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    Big Brother...what else is there? lol
  1. mommy2kaitlyn

    BB7 Countdown

    BB7 Starts in... 0 Minutes! See ya after!!!!!!
  2. mommy2kaitlyn

    BB7 Countdown

    Big Brother 7 starts in.... 5 minutes!!!!!!
  3. mommy2kaitlyn

    BB7 Countdown

    BB7 starts in.... 10 minutes!!!!!!
  4. mommy2kaitlyn

    You know you're an addict when...

    Snake would be DEAD. I would go buy me a gun and shoot it. Nothing will keep me away from my feeds! lol That or not feed DH and lock all food up til he caves and moves it.
  5. mommy2kaitlyn

    You know you're an addict when...

    You consider quitting your job even though you love it, cause you won't have all the same BB time as before. You really want to move your computer in your bedroom in the new house, but husband is adament against it cause he knows what will happen lol. Your planning on calling in sick if needed if an HOH runs well into the following day like before. You are getting your 3 year old ready for the BB routine already, incase she forgot from last year. I think I am done. I second most of the other suggestions hehe.
  6. mommy2kaitlyn

    Live Feed Discussion

    Nope but Maggie's back was to us. I am praying that is where it is hehe.
  7. About 20 min ago feeds came on for about 2 secs if that. [i posted pics in the pic section] You saw Howie, Maggie, Ivette and not sure who the other blonde was. In the kitchen talking. Howie did not have the HOH key on. I could not see an hoh key on any of them but Maggie had her back to the camera.
  8. mommy2kaitlyn

    September 2/3: BB Pictures

    Pics from split second of feeds today 9/3/05 Howie, Ivette, ???, Maggie Not sure if that is April, Janelle, or Holly(maybe slept over)
  9. mommy2kaitlyn

    August 9, Live Feed Updates

    Rachel is sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in. She is in her bathing suit now.
  10. mommy2kaitlyn

    America's Choice - Vote for Eric

    Yep. Soo true. :/ I so hope he gets back. It is sooo boring without him. GO ERIC!
  11. mommy2kaitlyn

    America's Choice - Vote for Eric

    Same here. GO ERIC!!!!!!
  12. mommy2kaitlyn

    America's Choice - Vote for Eric

    Did you forget last year and Cowboy getting the call. I remember this board wasn't for that at all. I wonder if cbs only counts one vote per person on the web. I hope not.
  13. mommy2kaitlyn

    August 6th Live Feed Updates

    James won the veto! It is around his neck.
  14. Kayser and Janelle are still up. They are looking at the picture board now. Talking about how many left, etc.