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  1. Over rated and boring IMO
  2. MissMorales

    Keesha - Week 8

    I agree uvp. Go Home Keesha.
  3. MissMorales

    Thursday's Live Show 8/28

    I hope Keesha goes home. I was hoping she would have went in the second eviction.
  4. MissMorales

    Sunday, April 20th

    Thank, I want Sharon to go can't stand her voice any longer.
  5. MissMorales

    Sunday, April 20th

    If Sharon would have screamed one more time grrrr. Who is going home anyone know?
  6. MissMorales

    Tuesday, April 15th

    Thanks, I kinda hope she stays I can't stand Sharons voice any longer.
  7. MissMorales

    Tuesday, April 15th

    So is Nat still going home this week?
  8. I am so mad also. I think I am done with this show. Why give us a chance to vote and then screw us over? What a wasted week. I am so mad.
  9. MissMorales


    Ugh I hate this guy. I hope he is gone soon.
  10. MissMorales

    Kail Week 4

    Oh please get this women out of the house. She drives me nuts.
  11. MissMorales

    Young and the Restless

    I just read that JT and Victoria were recently married in real life and are expecting a baby. I wonder if they will have them get together on the show.
  12. I could have done without Taylor Hicks.
  13. MissMorales

    The Bachelor: Officer And A Gentleman

    Jersey721 I really agree with you. My view of Andy went way down. Telling Bevin he loved her o their last date was uncalled for. And then his cowardly excuse he told everyone for it. I love her as a friend, come on. That sure isn't what it sounded like when he said it. Not to mention when he said it not once but twice. Bevin handled herself with class. If I was her I think I would have slapped him and told him a few choice words. I think she is probably better off withoout him. If I was Tessa I don't know if I would trust him. And then on the after the final rose show when Bevin clearly stated some things are better left on said, Chris just couldn't let it go. And then Andy had to step in and try to clear himself. I agree I don't really think it will last. I kinda feel like Tessa manipulated the situation. Playing hard to get until her home town date. And after the friend talks to Andy she starts changing her mind. I kinda think the friend told her step up or your gone. And of course she pulls out all the stops on her last date. Well thats enough of my rant. Sorry.
  14. MissMorales

    The Bachelor: Officer And A Gentleman

    Jersey721 I am so with you on this. I agree with you. I am also thinking Bevin is his choice. She is my favorite. I also like Tessa but lately something about her is really bugging me. I so agree that he had to pull the words of her. I am sure she has some feelings for him and all the cameras and stuff did not help the situation but it just something about the scene that bothered me. Andy seams more down to earth and would fit in more with Bevins family. Tessa's family seamed so formal. Tessa actually seams just as whinney as Bevin. Her baby sounding voice is starting to get on my nerves. Too whinney. Marty I agree with you about Dani, I don't see a connection between them. At least not on Andy's part. I don't see anything more than friends.
  15. MissMorales

    The Bachelor: Officer And A Gentleman

    I can't believe he kept Stephanie T from SC over Amanda. I wasn't suprised that he got rid of Ein. I thought she would have went last week with her buddy Susan. I also like Danielle and Amber. I think the only one I really don't like is Stephanie T. Tina isn't bad but I don't see her making it to the end. They don't seam to have a very stron connection. I am thinking maybe Danielle, Amber, Bevin, and Tessa for the final 4.
  16. MissMorales

    Dustin And Kandice

    I don't feel they are fake because of thier smiles. I don't know what it is, I think its more their attitude. To me they act like they think they are better than everyone. I am not really sure what it is that bugs me so much about them. I guess not as bad as Mirna but. I do not enjoy watching them at all. But then again I didn't really like many of the teams on all starts.
  17. MissMorales

    Dustin And Kandice

    I think I like these 2 less every episode. To me they seam so fake. I really don't think they are that pretty either, especially for beauty queens. They are kinda teethy to me. Okay enough of my rant.