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  1. Yeah, he sure kept his cool pretty good... Playing a good game so far...
  2. All Kat had to do is go to Creepy eyes and whats his face, and they could have split up the two vote mother/daughter combo... But noooo...
  3. I can't believe the others in the tribe were too stupid to split these two up... DUH!!
  4. I don't like her creepy beady eyed stare either... Gross...
  5. Not if, when!!
  6. I skipped BB this year and enjoyed summer outside!! Hi Pokey!!
  7. Team WickedSnappy!!
  8. Tried to jump the shark, but didn't make it...
  9. I like her already...
  10. No matter what happens, Ozzy is a complete moron... A legend in his own mind...
  11. I'll take Jenna!! Or did you want both of them?
  12. :WUBS: Yay!! Hi Blackie, how you doing?

  13. :WUBS: Yay!! Hi Blackie, how you doing?

  14. Blah blah blah, blah boring, blah blah blah, blah...