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  1. 1. Ronnie- the annoying rathole 2 & 3. Maggie and Ivette- evil bitches the both of them 4. Jessie- annoying a-hole 5. Alison- dumb ho 6 & 7. Matt and Adam BB9- dumb effing idiots and douchebags too. 8 & 9. Nakomis and Cowboy- annoying twist, annoying idiots 10. Evel Dick- still not a fan
  2. JediJani

    Live Feed and BBAD 7/21

    I have to admit I'm usually a sap and go for the showmance group, (i.e: Jeff and Jordan, and even Jessica and Eric) But Brendon and Rachel make me ill, like worse than throw up in my mouth ill. Not a fan at all. Because of them I haven't been watching the feeds much. I don't have a 'team' to support.
  3. JediJani

    Lurkers Come On Out...Big Brother 12 Is Here!

    Can't wait for the season to start... looking forward to hanging with the Morty's crew for the summer.
  4. JediJani


    I am totally crossing my fingers that She-ma completely wigs out, flips her sh**, and get her ass booted along with Jessie on Thursday night. That would simply be the best eviction night in BB history.
  5. JediJani

    Wouldn't it be funny if....

    If the BB voice suddenly came on and and said, "Ronnie, you are the weakest link... Goodbye."
  6. I was thinking that since this bunch of punks is 'trapped' in high school cliques, we might as well acknowledge that with a little game... HG most likely to... You can either make up one of your own, or answer someone elses. HG most likely to... get knocked up with Jessie's satan spawn? Natalie HG most likely to... pretend that they were not involved in BB? Michelle HG most likely to...begin a career in Porn? Lydia
  7. Thanks califcyclone, I just love writing haiku. Here's some more, enjoy. All muscles, small head. It
  8. It's flip-flop, flip-flop. The houseguests hate eachother. And Ronnie's the rat. Except, it's flip-flop, Back to the same old bullcrap. And Jessie still sucks. (Nature references: rat, and bullcrap)
  9. JediJani

    *Ronnie* Part 2

    You know there were some seriously awful HG's in the past: Maggie and her satan spawn crew, Mike Boogie in All-stars, ED (I absolutely hated him), Jessie... BUT as much as I hated Evel Dick, there is no comparison to the utter pile of crap that is Ronnie. I would rather be trapped in the house with a rabid ED screaming/dumping tea on me than have to put up with that weaselly poser. Ronnie is such a huge disappointment to me, he's basically ruined this entire season for me. I'm with the other posters that hope he falls into the pool and cracks his head.
  10. JediJani

    Saturday July 18

    But I noticed on the front page in the updates it said that Laura said this: "Casey has hosted some of my jobs." That is inaccurate, she said, "Casey knows what I do, he knows how it works, he's in the same... he hosts a lot of the stuff that I do." I went back to flashback, and the way she said just like that I didn't get the idea that she knows him. Flashback camera 1 at 11:50 ish am 7/18 I didn't think she meant directly hosts her events, but events exactly like what she does.
  11. JediJani

    * Russell *

    I watched his conversation with Ronnie, and it made me like him a little bit. He showed compassion, which I didn't think he had in him. He realizes how awful his group is treating J, J, L, and C and that it's unnacceptable. He went up by a lot in my book, now he just has follow his own advice.
  12. JediJani

    * Lydia *

    Clamydia always has to play the victim... everyone's out to get her. "Russell attacked me... wahhhhhhhh! That's just not cool, I'm not down with that." PUHHLLLEASE B* quit the faking. You are such a whiny psycho.
  13. JediJani

    Friday, July 17th

    I think this is Russ realizing he's gonna get backdoored and doesn't give an eff. He's got some game, he knows the score.
  14. JediJani

    7/18 - Live Feed Updates

    11:20 PM Ronnie is up in the HOH with Jordan, telling stories about Laura and the lies she's told. He then tells Jordan that Jessie and Natalie want Russell gone because he's been caught making deals with everyone in the house. He's told her that he's gotten them to promise her at least 3 weeks of safety, and that his friendship with her is genuine, and he'd like to be friends outside the house. Jordan is telling Ronnie that she thinks he Natalie, Jessie will be final three. They hate Laura, they don't want Jeff out. Jordan asks, So what do they want, backdoor Russell against Laura. They want to watch the POV and see how Laura performs, and if she rises up and wins then they want Russell gone. If she doesn't win then she's gone, and Russell next week. Ronnie tells Jordan that she's in by proxy. They don't view you as a threat, and all have promised/swore for her safety for 3 weeks.
  15. JediJani

    Friday, July 17th

    I cannot believe the line of bull that Ronnie is feeding to Jordan right now. He's telling her that he's going to put up Russell, backdoor. He's telling her that Laura's been caught in lies, and how she plays to emotionally. I just can't understand how he's not chocking on the crap spewing from his mouth. This is whacked. Ronnie=dbag