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  1. Brendon - Week 4 - Nominated - PoV Winner

    He said that he "studied" rocket science. He did not say he is/was an actual rocket scientist, unless I missed that.
  2. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    Is it as fair as only 2? Does it sku the outcome since that 3rd person doesn't go back to the jury house to compare notes?
  3. Sorest loser

    They just handle it in different ways. Boogie would be mean, cutting, and condescending while Howie gets childish and name calls.
  4. Tuesday 9/5 live eviction show

    You don't think George deserved it? He's a lying no good sack of potatoes. He PROMISED Howie safety and then backdoored him. Not good.
  5. Janelle and Will???

    So you guys think that it's real? This is neither Janelle nor Will's first showmance. It's like an adult summer camp.
  6. Erika

    Does anyone else think she looks like a crack ho?
  7. Mike "Boogie"

    Booger makes my skin crawl. I do find him vile and disgusting. He is ugly inside and out. He makes his momma proud.
  8. Coup d' Etat - Clues? Phrase? Power?

    I like that....sounds good. I like that....sounds good.
  9. Redo the HOH - SPOILER

    Can it be CONFIRMED that Danielle won the Coup de Etat? Wouldn't it be a secret?
  10. Redo the HOH - SPOILER

    How do we know for sure that Howie wouldn't have won?
  11. Redo the HOH - SPOILER

  12. Coup d' Etat - Clues? Phrase? Power?

    Could it be "nerd herd"?
  13. Redo the HOH - SPOILER

    It even appeared that Howie tapped in first.
  14. who will win it all?

    It's really looking like Will can take it again.