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  1. Kevin said that there is one house guest he will probably never speak to . I wonder who that is.
  2. Trying to find an old episode

    The Twilight Zone 1985 - 3x01 - The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon
  3. Just curious, how soon will Kevin get to speak to his family? Is anyone taking bets on how quickly he will beat the crap out of Jason ,when he finds out what Jason said?
  4. Big Brother General Discussion

    I really do not care what excuse you make for it ... what Jason said was foul.
  5. Our Own Bb Bios

    Favorites Films: Its A Wonderful Lfe, Pocketful of Miracles, To Kill a Mockingbird.The Godfather Trilogy, Armageddon, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shawshank Redemption TV Shows: Big Brother, Studio 60, Grey's Anatomy, Actors: Jimmy Stewart ,Bruce Willis, Gregory Peck, Actresses:Betty Davis, Susan Sarandon, Hobbies:Besides this, Pogo, cards Sports to Play:Volleyball Sports Teams:Mets, Brooklyn Cyclones Outdoor Activities:Picnic Bands/Musicians:Rolling Stones, Harry Chapin, Pink Floyd, B52s Songs/CDs:Start me up, Foods:any grilled veggie Cereals:Kashi go lean Cookies: chocolate chip Candy Bars:Clark bar Alcoholic Drinks:Mike's hard lemonade Non-Alcoholic:Coke
  6. Flavor Of Love Girls: Charm School

    I HATE VH1. I missed the first 1/2 hour of the show!!! glad to see Larissa is gone.Mo cannot be serious about New York joining the cast,I didn't see New york in the coming attractions. Did anyone see the beggining ? is New York really joining Charm School ?
  7. Flavor Of Love Girls: Charm School

    Someone should tell Mo that this is a television show,and her crew shot the whole thing so they know who hid the picture.
  8. 'Celebrity Fit Club 5'

    Unfair.... I can't believe they split this episode into two parts.Guess we have to wait till next week to say good-bye to Dustin.
  9. 'Celebrity Fit Club 5'

    Judging from the promo it looks like next week Dustin finally goes to far.Between saying he'll buy Kimberly a sex toy built like him,and challanging Harvey to go toe to toe he's got to be gone.
  10. Rumor

    just saw this at jokers Rumor about Janelle and Will to return as houseguests on BB8? 04/22/07 02:54 AM Edit Reply Quote http://www.datalounge.com/cgi-bin/iowa/for...831/page-1.html Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Janelle and Will will be brought on as den mom and den dad, respectively, to the HGs. Later in the summer they will then compete for the chance to go into the house.
  11. Flavor Of Love Girls: Charm School

    This weeks elimination was unfair.Hottie should have been disqualified for what she did.Sending Crazy home was just wrong.
  12. Bro'mosapien The Movie

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=wiKhAkbpXOQ yes thats Mike Boogie
  13. After-Show Highlights - Includes Pictures

    a Big Brorther 7 camera man (?)answers questions http://oddandstupid.com/BB7/behind_the_camera.htm
  14. VH1 best reality star

    Big in '06 big reality star finalists Flavor Flav Mario Lopez Chris Daughtry and Janielle vote often http://big.vh1.com/big_reality_star.html
  15. VH1 best reality star

    click here to vote for your favorite reality star.... http://big.vh1.com/big_reality_star.html