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  1. Aras And Vytas...Brothers

    Yeah, he sure kept his cool pretty good... Playing a good game so far...
  2. Kat And Hayden...couple

    All Kat had to do is go to Creepy eyes and whats his face, and they could have split up the two vote mother/daughter combo... But noooo...
  3. Tina And Katie...mother/daughter

    I can't believe the others in the tribe were too stupid to split these two up... DUH!!
  4. Monica And Brad...married

    I don't like her creepy beady eyed stare either... Gross...
  5. Candice And John...married

    Not if, when!!
  6. BB15 General Discussion - Part 4

    I skipped BB this year and enjoyed summer outside!! Hi Pokey!!
  7. BB15 General Discussion - Part 4

    Team WickedSnappy!!
  8. America Votes - Coaches enter the game?

    Tried to jump the shark, but didn't make it...
  9. Chelsea Meissner

    I like her already...
  10. No matter what happens, Ozzy is a complete moron... A legend in his own mind...
  11. I'll take Jenna!! Or did you want both of them?
  12. :WUBS: Yay!! Hi Blackie, how you doing?

  13. :WUBS: Yay!! Hi Blackie, how you doing?

  14. Christine Shields Markoski

    Blah blah blah, blah boring, blah blah blah, blah...