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  1. Poor Paul didn't win and his fans are so upset that some have set up GoFundMe's for him. https://www.inquisitr.com/4510955/some-fans-feel-paul-abrahamian-should-have-won-the-500000-prize-and-have-set-up-gofundme-accounts-for-him/
  2. Real or fake? Look who is in the background.
  3. I don't think she knows truth from delusion. She had just said Xmas, 100% would be next (because she is the puppet master and plays the game better than anyone) and then Kevin walks in and she says she knew it would be him. Even Mark calling her out on it had no effect.
  4. I can't stop chuckling. Paul lost to his clown. By one vote. Again. At least Nicole was liked by the jury but none of them liked Josh very much. And then Cody get's AFP. Didn't enjoy this season very much but the end was satisfying.
  5. Yes, I watched a lot of those since they had them for awhile on you tube. That was Nikki from BBUK. She was a nutter on her UK season and on BBCan. And the curly blond guy from AU was pretty funny. That season was the only full season on you tube that I could watch but I really enjoyed it.
  6. I have to wonder if BB can do a BB show without putting a BBUS "celebrity" in the mix. And if they do, who would it be? Would they going to pick someone from this year's disaster?
  7. On the CBS page this is the resume they have listed for Xmas' game: Objective: To be the first fitness superstar and motivational speaker to win Big Brother with a setback she suffered in the house—a broken foot.BB Background: New to the game of Big Brother.Accomplishments: Escaped eviction during Week 1, pushed through a major setback/surgery, won a foot race with a broken foot, secured loyalty from both Josh and Paul, won two HOH Competitions, and sat out of several competitions yet still remains a finalist.Skills: Competitive, strong, kind-hearted, making strong connections with many, playing an honest game. Memorable Moment: Christmas was the first Houseguest to ever cast an eviction vote from outside of the house—she called host Julie Chen to vote from the hospital after her injury.
  8. Who should get AFP?

    With this cast, I think for most people it comes down to voting for someone who will in some way, show our disappointment in the season. I would have voted for Ramses or Mark if I was voting for people who just seemed like good people but Ramses never had a chance to really play and Mark was too weak, couldn't take a stand and push back against the bullies. Mark just continued to back down from them, even apologizing when he had done nothing against them. So, for me, no one could be a favorite player and the only thing left was the vote to try to send the message that none of them tried to win against Paul.
  9. I enjoyed your posts even when I didn't agree. I think CelebBB will be shown during winter season break, like the one winter BB. Also, didn't they say something like the first episode would be broadcast but the rest on all access? I'm not sure if I heard that.
  10. The last few seasons it has been 'how did the jury member finish this statement' and then there is a clip of them saying it. Paul will win because he talked to all of them and knows them pretty well. Josh didn't have as much of a relationship with most of them, he was too busy harassing them on Paul's orders. And he mostly wanted to hear himself talk, loudly.
  11. With this jury, they should be bitter against Paul and against production. Paul was set up with a lot of advantages throughout the game. But they also have to take responsibility for their own failure. He wasn't really that subtle in his game play. They saw him going from one group to the other, organizing the mob to form against the chosen outcast of the week. They were lazy and chose to take the easy way and let Paul make all the decisions, connect the separate couples and believe that THEY were the true chosen ones. And isn't that how a con man works? He gets people to believe that with no work from them, just some cash, he will do all the work and they will rake in a big profit. The jury were all conned because they didn't want to put in the work. And BB helped Paul work the con.
  12. When she is telling Paul and Josh to take each other to F2, I think it pretty much confirms that her game was just helping Paul. Really have to wonder about the rumor that she knows him and/or his family. If she had come to play her own game, even if she knew she had no chance of winning, why wouldn't she go for the $50,000? Does she have some separate, side deal with CBS? The whole season of non-players has just been so frustrating. Now it is pretty much guaranteed that Paul will be F2 and win. But I guess it was guaranteed from day one.
  13. I wonder why they aren't having Jeff do it. Dr Will usually just does the jury discussion right before the final evicted HG.
  14. Yes, this is our last hope for a Paul eviction. It would be the only great BB moment in the whole season to hear the words Paul, you have been evicted from the house.
  15. Josh will have to win and I don't think that is part of BB's Paul Show agenda. Part three is usually, How Did the HG Respond, and Paul will most likely win that either because he talked to these people way more than Josh ever did and knows them pretty well or he was fed the answers in the DR.
  16. Another thing was something I posted a few weeks ago. It was a clip from a tweet on the feed site. In it, Paul, Josh and a woman who I think was X (only hear her voice) are in HoH. Josh is talking about him having to go for that first apple. Paul sits up in the bed and leans toward Josh and says "you know that was put there for me, right?" And the woman says. "Well, he knows now." So BB put in a few safety nets for Paul from day one. Stacking the deck through out the while game.
  17. A couple days ago, X was unwilling to tell Josh that she would take him to F2. I'll bet she is saying something totally different to him now, when they are alone of course. She will be telling each one that she would have taken them if she was the final HoH.
  18. Who should get AFP?

    Rape statements: Hold down a female HG so the other guys could back door her, Fu@k Kevin's wife and force his children to watch, rape old women in a nursing home... this is the guy you like but Cody is the bad/crazy guy.
  19. Thanks for letting us know Josh won Part 2! There is no reason to hide this. I have been coming to Morty's since 2005 and this is the whole purpose of the site. The main page is the update page from the live feeds and the forums are here to discuss what happens on the live feeds and the network broadcast. If someone doesn't want to know what is happening in the house at the moment, they shouldn't read the forums. Well, there is now a chance that Josh will win HoH and send Paul to the jury. Probably a very slim chance but got to clutch at those straws.
  20. Unfortunately, if he is there with either one, I think he will win. When he gets done tearing them completely down about how they did nothing but what he told them to do, comps were thrown for his benefit and they never made their own decisions at any point in the game, they won't be able to convince the jury otherwise because they all know it's true. Only if the jury really is very bitter will he lose. And it's not like X or Josh were great people who everyone liked. They were pretty sh$tty to most of the jury.
  21. Who should get AFP?

    I'd vote for Cody but I'm so jaded by The Paul Show that I don't think it matters who gets the most votes. It has probably already been decided who will win. It even could be Cody. BB's way to appease some of the viewers who are angry about the game being given to Paul.
  22. What a freaking jerk. It would be so fitting if Josh won the last HoH and sent Paul out the door. At this point, I don't care which one wins, X or Josh if they are F2 but it would be epic to see Paul have to walk out the door in third place. I know it won't happen that way.
  23. Over the years there have been many discussions here about how much production influenced or interfered with the show and whether the whole voting process was real or just a ruse so BB could help/save a HG.. There have been audio leaks of hot mics in the DR that suggested the DR would try to talk HGs into or out of something. Lots of other things that jut seemed like production was working behind the scenes for a specific outcome. But this season it seemed to be really blatant that they stacked the deck for Paul. The three week safety was the worst but other things like Xmas being cleared for a foot race when they had made it clear everyone was throwing it to her and then not one GO flashed up while they pretended to make false starts. It really makes me wonder if it was just Paul talking to these HGs and convincing them to go with his plans or did production in the DR also work them to get them to do what Paul wanted.
  24. Matt's family and friends are probably freaking that Matt pretty much threw away any chance he had in the game to play house with Raven and was willing to let that lying harridan win the money. What a joy she would be to welcome into the family