen-X) Three words to describe you: Driven, mindful, and perceptive. Hobbies: Anything outdoors (i.e. hiking, camping and fishing), playing and watching music, and dancing. Pet peeves: Superficial connections and communication. What does it mean to be a Gen-Xer? It's a generation of hard workers who were on the cusp of some incredible social, political and technological shifts. We are competent and capable in the “new world” yet are happy outside, while disconnected from our devices. Personal claim to fame: The development of my non-profit, HumaneKind Inspiration in life: I admire the Dalai Lama's compassion, wisdom with forgiveness, and willingness to give of himself. If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? A ukulele to play and sing with; a good book because I love inspiring literature; and a frisbee because no one is ever down throwing one around. Survivor contestant you're most like: Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific) because of his easy temperament, his fierce competitiveness, his resourcefulness, and knowledge of how to survive in the wild. Also, he seems idealistic and optimistic, in general. Reason for being on Survivor: To win! To show my daughter my strengths and what it looks like to fight for something. Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I have the outdoor skills and physical attributes to be an asset to those around me, and I understand and read people well enough to know where to position myself.