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  1. Live Feed and BBAD 8/1

    I think their strategy right now is to do nothing. Just lay low until they have to play their cards. I think for past seasons that has been the mistake with most alliances is that they cut themselves off from the rest of the house and kind of draw a line in the sand. You see how everyone in the house is reacting to just a 2 person alliance, think how they would react to 4. Think Lane is dumb all you want, but if I were a betting woman I would bet on him being at the very least final 3.
  2. Live Feed and BBAD 8/1

    I think the Brigade are just keeping it cool at this point. They haven't had to show their hand yet, so why spoil it. For an alliance of 4 to go this long without being found out and without turning on each other says alot to me. I think Lane is a lot smarter and a much better physical competitor than what we have seen yet. At this point he knows he's safe so why try for HOH and then put a target on his back. LOL Lala...great minds think a like!
  3. Dear Andrew, Please don't ever wear me again...especially to competitions on National TV. Thank you, Britney's shorts
  4. I think Annie is one of the "life long friends". Which could be a sibling. I have 2 brothers and a sister, and all of us have been super great friends our whole life. One of the things that make me think that is last night I think when she was throwing her fit and talking to herself she said "I can't believe I died my hair for this". Making me think it must have been a drastic change of hair color, and not just a touch up. Just sayin'.
  5. If you are going to make some stupid comment like that here, I can't imagine what you would say in the privacy of a DR session when you were mad.
  6. Let's put the shoe on the other foot for a minute. My mother told me to always act like a lady, especially if I was in public. If Erika's mom would have taught her that we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  7. I don't want any of you to think that I think what Boogie said was right. He was totally wrong, no if ands or buts about it. I also blame CBS. They should not have played that DR session. As far as Erika goes, (I want to put this as nice as I can), A man can only enter a womans house if she opens the door.
  8. Big Brother 8

    I am all for new houseguest that have NEVER been in the public eye before. With that said, I do think it wold be funny to let 14 Survivor players be on BB, and 14 BB houseguest be on Survivor. The BB players would be begging for slop, and the Survivor players would think they were on vacation. I bet the ratings would be through the roof.
  9. After-Show Highlights - Includes Pictures

    Will also said he is going to be the Doctor for the Tyra Banks show. He said he would be on Dr. 90210 in November and December. Regardless who is on what show, or even if you like them. If you like Big Brother you need to support whoever it is. If different shows have past players of Big Brother on them and alot of fan support behind them, then they will continue to have new seasons of Big Brother. Did what I said make any sense.
  10. A mother of a 30 something year old man is not going to do that. He had just won with cash and prizes close to $590,000 dollars. She is going to rejoice with him in front of others. When they had a chance to talk in private, I'm sure she told him how wrong he was for speaking to a lady like that. Just curious, how old is your child?
  11. I'm just wondering about all the people that are slamming Boogie's parents. How many of you are parents? I would think, not many of you. As a parent myself, I will say, you raise them with love and teach them the best that you can. The parents are not responsible for the decisions or actions that their children make. My parents had five children. We were all raised under the same values and love. When we grew up, 1 is a Doctor, 1 is a Lawyer, 1 is a CEO, 1 is a teacher, and 1 is a drug addict. Adults make their own way in life, the parents can't make them live the way they want them too.
  12. Mike "Boogie"

    Of the two remaining, yes I'm glad he won. He won 3 HOH's a POV & the Cout de' tau (sp), how can you say Will carried him? Just like Janie, if Boogie hadn't have won the HOH's and the POV when he did he and Will would have been on the block. Janie even called Erika a slut on the live feeds, I don't hear anyone saying anything about that. I would be interested to see what others said in their DR sessions. Janie told her that she was being used and Erika admitted that she knew that. She just had to go back for more.
  13. Janelle

    Did YOU miss the part on the live feeds where Boogie actually did go in the room and change clothes before he went to the diary room?
  14. Janelle

    All you Boogie bashers. You seem to be leaving out the part where Boogie said that when he said that in the Diary room is right after Will had gotten evicted and he was mad at the time. Remember that Boogie and Will are best friends. If someone had just evicted my best friend I would be mad too. Then again, maybe you haven't ever said something bad about someone in anger. I'm sure that when he was in the diary room for 2 hours (per Janelle and Erika), and the diary room people were asking him questions about Erika he didn't think that part would be shown. I hope no one ever records what I say when I'm pissed at somebody.
  15. Re-playing feeds

    Wow, to see George from the beginning. He really did lose alot of weight.